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December 22, 2016
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February 16, 2012
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June 11, 1986
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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 V. 12 Jun 86 NORTH AFRICA AI-Qadhdhafi Speech Marks Expulsion of U.S. Bases LD/ I1720 Tripoli Television Service in Arabic 1602 GMT 1l Jun 86 [Speech by Libyan leader Mu`ammar al-Qadhdhafi on 11 June to mark the 16th anniversary of the expulsion of the U.S. bases from Libya; place not specified -live or recorded] [Text] [Words indistinct] May God bring back this day to the revolutionaries of the Arab nation in victory and to the coward and submissive rulers of the Arab nation in defeat and loss. May God make this day a blessed day for the progressive revolutionary Arab movement and anill-omened day for the rulers of the Arab nation and its reactionary forces which are drowning in humili- ation and subservience. On this occasion, I wish to speak about current issues and say something about the future. While we are celebrating the anniversary of the expulsion of the U.S. forces, we are facing a cruel and unjustified attempt aimed at the returning of these forces to Libyan territory again. The United States is angry because it suffered a defeat at the hands of the Great 1 September revolutionaries, because their forces were evicted from Libyan territory, and because the five bases that existed on Libyan territory were being undermined in the days of humiliating independence [as heard] and the days of the traitorous coward and defunct royalty; in the days of its deputies, ministers, and ambassadors and all those who were part of the disdained humiliated era; and in the days of a national flag and a recorded national anthem championed by that agent [not further identified) toget:-er with all those who took part in the defunct regime who share the disgrace, shame, national treason, and cowardice - be they small or big. May the curse of the Libyan people be upon them on this day of evacuation, and upon them the [word indistinct] of the martyrs on the day of evacuation. That moment was considered to be a form of independence such as the Arab states have now. But the revolution exposed the truth and showed that was in fact occupa- tion, not independence. We have independence and freedom today which is why the United States is trying by force to return to this land; but it is being turned away defeated. This shows that this is a free country which defends its independence. The U.S. forces are now advancing in Egypt and are not being turned away; on the contrary they are being welcomed, received, and hosted. They are carrying out maneuvers to occupy Egypt one day and they practice maneuvers so they can implement them in occupying Libya. The U.S. raids on Libyan soil prove that this land is free and dear and that it resists; it is no simple matter to enter it or for the dirty American foot to step on it. So, the attempts which the United States is making now are aimed at returning their forces to the same bases from which they were expelled. This in itself is an indication that this country is now free and is resisting this return. And indeed, the United States was defeated in its attempt to enter the Gulf of Sidra; it was defeated in its attempt to enter Tripoli and Banghazi and in the attempt to reach its goal. On this occasion we are celebrating the anniversary of the expulsion of the forces whose dangerous presence on Libyan soil before 1970 cannot be underestimated. The United States used to maintain the biggest bases outside its territory on Libyan soil and it used to occupy the long coast of the Arab homeland. It controlled the Gulf of Sidra from inside Libya. It was also in control of the southern Mediterranean and conducted its impe- rialiststrategy from inside Libyan territory. It controlled Libya's air, land, and sea from these bases. Britain also maintained full military control over the east of the country which it secured after World War II. [t used the Adem base in Tubruq as a support point, and its forces in the Mediterranean and in Europe came and held annual maneuvers without permission from and without telling the Libyans. They crossed from the Gulf of Bumbah, the port of Tubruq, and the Adem base to hold maneuvers in the Batnan hills and in the Jabal al-Akhdar as if they were part of Britain. Britain too is very angry that it was deprived of this possibility after the revolution. It used to occupy an Arab land and a base situated on the border between Libya and Egypt which has a strategic importance in fighting Arab unity, the Arab revolution, and the growing Arab nationalist movement. Despite the fact that it was defeated and deprived of all this by the insurgents of the Great 1 September Revolution, Britain felt the same rancour and wrath as the United States and shares the desire to try and return to these bases it was driven out of. Therefore, the aggres- sion becomes clear. It was a direct American-British aggression, [carried out with the help of] the platform offered by NATO to this aggression in the form of bases and facilities in Italy and Spain as well as in Turkey and the rest of the occupied areas; as well as the Arab areas which are considered to be semi-occupied and whose independence is regarded as false and which are considered to be under effective control even though they appear to be independent states. The Arab states around us have been submissive and subjugated and they bowed before the U.S. aggression and offered all their facilities to the U.S. fleet. However, the day will come when they have to pay the price. The United States will not save them when the greatest crisis occurs, when the revolution will be inevitable, and when their fate will be the same as the fate of the shah of Iran, Idris al-Sanusi, and Haile Selassie. I know that they will not learn their lessen until they have been toppled. We celebrate this anniversary of the evacuation of the U.S. forces from Libyan territory on 11 June while we are witnessing an attempt to return by force. From this we learn that the choice of Libya to build U.S. and British bases on its land is a strategic choice to benefit the Western powers which are hostile to us. So, the occurrence of the revolution and the evacuation of these bases do not cancel the strategic importance of Libya to Western countries. Libya is still of strategic importance for Western countries in their international conflict and for controlling the Mediterranean, Gibraltar, the Suez Canal, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. [repetition of `Mediterranean' asheard] They are trying to move closer to the USSR and the Warsaw Pact to surround them so that they could defeat them if another world war occurred. The strategic importance of Libya remains firm and quite valuable for these colonialist countries. Therefore, their Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 V. 12 Jun 86 evacuation from Libya does not cancel the strategic importance of Libya as far as they ace concerned. The location of Libya is very important` to anyone who wants to control the Mediterra- nean, or North Africa, oi? even to influence Central?Africa,'the Arab region, or even the European region. - ' I want to show the Libyans that the position of their country is very dangerous and strategically sensitive. Whoever controls it can control-the region and has a number of strategical keys in its hands. Thus, the attempt to control this tempting position prompts new aggressions. In addition to the fact that the pop- ulation is small, the surface area is very large and Libya's potential ishuge - to the extent that the Libyans cannot manage it.? I mean, the Western countries and the 'Zionists too have ,always studied and asserted that Jabal al-Akhdar is not fully utilized, the Libyans are not able to exploit it, and therefore this Jabal must be occupied. This was?the very good reason why Italy occupied Libya in 1911. At that itme they used to say that Libya's map was merely a piece of paper except fog Jabal al-Akhdar. They say that oil is too big a resource for the Libyans and they cannot exploit it. What do the Libyans do with this wealth? They cannot exploit it usefully. They say the Libyans are not educated, that they are ignorant and therefore cannot manage (?this resource). The colonialist pretext is always there. Wherever there is a vaccuum it must be filled; it is a natural thing that wherever there is a vaccuum it' must be filled. "As we have repeatedly said, whenever there is an area of low air pressure, air from a higher pressure zone will come and fill it: This is why wind disturbances, storms, and even rain occur. The vacuum is always filled in. But what has been filled in cannot be filled in a second time; like a glass full of water when you bring in another glass of water to pour into it. If it is empty you bring in another glass of water?to fill it. This aggression is in fact aimed at Arab leadership, Islamic leadership, African leadership, and revolutionary leadership. It is against Arab revolution because it is an established fact. There is no justification for it; not because an American was killed at a club in Berlin or a plane was hit. Even if this happened, even if the perpetrator was a Libyan he could be taken to court in Berlin, or Rome or Athens. At this moment they still do not know who carried out these operations. Do not try to find justifications for the aggression. The aggression was aimed at controlling the Arab nation and undermining the strong shout which was raised at the dawn of 1 September Revolution in 1969. The aggression was aimed at destroying the Arab nation and guaranteeing the existence of the Israelis in the Arab region. The Arab nation must be occupied to' effectively ensure the existence of the Israelis in the future and to put an end to the problem of so-called Judaism, so that Europe can get rid of the problem of Jews by establishing a state 'for them in the Arab nation and at the expense of the Arabs. Then in the future, the occupation of the Arab nation is plausible; the occupation of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco is plausible. All these Arab countries and the states of the Arab peninsula can be occupied plausibly to ensure the existence of the Israelis in the future. Obviously, [word indistinct] several things out of the reality of its analysis and what it {word indistinct]. Omhl June 1977 at Darnah; I delivered,a speech and I talked about what has now happened in 1986. ~~People,who listened then applauded and after that it was entered in the national register and it was not heard again. I will tell the radio Q 2 ~ NORTH AFRICA to rebroadcast it during the coming few day"s to prove that what I said in 1977 has been proved now. I said that this desire to control Libya has been evidenYsince the 18th Century. ? In April' 1805 when the `United States attack took place - imagine it, against Darnah'by the U.S. fleet; four U.S: destroyers shelled Darnah on April 1805 'so that the United States could occupy Darnah and Tripoli -during that time did Berlin exist? And [words indistinct] or even the Palestinian cause? Or Al- Qadhdhafl? Orsomeone called Abu Nidal, or the presence of the Palestinian resistance, or the fact that there are operations against U.S: imperialism all over the world? The entire world hates the United States and fights it everywhere. If we'have to pay the price for all operations against the United States this means that they have to attack us a hundred times every day. The whole world hates the United States and pursues it every- ~,where: Several operations against the United States will take ?,place there. We are [word indistinct] for it. All peoples are now `'fighting-against ~-mperialism: Do'we instigate every -incident against the United States? [Words indistinct) tyranny, injustice is instigated by.force because the United States, formerly com- posed of fifty countries has become one single state.' We the Arabs are composed of 20 states and we are trying to become 21 states; and if we become 22 states, afterward we will be weak. As long as our number increases we will become weak. If the Arab nation was one nation the United States would not have dared to threaten Libya, Syria, or any Arab country. It has restricted the call for Arab unity which we have raised since the beginning of the revolution [words indistinct] for the establishment of Arab unity. There are those who are aware of the necessity of unity; I mean the necessity without which the Arabs will be harmed. This is the meaning of the word necessity in the Arabic language - a word which we utter thousands of times every day, we say necessary, 'necessary, necessary [word indistinct]. This is not related to [word indistinct]. If unity does not exist this will be harmful. Human beings need air; without air a person will come to harm. This is why we say something is necessary, when we say that Arab unity is~necessary; this means that without it the Arab nation will be harmed. In fact this aggression is harmful; the occupation of Palestine is harmful; bombing Tunisia is harmful; bombing Lebonon is harmful; the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people who are being destroyed -all this is harmful to the Arab nation. Therefore, Arab unity is necessary. It will ward off this harm. We are not calling for unity for sentimental reasons but because it is necessary; consequently, the struggle should continue to achieve it. Even if we lose, and even if we make sacrifices to achieve this aim, we have done something right. If we are going to die, let us die. They strike us in our tents, in our homes, in our camps, and in our towns. They want tostrike us - let them strike as. But we will fight. We will fight to change the Arab map and to establish Arab unity. Arab unity can be achieved through faith: We must enter into battle for the sake of establishing Arab unity whether peaceably or by war. This is because it is necessary. He who (?opposes it) only wrongs himself. For this nation wants to be united. The United States alone and Washington alone [words indistinct] by force: Bismark unified Germany, 'by force; Garibaldi unified Italy by ? Force; Mao Zedong unified>China by force. We are a divided nation which should be unified by' whatever means. I call on all~the living forces in the Arab nation to take Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 ~~~ up arms and fight to change the map and unify the Arab nation. They must not show any respect to these false scepters and these submissive rulers and these borders which were delineated by the British, Americans, French, and Italians. They were the ones who changed the map of the Arab homeland and created these states. They must be trodden underfoot. The rulers, scepters, and bor- ders must all be trodden underfoot. The aggression had its reasons: the desire to dominate the Arab nation and to destroy Libya as a country which instigates Arab unity and liberation and rejects the existence of the Zionist entity. We recognize nothing and we will fight and teach our sons and their sons how to fight against something called Israel. We do not [word indistinct] Israel. We are with the Jews and we support the rights of Jews to live in peace and equality anywhere in the world. The French Jew must live in France. If he comes to Palestine, this would mean that France is persecuting Jews. We ally ourselves with the Jews against such persecution. If a group of Jews comes from Germany to Palestine, since they are Germans, this would mean that Germany is persecuting Jews and we must ally ourselves with them against this persecution. We side with the persecuted wherever they may be. But we do not accept the establishment of an Israeli state on Arab soil. We will resist it until we destroy it. This is because its existence conflicts with our existence. The United States has sent me its ambassador to the Vatican. He is a good man who supports the Arab cause. He is an ambassador to the Vatican and he wanted to give us an opportunity [words indistinct]. Italy mediated. The Italian ambassador came to me and so did the Italian Government and said to me: Please let him have S minutes. He came to me in the tent they described. He said: In fact the problem between you and us is not concerned v with the Gulf of Sidra or the Palestine issue. We know that the Gulf of Sidra is a Libyan gulf. As regards Palestine, we cannot agree with you about it. What is the cause of the conflict then, I asked him. He said. the conflict first concerns Tunisia. Why Tunisia? He said: because of the succession to Bourguiba. Reagan says we must agree who should succeed Bourguiba. After Bourguiba what will Tunisia's destiny be? In fact, I scolded him and through him, I scolded his President. I told him first that Reagan cannot guarantee that he himself will be alive after Bourguiba goes. Who can guarantee that Reagan will not die before Bourguiba? This is one point. The other point is that this constitutes an unbearable insult to the Tunisian people. Tunisia has its people who will decide the fate of their country after Bourguiba and after those who succeed him. Q 3 NORTH AFRICA changes thought] He said: Tension will end if you reach agreement with us on the future of Tunisia, the future of Chad, and the future of Egypt. At that time the [words indistinct] had fallen. I told him: If you want tension to end, you should not talk about Tunisia, Chad, and Egypt and you should not interfere in Tunisia, Chad, or Egypt. [Words indistinct] Why should you care what state Tunisia will be in after Bourguiba? Tunisia is an Arab state and we are more entitled to be concerned about it than you. We are Arabs and we are more entitled to be concerned about each other. And then there are [words indistinct]. Do we or the Tunisians, I told him, have the right to talk about the future of the United States after Reagan? I told him: This is an American nonsense and insolence which we do not accept, and we tell you to leave, Chad, Egypt, and Tunisia and not to talk about these regions. Then (?they wmmitted) the aggression, and said, by God, it was for the sake of the Gulf of Sidra. Well, the Gulf'of Sidra problem ended. Then they committed aggression, saying: You have SAM-5 missiles. [Words indistinct] Does the Soviet Union have the right to attack us because I have inter- continental missiles? These missiles are a danger to the Soviet Union [words indistinct] constitutes a danger to the U.S. aircraft in the Mediterranean. All these battles around the SAM-5 and the Gulf of Sidra ended, and then they said it was because of the Berlin night club of which we had not heard and [words indis- tinct]. They indeed carried out a very insolent aggression. If we had strategic aircraft which could reach London or New York, then on the same day we would have launched raids against these capitals as they launched raids against our capital. The issue is not just a raid which was carried out and finished. By _, God, if we had a force similar to theirs, then today we would be ,bombing and destroying their capitals. What do (?they think of f us)? Not because there are justifications for stopping the war, stopping the war. [sentence as heard] If anyone commits aggres sion against you and your children in your house - if you have a force similar to his then you should reply, and reply twice ash hard. If we had a military power, then on Apirl 15th we would not have .hesitated to .attack New York or London.~This is a legitimate action and self-defense. But we are a small country which does not have the resources of the United States. Therefore, we will reserve our self-defense, (?as we have repeatedly said). When they launched the attack, we should have repelled them even if the whole of our people died. Because of this, every Libyan should come forward, through the 1 Basic People's Congress, to pay-200 dinars: Anyone who can pay it immediately should do so; those who cannot should pay it by installments even over a year. This is so that with.this 100 million - ~digars we can. buy rifles for 1 million Libyans: ~ Yesterday I learned that Darnah will remain an armed city because it is a target of U.S. aggression. Whenever there is a landing in an attempt to occupy positions on the Mediterranean, Darnah will be among these positions. They think that it is isolated. In 1805 they attempted to occupy it. A fierce battle took place in the streets of Darnah between us and the Americans, and they were defeated and they were expelled, and the evac- uation treaty was signed on June 11th 1805. The second evac- uation was on June 11th 1970. What right have you and I to consult behind the curtain on the future of Tunisia, as though Tunisia was a cow, as though it was a [words indistinct] cow? Who is to carry it, or look after it, or slaughter it? How can this be? Tunisia is a people, a people (?that does not need Reagan) to hold consultations on the future of Tunisia after Bourguiba. Indeed, I closed this door and told him: If you want tension to end...[AI-Qadhdhafi apparently Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 , ... ~~ This means that there was a continuous struggle. That is a state which wants to dominate the region. Libya is attractively located and it has a small population, so they believe that they can bring it under their control once more in order to use it in theirstrategy of aggression. It follows that Libyan towns must be armed so that any future U.S. landing would be annihilated. Defense lines must also be built to protect everything on the coast, deep into the Jama- hiriyah, so that we can fight indefinitely. Concerning this subject, I tell you that if the United States persists in its provocations and encroachments, and. when it becomes clear to the world that the operation is meant to humil- iate and to encroach on Libya, then we must urgently convene the people's congresses to decide what must be done, to discuss the question of war. Because if we ?are to enter a war we must bear the consequences of war with a superpower. We should not be surprised by any destruction, but we must be fully happy and satisfied to fight in combat the infringement of national sover- eignty, and the official state terrorism which the United States wants to impose in its desire to humiliate one of the peoples of the Arab nation. Then the battle would effectively engulf all the Arab region and the Mediterranean. Masses from Africa, from the Arab home- landand from all over the world would participate with us in the fighting. As for the United States, it must realize that it is a cowardly state, avoiding entering into battle with us face to face. But we might force it into this and prevent it from attacking from a distance. At the same time, if we decide on war we will have to destroy its fleet and bases in Europe and bear the responsibility for that, even if it takes nuclear weapons; it used them against Japan and Japan is now economically stronger than the United States. We have deserts and wide areas that would absorb many an atom bomb. We are not densely populated. As for the cities, we would leave the combatants in them and move out to the countryside and the suburbs which we would use for building farms and breeding livestock. We would then live as sultans; we would confront the United States while singing and dancing. .This is why I was extremly angry when people left their homes and switched off their lights. That is not right. It tell you: if we are to fight we must fight while dancing and singing, and if we are to die we will die with joy. If you are to die, whether frightened or not, you will die when you must. But there is a tremendous challenge and great resistance and our streets will be shining with lights. Let the bombs hit the gener- ators; only then will the lights go out. So what? We were expecting the attack on Bab al-`Aziziyah and still the lights were left on, and as some construction and repair work was being carried out, there were some searchlights; but even lights in the houses were on, as normal, until they hit them with some bombs, when some lights were smashed and wires were cut. The lights went out in some parts of house only as a result of the shelling. We challenged and everything had, to stay normal. We do not leave our houses, and when we leave them we only leave them to go out demonstrating. The time that Bab al-`Aziziyah, was Q 4 ~ NORTH AFRICA shelled - at 0200 -should be taken as a time to organize demonstrations of challenge, defiance and to demand arms. We do not leave the cities. The Americans [word indistinct]. If we decided to take out the children and grandmothers to stay outside the cities, the rest of us, men and women who can .carry arms, should stay in the buildings, the streets, and holiday resorts in order to fight, whether the fighting is face to face fighting, fighting a seaborne landing or air raids. If they decide, however, to use inter- continental missiles, then we should use some other means to fight. ` We have some horrifying means to use against they Americans but we have not authorized their use yet! The 'Americans must understand that they are facing a stubborn challenger and they will never find respite in their war against us. They must also understand that they have only one course.