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September 19, 1985
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 Iq Next 7 Page(s) In Document Denied Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 dr'~'~f)ttpiit~t7rt?~#~IHlMiait~nn+ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 99TH CONGRESS RF". 99-106 1st Session } HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES { Part 1 INTELLIGENCE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 1986 MAY 15, 1985.-Ordered to be printed Mr. HAMILTON, from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, submitted the following REPORT together with [To accompany H.R. 2419] The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, to whom was referred the bill (H.R. 2419) to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1986 for the intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the U.S. Government, for the Intelligence Community Staff, for the Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System, and for other purposes, having considered the same, report favorably thereon and recommend that the bill do pass with amendments. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 The bill would: (1) Authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1986 for (a) the intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the U.S. Gov- ernment, (b) the Intelligence Community Staff and (c) the Cen- tral Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability system; (2) Authorize the personnel ceilings on September 30, 1986 for the intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the U.S. Government; (3) Permit the Director of Central Intelligence to authorize personnel ceilings in fiscal year 1986 for any intelligence ele- ments up to 2 percent above the authorized levels; (4) Prohibit the use of any funds available to any agency in- volved in intelligence activities for military or paramilitary op- erations in Nicaragua; .51 _W6 O Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 5 guan democratic resistance including arms, ammunition, or other equipment or material which could be used to in- flict serious bodily harm or death, or which would have the effect of providing arms, ammunition or other weapons of war for military or paramilitary operations in Nicara- gua by any group, organization, movement or individual. On page 6, lines 24-25, strike", subject to the provisions of sec- tion 501,". ' On page 7, line 2, strike "Fund" and insert in lieu thereof "Funds". ' SECTION-BY-SECTION ANALYSIS TITLE I-INTELLIGENCE AND INTELLIGENCE-RELATED ACTIVITIES Section 101 lists the departments and agencies for whose intelli- gence and intelligence-related activities the bill authorizes appro- priations for fiscal year 1986. Section 102 makes clear that, with the exception of sections 103 and 105, details of the committee's recommendations with respect to the amounts authorized to be appropriated for intelligence and intelligence-related activities and personnel ceilings covered under this title for fiscal year 1986 are contained in a classified schedule of authorizations to the bill and the classified annex to this report. The schedule of authorizations is incorporated into H.R. 2419 by this section. Section 103 authorizes appropriations of $15,200,000 for the coun- terterrorism program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Section 104 permits the Director of Central Intelligence to au- thorize the personnel strength of any intelligence element to exceed the fiscal year 1986 authorized personnel levels by no more than 2 percent if he determines that doing so is necessary for the performance of important intelligence functions. The Director must notify the two intelligence committees promptly of any exercise of authority under the section. It is to be emphasized that the authority conveyed, by this section is not intended to permit the wholesale raisin of strength in each or any intelligence com g personnel provides the Director of Central Intelligencenwithaflexibilit to ad just personnel end strength temporarily for contingencies and for overages caused by an inbalance between hiring of new employees and attrition of current emloyees for retirement, resignation, etc. The committee does not expect the Director of Central Intelligence to allow heads of intelligence components to plan to exceed person- nel levels set in the schedule of authorizations except for the satis- faction of clearly identified hiring needs which are consistent with the authorization of personnel strengths in this bill. In no case is this authority to be used to provide for positions denied by this bill. As introduced,' Ofttion 106 'would have prohibited any funds available to any agency involved in intelligence activities being used to sup support, directly or indirectly, military or paramilitary op- erations The section also had the effect of denying any funds requested for such a purpose in fiscal year 1986. It would Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 extend the current statutory prohibition for support to the Nicara- guan "contras" through the end of FY 1986. An amendment was adopted by the committee to strike the origi- nal language of Section 105 so as to make clear that the prohibi- tion that applies to supporting Nicaraguan insurgents or "contras" applies only to the provision of funds, goods, equipment, civilian or military supplies, or any other materiel, but does not include the provision of intelligence information or advice to the contras. TITLE II-INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY STAFF (ICS) Section 201 authorizes the appropriation of $21,900,000 for the Intelligence Community Staff [ICS], which provides the Director of Central Intelligence [DCI] with staff assistance to carry out his in- telligence community responsibilities. The Staff supports the DCI in the execution of his responsibilities to develop, review, and ap- prove the National Foreign Intelligence Program budget, to evalu- ate the performance of foreign intelligence activities, and to devel- op issues, goals, and other required guidance for the intelligence community. Sections 202 and 203 provide certain administrative