- to recognize our rights and to negotiate with us on equal footing, as their bombs and their huge weaponry will not frighten us. At the end is only death, and we are ready to die while saying "no". However, our leadership of pan-Arabism, the Arab revolution, and the international revolution -America claims that we have taken the revolution to its doors. Reagan said that they have created another Libya at his doorstep - he means Nicaragua. Our leadership ofpan-Arabism and the Arab revolution, and our historic and brave resistance to imperialism and to NATO, has `ibeen baptized in blood, in the blood of our sons and the blood of ' :our soldiers, and the Gulf of Sidra started to actually become a 'red gulf, as we said it would, because of the blood of the Libyan martyrs, the Libyan lighters, .the,soldiers of the Navy and Air ',Force; and the blood of the U.S. aggressors. We are continuing. As we said, our motto is always similar to what Churchill said to the Germans: We are waiting for you,. so are the fish. 1 The position of [word indistinct] is in fact an immoral position. I would like to tell you that the immoral stand of the whore ~ Thatcher [words indistinct] has no justification for aggression against. Libya. Libya placed its resources at the disposal of Britain during World War II. The Libyans allied themselves with the British. They enabled them to defeat the Italians and the Germans. This was a favor presented by the Libyans to the British forces during World War II, until they were able to defeat Germany and Italy on Libyan soil. The Libyans allied themselves with the British during World War II and granted them all the facilities which enabled them to defeat the axis and the forces of the axis. This was a favor which Britain should have remembered. But as I told you, regarding the British prime minister -what sort of a person is she anyway -the issue is a moral one -she is not an honorable person and is not even good enough to repay favors; she is not good enough to lead a country like Britain. She made her country into a U.S. aircraft-carrier. The aircraft took off from aircraft-carriers in the sea and from Britain together. Therefore, the British isles became a U.S. aircraft-carrier. Therefore, it deserves to be called a U.S. aircraft-carrier. This is a shame and a humiliation inflicted by the British prime minister on her country. In books and newspapers and officially we will insist on calling it a U.S. aircraft-carrier until we see that it has been liberated and it is no longer an island which carries U.S. aircraft anymore. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 .~ ' Q g NORTH AFRICA That woman got in touch with King Hassan II and told him: I beg your friend AI-Qadhdhafi to save me because I am about to fall, by convincing his people to release the four British detainees and in return I will do him a political service. I cannot release the detained Libyans because of purely legal considerations, but I can do something political in the interest of Libya from now onwards. She did this through doctor, whose name...[Al- Qadhdhafi tries to remember the name] He came to me. King ? Hassan II telephoned me and conveyed this message and then the doctor and said the same thing [words indistinct] because he was the one who met with Thatcher. I said alright for the sake of King Hassan and in view of her pleading and her saying that her fall was in the hands of AI- Qadhdhafi and that her success was in the hands of AI- Qadhdhafi. He could ease matters for me by releasing the four, ?she pleaded with King Hassan. We Arabs have gallantry and manners. However, we have come to realize in the end that the West is very mean and they are creatures that come somewhere between gorillas and pigs and human beings. In fact, they must not be respected as human beings. They are backward Berbers although they describe us as Berbers when in fact they are the Berbers. It became evident that they have no conventions nor ethics nor logic and cannot understand where right lies and where wrong lies. However, I asked the people's-congresses to release them and so they were released. See now how this fallen woman has rewarded us. She allowed the Americans to use their bombers to attack us and to attack my house particularly. I mean, the entice operation was intended to kill Al-Qadhdhafi, who had done her this favor. She rewarded him by preparing the most sophisticated planes equipped with lasers which can steer bombs toward their targets. See the morals of the English! See the morals of the British prime minister! See the decadence! When the aircraft were attacking ~) from the British bases, the despicable king of Jordan was toasting Y Thatcher. He was in Britain at the time, and he has now crossed to his master, Israel's rabid dog Reagan, to lick his feet. 'And Reagan scorned him as he scorned Husni Mubarak before him, when he left him waiting for 3 days before seeing him. Reagan - God forbid it from you -was with three of his dogs at the [word indistinct] park, quite indifferent. He left him 2 or 3 days, cut off, then he kindly met him some time, as an insult to.fhe Arabs, to Jordan and the people of Jordan, for its king to .be degraded that way. I ask that today, I 1 June, we stage a noisy demonstration in order to spit -God forbid it from you - in the face of the despicable king and send cables to the fraternal people of Jordan and its forces, institutions and the Jordanian Army, its officers and soldiers, through teleprinters and the Voice of Greater Arab Homeland in order to denounce Husayn's meeting with Israel's rabid dog Reagan. He shakes his hands while they are still dripping with the blood of our children, martyrs and soldiers. They are Arabs who no longer have dignity and do not feel shame. They have lost everything and have become pigs. They no longer have dignity, pride or honor. And, indeed, since the occupation of Beirut, since the siege of Beirut and the attack against Beirut in 1982, in such a month the Arab regimes have ended up under the ruins of Beirut. They should have hidden themselves in .shame, and the .bottom of the earth would have been more appropriate for them than its surface. Since that time we have said that the Arab regimes, the Arab parties and the Arab armies have lost the reason ?for their existence, and only the Jamahiri [word indistinct] remains. [t should officially replace them. I want to say to the Arab armies and, the Arab revolutionary force, the Arab peoples, the workers, the peasants, the students, the small employees, and all the toilers in the Arab homeland, , especially the ones who have weapons in their hands, that their' governments have lost the justification for their existence, that -their survival only records more shame on the Arab nation, and that the matter is now in their hands and the responsibility rests on their shoulders`rThey should advance in order to kill off the official Arab regimes who failed in the face of the U.S. raid to meet-even at the foreign ministers level. And the Arab kings and presidents failed to hold an extraordinary meeting, while Europe met at all levels until it was able to [words indistinct] which was aborted by the Japanese people. And we greet the Japanese people and the leftist revolutionary force in Japan and ally ourselves with it in our joint struggle against imperialism, in order to defeat imperialism and remove the hegemony from the great people of Japan and remove .the hegemony of the big powers, the dirty imperialists, from the world. But the Arab kings and presidents, and even their foreign ministers, failed to meet. The Arabs looked very shameful to the world. These ministers. these rulers, councils and generals ought to hide themselves in shame and disgrace. The lieutenants, NCOs, troops, youths, the poor, the peasants, the wage-earners, the toiling workers and the junior civil servants must come forward to replace the defeated generals and the submissive puppet rulers. On this day I make a strong appeal to them, on behalf of the Arab . nation and its martyrs, on behalf of its threatened future and great past, to begin organizing their ranks in secret with a view to provoking the explosions that will change the Arab map, bring about Arab unity and ensure the emergence of the great Arab revolutionary progressive force in the Arab land. This appeal will certainly fall on attentive ears. But the response might not come within a week, a month or even a year. The response to Al-Nasir's calls to us, the eternal and heroic battle of Algiers, the ? 1958 unity [between Syria and Egypt] and the revolution of 14 July 1958 [in Iraq] came in 1969 with the AI-Fatih Revolution. So I am sure that this appeal will be like an order to .all the Arab revolutionary forces, both military and civilian, to begin secretly organizing their ranks in revolutionary committees. A day will come when they will say that the day when we addressed the Arab revolutionary forces was a historic day, 11 June, and the ranks began to be organized on that day. They will say in the future: we began organizing our ranks in response to that call on that remarkable day. For him who expects, tomorrow is near. In reality, we would like to show the world that we are an oppressed people. In 1911 the Italians attacked us without justi- fication. We were safe in our houses when they came to occupy Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 our soil; they massacred us and took us to Italy. I am now asking on behalf of the thousands of prisoners taken by Italy -where are they now? Where is their [word indistinct]? Where did they bury them? I am asking for the corpses of the thousand of Libyans and I will not drop this matter. In 1977, under orders from the United States, Al-Sadat launched an air attack on our cities, our villages, and our bases. At the beginning of 1986 France attacked us in the south of our country at the Dumah airport; they fought us in Chad. Its forces are still there creating a state of war for us on our southern borders. European countries go to Africa. They say they have a right to fight on the borders of another African state. What is this nonsense? If France is fighting in Chad, we have a right to fight in Chad. [Word indistinct] In 1986, immediately after the inva- sion of France, the United States - a superpower -attacked us; Britain attacked us; Italy and Spain lent their facilities. In reality there is the question of thanks to France because it did not allow the aircraft to cross its skies, yet I do not thank France. On the contrary, France is required to justify the immoral and contradictory stand in its permanent seat in the United Nations because it knows that a superpower attacked a small independent state which only had aircraft which will cross its own skies. France should take responsibility for international security as a country which was given a permanent seat on the Security Council after World War II. Its veto immediately informed the Security Council that night that there was a dangerous aggres- sion and that peace in the Mediterranean was threatened. What is this immoral stand by France? From the part of this [word indistinct] we should have informed [word indistinct] we should have said leave your house, there is an attack on your house. Huge aircraft supplied with laser beams are ready to attack your house to destroy you and your family. Italy knew that there was to be an attack against AI-'Aziziyah gate. It was aimed at destroying Al-Qadhdhafi. Spain, France, and Britain knew what the U.S. planes were aiming to do. These people have got no morales. Should we thank them? I will not thank them. On the contrary, we despise them and we consider that they have no morals. [f the Italian prime minister is, as they say, a socialist and a democrat and a friend to Arabs, and if he is conscientious, why did he not inform me even by telephone and tell me: An attack is planned on your house? The United States will attack. Why did the Spanish prime minister not [warn me] if he has any morals, and since we ate and drank together in the Island of Palma de Majorca, even for the sake of friendship and acquaintanceship? Perhaps they were considering their own interests. [Word indis- tinct] They should think about their interests with the Arab nation and with Libya. Billions [currency not specified] are earned from Libya by Italian companies. They will be deprived of them. France will be deprived. The NATO West will be deprived. Japan will be deprived. From now on, regarding the clothes in the markets and those you are already wearing, any Libyan who wears clothes made in Japan, Western Europe, or the United States will be wearing the shroud of our martyred sons, the martyrs of our people. If the Libyans are still eating food imported from Western Europe, then they are eating zaq- Q 6 NORTH AFRICA qum [an infernal tree with exceedingly bitter fruit mentioned in the Koran]. Do you know what zagqum tastes like? It is eaten by the inhabitants of hell. It is zagqum. Anyone who drinks anything that comes from Europe is drinking ghislin, hell's Ghislin -pus of the infidel. God be praised, this is a chance to [words indistinct] of Europe. They are the ones who benefit from us. Their companies, their workers, and their unemployment which they put on our shoulders; their deficit budgets which we support with billions. We do not need anything. (?They) have the complex of the space stations and the nuclear stations. What is the matter with you Libyans? What do you have which makes you need these coun- tries? You pay billions to these countries. The U.S. cruisers which they are threatening us with, and the missiles -they cost $1 billion, equivalent to 300 million Libyan dinars. Can you imagine a wall [word indistinct] in a radio studio, in a new building, there are things which we can live without (?if the circumstances necessitated that). [Words indistinct) 300 million, 400 million, 500 million Libyan dinars which can build a number of cruisers like the cruisers with which they threatened your existence let alone your independence. Your existence is threatened by these cruisers. Why are we paying these billions? No reason. I'll tell you now. We must decide to deprive Western Europe, Japan, and the United States and severely punish them so as to bring them to their knees and make them say: We wish the past days would come back. We beg you, you our Libyan masters, forgive us and forgive our companies. Unemployment has escalated; buy our goods, let our companies operate in your country, sell to us. We have stopped selling them anything. Even the oil. To hell with them, we must not sell it. Anything I want [words indistinct] We can live as we did in the past. They rail against us and say: We will fight Libya economically and we will punish it and we will stop selling it butter. If there are some bourgeois who have always been submissive and who, after the raids, [words indistinct] and say we are submissive and ? pledge independence, they and the imperialists may go to hell. When I go just a few steps into the bourgeois quarter, I find that the people know nothing about butter and cheese from the Netherlands, Denmark, and the EEC and they have never used them. Why should we pledge the future of the nation and the future of the revolution on the needs of a few bourgeois people, bourgeois men and their wives. The bourgeois used to go out on every occasion and every week to buy a new dress. Let the bourgeois pass [words indistinct] Cuban. Let them pass [words indistinct] America. They brought out about 20 million more Cubans [words indistinct]. Let the dogs go to America. The bourgeois are dogs. They go along with the stray dogs. The stray dogs eat the remains of the food of the Jews and Christians. The bourgeois among you live on the (?products of the) Europe- ans. Let him go and live on the (?products of?the) Europeans. By God, I will personally intervene tomorrow to permit any Libyan bourgeois who want to run after the smell of the Jews and Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 ~~ Christians and eat their butter and drink their wine to leave. We will allow him to go. Let them go in a column to the Belgian Embassy which represents U.S. interests or to the other Western embassies. We will allow them to go. (passage indistinct] Adam and his wife were living in paradise but they did not like it and sought other pleasures. They fell to earth in misery. [Words indistinct] to toil until doomsday. Libya now is paradise. It has glory and pride. It has been renamed the Great Jamahiriyah after all that glory, because it was sub- jected tothe NATO offensive, NATO [word indistinct] the earth. A small country boldly faced the machine guns. Indeed, the United States (?covered) the Russian missiles; it destroyed them and jammed them. We did not use one missile. We resisted with machine guns. An ordinary soldier, resisting with machine guns. Can there be greateness more great than this? We faced up to NATO with machine guns. We turned the skies of Tripoli into an inferno. [Words indistinct] As I have told you, they prepared (?33) planes; only 8 of them remained safe. The others, thanks be to my God who sent soldiers you could not see, fell in squadrons as they came from the sea in the north. Every time, only 7 returned, or 8 or 10. The last raids took place at 2 o'clock at Bab al-`Aziziyah. They told them: You cannot do it. It is hell there. So they dropped their bombs in the sea and went back. Libya was called great beaause of this. glory, great because it repulsed the attack of NATO and the attack of the United States. The United States, against which the Soviet Union is measuring itself -which one is the strongest? - attacked us by the decision of its president. The Israelis (?told) him: Rid us of Al-Qadhdhafi, the Arabs, Arab unity, and the future of the Arabs. The future of the Arabs must end; only Israel's future. must live on. After all this it was imperative for Britain, a great country to agree; even Italy and Spain gave bases to the U.S. fleet in order to carry out its attack on Banghazi. The aircraft-carriers came out from Italian ports and returned to them. (?What was the matter with Italy?)and what is the difference between this and the Grazielli campaign. (?Why did Italy do this?) [Words indistinct] One day we might take thousands of Italians [words indistinct]. Italy destroyed our countries. [Words indistinct]. Germany gave the Israelis (?compensation). They were compensated by Ade- nauer - Adenaeur was only there yesterday. Nazi Germany never did it; it was the contemporary new Germany which compensated the Jews, the Israelis. It was Germany which helped them to gain strength. [Words indistinct] The Germans compen- satedthem. The Italians must compensate the Libyans otherwise the war between us and them is still on. We do speak up, whether in Banghazi or Jabal al-Akhdar, and state that we want peace in the Mediterranean, Arab-European interests should be preserved and developed, and cooperation should be developed, but we do not accept having U.S. bases, which hit us, stationed in these countries. The Italian prime minister made a speech and stated that Al-Qadhdhafi had spoken with anger, rancor, and religious fanaticism. Well, Well [words indistinct]. Q 7 NORTH AFRICA There is no understanding between us and them. As for Italy, (?if it wants) to preserve its interests, we welcome that. However, if it allows U.S. bases on its soil to attack us, we do not accept this. [Words indistinct] They knew at least there was an aggression, and that it was against Al-Qadhdhafi's house. [Words indistinct) We are going to deprive them. We have in the forthcoming economic plan, in the coming period, projects to the value of 12 billion Libyan dinars, that is, $36 billion, of which Europe and Japan must be deprived. All these billions would have gone to Europe. Italian, Spanish, German, British, Japanese, American, Dutch, Belgian and [words indistinct] were going to benefit. All .these countries and firms were going to benefit from the $36 billion, which were to be spent on agrarian reform, light indus- tries, heavy industries, oil, gas, exploitation of power stations, education, health, transportation, maritime transport, railways, electronuclear power, and the information and service sectors. For all this we are going to spend $36 billion. All of this would have, undoubtedly, gone to Western Europe, the United States, and Japan had it not been for the U.S. aggression against Libya. The U.S. aggression against Libya, with Europe's collusion, has burned $36 billion which would have gone into the pockets of West Europeans and their firms. We must, however, deprive them. We are the power and we have the power. Who is going to lose? Was it Libyan firms which were going to take $36 billion from Eruope or Europe that was going to take such a sum from us? As for the railway lines, let them not be built! If they have to .be built then we will build them ourselves. We will call in China. We will give these billions to the Soviet Union, to Eastern Europe, Austria, Yugoslavia, China and those countries which stood by us. These are the countries to take our billions. As for Europe we must prohibit everything from it, and -God be thankful, - it was all due to you, the mosque. You know the story of the man who went to pray on the spur of the moment, and found the mosque closed. Originally we had no intention of cooperating with the crusaders, the rancorous and vile Atlan- ticists. They are our enemies; they are the ones who sow the seeds of all our problems in Africa and in the Arab countries. They have colonized us without justification. They came at dawn in 1911, hitting us with warships while we were in mudhouses in Tripoli, Banghazi and Darnah. [Words indistinct] Is this logical? The Libyan people knows what [words indistinct] in 1911 [words indistinct] even Turkey; it has U.S. bases, and all the U.S. bases were used in this aggression. We must take a stand on this. It is our friend; it is welcome, but you must differentiate between the Italian people, the peoples of West Europe, the American people and the Turkish people, and between the regimes, parties and armies and officials ruling them. I greet the Italian people, a friendly people. I salute the Spanish people; they staged demonstrations that Arabs could not stage, except in Sudan, Jordan, Tunisia, South Yemen and Syria. Those were the wuntries where demonstrations were staged, dem- onstrations ofanger and clashes in Tunisia and Jordan. You have seen what the people of Sudan did. Americans were killed in Morocco, Tunisia, and in Sudan. Americans were attacked and killed. Some of them were killed with knives. Italian youths attacked Americans from the Navy, killing one in Naples. We must realize that we are friends and I am a friend of the Italian people, the people of Lampedusa, Sicily, Pantellaria, and Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 , 1 hope that those people will be independent and get out of the Atlanticist hegemony, if the Italian state offers Sicily to the hell of America. [t is indeed a hell. Nuclear missiles stationed in Sicily! [Words indistinct] We want peace for the people of Sicily, and therefore they must expel the U.S. bases so that they have peace. We hit and shelled Lampedusa with missiles and destroyed the telecommunications station belonging to the U.S. Sixth Fleet because Lampedusa was used in the aggression against us. The Italian state offered Lampedusa to the Americans and sacrificed the peace of 5,000 Italians, 5,000 Italians because some of them are of Arab origin and are therefore despised. Italy, the Italian state, wants to eliminate the Sicilian people and the peoples of Lampedusa and Pantellaria because those islands are Arab islands and oppressed. That is the cause of the separatist move- ments inthose islands, where there are indeed persecuted people, and the new world war will destroy them because the U.S. bases are stationed in their lands on orders from the Italian state. We are friends of those peoples. The people of West Germany love us and are with us. You have seen the demonstrations they started. America is very, very much hated. The Germans and the West European peoples hate the Americans even more than [word indistinct] who went to kiss Reagan's shoes, and the