authorities for the Intelligence Community Staff. Section 202(a) authorizes 233 full-time personnel for the staff as of September 30, 1986. The In- telligence Community Staff is composed of a permanent cadre, de- tailed community personnel, and contract hirees. The Intelligence Community Staff is now made up of personnel who are permanent employees of the Staff and other who are de- tailed for several years from various intelligence elements. The purpose of section 202(b) is to authorize this staff approach and to require that detailed employees represent all appropriate elements of the Government, including those engaged in intelligence-related activities. Section 202(c) requires that personnel be detailed on a reimbursa- ble basis except for temporary situations. The Staff's authorized size, in the opinion of the committee, is sufficient for the duties which the Staff performs. This provision is intended to insure that its ranks are not swelled by detailees, the personnel costs for whom are not reimbursed to their parent agency. Section 203 provides the Director of Central Intelligence with au- thority to manage the activities and to pay the personnel of the In- telligence Community Staff because the Staff is not otherwise au- thorized by law. However, it is the committee's intent that in the case of detailed personnel, the DCI's authority to discharge person- nel shall only extend to discharging detailed personnel from service at the Intelligence Community Staff and not from Federal em- ployent or militarty service. TITLE III-CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY RETIREMENT AND DISABILITY SYSTEM Section 301 authorizes appropriations for the Central Intelligence Agency Retirement and Disability System (CIARDS) in the amount of $101,400,000 for fiscal year 1986. The Central Intelligence Agency Retirement Act of 1964 for Certain Employees (Public law 88-643) authorized the establishment of CIARDS for a limited I Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 H 5900 the Commit could seek a Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 e i objection to at this time. Mosaic K. UDALL, ation of the bill. This section of the Ing to the Central Intelligence Agency Chairman. Budget Act prohibits consideration of and Intelligence Community Staff. law. uld H.R. 2743 become Sincerely. amen authorizing legislation not reported by The legislation contains a provisio INTELLIGENCE AUTHORIZATION May 15 prior to the fiscal year to that makes clear that the prohibition ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR, 1988 which it applies. This waiver is neces- Vionuof t applies to supporting Nicaraguan nary because, as the result of a clerical t gents applies only to the provi- Mr. BEILENSON. Mr. Speaker, by error, the legislation contains an au- funds. goods, equipment, civil- direction of the Committee on Rules, I thorization for fiscal year 1985. Since or military supplies. or any other call up House Resolution 224 and ask the bill was not reported prior to May terial, but does not prohibit th for its immediate consideration. 15. 1984, it is in violation of section vision??of intelligence Information The Clerk read the resolution, as fol. 402(a) of the Budget Act. However, advice to the Contras. lows: since it is the intention of Chairman In addition. H.R. 2419 requii+ee; noti- H. Ras. 224 Resolved That at any time after the adop- tion of this resolution the Speaker may. pursuant to?clause.1(b) of, rule S%III, de- clare the House resolved into the Commit- tee of the Whole House on the State of the Union for the consideration of the bill (H.R. 2419) to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1986 for intelligence and intelligence- related activities of the United States Gov- ernment, the Intelligence Community dtaff, and the Central Intelligence Ageticy Retire- ment and Disability System, and for other proposes, and the that reading of the bill shall be dispensed with. All points of order against the consideration of the bill for fail- ure to comply with provisions of section 402(a) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 (Public law 93-344) are hereby waived. After general debate. which shall be- con- fined to the billiand shall continue not to exceed one hour. to be equally divided and controlled by the chairman and ranking mi- nority member of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the bill shall be considered as having been read for amend- ment under the five-minute rule. No amend- ment to the bill shall be In order except the following amendments, which shall not be subject to amendment: (1) the amendments recommended by the Permanent Select amExldments and expresip their' views ted i n Committee on In be eon- the legislation. In this instance. the the bill, and said amendments now shall Pr h i t sidered en bloc; and (2) the ? amendments Rules Committee was laced w printed in the Congressional Record of July unanimous bipartisan testimony from House .consideritl~ ot, Ieg4lrAtton #a a?tlme~ 5 `~ levels for within g nc are contained equipment or material. The committee sume. amendment does allow U.S. intelli- Madam Chairman. I rise in support ous appropriation category totals In gence agencies to share intelligence ln- of H.R. 2419, the Intelligence Authori- the Defense authorization bill. Adjust formation or advice , and is, therefore, zation Act for Fiscal Year 1986. ments which wed veep to generally 'n~.,ciC}PTA with the action As Members know well, this bill- gence program Ce,R,lrna (nmmlttee .. _- =s~ ? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09 :CIA-RDP05C01629R000300570004-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 H 5902 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE July 18, 1985 and are accurately reflected in the area of high congressional interest and manent Select committee on Intelli- totals contained by the Defense bill. sensitivity for U.S. foreign policy. gence. I am proud to say, like its pred- The amendment that I will offer at Such transfers deserve to be subject to ecessors. it's budget provisions were the direction of the committee recog- the special notice requirements that approved unanimously in committee. nizes that the intelligence budget is es- apply to other significant anticipated and was supported by the Committee sentially a subset of the Defense intelligence activities. on Armed Services. budget. Moreover, it recognizes that it Finally, Madam Chairman, the bill This bill authorizes all the funds for is the total Defense budget that we contains a provision which requires a the next fiscal year for the intelli- want to freeze, not its individual com- report from the Director of_ Central gence and intelligence-related activii gence authorizations so that they stallations overseas in the face of ef- The category of "intelligence activi- cannot cause the Defense freeze to be forts by foreign governments, elec- ties" includes all the activities of the breached. This is not to say that no in- tronic or otherwise, to exploit U.S. Central Intelligence Agency; the De- telligence programs have increased. confidential communications or other fense Intelligence Agency; the Nation- They have, even after our substantial activities. This is a high priority of the al Security Agency; other intelligence cuts. We all recognize that many com- committee and one that I believe is components of the Department of De- ponents of the Defense budget have shared by the intelligence community. fense, and the Departments of the increased despite the freeze Some In closing. I pay tribute to Lou Army, Navy, and Air Force; the components Increase, some decrease. STOKES and BOB STUMP and the other Bureau of ntell The essential feature of an overall members of the committee for their toe Intel- frgeze is that the total amounts not be work and devotion to the review of the 1 gence divisions of the Federal Bureau exceeded. Consider SDI, for example. intelligence budget. They, and the ex- of investigation, intelligence elements Despite cuts to the program by both cellent staff of the subcommittee, of the Departments of Treasury and House and Senate, the programs will have worked hard. They have pro- Energy, and the Drug Enforcement have at least $2.5 billion in funding duced a result which meets the com- Administration; and the intelligence next year, an increase of almost 80 mittee's tradition of full bipartisan community staff of the Director of percent over last year. Nevertheless, support and they have done so in the Central Intelligence. These activities the Defense freeze is not breached. difficult circumstance$ of budget aus- provide intelligence for the use of the The same is true for intelligence pro- terity and increasing intelligence pri- President. the Cabinet, the National grams. orities. I believe they deserve the Security Council and the Joint Chiefs What does this amendment do? thanks of the House for a job very of Staff. First, it states legislatively the princi- well done. Further. this bill authorizes Intellm- ple that we can't do anything in this Madam Chairman, at this point, I gence-related activities of the Depart- bill to breach the Defense freeze. This yield to the gentleman from Ohio, the meat of Defense, which are programs could have a significant practical distinguished chairman of the Sub- that are integral to the defense force effect if the correspondence between committee on Program and Budget structure, but which are similar to na- the Defense and intelligence bills is Authorization. Mr. SToaas. tional intelligence programs and are lost as the legislative process contin- Mr. STOKES. Madam Chairman. I often tasked for national intelligence ues. The amendment prevents any thank the gentleman for yielding. purposes, particularly In peacetime. excess of authorization for intelli ; Madam Chairman, I want to take a The similarity of programs and func- gence. Second, some reductions in the moment to express my appreciation to tions between the-national intelligence Defense bill are unallocated. Some of all of the members of my subeomMit- programs and the intelligence-related these reductions will ultimately be al- tee for their tireless and conscientious Department located to intelligence programs. The committee work in producing this bill. activities ctivities of the both Defense are Department amendment causes the relevant ac- In particular I want to commend the IS the that t counts in this bill to be reduced ac- gentleman from Indiana [Mr. H.Amm- treason t t intelligence and authorized Select Committee In this cordingly. TONI. the chairman of the full commit- by the bill. We have worked to Insure that These are the committee's objectives tee for his hard work both as full com- band we believe they are consistent mittee chairman and as a member of the and program mutually areas are with the will of the House. this subcommittee. and y supportive e complementary this no d l the Madam Chairman, there are other I also want to express my apprecia- cative. committee refer Armed Services s has the important features of the bill worth tion to the gentleman from Arizona cured that tdg e have, mentioning. With respect to Nicar (Mr. STUMP], the ranking minority made from the h intelligence viewpoint e,~a the i n mTttee bate amends .he member. I appreciate his cooperation from a military familiar Boland amendment language and I have enjoyed working with him. are -Aiwa equally We ha sound w w from a illy with b f th h er au e o t 'unrras. LL sped mention o com- and achieved a position agreesble to continues In- mittee members who never missed a tel gence uency support to the Con- meeting in over 50 hours of hearings both committees: i.,t.nisan.~ thi aNuEIZ s Vlll, Lill. eras Mid alGl Vll ?M M' activities are classified and necessarily amendment to DAN= Mr. Ron, Mr. CuzN>rv, and Mr. some cases. even the very exist- prOP a nns ill aeinntt+rl by the IJvrNGSTON. so. In ll ,Meth- once of the program or activity Is held __ _ f th f Ot e u th secre , e Wu4WYw 6e"_ .............. .. in another provision, we can offer hire on the t has made permanent a requirement bers of our subcommittee but who that has long appeared in intelligence often attended our meetings and made floor. The schedule of authorizations authorization bills. This provision re- a contribution were Mr. Bsxi.xxsoN, to accompany the bill and the classi- quires the Intelligence and Appropria- Mr. BROWN, Mr. McEwzN, Mr. fled annex to the report have been tions Committees be told of the intent MCHUGH, and Mr. DwYzR. available to Members since June 3. to exceed the authorized amount for I also want to thank our committee The subject material is complex, but any intelligence or intelligence-related staff; Marty Faga, Duane Andrews, we have worked to make these classi- program. Bob Fitch, Bob Surret, and Carol fled reports as readable as possible. Another provision requires that the Thompson for their highly profession- The committee continues to recom- intelligence committees receive prior al work. mend that the-budget for intelligence notice of clandestine transfer of an Madam Chairman, H.R. 2419, the In- not be disclosed. The disclosure of a item of military equipment or services telligence Authorization Act for fiscal single budget number might not Itself where the item or service equals or ex- year 1986, is the eighth such bill in as be harmful, but some explanation of ceeds $1 million in value. This is an many years reported out by the Per- the content and meaning of the Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 July 18, 1985 number would be essential. But such an explanation would be excessively revealing. Moreover, the committee recognizes that intelligence is inher- ently secret, and any disclosure is the beginning of an erosive process. In some cases, the mere awareness of an intelligence activity can easily reduce or eliminate Its effectiveness, may en- danger lives, and may lead to the col- lection of false information contrived by our adversaries to confuse or mis- lead us. Madam Chairman, I would like to summarize briefly the organization of this bill. Title I provides for the bulk of our intelligence and intelligence-related activities. As I said earlier, funds and program details are in the classified schedule of authorizations and the annex to the report. One exception is the authorization for the Domestic Counterterrorism Program of the FBI, which Is unclassified. The bill provides $15.2 million for this function. Title II provides necessary authori- ties for the Intelligence community staff, whose function is to assist the Director of Central Intelligence with his responsibilities for overall coordi- nation of intelligence and preparation of the budget. The staff is made up of representatives of all -elements of the intelligence community. Administra- tively, it is treated as though it were part of the CIA. The bill provides $21.9 million for this purpose. An amendment will be offered reducing this amount to $21 million. Title III provides authorization of $101.4 million for the Central Intelli- gence Agency Retirement and Disabil- ity System. This Is a program estab- lished by Congress in 1964 to provide for those CIA personnel who perform hazardous duties or are in special situ- ations. usually abroad, which may limit the length of their careers. The bill incorrectly states that the amount authorized Is for fiscal year 1985. A technical amendment will correct this to read fiscal year 1986. As Chairman HAMILTON has stated, title IV provides in section 401 that the Congress must be notified before intelligence funds are obligated or ex- pended for a purpose other than that originally authorized. Section 401 also requires notification if defense activi- ties or services exceeding $1 million in value are to be transferred in conjunc- tion with an intelligence activity. Sec- tion 402 requires a report from the Di- rector of Central Intelligence of the vulnerability of our confidential activi- ties abroad. Title V provides that this bill does not authorize intelligence activities not otherwise authorized by the laws and Constitution of the United States. It also provides authorization for ap- propriations to pay for Increased pay or benefits to Federal employees if they are enacted in other legislation. Madam Chairman, as in the last fiscal year, this bill authorizes less than the administration requested. Some specific proposals have been rec- ommended for deferral, others for ter- mination, while a few have been in- creased. I believe that the authoriza- tion provided is adequate to meet the country's needs. Madam Chairman let me close by stating that, as In year's past, the com- mittee has made, and continues to make, the classified annex to It's report available to all Members of the House during business hours in the committee's rooms. I would invite Members who have not yet had an op- portunity to do so to read this annex. 01130 Mr. STUMP. Madam Chairman, I yield myself such time as I may con- sume. (Mr. STUMP asked and was given permission to revise and extend his re- marks.) Mr. STUMP. Madam Chairman, I rise in support of H.R. 2419, the Intel- ligence Authorization Act, with the committee amendments printed in the bill and the committee freeze-type amendment printed In the CONGRxs- sloNAL Rscoan of Tuesday. July 16. The funding authorizations con- tained in this bill for intelligence and intelligence-related activities ensure that U.S. policymakers will continue to have the capability to collect needed intelligence on foreign powers, to detect and counter hostile activities by foreign powers. and to influence world events. Because the effectiveness of intelli- gence programs depends in part upon their secrecy. the details of intelli- gence programs and the associated funding levels must remain concealed. Consequently, I will not discuss the details of the committee's recommen- dations. Those details are in the classi- fied schedule of authorizations and classified' annex to the committee's report, which have been available for since June 3, 1986. I believe that H.R. 2419 represen intelligence agencies from providing material assistance to the resistance. The committe ition on section 1U5--I? genera r! cranes en . with dfTt of the House expressed in the c ur 1 .a atnnc hill which provides Ar nn,m nni .arian aid to the resistance administered by an agency other than CIA r , and ows the exchange of 0 -r-urge the House to support the com- mittee's authorization decisions by ap- proving H.R. 2419. Madam Chairman, I yield 3 minutes to the gentleman from Wyoming [Mr. CHENEY]. Mr. CHENEY. I