other Arabs. We must decide a punishment for them; a punishment for these governments, these parties and regimes, and we must ally ourselves with the peace movement, the new alternative and the Green Movement, and the new democratic people's mass force, the new alternative in Europe. We must ally ourselves with them. We must not help the imperialist institutions because they would get strong at the expense of the masses and the toilers. You saw the British people and you saw the messages which I received from the American people. An American woman who does not know us, nor we her, contacted me and told me: They will attack you. She said: They will attack on the weekend. I said that this may be propaganda or psychological warfare. She said: I love you and I am sincere and you should take care because they are about to attack your house. I said that that could have been psychological warfare by U.S. intelligence. That was a woman whom we did not know. Look at the messages I received from the United States. But the military machine -the capitalist class and the party establishment -ruling West Europe should be punished. We should now impose sanctions as we are strong -strong in fighting and strong in our economy. We should put forward to the people's committees in the (?same area) a huge project located between the town of AI-Bayda and the town of Darnah which will take up 100,000 dairy cows. Libya only needs 34,000 dairy cows. This project situated between the two towns will take 100,000 cows. That will yield three times Libya's milk requirement. We will export two-thirds of the output. We will manufacture cheese. [passage indistinct] It is now a vacuum; there are only seven people living on every square kilometer. The project will produce milk sufficient for the area and for (?Libya). We will export. Each one of you Libyans who [words indistinct] vegetables, parsley, here is the land: Go and cultivate it. Have someone acting on your behalf to market your surplus produce. As for the state's production, this will be exported abroad. All the output of the poultry stations should be exported. Even the cattle stations -each one of you should have cattle, breeding a Maltese goat or a camel or a cow. Even the milk produced by the cattle breeding stations should be exported. We export in order to compensate for the war. The state's capabilities should be used for building arms, factories and strategic matters. There is no state which distributes its budget, saying take this as a salary, take this as assistance, take this as a grant, take this [words indistinct] tourism, take this to buy [words indistinct], take this to buy an electrically-operated wheelchair because you are handicapped. In New York there are tens of thousands of people who are homeless and live in the streets; they have their babies in the streets. But the money is spent on destroyers and aircraft- carriers. [Word indistinct] the poor people [passage indistinct] the detonation of the atomic bomb. [Words indistinct] to help the poor; the poor (?must) beg (?so that we can have) the atomic bomb. They die in the streets. They live in the sewage tunnels. The state does not care for the individual [words indistinct] but it is (?respected).:t can [words indistinct] the Arabs with the Israelis, because they have atomic bombs and aircraft. The Israeli citizen [words indistinct] if you die you die, and if you live you live. This is your land and you must cultivate it. Also, there is another advantage, for you Libyans. The state will no longer compete against you in the market. The foreigners will no longer compete against you in the market. Fill the market with your own personal products. You farm owners satisfy the needs of your family and bring the surplus products to the market. If there are tourists or others who buy from the markets then they will buy your own products. This is better than marketing the products of a public project - if the latter markets its produce for 5 [currency not specified] and your produce has cost you 10 then the project will sell its produce and take the market from you. No; the public project should export. You should export dates, melons -all these products are in demand. [Passage indistinct] and export it. The cement factories which we have, their capacity and produc- tive capability do not exist in the Mediterranean states. (?They are idle) and produce little. These should be operating at full capacity and exporting. [Words indistinct] On the other hand I suggest to you barter: As of the new year [words indistinct] you buy rice. Bring two sacks of wheat and here is a sack of rice. Here are sacks of barley, give me a sack of rice. Give me two sacks of wheat and here is a sack of Farina flour from Australia. [Words indistinct] this should apply even to sugar, tea, cloth, and al] imported goods. If you want them, take what is available but through barter. [Words indistinct] as to money, we no longer need it [words indistinct] give me rice to the value of money. [Words indistinct] If your farm or your workshop is producing then you have money. But if you have printed paper from a bank, it is no longer worth anything. [Word indistinct] the one who has a sack of money [words indistinct] I propose this to you in barter and I know that the toilers will be with me in this program. The revolutionaries will also be with me in this pro- gram. The bourgeoisie, God willing, will leave tomorrow for the hell of the United States and Western Europe [words indistinct]. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 All the socialist (?regimes are) with us and have all the cap- abilities. All Asia, and Africa, are with us. They are all with us, why should we leave them? Cars? If we want to buy cars we buy cars from [word indistinct]. God willing, from any eastern coun- try [words indistinct]. By God they hit us with bombs and we give them (?billions). [Words indistinct] 2 billion Libyan dinars, that is $6 billion (?iron capacity) we used to give to Western compan- ies [words indistinct]. Listen you Europeans, companies: Die of grief and envy! (?Complain] to your governments and spit on Reagan who has sacrificed the interests of Europe -sacrificed these billions in return for his caprice and his wish to dominate the earth and his hatred of the Arabs. We shall present a file on Reagan, we are preparing the documents now. He cannot dispute that he was in the Gestapo, cooperated with Hitler, and partici- pated in killing thousands of Jews. Then in order to conceal this past he went to Hollywood as an actor to represent the Israeli ' intelligence and he was a Mosad agent at the time. And he is sacrificing the Americans throughout the whole world to satisfy his sick caprices. All the U.S. companies will be deprived of the railways project which cost $6 billion and of the electric power station project which they are competing for. Normally there are stations and not one station. [passage indistinct] We are punishing them. They saw where their interests are and changed their policies. As for the [word indistinct] Arab regimes, we are telling them in advance that they will definitely collapse. God willing, we will celebrate the collapse of Mubarak every year. The popular revolution is coming. We are instigating it. All the Arab military men, from the ocean to the Gulf, are listening to me. The youths are listening to me. I call on you to rise in a revolution. This is because their regimes have failed and are ~, ~, paralyzed and have brought shame and humiliation on the Arab ;_ nation. They must be erased by fire, blood and fire, and not by (?shame). They must understand [passage indistinct]. The Jews must understand that we are with them and we will be their allies against Zionism. They must achieve their rights in their countries, and they should not be thrown into this hell. [Name indistinct] said to them: You Jews must go away imme- diately and [word indistinct] the state of Israel. [passage indis- tinct] Cueta and Melilla are a shame. The Moroccan youth should rise in a revolution in Cueta and Melilla to liberate them from the Spaniards, who allied themselves against us [words indistinct]. They ignored our joint culture, joint interests, and joint history. [sentence indistinct]. The Spanish military pride does not accept the independence of Cueta and Melilla. This means that Morce- can and Arab military have no pride, and accept the occupation of Cueta and Melilla. [sentence indistinct]. Palestine is dangerous, a graveyard, a graveyard for the Jews. It is better if you leave it. We, the Arabs, one day, will close this graveyard because it constitutes a danger to us. Not [word indistinct] you. We are against those who occupied Palestine. The Jews might be the closest people to us. Therefore, we struggle with the Jews to fulfill their rights in any country in the world. [Words indistinct] in Palestine. Palestine is a graveyard. Why do they throw the Jews into the graveyard? The Jews should live in every homeland in which they exist. [Words indistinct] in Pal- estine the graveyard? [passage indistinct] If there is one [word indistinct] Arab nation, then tens of aircraft would not have passed over Tangier and in front of the Algerian coast, and over Tunisia, and (?over) Egypt. In fact I am [words indistinct] participated in the aggression against Libya. How did dozens of aircraft cross between Europe and Arab countries [words indistinct] between Spain and North Africa? [Words indistinct] dozens of aircraft took off. [Passage indistinct] to defend our homes [passage indistinct]. The ruling institution is still the same. [passage indistinct) The Turkish people are friendly people, but the people should now unite and [words indistinct]. I would [words indistinct] the group of [word indis- tinct] of South Angola, UNITA, a terrorist. It [word indistinct] its president, the free man. [passage indistinct]. Nicaragua comprises independent terrorist groups. America trains and arms terrorist bands and infiltrates them through [word indistinct] to Libya. [passage indistinct]. We should meet and decide the way [word indistinct] with courage. We should present historical examples. There will be a turning point in the history of mankind afterwards. It will not go calmly. If one is strong and one is weak they cannot live together. Either they are all strong or all weak. Therefore, we are looking for power. We are serious in alliance with the Soviet Union and the socialist community so as to strike a balance. We followed neutrality and we did everything for nonalignment and neutral- ity; obviously neutrality does not provide you with water if the nonalignment organization does not protect its members, what is there in it? What shall we do with it? Seek its blessing? This is a neutral state, it was attacked by a superpower which is in alliance with other superpowers. The nonalignment organization did not provide any protection. Therefore, we have not benefited from nonalignment, then let it go to hell. We must open the doors of our universities to the students expelled in Jordan, Tunisia or any other Arab country persecuted by their governments because of their participation in demonstra- tions of wrath against the U.S. invasion. They must come to us by any means, overt or covert. We must give them preference over our sons. They must have priority in our universities and schools. Let them hear this call. We are responsible for all the persecuted and expelled Arab students. And not just students. Every persecuted Arab can come to our country. If we are to die then let us die; if the [word indistinct] are 'determined to kill us, they can kill us'because they possess all the means to do so. But we can challenge them. We can stage a heroic 'battle without precedent. > Our paradise does not belong to (?America) so that it can kill us. We decide [words indistinct]. We must be brave. We are not afraid of anything. [Words indistinct] we do not flee the towns, we do not panic or do anything. If they land on the shores, they will find before them 1 million Libyan fighters and they will inevitably be annihilated. If they fire their missiles, we will give them the opportunity to do so until they run out of missiles and then we will come out to fight them. If it is a matter of sabotage, we will commit acts of sabotage. If they want to destroy the Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 ~~. NORTH AFRICA ` world, then we will destroy the world.-if they want to destroj% the ..Mediterranean, we will destroy the Mediterranean. We will do all that until they realize that this is a nation which should be respected. Negotiations should be held with it and they should abide by their limits. But if they want to attack us [words indistinct] we must bring on their ruination. We must live in the world in respect. If we know that we live persecuted and without respect, then we must destroy this world. Let it go to hell. We must depart this world quickly but like martyrs. The Libyan citizen who has any sense of patriotism thinks of how to work the land and live off it. Brokerage and trickery [word indistinct] are no longer acceptable. A day might come when [words indistinct]. The Jabal al-Akhdar area is a heaven. All these oases are paradises. The great artificial river, God willing, will be completed. God willing, production of the huge 4 meter radius pipes will begin in September. We have laid the corner- stone ofthe plant in Brikah. God willing, it will begin production next September. After that, God willing, the water will reach the spacious areas covered by the first stage. Probably after 2 years from that the second stage will be completed. Then we will have paradise and we will not need anything from abroad. We can dispense with all of them. 1 have forgotten to mention Greece. Greece is a friendly country. It has a European government that has taken a stand better than that of any Arab country, and has been punished. They give to Italy, France, Germany, Britain and America but they deprive Greece. If the Greek bid is 20 and the Western companies' bids are 15 [units not specified], we must accept the Greek bid even if it is 20. Greece, Yugoslavia and Austria are all European coun- tries. The attitude of Greece was (?great) and at the popular level as well. This is the reason which made us refrain from hitting the island of Crete in fact -the Americans are in Crete. We did not hit it like we did Lampedusa, where the Italians are. We did not hit it because it is not right to kill its people for the sake of the American criminals. God willing, in 2 years' time Greece will leave NATO and expel the U.S. bases. Greece gave an example that should be followed. All the countries of Western Europe should expel the U.S. bases. If they decide to stay within NATO they are free to do so -that will entail special arrangements which are privately theirs. As for the U.S. aggression being launched from the territory of a particular country, and as for U.S. aircraft taking off from a particular country, then this means that that country launched the aggression - it is as if Italy itself or Spain itself had actually launched an aggression against us. As for someone who died in the Gulf who was a sailor or a pilot, or someone who happened to beat his post when a bomb fell on him, or someone who has 4 wives and 1000 goats [words indis- tinct] -how can you compare these people? How can you compare a sailor in the navy who has nothing but his salary - he is poor and was martyred for the sake of Libya - he was martyred [words indistinct], and a capitalist who got rich with the money of the Libyans in an illicit way. Poor men do not marry N: many wives. [Words indistinct] and steal from the Libyan budget to get married -his wife is the wife of all Libyans [words indistinct]. The Egytian attitude, of course, which should be taken into consideration, is worse. The Egyptian Government should under- standthat itwent beyond its limit. In 1977 it attacked us by order of the United States and it has now joined their ranks. If the United States attacks us, Egypt attacks us: What is the differ- encebetween Egypt and the United States in this case? The agent Egyptian regime recognized the enemy. Their spies came with ,'aircraft guiding instruments. Is this not, by God, [words indis- tinct]. Let the Egyptian brothers, the Egyptian people, hear what I am saying. [Words indistinct] Your government sent spies, one by one, carrying instruments for guiding aircraft into Libyan territory. Did we do it? Did we send a Libyan with instruments for guiding aircraft, a Libyan spy, to Egypt? The Libyans who went to Egypt went to liquidate Libyans. Libyans against Lib- yans. It does not concern the Egyptians. We continue with this and this is the resolution of the Libyan people. Each people is free to (?liquidate) its enemies. Did we, dear Egyptian brothers, send Libyan spies with instruments and ask them to spy on Egypt in the interest of the U.S., Russia, or Libya? We did not. Look at your government, it sent Egyptian spies to be executed and to be sacrificed -them and their families - in order to implement U.S. orders. The U.S. maneuvers carried out in Egyptian territory were applied to Libya and Egypt. This is in fact a state, a regime, which has exceeded the limit and has become a danger to our security and the future of the Arab nation. This should be taken into consideration by the entire Arab nation and by Libyans in particular. Since the issue of terrorism is on the agenda of the world, let Egypt then train the terrorists, let the United States train terrorists, let Britain protect the terrorists, and let Germany protect the terrorists. They protect them [words indistinct] Those who-are responsible fr the explosions in Syria are the Muslim lbrothers trained in West Germany, in the United States, and in Britain. The ones we caught in the building said the attack was :~ against Bab al-`Aziziyah. Rasberry! What is Bab al-`Aziziyah? Did they attack Bab al-`Aziziyah? They were (?hiding) in a building and then one of them came and informed on the others 5 and we caught them. Where did they train? Where did they get; ~tthe weapons from? They were trained in Britain, trained in ?America. All right, since any place from which terrorists set out should be attacked, we will attack, with our own means, any , traitor to the revolutionary Arab regimes who trains in any state. ' We- do not -have an aircraft-carrier but we -do .have suicide (?teams). So, let them know that there is mutual deterrence and that nothing is useful but recognition of the rights of others and sitting down with them to end the problems so that the world may live in peace. If they had the power and could strike without anyone striking at them, then they would continue and control the world. I have not reached the point of saying to you: That is it, we must convene the emergency Basic People's Congresses and we must decide the way by which we die and live. This point might come. It depends on what these vile and dirty persons will do. The picture might not be as bad as that: t have drawn the worst picture. The way we die -this is what we should decide. But , Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 death might be to the United States and not us. We might live victoriously, as Vietnam and its people were victorious. We might fight the United States for tens of years. But we have to forget things like seaports, airports, power stations, factories, and coastal bases. They can destroy all these things. with their_mis- , sites. But we can hit the United States; we can smash its mouth; we can exhaust it; and we can make it see reason. A war like this .might end with the unity of the Arab nation - a revolutionary )amahiri unity -and the United States will lose completely. ; We are uniting the Arab nation. If the United States helps us in uniting the Arab nation, then this unity will be a friend to the United States. If the USSR is the one who helps to unite the Arab nation, then this unity will be a friend to the USSR. Our enemy is whoever stops the establishment of our unity. We will unite in spite of our enemy, and all our enemies will lose. It might happen. I do not like - in fact no one likes -war. I know its effects, especially with a superpower like this. Someone might say: He is asking and looking for war. Never. This is not bravery. Declaring war is not bravery. Bravery is standing firm in a war when it is declared and forced on you, and by accepting it when it is forced on you and by not escaping from it. Any coward can declare war. Bravery is not in guaranteeing the end of the war and in bragging and saying: We will be victorious. Bravery is presenting all the possibilities to the fighters. Victory or defeat will depend on their bravery and resources. I hope that no war will occur in the whole world or in the Mediterranean, and no world war will occur. I know that a world war would be a disaster. I do not hope for war with a superpower. Is it reasonable _for a small country to seek war with a super- power? But if they try to humiliate us, then we should fight them. We figfit them and we forget everything. We forget our lives as a whole and accept martyrdom, and we will be victorious. After .,that we will live again. The aircraft carriers cannot enter the desert. Their field of action is limited. If they strike with missiles, a missile might go astray in a mountain, valley, desert, or in one of our sand hills and it might not even explode -any missiles, even an intercontinental one. Suppose the United States has a free hand in the world and is perpetrating all these trivialities. The maximum it can provide could be contained. When the United States lands on the coast it should be burned; its soldiers should become roasted sheep - .. and eating them afterward is permitted. If it wants to annihilate us let it annihilate us [words indistinct]. They plotted against us~' ....a .s.e...,...,,.vea ,,..~ ~,,....e., rr...e ~..,a ti.,a .,..,....r....~,:,.