thank the gentle- man for yielding. Madam Chairman, I rise in support of H.R. 2419. This has been my 1st year to serve on the Intelligence Com- mittee, and I must say I found it a fas- cinating experience In part because of the spirit of bipartisanship that was mentioned previously by the chair- man. It has been a privilege to serve with the gentleman from Arizona [Mr. Scum'], the ranking Republican, and the gentleman from Indiana [Mr. HAHILTox]. the chairman o2 the full committee, and the gentleman from Ohio [Mr. SToxas]. who chaired the Budget Subcommittee. I think it is extremely important for the House and for the committee to seek bipartisan efforts and conclusions with respect to the intelligence pro- gram and I was indeed pleased that we were able to achieve that this year. As the gentleman from Arizona [Mr. STma'] mentioned. manv of us b owe that the provisions respect to NEWRIUM am eauate we would gence activities established by this b generally .represent bipartisan agree- ment on programs and budgets for in- telligence matters of critical impor- tance to national security. Section 105 of this bill. relating sistance, is not exactly what I wo have preferred. to the resistance. A majority of the committee did n agree with that position, but it should be able to exchange irate Thus, section 105 of the bill with t Cen tell ence Agency. the De- partme of e ense or 1RLgW1ff_1LZL -- GFovernment c or e ac Len s direcU mmu- er eaulpmeat or material' to T~o a m III tars or parat~)j> activities of the mean t It Is not intended to Pru Vce to these Preclude ffghlnn oolitlcal_ ve_ or 71HT785eerr words, It Is consistent with otm-umvislon BMW- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 H 5904 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE -kance the a ra lc Resus ce, as previously an proved y the ousels e SUppLCMenjAl gill, adam Chairman, this is a good piece of legislation. I am proud to have served on the committee that pro- duced it, and I would urge my col- leagues to approve it. ^ 1140 Mr. STUMP. Madam Chairman, I yield such time as he may consume to the gentleman from Illinois [Mr. HYDE]. (Mr. HYDE asked and was given per- mission to revise and extend his re- marks.) Mr. HYDE. I wonder if I might ask the chairman, the gentleman from In- diana [Mr. HAMILTON], one question. First of all. I want to identify with ev- erything that the gentleman from Ari- zona [Mr. Sruwi ] has said and what the gentleman from Wyoming (Mr. CIIENXY] has said, complimenting the committee on its excellent leadership and the effort to attain bipartisan con- sensus, which most often we do. With reference to section 105, is it the gentleman's understanding that that section does not conflict in any way with the McCurdy-Michel- McDade amendment which we adopt- ed in this Chamber on previous legisla- tion? Mr. HAMILTON. Yes. basically that is my understanding., that there Is no conflict. But let me respond in more detail. The Michel amendment appropriates $27 million in 2 fiscal years tributed by an Uoverameni other than the Central ncy or e IOr numan.ts.ri n aid in Lb ( nfro Section 105 of this bill nrohthitii n>L MUMAgence agency from providing asp oea not as a gentleman from jo- orr a vice to the Contra& ow, Ie M chel amendment would not have restricted or does not restrict the use of the State Department in distributing aid to the Contras. Sec- tion 105 does prohibit the State De- partment from being the agency for that purpose. Other than that, there is no conflict or difference between the two provi- sions, and I think that difference is a minor one. Mr. HYDE- I thank the chairman very much for that explanation. Mr. STUMP. Madam Chairman. I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from Louisiana [Mr. LIVINGSTON]. (Mr. LIVINGSTON asked and was given permission to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. LIVINGSTON. I thank the gen- tleman for yielding. Madam Chairman. I rise in support of H.R. 2419, the Intelligence Authori- zation Act for Fiscal Year 1986. This bill provides classified authorizations July 18, 1985 of appropriations for intelligence and ed to meet both congressional con- intelligence-related programs which cerns and the needs of U.S. foreign are essential to the security interests policy. in revised section 105, the term of the United States. "material assistance" refers to anxLQL. t d_anf any I note, however, that one section of rea items. Thus, no oq the bill, section 105 relating to Nicara- type type may e I lie by __ urntelii?enre gua. in my view does not full sat genl th Nicarjunin isfy rea s ce in the security interes o the United -In con - a amen ent do n t btates. As. the minority - pro i t nonma e a, that is, noncor- n ence Committee's pores aasis ce such as advice nr In- report ma a ear of section 105 is gence o rmatlon. Lest there be en version unly Lul nie in omnaryson to the V MT-wn uS On a l1 it, suc ntee~l- ternative it replaced-the full Boland t pro on, w nose a material assistance merel be rejecrea in considering the supplemen- cause IL may ue y embodies in tal appropriations DILL MEFes o paper. 19 as I in Brest i nlPnhl"ll se tla 1L . becf,jop tub of H.K. intro- duced would have carried forward to is not intended to prohibit the sharing on support for military or paramili- tary operations in Nicaragua con- tained in section 8066(a) of the DOD Appropriations Act, 1985 and section 801 of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1985. The commit- tee amendment to section 105, which is printed in the bill. more narrowly tailors the prohibition to the concerns some in the Congress have expressed in the past about U.S. policy toward Nicaragua and the armed democratic resistance in that country. Also, the committee amendment to section 105 was crafted so that it does not inter- fere with use of the U.S. Armed Forces consistent with the War Powers Reso- lution to protect U.S. citizens. or U.S. efforts to fulfill collective security treaty obligations. Instead of the Boland prohibition.. sectic-a lob as recomm the es two narrower or Democratic Resist- bony per em L, providing arms. ammunition or other The n -nation- also mates clear r or mullary nrinN movement or attack on any of our allies in the. n. this revised section 105 used in does not fully meet the need to sup- support 0 0o ve port the resistance in the fight for ons y freedom in Nicaragua, it is better than Madam Chairman, I say again to my the Boland amendment It replaced colleagues that amender[ section 105 Is and is generally consistent with the not perfect. I believe. as do many Michel-McDade-McCurdy language other Members W the House, that the the House adopted on the supplemen- United States should provide material tal appropriation bill. Aside from the aid-and every other kind of aid-to failure of revised section 105 to go far the Nicaraguan Democratic Resistance enough in renewing support for the to continue the fight against Sandi Nicaraguan resistance. I believe the nista Communist tyranny in,Nicara- rest of the bill provides the support gua. needed for the Nation's vital intelli- Notwithstanding the shortcomings gence activities. I urge my colleagues of section 105, however, the remainder to support the bill for that reason. of the bill is fully satisfactory in meet- I emphasize again that the two Ing the Intelligence needs of the narrow, prohibitions contained In re- United States, and I would urge my vised section 105 were carefully craft- colleagues to support It on that basis. Thus- for nonp such as typewriters or p p ref n a The other prohibition contained in amended section 105 precludes Ilse of funds by intelligence agencies which have the effect of providing arms, am- munition, or other weapons of war for military, or paramilitary operations in Nicaragua. Unlike the first probibi- . Lion, which applies only with respect to the Nicaraguan Democratic Resist- ance, the second prohibition applies with respect to military operations by or individual" -y, word .. 1. 1._vr innP~~ ~.a. n R. rf Boland pry-from o s ou such sary. for example W rescuing US. Wm- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 July 18, 1985 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE H 5905 w would ng? Mr. STUMP. Madam Chairman, I H.R. 2419 which d rectly or indirectly, military or paramili- yield myself such time as I may con- Be entat foes by the United dstaHouse of tes of tary operations in Nicaragua by any nation. saMa. America in Congress assembled. That this group, organization, movement, or Individ- take adhis Chairman, I to would like the Act may be cited as the "Intelligence Au- ual? gentleman from Indiana, opportunity omend the thorization Act for Fiscal Year 1986". TITLE II-INTELL AEPNCE COMMUNITY man the committee. the the chair- TITLE I-INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES mom O thhio e committ STOKES]. the chairman AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS from O Budget Subcommittee th Sac 101. Funds are hereby authorized to Sac. 201. There Is authorized to be appro- lethe h adership p and fairness in in for their be appropriated for fiscal year 1986 for the priated for the Intelligence Community ledeveloping conduct of the intelligence and intelligence- Staff for fiscal year 1986 the sum of this bill. I would especially like to com- related activities of the following elements $21.900.000. mend the new Members on both sides (or offices, agencies or subelements thereof) AUTHORIZATION OF PERSONNEL LIED-STRENGTH of the aisle for demonstrating their of the United States Government: willingness to spend many hours (1) The Central Intelligence Agency. S gPe Sec, 202. authorized personnel hl as of September And lastly, but not least, the staff, (3) The Defense Intelligence Agency. thr full (4) The National Security Agency. 30. 1986. Such personnel of the Intelligence who. , as usual, has done a tremendous (5) The Department of the Army, the De- Community Staff may be permanent em- job, and I commend them for that. partment of the Navy, and the Department Staff or Intelligence ele- from other Mr. HAMILTON. Madam Chairman, of the Air Force. meets of the United States fronmher. I concur in all of the statements the (6) The Department of State. en of the United States Government. t. of 986, perso gentleman has made, and I thank him (7) The Department of the Treasury. the I During Community year 1 Staff shall of for his expression of appreciation. (8) (9) The The Federal Department of Bureau of Energy. Investigation. selected so as to provide appropriate repre- (10) PRICE. Madam Chairman. this (10) The Drug Enforcement Administra- sentation from elements of the United is the 7th year that the Permanent tion. States Government engaged in intelligence Select Committee on Intelligence and CLASSIFIED SCHEDULE OP AUTHORIZATIONS and intelligence-related activities. the Armed Services Committee worked Sac, 102. The amounts authorized to be (C) During fiscal year 1986, any officer or together to report the authorization appropriated under section 101. and the au- employee of the United States or a member bill for intelligence and intelligence-re- thorize personnel ceilings as of September of the Intelligence Armed Community who is detailed to the nity Staff from smother rated activities of the intelligence com- 30, 1986, for the conduct of the intelligence element of the UNnted it States Government munity. and intelligence-related activities of the ele- shall be detailed on a mates G vernme t As the Members will recall. the meets (or office, agencies or snbelements except that any such officer, emp oyes. or Armed Services Committee shares re- thereof) listed In such section. are those member may be detailed on a n buras- sponsibility for authorizing certain specified in the classified Schedule of Au- ble basis for a period of leas than one year elements in the intelligence authoriza- Sece~tions prepared by the Permanent for the performance of temporary functions tion bill with regard principally to In- Select Committee e on intelligence to acoom- as required by the Director of Central Intel-De- ptny H.R. gress. That 4 Schedule of Authorizations ligence. partment related activities for the I$mLIGENCR COMMUNmr STAT? ADMIHIS" pleased t to of report on Defense. the and I am continued most ex- on on Appropriations madeof the Senate ~ ~ TW= Is sAI$ MANN= As cnsTRAL U'rs LI- _ cooper working relationship select with. and of President Representatives and vide for suitable dig- S= 203. During fiscal year 19sg, activities staff hin select arriving at nom- tribution of the Schedule. or of appropriate and personnel of the Intelligence, CommUnl- and of, the members cooperation ber portions of the Schedule, within the execu- ty Staff shall be subject tathe provisions of plate agreement on all Items of joint the branch the National Security Act of 1947160 U.S.C. responsibility. AUTHORIZATION or APPROPaIATIONS FOR COW!