~. ,.,...ia `reach New York on 15 April we would not have hesitated to' attack London and New York; but we did not have aircraft carriers or [word indistinct] bases. Not because we do not deserve [word indistinct], no, because we are a small country and we have certain capabilities. The Arab nation should have replied with war against the United States and Britain. It should have boycotted the United States and Britain. The cowardly rulers failed to take this positive action. But they have determined their own end by this stance at the hand of their army, their youth, and their peoples [words indistinct]. Our leadership of the Arab revolution as I have told you and told the Arab masses, our resistance against imperialism [word indistinct] with blood and nothing after that. [Words indistinct]on the personal and public levels more than this attack. Never before throughout world history has the official state residence of a person's home been attacked by a superpower state. [Words indistinct] Al-Qadhdhafi's home should be bombarded. Right, how did you leave your homes? I have only one house and they thought that they had destroyed it. They turned all their bombs into smoke. [Words indistinct] the 2d month of 1986, and especially made ?it for Al-Qadhdhafi. [Passage indistinct] made in the 2d month of 86, they brought it from Britain and dropped it by plane on Al-`Aziziyah gate. They were made especially for this purpose. May God defeat them, and God's hand is stronger than theirs. Their bombs turned into smoke. Even the soldiers who were guarding me were standing all about and were fighting on top of buildings, they were brave and they were not hit by any shrapnel. One cut his tongue that is all - a soldier. Two heavy bombs exploded, one in front of him and one behind him. Even the barrack where they were was bombed. You wouldn't believe anyone could still be alive if you had seen it. He cut his tongue, that is all. This is only [words indistinct] but surely there is a bomb which in fact exploded. But the angels are stronger than the United States and than all this fury. This may be mere talk, but on the other hand, it may be that history, the future [words indistinct]. In April 1805 no one could have thought that the battle will be fought again with the same warships and the same navy against the same country in 1986. Imagine! After nearly 200 years. They attacked us in April in Darnah with their warships. They brought someone called Ahmad Karamanli from Egypt - a nobody -and declared in Darnah that he had become the ruler of Libya. When Darnah resisted them, they were slaughtered when they landed on the coast [words indistinct]. During April and May they occupied Darnah and declared Karamanli the ruler, and he handed them 200 American prisoners of war in Tripoli where they were captured. But in May, help for Darnah came from various parts of Libya. The battle was waged and after 11 days they were defeated. Karamanli the shameless ran to Darnah harbor to beg (Eaton), the commander of the U.S. campaign, to evacuate him with the rest. He said to (Eaton): Did I not bring you the Arabs who killed (?the Americans)? Did I not bring you agents? Did I not hand Darnah and Libya over to you? Did I not make it easy for you to enter Libya [words indistinct]? The American commander replied: I have no time for you. Then one of their soldiers [words indistinct] the supplies. A month earlier Karamanli was the ruler over all Libya [words indistinct]. The bourgeoisie and the agents wanted the same thing and asked to be saved: Save us! How can you leave us behind? The Americans said that they would save their soldiers first. They left them to be captured by the Arabs and left them at the mercy of the Arabs [words indistinct]. This the fate of those who cooperate with the United States. Look! About 200 years later the aggression is repeated. Go back to what I told you in Darnah on 11 June 1977. I do not want to say something that you do not take in and understand. We should appreciate our responsibility. This is our destiny. We want the Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 _ ~ ~ ' ~l Q 12 NORTH AFRICA well-being of ourselves and the well-being of mankind. We want to liberate ourselves and live in peace and security on our land. There were children -imagine, our children were asleep in their homes and they did not know that while they slept modern aircraft equipped with lasers and the biggest bombs came to hit the children while they were asleep. The children were in a deep sleep and were asleep beside their mothers but they did not know that there were aircraft in the air -that destruction was on its way. These dogs are still using the excuse that we are terrorists. Are we terrorists? We defend Palestine, our land, and our freedom. On the contrary, we give our money to the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance so that they can escalate their operations. Any European state which recognizes the Israeli enemy should pay the price because Israel is our enemy. Wher- ever the Palestinians go, the enemy is in pursuit. The Palestinians have a right to resist in every field. (?Wherever there is a Zionist presence) it should be resisted. The Israelis [words indistinct]. We hit wherever there is a Zionist presence. Yes, he is an enemy occupying my land. [Words indistinct] the Palestinian people are an oppressed people. Why do they not [words indistinct]. Because they are spiteful and crusaders and antisemitic. The Arabs are Semitic. Europe is antisemitic. The parties and parliamentary establishments and capitalism of Eur- opeare antisemitic and anti-Islam and very hateful. They adopt the American attitude and do not adopt the Palestinian attitude. The Palestinians are an oppressed people. [Words indistinct] The struggle goes on and, God willing, we await [words indistinct]. [Video shows AI-Qadhdhafi, wearing a military uniform, seated behind two microphones throughout the speech. Speaking in colloquial Arabic, Al-Qadhdhafi refers from time to time to a stack of papers in front of him. He occasionally shifts position behind the microphones causing poor audio reception. The broadcast was in black and white throughout] Demonstrations Held, Effigies Burned LDl 12222 Tripoli Television Service in Arabic 2030 GMT I !Jun 86 [Text] Immediately after the brother leader of the revolution addressed his important speech to the Libyan Arab masses and the masses of the Arab nation, huge popular demonstrations took place on the streets in various municipalities throughout the Jamahiriyah. [n the municipality of Tripoli, thousands of people gathered in a demonstration in Green Square, where effigies representing the traitor Husayn and the two child murderers, Reagan and Thatcher, were burned. The Arab ambassadors participated in this mass demonstration, where they were handed protest notes from the gathered masses. [Video shows blurred pictures of mass demonstration in Tripoli showing large numbers of Libyans shouting slogans; the video is accompanied by someone shouting slogans which are indistinct] `Mammoth Marches' Continue NC/20703 Tripoli Domestic Service in Arabic 0500 GMT l2 Jun 86 [Text] The great popular celebrations marking the 16th anniver- ' sary of the expulsion of American bases from Libyan Arab soil are continuing in towns throughout the Great Jamahiriyah with various sectors of the population taking part. In Tripoli, the masses of the people's congresses, along with students and producers, staged mammoth marches last night in the city's Green Square in support of the important speech delivered by the brother leader to the Libyan Arab and Arab people on the 16th anniversary of the expulsion of U.S. bases. A number of speeches and statements were made during the marches, which converged in the Green Square. They con- demned?the shameful visit that the agent King Husayn paid to the American Black House, and his humiliating kiss of the hand of his master, the rabid dog and Mosad agent, Reagan, whose hand drips with the blood of martyrs. The statements called on the Arab masses of Jordan to revolt and topple the agent King Husayn in order to rid Jordan of its agent regime and to liberate Palestine. The masses also burned effigies of agent King Husayn and the rabid dog and Mosad agent, Reagan. The masses handed copies of cables which protested and con- demned this visit to Arab ambassadors attending the festivities in the Green Square. Moroccan Group Joins in Anniversary LD/1 //24 Tripoli JANA in Arabic 0715 GMT I /Jun 86 [Text] Tripoli, 11 Jun (JANA) -Members of the large del- egation of the Moroccan people who are now visiting the Great Jamahiriyah have participated, in a big gesture of solidarity, with their brothers the Arab people in the eastern part of the African Arab Union in the popular celebrations which began in Tripoli yesterday evening marking the start of the festivities of the 16th anniversary of the'eviction of the U.S. imperialist bases from the homeland. The members of the Moroccan delegation at this solidarity meeting held high the pictures of the brother leader of the revolution and King Hassan II and the flags of the African Arab Union. They also joined their brothers in the eastern part of the union in cheering for the revolution and for the long life of the leader of the revolution, King Hassan II, and the union. They chanted slogans of defiance and of determination to rout U.S. imperialism and realize comprehensive Arab unity. The masses and members of the fraternal Arab Moroccan del- egation chanted "down with America" and "one people from Marrakesh to Bahrain" and "No to capitulationist solutions; Palestine is Arab." The fraternal Moroccan delegation which arrived in Tripoli 2 days ago to join their brothers in the eastern part in their celebrations of the anniversary of the eviction of the U.S. impe- rialist bases also comprises a brass band; a modern musical Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Islamic Council Begins Ramadan on 10 May LD090846 Algiers Domestic Service in Arabic 2300 GMT 8 May 86 [Excerpt] The Supreme Islamic Council held a meeting this evening, at the end of which Chairman Shaykh Ahmed Haw- mani read the following statement: [Begin Hawmani recording] In the name of God the compassion- ate and the merciful. Here is a statement from the Supreme Islamic Council. The beginning of Ramadan 1406 H is Saturday, 10 May 1986. [end recording] Moroccan Paper Terms Fes Summit `Positive' PM07131 /Casablanca LL' MATlN DU SAHARA in French 6 May 86 p I [Ahmed Alaoui editorial: "Improving Inter-Arab Relations"] [Text] Contrary to what has been said or written in some places, the Arab foreign ministers' meeting in Fes 30 April and 1 May was not negative but positive since it provided an opportunity for a broad, frank, and free discussion. Some people even spoke of the failure of the extraordinary summit, but in fact this summit has not yet been held and cannot be described as a failure. As usual the'ministerial conference had the job of preparing for the meeting of heads of state and especially of drawing up the agenda. Q 2 NORTH AFRICA So, for the first time, the situation has been clarified and all disagreements, quarrels, and conflicts among the Arab countries have been reviewed. The solidarity which everybody claims to feel comes first and cannot be unilateral but must be reciprocal. The Fes meeting ended the policy of burying our heads in the sand, which we had hitherto been content to practice: The ministers parted knowing clearly what the others think. They separated, not after admitting defeat but after disagreeing and there is nothing to stop these being resolved between now and the extraordinary summit which has been postponed until after Ramadan. With a view to that summit the ministers will have time to convey to their respective governments the viewpoints held by various countries. Some will be able to repeat what was said to them, namely: If you want us to show solidarity with you, you must first show solidarity with us. Everybody can therefore prepare for the forthcoming summit on sound bases. After years of quarrels, polemics, and conflicts, the Arab nation has suddenly realized that nothing worthwhile can be achieved without real solidarity and that there is a vital precondition for this: an improvement in inter-Arab relations which His Majesty King Hassan II has often advocated. AI-Qadhdhal Travels to Banghazi, Delivers Oration Mass `Marvelous' Demonstrations LD0818/ / Tripoli Voice ojGreater Arab Homeland in Arabic 171 S GMT 8 May 86 It should be noted that it is natural for this summit and the preparatory meeting to be held in Morocw because since the last summit in Casablanca His Majesty King Hassan II has been current chairman of the Arab League; in these circumstances, it is perfectly natural for an extraordinary summit to be held in Morocco at the king's invitation. The preparatory meeting which was held in Fes is positive in our view because the foreign ministers of all Arab countries were present at His Majesty King Hassan's invitation, and this in itself is a positive point. It was when the agenda was being drawn up that the differences of opinion emerged. Well, we think that these differences of opinion are a positive phenomenon in the sense that everybody now knows exactly where they stand in relations to the others. As the final communique stressed, everybody was able to freely and frankly explain his viewpoint on the situation in the Arab world, and everybody was able to say what he thought of the actions of others. For the first time the Arab countries finally washed their dirty linen in private, so to speak, contrary to what often happened when they set aside major conflicts and dis- agreementsand spoke of solidarity and unity. That produced an ambiguous situation in which people judged states' policies on the basis of the atittudes adopted by individuals. Indeed do we not see virtually every day ministers embracing each other fraternally when their two countries are virtually at war. [Text] The brother leader of the revolution, passing the towns of Thulug and Nawwagiyah, was met by a marvellous popular gathering of the mass of the basic People's Congresses. Huge mass demonstrations followed the leader in a marvellous way expressing the extent of the historic popular solidarity between the leader and the people. The masses, who followed the leader, chanted slogans of defiance to U.S. imperialism. The demonstra- tions continued all the way along the leader's route until the entrance to AI-Bayan al-Awwal, Banghazi, where he was received by the masses of AI-Bayan al-Awwal who gathered at the entrance to the city in a huge popular demonstration, which showed the city in its greatest image. The demonstration com- prised horsemen, scouts, the I September Buds, Cubs, and Hands, school children and armed students, and veterans. They were all chanting slogans stressing that the masses of the basic People's Congresses are Mu`ammar al-Qadhadhfl. AI-Qadhdhafi Speech LD082118 Tripoli Television Service in Arabic 2024 CMT 8 May 86 (Speech by Mu`ammar al-Qadhdhafi, leader of the Libyan rev- olution, on 8 May at public rally in Al-Bayyan al-Awwal - Banghazi -recorded] Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 ~. ? ~i FRC's Vice-Chancellor Genscher Gives News Conference PM071504 Algiers E! MOUDJAHID in French 29 Apr 86 p 3 [Unattributed report: "Political Talks"] [Text] Algerian-West German political talks were held yesterday morning at the Mustapha Rais villa under the chairmanship of Dr Ahmed Taleb Ibrahimi, member of the Politburo and minister of foreign affairs, and Hans Dietrich Genscher, vice chancellor and FRG foreign minister. The talks related in particular to the deterioration of the situation in the Mediterranean on which the two ministers exchanged information on their countries' respec- tiveanalyses and positions. This exchange of views is particularly significant in view of the fact that it took place on the eve of the extraordinary Arab summit and the summit of the seven industrialized countries in Tokyo. The two ministers also reviewed the state of relations between Europe and the Arab world and the repercussions on these relations of the latest EEC measures and stances following the resurgence of tension in the Mediterranean. Mr Genscher. "Positive Results" "My visit to Algeria comes at a time when the Mediterranean region is experiencing new developments of concern to both our countries. Thus we thought it necessary to have talks with the Algerian leaders to examine the question," Hans Dietrich Gen- scher said during a press conference before he left Algiers. In reply to a question on the state of Algerian-German relations, Mr Genscher said: "Our relations with Algeria are strong and multifaceted. We have the greatest respect for Algeria," he stressed "and for the important role it plays in the Arab world and the Nonaligned Movement, just as we appreciate the great respect enjoyed by President Chadli Bendjedid. "The results of this visit, regarded by the Algerian officials as an excellent initiative because it took place on the eve of the Arab summit and the summit of industrialized countries in Tokyo, have been positive," the German foreign minister said, adding: "Algeria can make an effective contribution to the establishment of stability in the region and it is up to us to take practical steps to revive Euro-Arab dialogue." Mr Genscher concluded his press conference by saying; "I would like to thank the Algerian leaders, especially President Chadli Bendjedid, for the welcome they have given us." Communique on Guinea-Bissau President's Visit LD082330 Algiers APS in English /450 GMT 8 May 86 [Text] ALGIERS, 08/05/86 (APS) -President Chadli Bend- jedid and Loao Bernardo Vieira of Guinea-Bissau reaffirmed their determination to safeguard and reinforce the Organization of the African Unity (O.A.U.) privileged and irreplaceable forum of concertation for the preservation of peace and security in Africa. In a joint communique issued Thursday [8 May] here aE the end of the visit to Algeria of a delegation from Guinea-Bissau led by President Joao Bernardo Vieira, the two heads of state reiterated their solidarity and support to the brotherly peoples of Namibia and South Africa under the leadership of their respective move- ments of liberation SWAPO and ANC?and to the. Frontline countries. They reaffirmed on this occasion that [word indistinct] of a lasting peace in the region cannot be achieved without Namibia's attainment of independence by the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution 435. Tackling the Chadian issue, the two presidents reaffirmed the principles and conditions for the reestablishment of a lasting peace in Chad, particularly the national reconciliation, the cessa- tion of all forms of foreign interference, the respect of Chad's national unity independence and territorial integrity. As far as the Western Sahara conflict is concerned, the two presidents reiterated their conviction that the implementation of the OAU resolution A.H.G-104 and the UN Resolution 40/50 is only guarantee of a peaceful, fair and lasting settlement of the Western Sahara problem. Examining the situation in Middle East presidents Chadli Bend- jedid and Joao Bernardo Vieira reaffirmed their unconditional support to the Palestinian people's struggle and recalled that the institution of a fair and lasting peace goes necessarily through the exercise of the Palestinian people's inalienable rights, notably their right to self-determination, to the creation of an indepen- dent and sovereign state and the restoration of all the occupied Arab territories, including AI-Qods. Concerning the Iran/Iraq war. the two presidents called these two countries to put an end to this fratricidal war and to settle peacefully their dispute in their two people's higher interest. Presidents Chadli Bendjedid and Joao Bernardo Vieira reaf- firmed their deep attachment to the Nonaligned Movement's ideals, principles and objectives and their conviction that the non-alignment [as received] remains more than ever the guaran- tor of the non-aligned countries' independence. Recalling their attachment to the OAU 21st summit decisions the two presidents expressed their conviction that the rein- forcement of the inter-African economic relations, the extension of the South/South cooperation and the complementarity of the African peoples' economies is a privileged asset for the safeguard of the African countries and the Third World's specific interests. The two heads of state also expressed satisfaction about their meeting and consider that this visit is a contribution to the reinforcement and the strengthening of the international solidar- ity. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 i-? ? prised today by your coming out of Banghazi for this reception. [sound of chanting in the background] I understand now the meaning of this coming out: It is the coming out of challenge, the brave coming out in confrontation of the enemies. [sound of chanting] Dear brothers, I want challenging masses, I want brave masses, I want masses which come out under bombing to chap= lenge the aggression. I want masses which will make sacrifices Dear brothers, we want challenging masses, masses which come out under bombing to challenge the aggression. [sound of chanting] Dear brothers, we do not want those who come out in the calm and happy days, those who leave work and waste time, their marches are invalid. The marches in which are needed, the demonstrations which are required, are the demonstrations of challenge under attack. [sound of chantings] Those who dem- onstrateunder normal conditions and chant slogans in peacetime, we do not need them. [sound of chanting] Brothers, the Libyan masses were tested on Libyan land. The masses of Tripoli and Banghazi were tested when they were exposed to the arrogant unjust aggression. Brothers, at that time, the masses came out, the masses confronted, the masses defied, the masses filled the squares, and the masses raised their voices. [sound of chanting: al-jihad, al-jihad] Brothers, greetings to the masses of the city of Al-Gharbi who come out these days to raise their voice strong with defiance. Brothers, the aggression is still present. We raise our voices from the city of Banghazi in defiance of the aggression. Our voice is stronger than the voice of aggression. [sound of indistinct chanting] Brothers, the masses' defiance terrorizes aggression. When the masses defy, aggression fails. In 1967, when Jamal `Abd al-Nash resigned, while the bombing was continuing against Cairo, the masses of Cairo came out chanting: Nasir, Nasir. At that moment, the world knew that the aggression had failed because the will of the masses was not defeated. The Egyptian Army was defeated, the iron was broken, but the will was not broken. When the Egyptian masses went outside under the shelling and under Israeli raids which took place that day and which were still continuing over Cairo, when the Egyptian masses went outside without taking any notice of the raids, defying the aggression, proclaiming their determination on their soil, the world then realized that the aggression did not achieve what it wanted, the aggression failed because the determination of the Egyptian people would not be defeated even if the Egyptian Army were to be defeated. That was when the war of attrition started, the confrontation started, and all the Arab nation began to stand behind AI-Nasir, to stand behind Egypt, O brothers. The war of attrition began and if AI-Nasir had not died the result would not have been what it was. Those who sold out the Egyptian territory are the ones who made the results what they are now. During Jerusalem Day in Iran, millions of people in Tehran went outside under the bombing during Jerusalem Day despite the warnings that the city of Tehran was to shelled. In defiance, millions took to the streets in Tehran during Jerusalem Day, women carrying their children went out paying no notice to the bombing. In fact, air strikes over the city of Tehran started, and under the air strikes the Iranian masses hailed the revolution, Jerusalem, and Palestine. That day was a memorable day for the whale world, during which the world saw how the masses defied the aggression, how the masses defied the Air Force, how the masses went out under the shelling. They showed to the world that peoples' determination, the Jamahiri determination, the revolutionary determination are stronger than the aircraft, stronger than the bombs stronger than challenges, O brothers. The Iranian revolution went on defying and it is still defying with defiant masses. Brothers, let us realize that the issue is not one of terrorism, the issue is not one of violence, the issue is not one of a bomb exploding in a night club or in an airliner here or there. The issue is a serious attempt by the forces of traditional colonalism and new colonialism to impose a veto on the future of the Arab nation. The issue is not one of bombing a Berlin nighclub, nor is the issue of an airliner which exploded, nor is it the issue of a bomb which exploded somewhere. Brothers, the issue is an attempt to sub- jugatethe Arab nation, an attempt to humiliate the Arab nation, and an attempt to impose aU.S.-Western veto on the future of the Arab nation. But we say to them that the Arab nation was created to survive, to defy, and to emerge victorious in spite of America and others. [Sound of chantings] Dear brothers, dear brothers, dear brothers, when they allocated tens of planes which were refuelled by more tens of planes, and protected by more than 100 planes from the sea, when Great Britain and the United States, the superpowers, enlisted all their strategic capabilities to attack my home, my home was not the target. The aim was to kill the Palestine cause, to kill pan-Arabism, to kill the cause of Arab unity, to kill the cause of African liberation, and the Asian and Latin American liberation [sound of chanting: With our souls, with blood, we redeem you, our leader] But, dear brothers, they are ignorant and do not learn from the lessons of history. The liquidation of individuals will never be sufficient to eliminate nations. The will of the nation is renewed, generation after generation, and the aspirations of nations are not embodied only in an individual; nations struggle for self- determination and the masses triumph in the end. They were ignorant of history when they killed Guevara. They believed they had eliminated revolution in Latin America, but here is the revolution today in Central America, in Latin Amer- ica, burning the land under the feet of fascism, burning under the feet of imperialism, and is robbing the military junta in the Pentagon in America of sleep. The revolution is burning on the, borders of America, the borders of the United States after the death of Guevara and after they believed that they had achieved peace with the elimination of Guevara. Let them know, dear brothers, that the masses continue with Guevara or without him, with AI-Nasir or without-him, with Al-Qadhdhati or without him. The masses continue to determine their fate, to impose their will, to live in freedom and pride on their land and under its sun. [sound of chanting] O brothers, what have they gained from these barbarous raids? Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 ? 