- 401 et seq.) and the Central Intelligence As part 2 of the report states, the re, r O&ISM Acri.iu or Tsls FEDERAL Agency Act of 1949 (50 US.C. 404a et sea.) salts of our recommendations are eras- aU1QAU or n19lsTIGATIon In the same manner as activities and person- allied and are included in the classified SPe 103. In addition to the amounts au- eel of the Central Intelligence Agency. annex to the report H.R. 2419 pre- thosised to be appropriated under section TITLE 171--CENTRAL AND E pared by the select committee. ? 101(9). there Is authorized to be. approPri- AGENCY RETiREMTr D DISKB, I urge the Members to support the aced for finial year 1986 the sum of 1'TY SYSTEM intelligence related activity authorize- $I5.200.000 for the conduct to the activities aarH?aru-Tlox or ArmormTSoHs of the Federal Burew) of Investigation Mrr. HAMILTON. Madam Chairman. Sss: 301. 'Ttlere tsauthosi>+cd io besppro- ti reported in this bill.* counter terrorism in the United States. priac. 1. the a is aut Irr ized to b Agency wro- Hno further CEILING ADroarasENTS Retirement and Disability Fund for fiscal for Central I have e further the requests a for time, Sic. 104. The Director of Central Intelli- year 1985 then sum of $101,400,000.. , - and time. yield back thbalance of my y gence may authorize employment of civilian TITLE IV-PROVII4IONS RS1.ATX14O TO timpersonnel in excess of?the numbers author- yPRO SE AOXN r Mr. STUMP. Madam Chairman, land for the fiscal year 1986 under sections 401: (a) Title V of the' Nafiosial t3eCu- have no further requests for time, and 102 and 202 of this Act when he determines rit C~ of (a) T (50 Intelligence C. 414), oI$1SS u- I yield back the balance of my time. that such action Is necessary to the per- qty 1 U.S Ceace , rebO g to The CHAIRMAN. All time has ex- formance of important intelligence funs by adding at the end the :.f pired. Lions. except that such number may not. for f amended Pursuant to the rule, the bill Is con- any element -(or offices, agencies or subele sidered as having been read for meets thereof). of the intelligence Commu- "NoTlcs To coNORSSS or MAIN wanal- amendment under the 5-minute rule. nay exceed 2 per centum of the nushber of TORSS AND CERTAIN TRANSPS>ts of nQ?w" civilian personnel authorized under such ARTICLSs "So c. (aXl) Funds available to an In- No amendments are in order except sections for such element. The Director of the iollowine amendments. which are Central Intelligence shall promptly notify telligence agency may be oblisk" or ex- not subject to amendment: the Permanent Select committee on Iatehll- for an intelligence or latelligtnos-re- (1) The amendments recommended by the genre of the House of Representatives ted activity only if- Permanent Select Committee on Intent- the Select Committee on intelligence of "(A) those funds were specifically author- gence now printed In the bill, which shall be Senate whenever he exercises the autl by the Congress for use for such ictlvl- considered en bloom and (3) the amendments grin d b this sectio ty; or _ printed in the Congressional Record of July oHls orstwTlvoaNiso IN NI ASSISTAN for HConLillger-ciea foe th from Centr7-1tellt- 16. 1985, by. and if offered by. considered tlve Hamilton. which shall be cnsideen Sac, year 1986, no funds gence Agency and boosistent with t11e pr?vi- bloc and shall be debatable for not to available to the Central Intelligence dons of section 501 Of this Ad concerning exceed twenty minutes. to be equally divid- Agency, the Department of Defense, or any any significant anticipated Intelligence #A- ed and controlled by Representative Hamil- other agency or -entity of the United tivity, the Director of Central Intelligelioe ton and a Member opposed thereto. lved in in . ge v es may has subject to the provisions of section'bol. The text of H.R. 2419 Is as follows: iFiriERF-or expen a or a purposc -or notified the appropriate congressional ebm- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 H 5906 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE July 18, 1985 mit tees of the intent to make such funds "(6) the term 'transfer' means- group. organization, movement or individ- available for such activity; or "(A) in the case of defense articles, the ual." "(C) in the case of funds specifically au- transfer of possession of those articles, and Page , In 12. st 501 out". subject to the tity-d by the Congress for a different ac- provision of thosservices; services; and services, the Ppage 8 line 1, strike out "Fund" and tivh ity '?(i) the activity to be funded is a higher "(7) the term 'value' means- insert .H~.AMILTON. Madam Chairman. a tivity intelligence or intelligence-related "(A) in the case of defense articles, the for the committee a -(ii greater o of- I urge support viii) ) the need for funds for such activity is United StatessgGmovernmentt p u cost the ccoost of amendments. based unforeseen requirements; "tlil) the Director of Central Intelligence Improvements or other modifications made The CHAIRMAN. The question on o of Central and or the Secretary of Defense has notified the by or on behalf of the Government: or the committee men ents were appropriate congressional committees of the " (ti) the replacement cost; and _ The the agreed to. intent to make such funds available for such :.