'i V. 9 May 86 What did they reap from these raids for which they mobilize all the capabilities of the Atlantic Alliance? They mobilized ,the United States' capabilities which were originally planned for attacking Moscow. They used them to attack the cities of Tripoli and Banghazi. The mobilized the capabilities of Great Britain and the strategic bases in Britain which were ready to attack the Warsaw,Pact. They mobilized the air and naval bases of NATO in Europe and the Mediterranean. But no matter what the aggressor mobilize, when they had mobilized all possible cap- abilities all they had left was nuclear bombs. Apart from that they deployed all their strategic weapons. They all got together in alliance, as if they wanted to invade Moscow or to attack the Warsaw Pact. They reaped disciplinary, moral, political, and military defeat, O Brothers. Did we retreat from the challenge? Did we abandon our steadfastness? Our determination is all the stronger. We chal- lenge,stand fast, we fight, we liberate, we unify the Arab nation so that the barbarians of the aggressive Atlantic alliance may realize that, no matter how severe the shelling is, no matter how many raids they launch, our homeland will never bow its head. We will never retreat from the struggle. We will never abandon the cause of unity. We will never abandon the cause of liberation. We will further extend our hands to the peoples of Latin Amer- ica. We will send arms to the rebels of Latin America, in spite of America, to show America that we are stronge and more chal- lenging. Obrothers, if the struggle for the liberationof Palestine is seen by them as terrorism, then we will carry on with this terrorism, ceaselessly.. If they regard the liberation of people as terrorism, then we will fearlessly carry on with such terrorism. If the unification of the Arab nation is regarded by them as terrorism, we will keep on practicing such terrorism and struggling for it. If the establishment of socialism, the Jama- hiriyah, and progress is regarded by them as terrorism, then we will continue such terrorism. If the Palestine people's struggle is regarded as terrorism, then we are terrorists. O brothers, we understand that we are a great nation. We are the leaders of a world revolution which combines the masses of all continents. They are burning our land under the feet of the imperialists. We understand that we are a superpower. Even if we do not possess carriers or military bases, we are back by the masses of the six continents of the world. We are supported by rebels all over the world. We are at the head of a sweeping international popular revolution. We are part of a great Arab nation which extends from the ocean to the Gulf, a revolution bent on struggle until it conquers and unifies. We are part of an Islamic world comprising a billion Muslims, who face the stumbling crusade led by the United States of America. Dear brothers, we have to realize our great strength, which has its roots in the various continents of the world. They have to succumb to our will. They have to negotiate with us on an equal basis. They have to respect our will and our borders. They have to realize that we are bent on struggle till the end. We have our rights under the sun and on the land, with all pride and merit. This treacherous attack was smashed because it was an unjust aggression against a peaceloving people. Their aircraft were downed. The bodies of their pilots were scattered. Their aircraft ; dropped their loads in the sea and they fled from the hell which was burnung before. them when the pilots realized that all the schemes were lies and that the information given to them was all deception. They found out that reality was completely different from the schemes of the American black house. [Words indistinct due to sound of chanting] They found hell facing them, they found firmness, they found struggle. Therefore, they have now started to deploy cruise missiles. It is a great thing and it is another honor for us when the United States starts thinking about deploying cruise missiles. It is a great honor for this small people, for this steadfast and defying citadel, when the United States announced yesterday and the day before yesterday in its papers and in all its rotten circles, when it talked about deploying cruise missiles. This means that they failed despite the Air Force, the fleets, the propaganda, the secret action, the poison, the assassination, and the war of nerves. They failed because we have the right. They have now begun to think about trying to terrorize us with cruise missiles. To hell with cruise missiles! We do not fear cruise missiles, we do not fear the bombers, we do not fear the carriers. We have a right on our land. Our determination is stronger than their iron which we have weakened and destroyed. Our determination will not be demolished. What did they get from the aggression? We have increased our firmness, we have more international support, our insistence on fighting imperial- ism and Zionism has increased. Let them hear brothers, and let the world hear. Has the chanting of the Libyan Arab masses changed? Are the Libyan Arab .masses afraid? They are still saying: Raspberry to America, and: A thousand rasppberries to America, ands a thousand Raspber- ries to the allies of America, and: a thousand raspberries to Arab hirelings of America who are reactionaries, effeminate, and subservient around us in the Arab world. Brothers, after those raids, did our voice change? Did we bow our heads? Did we retreat? Were we terrorized by them? Did they tame us? Did they intimidate us? We will not be frightend by their childish terrorism. What did they gain from these barbaric raids? O brothers, did we abandon the Palestinian cause after that aggression? Did we retreat from our struggle for the liber- ation of Palestine? Did we retreat from our Arab unity? Did we retreat from socialism? Did we retreat from our leadership of the world revolution? Did we retreat from building the Jamahiriyah? Dear brothers, we will force them to negotiate with us and treat us a equals. In the meantime, however, we declare that we will not negotiate with the United States of America as long as it is led by the mad Israeli:dog?a~nd_the Mosad agent. When he was an actor in Hollywood, he acted as an agent for Mosad. We will never negotiate with America as long as it is ruled by the mad Israeli dog who is not worthy of being an American president. He is merely a mad Israeli dog who works for Zionism. Ronald Reagan was recruited by the Israeli Mosad when he was an actor in Hollywood. ~IH` `e~wan ed t~o'conceal h`s rmina~l background as an agent of ,i~-tler's.Gestapo~;:RonaldnReagan, was an agent of the German Gestapo during the Nazi Hitler period. In order to hide that, he went too far in covering up his Nazi background. Therefore, he presented himself to the Israeli Mosad in Hol- lywood and offered his services to Israeli intelligence. During his time as an actor, he was recruited by Israeli intelligence to work as an Israeli Mosad spy, until he was elected governor of on of the states. Then the Zionists elected him President of the United States. In view of all that, we do not expect the President of the United States to act as a president of a superstate. This is demonstrated by what he did, what he is doing, and will do in the Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 V. 9 May 86 ~ Q S future. This is evidence that he is not acting a president of the superstate, the United States. He is merely a toy in the hands'bf the Zionists. I received messages, I received a stream of messages after the aggression from U.S. citizens. These messages exist and because they are so many we are unable to publish them. But any observer [mutal`i], any journalist in the world can see these many mes- sages. They all say: We did not at all elect Ronald Reagan to be our president. And they all swore that Zionism alone was able on election day to gather its people at the polling stations, and that the real Americans did not elect this banal man at all. This indicates that it was only the Zionists in the United States who gave their votes to Reagan to become U.S. President. And now the truth has become evident to the American people and the American people have begun to wake up and to realize that they are led by a mad man, a trivial man, by a rabid Israeli dog, and he will suffer adversity. The age of Reagan is the age of the hen you have [applause] at a chicken farm. When a hen is 2 years old, it stops laying eggs and is replaced by another hen. What is left for Reagan? Even his political age, his age in the Presidency equals the age of a hen at a chicken farm now. After 24 months, it is finished, Reagan ends and the hen ends. [applause] After the fall of the rabid Israeli dog who rules the United States and who is leading the world toward destruction now, we can negotiate with the United States as equals. [sound of chanting] After the awakening of American society, the awakening of the American people, and it grasps the farce being acted out by this actor on the world stage, and dangers which he brings to the United States and its sons and to the world -after his fall we are ready to negotiate with the United States as equals so that it may respect our waters, provinces, air space, and recognize that we are a stubborn opponent. We do not bend, we do not submit or retreat and we are not like the Arabs who are prostrate the agents of America, whom the White House considered to be like the rulers. The White House considered all the Arabs to be like the rulers. There are agent Arab rulers, submissives, who repre- sent only themselves. But the masses, the masses are the ones which the United States should take into consideration. Greetings to the Tunisian people who attacked the Marines and killed the Marines on the land of Tunisia. [applause] Greetings to the Tunisian people whose leaders entered the prisons. Al- Mistiri is still in prison because he led the Tunisian (?angry) masses. On this occasion I tell you, dear brothers, that any Libyan citizen who had a Tunisian worker and who did not pay what is owed to him, after you had known that your Tunisian brothers and the Tunisian workers we had here and whom we had no need for, were among those who led the demonstrations against the United States and attacked the U.S. Navy in Tunis and killed its members, they are the ones who entered prisons. Therefore, you should understand that all that was said about the Tunisian workers who were in Libya was lies, falsehood, and slander by the intelligence service. As for the workers, they are the workers, and the workers are our allies in Tunisia, other countries, and all over the world and we are leading the revolution of the workers so that they may become partners, not wage earners, all over the world. Every Libyan who used to employ a Tunisian worker and did not pay him should NORTH AFRICA reconsider this. He knows the address of the Tunisian worker and should give it to a popular organization in the Jamahiriyah in order to present to what is due to the Tunisian worker in the form of money, possessions, and rights due from the Libyan citizen. Any Tunisian worker who is owed something by the Libyans, all the Libyans who used to employ Tunisian brothers, should pay their dues to those workers as a greeting and admiration for the pan-Arab stand by the Tunisian people, the work of Tunisia and the free men of Tunisia who stood by you and formed a single front against America. There were demonstrations everywhere in the Arab homeland. The Egyptian masses rebelled in Egypt, demonstrating their resistance to the complete hegemony which America now exer- cises over Egypt. America now knows that the Arab masses are against it, hate it, and are ready to fight it from Tunisia to Egypt. Let the United States understand the reality of the Arab nation. Let the United States know how many Arabs hate it because it is an imperialist country and because it attacks them, and because it wants to enslave them and to conquer them. The Egyptian people hate the United States and demonstrated against the United States inspite of their subservient rulers. The subservient cowardly rulers of Egypt should hide themselves and be ashamed. It is the U.S. 6th Fleet which tours the ports of Port Said, Alexandria, and Marsa Matruh, which attacks the homes of their Libyan brothers and kills their children and women, while they are [word indistinct]. The American forces, which have trained in past years on Egyptian territory -they applied this training on Libyan territory, and they will apply it tomorrow on Egyptian territory. Are the subservient, puppet, cowardly rulers of Egypt, who have shamed great Egypt and the Arab nation, still servicing any of the U.S. 6th Fleet units? We will fight any Arab country that accepts any of the U.S. 6th Fleet units, because it interferes in the aggression against us, and we will punish it, and we are warning it from now. The U.S. 6th fleet is an Israel-American fleet, because the U.S. 6th fleet has signed a strategic military agreement with Israel, and the U.S. 6th Fleet has become American-Israeli fleet. If any Arab country accepts any unit of the U.S. 6th fleet, this means that the Israeli Navy is able to visit the ports of that country. Let the Arab masses of the Arab countries which the U.S. 6th Fleet visits, understand that the U.S. 6th Fleet is an American-Israeli fleet according to the strategic military agreement signed between the United States and the Israelis. As from now, any Arab country granting facilities to the U.S. 6th Fleet is considered to be in confrontation against the Great Jamahiriyah, and we warn its regime and rulers. We say to them: the United States will not subjugate us. We defeated the United States. You trivial people, you are nothing but a feather, a drop in the sea, a drop in the sea of the Arab nation where America is concerned. We were attacked by super- powers: the United States, Britain, and NATO. We defeated them and we demolished them. We will not capitulate. Our defiance and firmness have increased. [chanting of slogans] Therefore, we appeal in these hours in which the Arab nation is facing this new crusading aggression. We appeal to the Egyptian Army, to the officers, to the noncommissioned officers, to the soldiers, to all cadres in the Egyptian Armed Forces in Salum, Matruh and the oppressed capital, in Al-Kara) and [word indis- Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 M ? ~i tinct]. We appeal to all the forces of the Egyptian Armed Forces, its land, naval, and air forces, its air defense. We appeal to Egyptian students, farmers, workers, and intellectuals to start the revolution to defeat the United States, to defeat the cowards, to defeat humiliation, the rulers of Egypt who brought shame to the Egyptian Army and people, the history of Egypt, the great past of Egypt which Egypt wrote with blood in defense of the Palestin- ian question, in defense of the Arab identity, building socialism, building Arab unity. These cowards have tarnished Egypt, these bastards who are sitting on the throne in the oppressed capital, in the canal, and in the Egyptian sky. The Egyptian Army should revolt, the Egyp- tian people should start the revolution. We appeal to the graduates of Al-Azhar mosque, to the graduates of AI-Azhar to proclaim a holy war in Egypt against the tenth crusade campaign which is led by the United States against the Arab nation and against the Islamic nation. We appeal to the students of `Ayn Shams University and Asyut University, we appeal to the farm- ers and workers in Egypt. We appeal to the port workers in Port Said, in Alexandria, in Marsa Matruh, to oppose the U.S. presence, to destroy the U.S. presence, to refuse any U.S. pres- ence. They should revolt to destroy the shame in Egypt, to demolish humiliation in Egypt, to put an end to the life of America in Egypt. Brothers, the trivial U.S. imperialists, the agents of Zionism, say Libya is isolated. By this they are reassuring themselves and. deceiving themselves How.can Libya, wit,~,h~hom the six con- tinents are in harmony, lieoted,`you ~mpertalisfs? Are you telling lies to yourselves or to the world which is now taking part with us in this eternal heroic battle. he is trivial and that he wants to compensate for this by war and by terrorism on peoples? The answer is assuredly no, because the emperor of Japan does not feel that he is trivial. But Reagan feels he is trivial and he wants to offset this by putting his fleets on the move and by terrorizing small peoples. Why then should you link your fate with that of somebody who has issues and positions completely different from yours? Then you, Japanese rulers, have you been agents of the Israeli Mosad? Assuredly no! This man Reagan is an agent of the Israeli Mosad. He wants to serve Zionism. Was the emperor of Japan elected by Zionism? No! The U.S. President was elected by Zionism. Therefore, do not tie your fate with his because he is completely different from you - in his background, his present, and his future. Thus, pressure began in Japan today at official level, and divi- sions began in the ruling party in Japan. Japan, the Japanese Government, has realized that it has been dragged along by a man - he is not in fact a man, he belongs to a category somehwere between man and gorilla. [Al-QadhdhaCi laughs] It has been dragged along by an individual who suffers from complexes, he harbors a crusading contempt, he is tied to Zion- ism, his past was with the German. Gestapo. Why should Japan make a mistake and show courtesy to him and say that Libya is a terrorist country in the statement of the failed summit. Yester- dayand today, a rift on an official level emerged. Yesterday, the Japanese prime minister was obliged to hold a press conference and he said: I dissociate myuself from the statement in which we mentioned Libya, because Libya was right and it is not terrorist. We have made a mistake, this is American terrorism ,this is crazy. What happened after the aggression? They. hit Reagan with missiles in Japan, and he fell flat on his `stomach. Was it Al- - Qadhdhafi who made these missiles? Was it Al-Qadhdhafi who ' went to Tokyo and launched these missiles ,Millions went out and surrounded this.conference, surrounded the child-killers and forced them to get out humbly under heavy guard. Thirty thou- sand policemen were assigned the task to guard them, assigned . to guard 7 persons in fear of the angry millions. Reagan must understand. He had the answer from Tokyo; he had the answer from Japan which he believes is his ally. We also went to greet the Japanese people who answered the call. Greetings to the Japanese people [applause] who fought with you in the same. trench! The front stretched from Libya to Japan. The Japanese people are holding high your pictures, holding high your slogans, and attacking your imperialist enemies in Tokyo. Greetings to the Japanese people, to the dynamic forces in Japan! But we must say a word to the Japanese Government. We want to say to it: When you agreed to the mentioning of Libya's name in the failed communique, in the failed conference - we say to Japan: Do you, Japan, have a link with the crusade? The answer is assuredly no, because Japan is neither a Catholic, nor a Jewish, nor an Islamic state. They have their own religion. Therefore, this mad Israeli dog and the child-killer Thatcher, who are waging acrusade-type war against the Arabs and the Muslims, therefore you the Japanese- I mean the Japanese rulers -what is your relation with the crusade? Does your emperor feel that Brothers, when we were contacted by West European officials, they told us: Do not blame us for the official statements and the official decisions because we are under American terrorism, and on the other hand we know that this Reagan is trivial and crazy. He is a supporter of Zionism. We will put up with him for 24 or 25 months, a hen's age in poultry terms. until he vanishes and we will be spared his evil. Afterwards, relations between us and you, from the political and economic view, will be restored as they were before. Official leaders in Western Europe secretly informed us of this. They said he is crazy; do not blame us; but what can we do? He is leading the United States until he dies. Let us deal with him despite his madness and triviality. They are laughing at him. The rulers of Western countries contacted us secretly and told us this. Let him listen to this. Let him attack Western Europe.~We say that any country which takes any anti-Libyan action, when`we smel'1'any hostile stance .,, . from it'= be it propaganda, political or terroristic - we will attack it4;accp>?d'ing "to the basis which' the United States has established. The United States is a major country, with a seat at the Security Council; it is responsible for international peace. We follow the example of the United States since America's conduct is like this. From now on, whether it is Egypt, or Italy, or any country which we consider to be hostile to us, encouraging terrorism against us, we will treat it as America treats the world now. Who can say no? The basis which the United States has established was wrong? Let them say that this is wrong. We will follow the example of the United States and face violence with Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 violence. Let Egypt understand that if we smell from it any action which is directed against us .. houses for terrorists, meetings of terrorists, statements of terrorists, training for terrorists - we will attack it militarily just like America does. The United States attacked Libya without finding camps for terrorists or terrorism in Libya. But it attacked homes, schools, and the Poliomyelitis Institute in Bangahzi. But we know that there are homes and positions around us in which there are terrorists. We will attack these positions militarily, and from now on nobody can protest against us. To Italy we say: Now we are friends of the Italian people. Brothers, you should understand that the Italian people now are not the people of 1911. In 1911, the Italian people were against the aggression and demonstrated against it. It was the Italian Government then, and after that it was the fascist government of Mussolini who escalated the aggression against Libya. The Ital- ian people carried out fierce anti-American demonstrations, the last of which was about 3 nights ago, when Italian youths with knives attacked and killed American soldiers from the aircraft carriers. Let Reagan now attack Naples because some (?Italians) attacked Americans. Did he not say that he will attack anyone who attacks an American? So why does he not attack Naples with aircraft? After the aggression against Libya, did not some Germans in Germany attack Americans and kill them? So why does he not attack Bonn? They attacked him personally in Tokyo. So why does he not move the aircraft carriers in and attack Tokyo? There is an American citizen in danger, if he is an American citizen. In Khartoum, did not a Sudanese citizen kill an American with a knife or a bullet? In Sanaa, did not an Arab citizen kill the American intelligence officer of the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa? And the U.S. intelligence officer in Khartoum? In Latin Amer- ica,all the U.S. embassies were exposed to attacks. In Sri Lanka, the Tamils blew up an airliner with American and English passengers. Let him attack Colombo! Therefore, the issue is not one in which an American killed so they then attack the country which killed the American. No! The issue is a crusade. Hatred for the Arab nation; hatred for the Islamic East. Therefore we call on 1 billion Muslims to confront the tenth crusade which is led by the United States. The issue is not one of terrorism; it is an issue of jihad and a crusade aimed against Islam and aimed at destroying Islam and stopping it from developing. [sound of chanting: jihad, jihad] At this level, dear brothers, we should redouble our alliances with the Iranian Islamic revolution, with revolutionary Afghanistan, and with all the Islamic jihad movements in the world, because we are facing a crusade led by the United States, seeking flimsy justifications. When France occupied Algeria it said the Bey of Algeria hit the French ambassador with a fly whisk and con- sequently France occupied Algeria. This is a joke, but the basic objective was that the West at the time wanted to colonize the Arab homeland. When Britain occupied Egypt in 1882 they said: By God, AI-Barudi, the prime minister of Egypt, has repaired the cannons in Alexandria, in the port of Alexandria. The com- mander of the British fleet sent a message saying that the repairing of the Alexandria cannons threatens the security of the British fleet in the Mediterranean. Imagine this! Consequently he said: I am forced, in defense of Britain and in self-defense, to attack Alexandria. He attacked Alexandria and occupied Egypt. Ultimately they were expelled from it and they tasted affliction in it. And now the same thing: the Gulf of Sidra threatens the freedom of navigation of the United States. Imagine this! The issue, brothers, is not that of the cannons of Alexandria, or that the French ambassador was hit with a fly whisk, and not the Gulf of Sidra or the Sam-5, or the Berlin night club, Rome, or Vienna. The issue is one of looking for justifications. It is a conflict between the West and the East. It is a crusade. It is an aggressive war, very hostile to the Arab nation, hostile to pan- Arabisms, hostile to Semitism because the Arabs are Semites. They do not want this nation to unite, to get stronger, and consequently they seek the forces which will emerge and incite the nation to liberation. They want Israel to replace the Arabs. Therefore they chose Libya, not because of the Berlin night club, but because Libya is a challenging, rising, and an inciting force. It is not submissive. Yesterday and today they picked on Syria with the same tune: Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. It is true: After Libya they go for Syria, and after Syria they go for Yemen, and after Yemen they go for Algeria, and after that they will go for those who think that they are their friends: the Arab moderates, as they say. But their turn will come as well. Let the Arab rulers, America's friends, know that this friendship is false. They must know the fate of (Shareef Husayn) of Mecca during world War I. He allied himself with the allies: they named him the king of the Arabs: they supplied him with guards and bestowed on him exaggerated respect and deceptful ceremonies. They deceived him as they are deceiving the Arab moderates now. They told him: You are the king of the Arabs, just cooperate with us against Turkey. He allied himself with them, and they liberated the Arab nation from the Ottoman colonialism. When they took the Arab nation, they threw him into the sea and he died in the Mediterranean. I am the king of the Arabs; he said. I am your friend. They told him: We do not know you. Our friend is the Arab nation which we wanted to take, and now we have taken it. Here we will put Jordan, here we will put Iraq, here we will put Syria, here we will put Lebanon and Palestine. They threw (Shareef Husayn) into the sea. This is the fate of Arab rulers who think that they are America's friends. They will be thrown in the desert. They will be replaced by the Israelis. Yesterday, O brothers, a very, very, dangerous step was taken. Subservient Arab rulers should understand. The Israelis signed an agreement at the Pentagon, an agreement -one part of it is public, another part of it is secret - on the participation of the Israelis in "Star Wars." Imagine now, what is called Israel has joined "Star Wars" program! This has extremely dangerous consequences. First of all, Israel has become America and Amer- ica has became I's~ael as it were, which I personally reject. Then the Israelis will fight the Arabs with Israeli-American cap- abilities. Tliey will participate in the space program. This means that war in?tlie?future between Syria and the Israelis, between Jordan and the Israelis, between Saudi Arabia or Iraq or Egypt or us and the Israelis, will be fought by American military space shuttles, because the Israelis are participating in this program. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 4 ' .~ Internationally speaking, the Israelis have become involved in a war against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, because the "Star Wars" program is directed against the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union. Since the Israelis are participating in it, they have become a party in the war against the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union. This now puts us on on_e side, and the Israelis and NATO on the other side. On this occasion, I would like to say that the Arab official position is unable to oppose the aggressors. We appeal to the soldiers and officers in the Arab armies to start the revolution, to remove ithe borders, and to enter the battle with us, the battle of glory, the battle of honor, the battle of the Arab nation. The end of this battle will decide the fate of the Arab nation and the fate of imperialism. [chanting of slogans] I appeal to the officers, soldiers, and noncommissioned officers in the Arab armies to revolt if the Arab regimes are officially unable to confront the aggression and unable to safeguard the Arab nation. What are the Arab armies from the ocean to the Gulf waiting for? I appeal to the young, the farmers, the workers, and the intellectuals in the Arab nation to remove the borders and join the Great Jamahiriyah in the battle of honor, the battle of fate against the crusaders, imperialism, and Zionism. We say to them: 0 brothers, we will not capitulate, we will not bow, we will never let you down. We will fight! We will be the example of sacrifice and struggle for the sake of the Arab nation and its future. We will fight until the Arab armies across the imaginary borders join us and the Arab masses across the imaginary borders join us. % Salute to the masses of the Arab nation which rose in Sudan!i Millions took to the streets in Sudan and they chased the Americans. Evacuation took place after the aggression, real evacuation from the Arab nation, American passenger planes evacuated thousands of Americans from Sudan and Yemen, the rest of them are scattered in the Arab nation. You should understand that after this battle a real evacuation of Americans from the Arab nation took place. The United States should understand why thousands of Americans were evacuated from Sudan and Yemen. Because the Arab people in Sudan and Yemen hate them. It jumped on them and killed them and continued killing them until they were thrown out. But as I have said repeatedly, it cannot at all be compared with the strength of the United States, which is built primarily against the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. But the United States cannot occupy Libyan soil despite its mighty strength. We in the rev; olution command have decided to arm the Libyan cities from Tubruq to Zuwarah, all of them will become arms and fire, and, the Libyan coast will become a line of fire and of wnfrontation [chantings of God is great and applause) We decided, dear brothers, to arm the Libyan cities so that the United States knows and its allies know that the Libyan people -which stretches over 2000 kilometers on the Mediterranean -will become a [word indistinct] fire, and the Libyan cities become embers, If -the - Americans land on the Libyan coast-they will burn, they will`die.. We the armed cities, and~.a~r,,eyprepa~ring _the' slaughter-houses for the s',~he, ep~of the. Un-ted'States. We shall turrithem into sheep in slaughter-houses. (chantings] Q 8 NORTH AFRICA requested is that each one of you, each one of the 1 million pay the price of a rifle, pay the price of a Kalashnikov rifle, either to manufacture it in our factories, or to buy them. I want 1 million Libyans to each have a Kalashnikov rifle [chantings]. [Words indistinct] we know that the people of Sicily is a brother and friend to us and with us, and against the U.S. presence, but we shall be forced to attack its land if new military campaigns set out from it. Also, we warn the population of the Island of Lampedusa, whom our missiles hit and destroyed the telewm- munications station belonging to the U.S. 6th Fleet,_We say to them that we shall destroy completely this island in the future if a U.S. aggression is committed against us from there. The population of Lampedusa should leave this island and leave it to Americans so that we may destroy it completely when the confrontation comes, or the Americans leave it. If the Americans leave the island of Lampedusa, we shall be in peace with this island, share its hand, and establish cordial relations with it. We shall not direct any military operations against it. The same applies to Sicily and Italy as a whole. [1 minute break in transmission]. We want peace with you, friendship with you, The Italian people is our friend and hates the United States like us, because it is imperialism, it is aggressive; it wants to colonize them and us and wants to sacrifice the interests of Europe and the Arab homeland; it wants to transform the Mediterranean into a lake of war, destruction, and military operations in order to destroy the interests of Europe with the Arab world, because the United States has no interests in the Mediterranean. It wants only to achieve a military presence in order to defend Israel .and to be near the Warsaw Pact. Italy should expel. the U.S. presence; otherwise we cannot turn a blind eye to any new U.S. campaigns from Italy. If we can, we shall attack Italy. [Patriotic slogans chanted: Arabs, Arabs, revolutionary Arabs] The price of a Kalashnikov rifle is no more than 200 dinars; either 150 or 200 dinars. It is for nothing, by God, [laughter] a Kalash- nikov for 150 dinars. Naturally, the Kalashnikov is a great thing, and for 200 dinars it is for nothing. [Mostly indistinct slogans praising the leader] One million Libyans are required, and I want every Libyan to pay the price of a Kalashnikov rifle, whether we make it in our plants or we buy it from abroad. The price of a Kalashnikov rifle is just between 150 and 200 dinars. Every one, [more patriotic slogans chanted in defiance interrupting AI-Qadhdhafi] they must learn that the Libyan coast will become a firing line, and anyone landing on it will be burned. The United States cannot fight 1 million Libyans along all the vast. Let the United States hit the air bases; let it strike at naval bases; let it hit missile sites, but it will never hit the giant Arab Libyan will. In no way can it destroy this will. Missiles and bombs cannot but add staunchness and defiance to the will of combatants. They might destroy (?walls), they might destroy iron objects, but bombs and missiles do not destroy free will. Free will becomes more staunch and more obdurate and defiant whenever it is hit with missiles and whenever it is hit with bombs. Dear brothers, I want from you, I ask for 1 million Libyans to be ready to fight in cities, but, dear brothers, [chantings] what is Brothers, they have prepared 33 aircraft to attack just my room, my home. They equipped (?30) Boeing 707's to refuel them; they Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 equipped 100 jet fights from the U.S. 6th Fleet to protect the 33 aircraft. But brothers, they have dropped bombs, they have dropped missiles. But we were stronger than missiles and stronger than bombs. We are more defiant, more obdurate, more willfull and more courageous. [Slogans in praise of AI-Qadhdhafi the leader] People advised me, saying: please leave the home, in Bab al- Aziziyah. Then the latest thing was that miliary targets began to appear on our radar screens, and provocations began at our broders. They said: There is a likelihood that an attack happens tonight. I told them: The world cannot be the scene of something of this kind; it did not happen in the past, and it will not happen in the future. It is not possible that the residence of a head of state - to use their own traditional termonology - no residence of a head of state has ever been attacked in any war in the world; nor has the home of a head of state ever been attacked, or his family and children. I said to them, this is impossible. It is impossible for an attack to be launched against the house, or against Bab al-Aziziyah, because Bab al-Aziziyah includes the Hospitality Palace -the tent in which we receive the heads of states. The heads of states spend the night in the Hospitality Palace in Bab al-Aziziyah; the press conferences are held in Bab al-Aziziyah -all the meetings with representatives of the people and from abroad are in Bab al-Aziziyah. They know all these things. Their press knows these things. The Americans themselves - U.S. ambassadors and representatives -met me in the past in Bab al-Aziziyah. I said to them, It is known that Bab al-Aziziyah does not contain anything but the house, the tent, and the Hospitality Palace, and the tent in which we prepare the banquets for the heads of foreign states when we invite them to dinner. I said to them .that it is impossible for these countries to stoop to the level of attacking such place. We expected them to attack military positions, and we would resist them. But suddenly, the attack was concentrated on the house and Bab al-Aziziyah. Q 9 NORTH AFRICA In fact, the attack, I, do excuse me, spent all that time saving the children, and my wife. During those moments, I did not go to the military operations center because those moments were the moments spent in saving the children from the U.S. attack. I mean, it was not how to save a military base, and not have to save the Jamahiriyah. The house became the target, and in order to foil the attack it was necessary to save the house, to save the family: This is because I knew that their target was Mu`ammar Al-Qadhdhafi's family, the house of Mu`ammar al-Qadhdhafi and Mu`ammar al-Qadhdhafi himself. Therefore, if I saved the children, then the attack would fail, because the attack was not directed against a military target but against the house. Therefore, if I saved them the attack would have filed. Actually, they were saved with difficulty during the bombing, for the house was being destroyed and the windows smashed. The house began to (?disintegrate). Iwas going to the children when the door flew out of my hand. After we saved them, I went to the military operations center. After I was informed about the situation, we found out that the whole attack was concentrated against the house, and that they said they would strike at Banghazi and Tripoli to terrorize the masses so that they would not be alert and defend Al-Qadhdhafi. Therefore, they carried out blind raids over Banghazi and Tripoli to terrorize these two cities. They said that the majority of the Libyan population lives in Banghazi and Tripoli, so let us drop some bombs and terrorize them, and this way they would not be conscious of the death of Al-Qadhdhafi, or the attack against the house of Al-Qadhdhafi. However, they recorded their shame and cowardice. The first thing is that they are cowards, because they attacked us with aircraft that would be used in World War III. They kept their aircraft carriers near Italy, far from our aircraft. The stick of the coward is long,, as we said. They brought a very long stick and (?struck with it). When they finished, they said we might hit them with intercontinental missiles. I mean, I did not go away from... [AI-Qadhdhafi changes thought] I mean, I intended, from the house, after the people [words indistinct]. I intended to go to a military position and direct the battle. But the attack was against the house. Those who were with me said, Did we not tell you? In fact, the amazing thing is that a superpower such as Britain, a superpower such as the United States and the European countries would stoop to the level of attacking with very advanced strategic equipment. - After these aircraft, there is nothing but atomic bombs -and all this to strike a house and kill someone to kill his children and his wife. In fact, instead of going to the military operations center during the bombing, I was preoccupied with how to save the children and how to get them from under the ruins -from the broken windows and the destroyed house. I knew that the attack was concentrated on the house. The whole battle, which was led by the United States, was against the house of AI-Qadhdhafi. The battle in which Britain took part by allowing the U.S. strategic bases and the F-111 aircraft to participate in it. They used all the strategic military means that they would use against the Warsaw Pact against the house of Mu`ammar al-Qadhdhafi. First, If America uses cruise missiles, it is the duty of the USSR, in accordance with all the arrangements made in the aftermath of the World War II, to use missiles against the cruise missiles in order to destroy them, .in preservation of world peace in the Mediterranean and world peace in general. Furthermore, we the Libyans, Let them hit us with cruise missiles which cannot compel us to do anything. [laughter around Al-Qadhdhafi; Al- Qadhdhafi isalso laughing] We are not afraid and cruise missiles do nothing to us; our land is capable. of absorbing cruise missiles and even atomic bombs. If they throw several atomic bombs on Libya, by God, nothing will happen to it. The atomic bomb with which they are scaring you, by God, if they drop several atomic bombs this will not make us surrender. [applause] [sentence as received] They hit Japan with atomic bombs. Today it is the biggest economic and industrial power. The American President finds himself forced -despite the missiles they threw over his head, and the curses, and the spitting -they hit him with shoes and missiles - he is forced to go humiliated to Japan. Japan, whom they hit with atomic bombs the day before yesterday, has today become stronger than America -the biggest industrial power that wmpetes with America. The American President was forced Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 to go and beg Japan to halt its exports and its invasion of world markets; otherwise America would go bankrupt. They hit him with shoes, missiles, and spat on him, and yet he swallowed his pride to seek' sympathy from Japan, which, the day before yesterday, they used to hit with atomic bombs. I mean, atomic bombs do not end nations; otherwise, they would have annihilated Japan. Rather, after the atomic bombs Japan has emerged as the biggest industrial power despite the fact that Japan consists of a limited number of islands. As for Libya, it is a continent. Even if they hit it with atomic bombs, I can assure you, by God, that we will not surrender or even die. At Bab AI-Aziziyah, two pigeons died. Imagine, the horse was there and tied up; they poured bombs on it and it did not die. The camel did not die. [laughing] [chantings] The biggest laser-guided bombs they directed at Bab AI-Aziziyah. Soldiers were on guard, at gates and in the open; not one soldier was killed, [chanting God is great] and nothing flew. Of course, as I have said, the angels without doubt fought with us. God's air defense together with the Libyan air defense, fought side by side. [chantings: God is great] [Slogans: God is great; may a tempest hit America) Therefore, brothers, they must reexamine all their plans against us in their policies. They must realize that military might cannot bring nations to their knees; on the contrary, it would add to our defiance and staunchness. If arbitration is sought in force we are not afraid; it cannot be written about us that we have kneeled before to force. America is not stronger than Italy was in 1911 as far as we are concerned. Furthermore, we can undertake suicide operations and destroy the U.S. Sixth Fleet. In the event of extreme need, we can do this, and we can inflict destruction on south Europe militarily. But we are still saving our military force, and we are still avoiding a mad confrontation of this kind. But when there is a case of extreme necessity we can do this; we are capable of doing this, brothers. We would accept losses but we would cause losses to the enemy. We are defending our right to live. Wrongdoers have attacked us in our homes, killing our sons and children, destroying our houses, terrorizing us and seeking to prevent us from raising our voice, from liberating Palestine. They have hit Libya, and tomorrow they will hit Syria; then they will hit Algeria. They will hit the Arab homeland state after state. Saudi Arabia must understand. Look at the crusade-like rancour! The U.S. House of Representatives has refused to allow the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. It rejected it yesterday, saying that Saudi Arabia is in the final analysis an Arab state and we hate Arabs, we are crusaders and these are Muslims; we protect the Jews, we protect Israel, and we cannot sell arms to an Arab state, to an Islamic state; friends or no friends, in the end they are Arabs. The Saudis must grasp the deep-seated hatred in the United States against them and against the Arabs. This is indeed a good one: Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representative banned the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, saying that in the end, Saudi Arabia is an Arab state, an Islamic state; no question of selling arms to it, arms which one day might be used against the Israelis. America sacrifices its interests for the sake of Israel. Q l0 NORTH AFRICA The most important thing in this confrontation is that the world has realized that there cannot be weakness and strength. The world is either all weak or all strong. Therefore; we now care little about nonalignement, since nonalignment does not protect the small states. We now do not care about nonalignment. We accept that the world, is divided into two strong camps, facing each other, so that peace can be achieved by military deterrence. We are thus closer now to the socialist camp now than ever before. We are faced with two camps: a socialist camp working for peace and an imperialist camp bent on destroying peace and peoples. Assuredly, we will choose the socialist camp; the camp that works for peace. The Soviet Union put forward a proposal for withdraw- ingfrom the Mediterranean Sea in return for America withdraw- ing the Sixth Fleet from the Mediterranean. America refused, saying: No, my fleet stays in the Mediterranean to terrorize the Arab peoples and to protect Israel. They told the Soviet Union: You must understand that the Sixth Fleet is present to protect the Israelis and to strike at the Arabs; therefore, we cannot withdraw from the Mediterranean; you Russians withdraw if you want. The Soviet Union said that nuclear weapons should be destroyed by the advent of the year 2000; American refused the destruction of nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union put forward a proposal for an end to nuclear tests, but America refused, and continued underground nuclear tests. Recently, the Soviet Union, through Gorbachev, put forward a proposal for the reduction of conven- tional weapons, but the United States and NATO refused. The United States and NATO refused to reduce even the conven- tional weapons. The Soviet Union has no bases at any country. It does not want to colonize any wuntry. If the Soviet colonized a country, it would be considered colonialist and imperialist, and our stands toward it would be the similar to our stand toward the United States. But we are sure that the Soviet Union does not want to colonize any country. The interest of the Soviet Union is that people gain liberation so that the imperialist bloc decreases; whereas, the imperialist bloc wants to colonize the people so that the imperialist bloc widens. Brothers, we should reconsider our international policy. On the Arab level, if the Arab governments are unable, we should ally ourselves with the masses, with the revolutionary forces, and with the Palestinian revolutionary movements inside the Arab nation. We should ally ourselves on the Islamic level with Afghanistan, Iran, with the Islamic revolutionary forces, and with the jihad movements. On the international level, we should become allies with the socialist bloc to confront the imperialist bloc. But, everything starts from the beginning. Every Libyan should pay the price of a Kalashnikov. If he cannot pay it immediately, he should pay on an installment per annum basis or for every more years. It is only 200 dinars. I would like one million.,Libyans to arm Libyan cities, to prepare slaiighterhouses'and guns fo the .American sheep. We say to them as Churchill told the Nazis during wwii during the Battle of Great Britain. He told them sarcastically: This Hitler is continuously threatening: I will invade Britain, I will invade Britain, I will mobilize ships, air- craft,and submarines and defines like America mobilizing [word indistinct] [sentence as received] Hitler with his great power Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 V. 9 May 86 Q 11 defeated France, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. He occu- pied them and turned them into bases. He defeated Norway and Scandinavia. He established air bases in Norway, France, and Holland. Every day he threatened verbally to attack Britain; I will occupy the British isles, and: it must give in. Everyday he asked them whether they were going to give in or not. Churchill sent him a message and sacastically told him: We are waiting for you and so are the fish. In fact, Hitler's soldiers came and they were eaten by fish and the fire of Britain at that time. The great Battle of Britain was the beginning of the end of the Nazi empire. From there, Hitler proceeded to Russia and he was destroyed in Russia, and that was the end of Nazism. We also say to the Americans, we, o you Americans, o you sheep, we are waiting for you, and so are the fish of the Mediterranean. [crowd shouts God. is great]. Let them understand that there are no prisoners between us and them; there are no prisoners between us and them. Every American who falls in the hands of the Libyans will be killed because when the .Libyan. ship. was hit. and. when the crew of this ship left the stricken ship by rescue boats, American; aircraft tried to kill the crew which was on board the rescue boats. This is internationally banned. When the warships are destroyed, its soldiers are considered prisoners and should be rescued. When a dredger tried to rescue this ship American aircraft bombed them. Dr Peresypkin told Channel One of Jamahiriyah television that the Soviet Union vehemently condemns the U.S. Government's blatant, provocative policy against the Libyan Arab people. He stated that the Soviet Union, which highly appreciates the' steadfastness of the Great Jamahariyah and its firm resistance to imperialism, reaffirms its boundless support for the Libyan Arab people and their revolutionary leadership. The Soviet ambassador strongly attacked the. results of the Tokyo summit of capitalist states, saying: This. conference, which has deviated from its professed aims, is the kind of meeting devoted to attack- ing states like~Libya and the Soviet Union. AI-Qadhdhafi Receives Lebanese CP, PFLP Officials NC091047 Tripoli Domestic Service in Arabic 1000 GMT 9 May 86 . .[Text] The_brother_leader.of the revolution has-received.George. Hawi, secretary general of the Lebanese Communist Party, and Taysir Qubba`ah, member of the PFLP political bureau. AI-Turayki Says Israel Planning Attack on Syria LD081944 Kuwait KUNA in English 1740 GMT 8 May 86 We declare that there will be no mercy and no prisoners will be taken in the battle between us and the Americans. Any American who lands on Libyan territories will be massacred. We will build- slaughter houses and we will build,storage places in which we will receive the American sheep if they land on Libyan shores. We will turn the Libyan land into a burning fire. There are I million Libyans in the Libyan cities who are prepared to defend the Great Jamahariyah, to raise the flag of the Arab nation, and to raise the head of the Arab nation. Brothers, under no circumstances will we be subservient or capitulate, however great the hostile force might be. Brothers, under no circumstances will we shame our fathers and ancestors who destroyed the huge Italian military wlumns. We will never shame our children and grandchildren. We will leave them victory and glory. Brothers, we will fight and we will never surrender. Brothers, we will never retreat. Immortality for our martyrs! glory for the Arab nation! Death to the Americans. Death to NATO! Death to aggression! Death to the aggressors! . Defeat is for the aggressors! Victory is for the masses! March; forward, brothers! Forward in the battle of glory, the battle of honor, and the battle of dignity! We will never surrender! We are waiting for you, and so are the fish! USSR Envoy Praises AI-Qadhdhafi, Declares Support NC091112 Tripoli Domestic Service in Arabic 1000 GMT 9 May 86 [Text] Dr Oleg Peresypkin, the USSR ambassador to the Great Jamahariyah, has affirmed that the Soviet Union highly eval- uates the efforts and initiatives of the brother leader of the revolution to make the Mediterranean a lake of peace and security and safeguard the interests of all peoples in the area, and to fend off interference by racist U.S.-NATO imperialism. [Text] United Nations May 8 (KUNA) -Libya said Thursday [8 May] the United States and Israel were preparing public opinion for aU.S.-Israeli attack against Syria. Speaking to reporters, Libyan chief delegate `Ali A. al-Turayki warned, however, the Soviet Union probably would not remain silent if this type of aggression continued. AI-Turayki, who until recently was. his country's foreign minister, said Libya had received assurances of Soviet aid that go "beyond encouragement" and that Tripoli may formalise its "very friendly relations" with the Soviet Union by joining the Warsaw Pact treaty. On the expected attack against Syria, AI-Turayki said Israel would not act on its own but with approval from Washington. This could drag the entire Arab world into a war with Israel and the United States, he warned. AI-Turayki also demanded that the United States apologise to Libya for the killing of Libyan women and children during the recent air attack on his country and for using undignified language in dealing with leaders of other nations. Al-Turayki said Reagan was waging a "crusade against the Muslim and Arab world" and that the administration's "anti- Arabism is very clear." "The hatred Mr Reagan has for Islam and pan-Arabism is very well known now to everyone, and Libya is only a scapegoat," he said." AI-Turayki dismissed Reagan's support for arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia in the face of Congressional opposition, saying this support was nothing but a "comedy." "What kind of arms are given to Saudi Arabia?" he asked. "As (former President Jimmy) Carter himself said yesterday (Wednesday), such arms are avail- able in Belgium, in France and in other parts of Europe," Al-Turayki said. Even Saudi Arabia was now being accused in the United States of supporting terrorism, he said. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 ~ 4 AI-Turayki questioned the credibility of information given to the American public by the Reagan administration. "First the Americans and the Germans said they had `irrefutable evidence' of Libyan wmplicity in the Berlin discotheque bombing, and now they are accusing Syria for the same incident," Al-Turayki said, adding the mass media also were being prepared for an attack. As evidence that preparations for a military strike were under way, AI-Turayki cited recent claims of Syrian involvement in terorist attacks by Vice President George Bush and Israeli Defence Minister Rabin. On the final communique issued after the seven-nation economic summit in Tokyo, Al-Turayki ridiculed the U.S. contention that a victory had been achieved on fighting terrorism. "All they achieved is including the name of Libya in the communique, but they failed to get a strong condemnatin. Reagan's `victory' is a failure," AI-Turayki said. The official recalled that the vast majority of nations -the 101-member Non-aligned Movement and the socialist group -had condemned the U.S. air attack, thus isolating not Libya but the United States. On the reported cooling off of relations with the Soviet Union, AI-Turayki said, on the contrary, "they have never been so solid and friendly as they are now." Asked to comment on why the Soviet Union failed to come to Libya's aid during the Mediterra- nean conflict, AI-Turayki said, "We are a nonaligned country, we are not part of the Warsaw Pact, for the time being, not yet, but the Soviet Union gives us full support." He said if a strike against Syria is carried out, there would be a war between the Arab states and the United States and Israel. "It is now time, like every ten years, for a new aggression by Israel in order to take more land, and, I think, the failure of (secretary of State George) Shultz in Lebanon makes the administration more furious about the Arab countries," AI-Turayki said. Asked why Israel apparently had picked Syria as a target, AI-Turayki said: "I think everybody has his own preferences. Israel prefers Syria as a target, the United States prefers Libya." YAR's AI-Iryani Arrives in Tripoli 8 May LD090837 Tripoli JAVA in Arabic 1800 GMT 8 May 86 [Text] Tripoli, 8 May ()ANA) - Dr `Abd al-Karim al-Iryani, member of the Permanent Committee of the General People's Congress and deputy prime minister of the YAR, arrived this evening in Tripoli on a visit to the Great Jamahiriyah. SPCA Spokesman Rejects AI-Mahdi Cease-Fire Call EA08231 S (Clandestine) Radio oJ'the Sudanese People's Liberation Army in English 1.300 GMT 8 May 86 [Text] A spokesman for the SPLM-SPCA has described the recent statement by Sadiq al-Mahdi, the prime minister of Sudan, on the constitutional conference as contrary to the spirit of the Koka Dam declaration signed last March between the SPLM-SPCA and the representatives of the National Alliance for National Salvation. In principle, the SPLM-SPCA does not recognize the present government in Khartoum. But as a de facto government and also headed by Ummah party, which is a signa- tory to the Koka Dam declaration, Mr Al-Mahdi is bound to create an atmosphere conducive to the holding of the constitu- tional conference scheduled to take place in Khartoum next month. The call by the prime minister that the SPCA should declare acease-fire and his threat to use the Army to wipe out the SPCA before he could solve what he called the southern problem are a violation of the Koka Dam declaration, the spokesman said. It is to be mentioned that the agenda of the proposed conference, as stipulated by the declaration, is about finding solutions to Sudan's fundamental problems and not the so-called southern problem alone. The declaration also deferred the question of cease-fire to a future date because the SPLM-SPCA considers that as a logical sequence to the prevalence of climate free of obstacles to security, safety and other restrictive laws. Sadiq al-Mahdi, however, has bcen persistently giving press conference to Arabic language press outside the country that he is going to destroy the SPCA, after which he could solve what he calls the problems of the southern Sudan. The SPLM-SPCA spokesman concluded that the movement is committed to the constitutional conference which its leader initiated in March last [as heard] year. And because of that, the spokesman said, we will ignore the provocative statements by the prime minister of Sudan, Mr Sadiq al-Mahdi. Samuel Aru Demands Cancellation of Islamic Laws JN081208 Khartoum SUNA in Arabic 1052 GMT 8 May 86 [Text] Khartoum, 8 May (SUNA) -Samuel Aru Pol, chairman of the Southern Sudanese Political Association [SSPA], has demanded that the Constituent Assembly cancel the Islamic laws issued in 1983, and resort to the Addis Ababa agreement for self-rule in the Southern Region. He said this will make room for negotiations with all the southern parties to reach an agreement on urgent national issues. He also demanded freezing all standing issues at the present time until the convocation of the wnstitu- tional conference that will discuss the form of rule in Sudan. In a statement to the newspaper AL-AYYAM issued today, Smauel Aru asserted that the SSPA's contacts with the Al-Ummah Party and the Democratic Unionist Party continue to be in complete agreement on all national issues and on the charter issued by the two parties. He pointed out that the previous negotiations resulted in positive steps. Aru appealed to the southern parties to freeze the differences, particularly on how to [word indistinct] the southern regions until the constitutional conference is convened. Defense Ministry Entrusted to Army Commander JN081058 Khartoum SUNA in English 10l S GMT 8 May 86 [Text] Khartoum, May 8 (SUNA) -Prime Minister AI-Sadiq al-Mahdi yesterday issued a decree entrusting the commander in chief of the People's Armed Forces to assume the charges of the defense minister. The premier also entrusted the police general director to undertake the minister powers concerning immigra- Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 raids will not make us abandon this call, which concerns only us and does not concern the Americans or anybody else in the world. AI-Qadhdhafi Addresses Nation 16 April LD16223.? Tripoli Television Service in Arabic 2l I S GMT l6 Apr 86 [Speech by Libyan leader Mu`ammar al-Qadhdhafi on 16 April; place of speech not given - live or recorded] [Text] [AI-Qadhdhafi appears on screen seated, wearing a white military uniform with medals arrayed on his chest; throughout the speech he does not look at the television camera]' [no audio signal]...The patriotic songs and the appeals, these things have tensed the nerves of people very much. The Americans [words indistinct] We have munitions stockpiled like mountains. We .fight them with 1 million fighters and the Arab nation, Africa, the Third World -all the forces of liberation have expressed' 'readiness to fight with us. Thousands have (?expressed readiness) to volunteer. It would be impossible for them to settle over the Libyan land. It will become a hell under their feet [words indistinct]. But the Americans fight us through raids, [?they open fire from across the sea] I do not want you to give such a value. The whole action was a failure. If raids take place we shall confront them with every firmness and courage and inflict on them heavy losses [words indistinct]. I mean the radio should (?calm) people's nerves with songs and long monologues [words indistinct]. Life is in the hand of God. The whole raid, I mean [words indistinct] 33 aircraft. This 'is unbelievable. One hundred fighter aircraft, 33 attack aircraft, [words indistinct] aircraft for midair refuelling. All 'this con- centration was on the house and tent and to hell with [word indistinct] force. What God has decreed will happen. He did not expect that this attack by 33 aircraft on the home of AI- Qadhdhafi would leave Al-Qadhdhafi alive. Generally, we are not discussing the U.S. attitude because it is a mad attitude and [?despicable]. [words indistinct]. If there are any living forces in America, then Reagan's govern- ment should collapse, and ~he should be put on trial as a wac criminal and murderer of children. This is because Reagan has. issued the orders to his armed forces to kill our children: On the ,other hand, we have not issued any orders to murder anybody. Even those who carried out operations in Europe are unknown persons. Who knows them? Perhaps the U.S. intelligence carried out these operations. Possible a Palestinian carried them out. Anybody else could have carried out these operations. But he now in front of the whole world is announcing arrogantly and inso- lently and inhumanely that he gave his orders to murder the children of AI-Qadhdhafi and to murder the children of the Libyans. Therefore he is now proven guilty of issuing orders to regular forces to murder children and attack houses. We have not issued any orders for murdering anybody but we are inciting revolution. Inciting revolution and establishing popular rev- olution everywhere in the world is one of our aims [word's indis- tinct]. We will never abandon the uniting of the Arab nation, and the We will not abandon the struggle for the liberation of Palestine. The raids will never make us abandon this whatever they might be. ~ We will" not abandon the incitation for the popular revolution ,whatever raids they carry out and we will not stop the incitation: In fact we incite revolution, and we insist on revolution. ,~ It"appears that the sound at the beginning was not clear. I repeat. I said calm people's nerves with .this patriotic song, this enthusi- , asm. ~ When the Americans attack Libyan territory, we will oppose them; we will chant slogans, and burning fire will start beneath their feet and on their bodies. I said we have plenty of goods which are stocked like mountains; we will fight them with . 1 million fighters, and millions others are ready to fight on our, 'side. But now they are [words indistinct] like you launching raids, long aircraft from beyond the sea. I told about the raid in which 33 aircraft were used against my house. It was aimed at hitting Al-Qadhdhafi. When they failed they had to do something.. I think [words indistinct] I told them 33 aircraft shelled my house ' 33 aircraft. They were escorted by 100 escort aircraft. Thirty aircraft were refuelling them, 33 aircraft took part in the real attack on the house and the tent. [Word indistinct], whatever God wants will happen. Therefore, I said switch the lights on, play songs, dances, let music bands play in the streets while the lights are switched on, and let them raid us.Thirty-three aircraft raided my house, what happened? If they raid us while we are in our fields, welcome. I salute every martyr on this soil, may God grant him peace. If we have made the revolutiom[word indistinct] it is not based on killing, any operation which took place in the past or will take place, it is an individual operation. The' one who carried it out is the only one responsible for it. But the revolution is happening and we are responsible for it. We incited the revolution in Sudan and we did not say that we are not responsible to America or anyone else. The pendage [Numayri]fell and the revolution took place in Sudan. We are still continuing to incite the revolutionary unity, the liberation of Palestine and on strongly standing with peoples who are fighting for freedom. This is our case: Whether the raids increase or not, whether they become crazy or not, we will never retreat. In front of the world now,'the murder- ers are Thatcher and Reagan, the murderers of children~'If there are human and living forces, then the government of Thatcher should collapse and she should be put on trial as a murderer of children, and Reagan's administration should also collapse and in addition to this he should be~put on trial as a murderer of children, because they are the ones who issued the orders to murder the children in front of the whole world. We have struck at the south of Italy, on the island of Lampedusa, and we destroyed the telecommunications stations of the U.S. 6th Fleet. I mean that we struck at Italian territory, in southern Italy, the island. At that time I was still escalating military operations in the south of Europe, and I also wanted to announce an exclusion zone in the Mediterranean region and to stop aviation and shipping, but I received a Flood of appeals from the heads of Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 -~ ALGERIA Further Response to U.S. Strike Against Libya Act Termed `Barbarous Aggression' LD161703 Algiers Domestic Service in Arabic l 200 GMT 16 Apr 86 NORTH AFRICA [Station commentary] [Text] Scores of innocent civilians in fraternal Libya have been cut down by bombs from U.S. aircraft on the pretext of the fight against terrorism and the defense of U.S. interests. Scores of children, women, and old people have been cut down by the annihilation machine on the orders of Reagan who then stood up a few brief hours after the abominable crime to declare before the whole world that he did what he had to do, that he would do it again if necessary as an example to all those who are tempted to harm American interests. Television screens have carried pictures and the radios and news agencies have reported the frightful sights of the bodies of innocent victims amid the debris of buildings and residential blocks. The ruler of the U.S. White House had mobilized the most sophisticated means of devastation and the latest products of the American arsenal for this strike. Various information media throughout the world have reported the wave of denunciation and condemnation of this barbarous aggression and the extent of the Reagan administration's dis- regard of international laws, ethics, and usage. Washington and the regimes and governments in collusion with the Reagan administration have been warned of the untold consequences of the policy of might and violence pursued against the Jama- hiriyah, which, as the Algerian Foreign Ministry affirmed the day before yesterday, can only lead to the escalation of tension in the Mediterranean and will threaten peace and stability in the region. In this context, Algeria announced its rejection of the international confusion between the legitimate struggle of the peoples and terrorism. Algeria affirmed that under no circum- stances will it accept any encouragement of any action perpe- trated against innocent peoples. In short, no country or power in the world, however important, has the right to appoint itself responsible for the maintenance of peace and security in the world, and use the pretext of the tight against terrorism as an excuse for aggression against the peoples and on independent countries which are members of the United Nations. The events seen by the Arab region over past months prove that the barbarous aggression committed against the fraternal Libyan people yesterday was not accidental or an isolated event; it was a link in the chain of the imperialist-Zionist comprehensive strategy directed against the entire Arab nation. In the first week of January, Reagan announced the adoption of a number of economic ~ measures directed against the Libyan Jamahiriyah and ordered U.S. citizens to leave Libyan territory. He also asked his Western allies to impose an economic embargo on Libya. This was followed by a series of provocations and actions in the form of military maneuvers in the Gulf of Sidra which culminated in March in U.S. aggression against the Lib- yan Jamahiriyah. The same U.S. forces that are stationed in the eastern and southern Mediterranean helped and supported the Zionist forces when they launched their treacherous aggression on the head- quarters of the PLO in Tunisia. All the arguments and excuses put forward by Washington and Tel Aviv to launch their attacks and to commit their criminal aggression against the Arab peoples are similar to each other. In fact, the criminal action committed by Washington proves beyond all doubt that the United States which claims to be the protector of Western civilization and,the freedom of the individ- ual and human rights has become, by its unethical practices against the peoples of the Third World, the champion of interna- tional terrorism which it has practiced in the recent past in various parts of the world: Vietnam, Grenada, and elsewhere. It is now practicing it in Africa, Asia, and in Latin America against all the peoples who refuse to succumb to U.S. hegemony. The Washington masters were horrified to see a small people, with strong faith, who are anxious to preserve their independence and sovereignty, stand up against the United States -the great power feared by all. These Washington statesmen have forgotten or have pretended to forget that the will of the peoples cannot be outed and that the Libyan people are not alone. They are supported by all the peace- freedom- and justice-loving peoples of the world, foremost among them the Algerian people. `Complete Arab Silence' Reported LD161831 Algiers Domestic Service in Arabic 1200 GMT l6 Apr 86 [Unattributed commentary] [Text] A wide scale campaign of denunciation of the flagrant U.S. criminal aggression committed and being committed by the United States against the Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah has been growing throughout the world particularly by the peace-loving and freedom-loving peoples, and the progressive forces opposed to hegemony and despotism. This comes amid complete Arab silence as though the violation and mutilation of Arab dignity taking place in this fraternal country is of no concern to the Arabs and Muslims. We have not seen in the Arab and Islamic world anything that we can call a principled stance toward the policy of arrogance and disregard for the Arab people which is pursued by the U.S. Administration and its allies. This is particularly true during the current hard times through which the Arab world is passing and which demand that all forces understand their roles and move from the stage of denunciation and condemnation to a stage of replying by all possible means to the aggressors. This is because the criminal U.S. agression against the Jamahiriyah is in fact an aggression against the entire Arab and Islamic nation and a flaunting of them. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 foreign states and friendly states asking me not to carry out this escalation. All the European countries, including Malta, played a very important mediatory role, and all the friendly European countries, especially those on the south Mediterranean [as heard], asked me to stop this escalation because that would destroy our interests, and this is what America wants. What Reagan wants is to destroy the interests of the Arabs and the Europeans. They said: That man is crazy and let him [words indistinct]. In fact, because of this I decided not to escalate military oper- ations insouthern Europe, but we are able to do it at any moment. I averted the Mediterranean from the state of war, the war against the [word indistinct] civilian and military [words indis- tinct]. They asked me to [word indistinct] these planes, goods, (?cargo), and people. I received letters from heads of friendly and neutral states. They asked me not to take this escalating step. In appreciation of the international situation, and in appreciation of the stands of Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, these friendly countries, and also Malta, I decided not to include the Mediterra- nean region in the exclusion zone and not to escalate military operations in southern Europe. But Italy and Spain will have to stop the U.S. 6th Fleet from now on, from any presence in their ports and from launching raids from these ports, otherwise we will be forced to escalate the operations in self-defense:~But this time, as a result of that Tripoli [word indistinct] Italian in southern Italy, but Italy contacted us and its stance is good. In fact, all the Europeans say that he [Reagan] is a madman and do not punish us for what he [words indistinct]. The foreigners in Libya are free. Those who want to leave can leave, and those who want to stay can stay in peace. We need them and they need us. They should not listen to the propaganda of the insignificant and the insane. They are trading in this propaganda. They said Reagan has increased the guards around his children. But we say to him it is not our nature to launch a war against children. Let him remove the guards from around his children and let them walk in the streets as normal, because we are not murderers of children. We are not cowards who murder the children and the helpless. He is helpless. He is an old man [words indistinct]. Whether his children are young or old, they are innocent and have nothing to do with the matter. If he has killed our children he believes that we are going to deal with him on a reciprocal basis, to sink to his level; and the words [words indistinct] that he had said. I am still looking for a trivial actor like him to answer him, because I am Mu`ammar Buminyar al-Qadhdhafi, the Arab, and my morale, my civilization, and the values of my nation do not permit me to sink to the level of a trivial actor called Reagan who came yesterday and will be going tomorrow. NORTH AFRICA reality an historic occasion offered to us by this blatant aggres- sion, so that we may know where strength lies. Strength lies in unity. Therefore, Libyan radio must .call on the Arab nation for an i immediate unity. Every state, if unity [word indistinct] must agree to unity. I expect that the Sudanese people will impose unity. Today, great, very great demonstrations were staged in Sudan and they called for severing everything with America, [words indistinct] the American Embassy. .Naturally, I am not calling for the killing of innocents, the embassies [as heard], and the people living in our countries; I am ? calling for revolution, and he who stands in the way of revolution must be annihilated. Reagan can lift the protection of his children ! and family for we are not child-killers like him; we are responsible for the revolution and we incite it, one can make us change ' course. J The Arabs are required to cut off relations with America, eco- nomic and political relations. I mean the Arab masses must put pressure for a boycott of America, its goods, and everything because it is a state that has gone beyond the limits and killed our children. The Arab masses, demonstrations- this is what Brother Haydar [word indistinct] told me. He even told me the song but I forgot it, Libya [words indistinct]. A very brilliant thing [words indis- tinct]. Tunisia, today I heard of the demonstrations and the clashes that took place calling for a boycott of America. This means one Arab people from the ocean to the gulf against America and with us. We are now indeed undeniably leading the Arab masses. Libya [words indistinct] but it is an honor at the same time. Because, imagine if a Libyan, one of you, was hurt, see America [word indistinct]. The size of this huge raid in order to (?eliminate) a person called so and so among the Libyans, -among the Arabs. [Words indistinct] the Arab presidents and kings, they all,,contacted me. Not a single day passes without them contacting me several. times. They all call - I did not ask them=but they all called for the convening of an extraordinary Arab summit which could be held in'a day or two, an extraordinary.Arabsummit, to stand, the Libyan people, against this flagrant aggression. Africa, the African presidents said that volunteers were at my"disposal. They formed political groupings, (?the revolutionary African presidents) from among them said you wage the military battle and we shall wage the political battle in your place. The Arab presidents -indeed President Chadli, President Hafiz, President Haydar al-`Atlas, they contact themselves without me requesting this from them. How many days and times they contacted other Arab presidents and said we shall (?look after) the political aspect? L,believe that the-Arab states which have an economic potenfial will participate with us in financng_the.battle (word indistinct]: This is a great thing but the Arab masses have to put pressure for the emergence of unity. Actually, without unity our fate is in real danger. Arab urity should emerge immediately. It is possible that after the (?elections) in Sudan and the formation of the new regime, unity will emerge right away between Sudan and the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah as desired by the Sudanese people and should emerge between Libya and Algeria I believe that, if a dynamic force exists, he and Thatcher will fall because they have killed children. I want the radio to turn to a call for Arab unity; yes, a call now for Arab unity, because in reality this struggle [words indistinct], struggle between the strong American nation and a disparate Arab nation. We might become like America and possess aircraft carriers and all this force, but with unity. Therefore, this is in Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 - ~~ as desired by the Algerian people, as decided by the Algerian people in the Algerian National Charter. And between Libya and Syria, unity actually exists. It only needs a political declaration. Our brothers in Morocco are (?joined) by the Oujdah Treaty, that is, the African-Arab Union. This is an (?opportunity) for the Moroccan people (?to participate in the fighting). Naturally, Morocco does not possess aircraft carriers or [words indistinct]. They have (?the men who are ready). [words indistinct] Contacts nowadays are continuous. They have been contacting one another all for our sake. They have contacted us a number of times [words indistinct]. It has become span-Arab operations room. [words indistinct] We declare to America and to the entire world (?our responsibil- ity)for the revolution. The Libyan people are shouldering the task of combating colonialism and imperialism and the cause of freedom, unification of our nation, the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea and from north to south. The raids will not abolish these historic choices [words indistinct]. Even, if America drops atom bombs on us we are ready. We are ready to die [words indistinct]. God is greater than America and greater than (? its might). This is a great thing. A small nation like Libya finds itself in opposition to the NATO alliance, Great Britain, the United States, the fleets, warships. The American military ask him: Give us more aircraft carriers so that they can attack Libya. The Americans are tired; They have aerial umbrellas over the aircraft carriers; they look as if they are engaged in a third world war against the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. They announce that the warplanes have taken off from Ohio state and from Britain and that France forced them to fly 4,000 km because they were not allowed to fly over France. We must appreciate this French stand. France banned the over- flight and compelled him to travel 4,000 km and they were refulled a number of times. Generally, we are not one of those countries which turns the lights out. We light our streets and we sing and go about our business. If they attack us while we are at home we are ready. We are ready to fight and are ready to die. My speech is short (?*this time) on television. God is great!"Revolutionary information and struggle (?continue!) Announcer Read `Text' NC170839 Tripoli Domestic Service in Arabic 0500 GMT l7 Apr 86 ["Text" of speech by Libyan leader Mu`ammar al-Qadhdhafi delivered over Libyan radio and television on I6 April -read by announcer] [Text] [call on you to calm down and reduce the number of patriotic songs., I want to assure ygu that when the Americans land on Libyan te`~``rr`~fory -?~w'e wild~re?'srist~t~hem broad'ca'st atriotic songs; and~make h"e'land~bu n uride~ their feet"a 'drover th`e"'m. We'"possess' all~'types of ammunition.. They pare stockpiled like mountains 'W'~e~can" fi'g`ht"them with I million fighters and we have with us millions of people who are ready to fight. But, the rod of the coward is long, as I told you. They are fighting us now from overseas by launching raids with long-range aircraft. I have explained to you the raid by 33 aircraft against my house. I explained that its purpose was to hit AI-Qadhdhafi; they failed. Imagine, they used 33 aircraft to bomb my home. These aircraft were protected by 100 fighter planes, according to what they have said, and 30 planes were used to refuel them. The number of aircraft that carried out the actual attack on the house and the tent was 33. They achieved nothing and were driven away. What did they accomplish? Whatever God wants will happen. For this reason I say: Turn on the lights, play songs, and dance. I call on the song and music band to go out into the streets. [f they want to raid us, let them raid us in the streets and squares. Didn't they raid my home with 33 aircraft? What happened? If they raid us in our squares, they are welcome. We hail every martyr who dies on his land. If there is any living force in America, it should bring down the Reagan government. He must be put on trial as a war criminal and murderer of children, because Reagan has issued orders to his armed forces to kill our children. We have not issued orders to murder anybody. Those who carried out operations in Europe are unknown. Perhaps U.S. intelligence, or a Palestinian, or someone else carried out these operations. But, Reagan arrogantly and inhumanely announces to the world that he gave orders to murder the children of AI-Qadhdhafi and to murder the children of the Libyans. Therefore, he is now proven guilty of issuing orders to regular forces to murder children and attack homes. We have not issued orders to murder anybody. We are inciting revolution, and we are instigating revolution and the establishment of popular revolution everywhere in the world. Raids will never end this. We will never abandon efforts to unite the Arab nation; the raids will not make us abandon this call, which concerns only us and does not concern the Americans or anybody else in the world. We will not abandon the struggle for the liberation of Palestine. The raids will never make us abandon this struggle whatever they might be. We will stop not inciting popular revolution whatever raids they carry out; we will not stop. We are responsible for the revolution, and they cannot make us abandon it. We are not responsible for the murders. Any operation that took place in the past or will take place is an individual operation, and the one who carries it out is the only one responsible. But, when revolution happens, we are responsible. We incited the revolution in Sudan, and we did not evade this responsibility in the eyes of America and the rest of the world. The appendage [Numayri] fell off and the revolution took place in Sudan. We are continuing to urge revolution and unity, and the liber- ation of Palestine; we stand firmly with people who are fighting for freedom. This is our cause. Whether the raids increase or not, we will not retreat. We will not retreat in the face of raids. [n the eyes of the world, Thatcher and Reagan are the ones who murdered the children. If there are Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 human, living forces, they should bring down Thatcher's govern- ment and she should be put on trial as a murderer of children. Likewise, Reagan's administration should be brought down and he should be put on trial as a murderer of children, because they are the ones who murdered the children in front of the whole world. We have struck at the south of Italy, on the island of Lampedusa. We destroyed the telecommunications stations of the U.S. 6th Fleet. We struck at Italian territory, in southern Italy. I was determined to escalate military operations in southern Europe, and I wanted to declare war [as heard] in the Mediterranean and to stop aviation and shipping. However, I have received a flood of appeals from the heads of foreign states and friendly states asking me not to carry out this escalation. All the European countries, particularly Malta, which played an active role, and all the friendly European countries, particularly those bordering the south Mediterranean [as heard], have asked and appealed to me not to escalate the situation, because this would destroy their interests and our interests -and this is what America wants. What Reagan wants is to destroy the interests of the Arabs and the Europeans. They said: That man is crazy and he will go. In fact, because of this, I decided not to escalate military oper- ations in southern Europe, though we are able to do that at any moment. In so doing, I have spared the Mediterranean region a state of war and a ban on civilian and military ships and planes passing through it. They asked me and said that they carry goods, passengers, and people. I received many letters from heads of friendly and nonaligned states. They appealed to me not to escalate the situation: In appreciation of this, and in appreciation of the stands of Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, these friendly countries, together with Malta, I decided not to include the Mediterranean region in the exclusion zone and not to escalate military operations in southern Europe. But from now on Italy and Spain will have to stop'allowing the U.S. 6th Fleet to stay in their ports and to launch raids from these ports. Otherwise, we will be forced to escalate the operations inself-defense. Although we hit an Italian island in southern Italy, Italy is our friend and its stand has been good. In fact, they always tell us that this is a madman. God, do not punish us for what the foolish among us do. The foreigners in Libya are free. Those who want to leave for their countries can leave. Those who want to stay can stay in peace. We need them and they need us. They should not listen to the propaganda of the insignificant and the criminal who use them. They said that Reagan has increased the guard around his children. But we say that it is not in our nature to kill children. He should remove the guard from around his children and let them walk in the streets freely, because we are not murderers of children. We are not cowards who murder children and the helpless. He is a helpless old man. Whether his children are young or old, they are innocent and have nothing to do with the matter. Since he has killed our children, he thinks that we are going to deal with him in a similar way, and sink to his level. As for the filthy words he used, I can find a trivial actor like him to respond, because I am Mu`ammar Buminyar al-Qadhdhafi, the Arab, and my ethics, my civilization, and the values of my nation do not NORTH AFRICA permit me to sink to the level of a trivial actor like Reagan, who came yesterday and will be going tomorrow. I believe that, if dynamic forces exist, he and Thatcher will fall, because they killed children. I want the radio to call for Arab unity; yes, a call for Arab unity, because, in reality, this is a power struggle between two nations - the American nation, which is strong, and the Arab nation, which is dismembered. We might become like America and possess aircraft carriers and all this force, but with unity. Therefore, this is, in reality, a historic occasion offered to us by this blatant aggression so that we may know where strength lies. Strength lies in unity. Therefore, the Libyan radio must call on the Arab nation for immediate unity. Every state must be ready for unity and ready to endorse unity. I expect that the Sudanese people will establish unity. Today, very large demonstrations were staged in Sudan calling for breaking off with America, until the prime minister addressed the demonstrators and calmed them down. He told them: We are with our brothers in Libya [words indistinct] the American Embassy. Of course, I do not call for the killing of innocent children, the embassies, and the people present. [sentence as heard] I am calling for revolution, and he who stands in the way of the revolution must be annihilated. Reagan should remove the guard around his children and family for we are not murderers of children like he is. We are responsible for the revolution and we incite revolution, and no one can deflect us from this course. The Arabs must break off economic and political relations with America. This means that the Arab masses must exert pressure for a boycott of America, its goods, and everything, because it is a state that has exceeded its limits by killing our children. Brother Haydar al-`Attas telephoned me to report on demonstra- tions by Arab masses in Aden today. He told me that the demonstrators were singing a song, which I have forgotten. Libya is a brilliant thing. The masses wrote the song and then sang it during the demonstrations. lalso heard today about the demon- strations and clashes which have taken place in Tunisia. The demonstrators were calling for a boycott of America. This exem- plifies one Arab people from the ocean to the gulf. They are all against America and with us. We are now undeniably leading the Arab masses. The scope and results of the raid were a ghastly thing. At the same time, however, this raid was an honor. Imagine, a Libyan citizen - and I am one of you - a simple person, being the target of such a huge American raid designed to kill a person called so and so among the Libyans and Arabs. By God, this is a glory for you. Despite all the prevailing circumstances, Arab presidents and kings are in daily contact with me. Not a single day passes without them contacting me several times. Without asking, they have called for the convening of an extraordinary Arab summit, which could be held in a day or two, to stand with you, with the Libyan people, against this flagrant aggression. The African presidents have said that volunteers are at my disposal. Rev- olutionary African presidents have formed political groupings. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5 They have said that you wage the military battle and we will wage the political battle on your behalf. The Arab presidents - President Chadli Bendjedid, President Hafiz al-Asad, President Haydar al-`Alfas -have been in touch with each other without me having requested this from them. They have affirmed that they will assume responsibility for the political aspect. I think that Arab states with political [as heard] capabilities will partici- pate with us in the battle we are waging, and this is something great. However, the Arab masses will have to exert pressure for the establishment of unity. Actually, without unity our fate is in real danger. Arab unity must be established immediately. After the results of the elections in Sudan become known, and after the new regime is formed, unity between Sudan and Libya should be established immediately. This is desired by the Sudanese people. Unity should be established between Libya and Algeria. This is desired and has been decided by the Algerian people in the Algerian National Charter. Unity actually exists between Syria and Libya; it only needs a political declaration. Our brothers in Morocco [are joined with Libya by]the Oujdah Treaty, which is the Arab-African Union. Moroccan people everywhere are with you, of course. Morocco does not possess aircraft carriers, but it does possess men who are ready. Moroc- can blood is not more precious than Libyan blood. This is indeed a great thing. Contacts are continuing daily. They are getting in touch with each other, all for our sake. They contact us every day. The moment I hang up the telephone, I receive another call. It has become apan-Arab operations room. Switch on all the lights. The fervor on the radio must be used to call for unity, the need to establish unity, and the need to boycott the enemies. We declare to America and to the entire world our responsibility for the revolution, for fighting imperialism and colonialism, for the cause of freedom and the unification of our nation, and for the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea and from the north to the south. Raids cannot end these historic choices. Even if America drops atom bombs on us, we are ready to die on our land. There is no power on earth that can stand against the power of God. God is gerater than America and greater than NATO. This is a momentous thing. A small state like Libya finds itself suddenly opposing NATO, Great Britain, the United States of America, the fleets, and warships. The American military ask him [Reagan]: Give us more aircraft carriers if you want us to attack Libya. The Americans are tired. They have air umbrellas over the aircraft carriers. They look as if they are engaged in a third world war against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. They announce that the warplanes have taken off from the state of Ohio and from Britain, and that France has forced them to fly 4,000 km. We must appreciate the stand taken by France. France banned overflights and compelled planes to travel 4,000 km and be refueled several times. Yes, we are asking that lights be switched on and that people dance in the streets, sing, and go about their business. If they attack us while we are in our homes, then we are ready to fight and are ready to die. How often it has been shown that a small group has overcome a large group with God's help. God supports those who are patient. Go forward, and the struggle will continue. BBC Correspondent on Effect of Speech MBI70838 London BBC World Service in English 0709 GMT 17 Apr 86 (From the " 24 Hours" program] [Text] First, we deal with the situation in Libya where Colonel al-Qadhdhafl has made his first public appearance since Amer- ican air attacks 2 days ago. His appearance on television has ended speculation about his own personal safety following the bomb attack on his home which killed his adopted daughter and injured two of his sons. Yesterday, there was also speculation that a coup attempt against Col al-Qadhdhafl was under way with reports on gun fire and unexplained disturbances in Tripoli, but the Libyans have firmly denied this. To find out whether the Libyan leader's television address has defused any of the tension inside Libya, Mann Price spoke a short time ago to one of the BBC's correspondents in Tripoli, David Willie. [Begin recording] [Willie] Well, it had the curious and absolutely immediate effect of causing some demonstrations in the street outside our hotel of young men who were dancing and carrying lights and calling for the lights to be put on, because in his speech the colonel said: We are not one of those countries which turn off their lights,.we light our streets and we sing and go about our business, and this is what they were trying to show was the correct attitude now, they realized that there was to be no further retaliations by the colonel in a military sense and, therefore, the risks of a general conflict, perhaps, has diminished. [Price] So, there wasn't any indication in the colonel's speech that the conflict might actually escalate, that there might more Libyan retaliation; [Willie] Well, he did say that there had been a sort of peace initiative. He didn't reveal the identity of the country or countries which took part in this, but he did say that he had been consid- eringsetting up azone ofexclusion inthe Mediterranean Sea but that for the moment, providing that the Americans were not allowed to carry out warlike activities from Italy and Spain, he will not do this. In other words, he suggests that behind the rhetoric, there is a note of caution. [Price] Now, yesterday there were reports of gun fire in and around Tripoli, have there been any more incidents like that during the night? [Willie] There was a very heavy artillery barrage just after nightfall. It seemed to be concentrated north of the harbor. I heard quite heavy artillery, anti-aircraft guns blazing away. I can only presume that there was another air alert, that the radar picked up some American aircraft. We have received no official report as to actually what happened. [Price] Meanwhile, the Americans are saying that while Col al-Qadhdhafi's television appearance proves that he has survived the bombing, it doesn't prove that he is stilt fully in charge of the Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/16 :CIA-RDP05-015598000400410050-5