(B) in the case of to the Goverrnment oservi f providing activity. full AM DtImrT orrsxzu BY MR. HAlrrr TOlr "(2) Fund available to an intelligence the services.". agency may not be made available for any (b) The table of contents at the end of the Mr. HAMILTON. Madam Chairman. intelligence or intelligence-related activity first section of such Act Is amended by in- pursuint to the rule. I offer an amend- for which funds were denied by the Con- serting the following after the item relating went. to section 501: The Clerk read as follows: gross "(bX1) The transfer of a defense article or "$ec. 502. Notice to Congress of certain ex- r. HAM L and defense service exceeding $1,000,000 in value penditures and certain trans- Page b, line Amendment 11. strike out "*21.900. by an intelligence agency to a recipient out- fers of defense articles.". Insert in lieu thereof "out side that agency shall be considered a atgntf- covrcrnrrcT~aaa~ce avLNZRMH n?T arroaT Page 6, line 19, strike out "1985" and leant anticipated intelligence activity for Sac 402. (a) The Director of Central Intel- insert in lieu thereof "1986". the purpose of section 501 of this Act. ligence shall review and evaluate the vulner- Page 12, after line 15, add the following "(2) paragraph (1) does not apply If- ability of confidential United States Gov- new section: ^(A) the transfer Is being made to a de- ernment activities abroad. and Information LntaTAaorr ON stmcsT Avr~rosrrr partment, agency. or other entity of the concerning such activities, to efforts by for- United States (so long as there will not be a eign powers to detect, monitor or counter Sac. 503. Notwathstafding any other pro- subsequent retransver of the defense arts- such activities, or to acquire such informs- to vision of no this !a this Act took pursuant any eW cles or defense services outside the United !lira States Government in conjunction with an (b) Within one hundred and twenty days meet of the United States Government for intelligence or intelligence-related activity): after the date of enactment of this Act, the the conduct of intelligence and intelligence- year 199 cause or Director of Central Intelligence shall tkat related activities for fiscal " is contain '?(B) the trsfer- submit to the Permanent Select Committee not be made In an amouint, would (t) contained being in g made pursuant to authorities on intelligence of the House of Represents,- the total amount of authority for ar from which such De U of the Foreign Assist- tives and the Selelet Committee on Intelli- the department ante Act of 1961. the firms Export Control gettne of the Senate a comprehensive report element receives funds to exceed- Act, title 10 of the United States Code (in- on the matters described in subsection (a), (1) the total amount of budget authority eluding a law enacted pursuant to section Including plan for improvements which are authorised for such department or agency 7307(bXl) of that title), or the Federal within his authority to effectuate, and tea for foetal year 1986: or Property and Administrative Services Act of ommendatbtos for Improvements which are (2) If there In so Act ma ~ 191 ii and not within his authority to effectuate. priationkfor such d~~ Tinttel not being made I cerelated activi- (c) The report described in subsection (b) fiscal year 1986, the total amount an inliseaoe or Irrtellige nt of this section shall be exempt from any re- sled for such department . or agency for ty.-(3) An intelligence agency may not trans- quirement for publication or disclosure- fiscal year 1985.. fer any defense articles or defense services TITLE V-GENERAL PROVISIONS Mr. HAMILTON .(during the read- outside the agency in conjunction with any rtssTSrczrow On ing). Madam Chairmen, I disk ItnaOi- intelligenee or intelligence-related activity molls consent that the amendment be J or which funds were denied by the Con- Sac- 501. The u i ion of appropria- considered as read and printed In to tions by this Act shall not be deemed to con- RaCOftO. gress- -(c) As used in this section- solute authority for the conduct of any in- The CHAIRMAN. Is thereobjection "(1) the term 'intelligence agency' means teulsenoe setlvity which Is not otherwise au- to the request of the tentltmSn from any department, agency, or other entity of thorlsed by the Constitution or laws of the Indiana? , the United States involved in intelligence or IInited States There was no obf e(d+loet4 intelligence-related activities; r>m in b p~ aIIQFriB AUTaoarz>m "(2) r the term 'means the intellonce commit, NY ZAW The CHAIRMAN. aittees* PWWWA to tees and the committee on Appropriations SW. 505- Appropriations authorized by House Resolution 224. the gentleman of each House: this Act for salary, pay, retirement. and from Indians [Mr. HA ILTORI will be ??(3) ) the term 'intelligence committees' other benefits for Federal employees may recognized for 10 minuted, and'. a for means the Permanent Select Committee on be ioocaeaeed by suctt additional or supple- Member opposed Will be recognised The Choi ieepgpise8 the ga&leman Intelligence and the Select Committee on IInntef- creases In such benefits anthorlsedby law 10 gence of the Senate', cofoESTT AYSrmwrazs from Indiana (Mr Ha>rlsa+. "(4) the term `specifically authorized by The CHAIRMAN, The Clerk will ]11 b. HAMILTON. Madam Chairm~. the congress' meow that- report the Committee amendments- I offer this sates dment at the 'te'e', " (A) the obelus and the amount activity were The Clerk read as follows: boll of the Pttsee~urent 8tdect CC6ttOdt- request eqty to were the cossriMee amendments: Page 4. strike tee on IntelHgenot- It is a freeze-type a entifis d to in b a e formal used for budget that Conggreress,. but funds nds shall b be deemed to be out through line 21 and inert the Congress, 14 the OOmIaitteeL Ib t is offend awQC that this ;' toeticaliY authorized for that activity only spending restrainV an all House hall imposed to the extent that the Congress ss appropriated for "Sec 106. During fiscal year 19lfg no nding"p111s to date. T11Ot~-Central trot thorized the activity; or funds r be rifs~ for funds availabart le to nt teof Defense, orrany an all ndin~es that Tk*icM that activity and nd appropriated t~ the the funds for Agency. or entity of the Um~ States although (B) ) alththe funds were not formal- Involved In intelligence activities may be ob- should not be immune from s fair y ligated or expended. directly or Indirectly. share reduction. ly requested the Congress both speciflcall to the Nicaraguan The committee has made significant for eyed vie and app pri a the funds for material sistdanae arms. am- cust In the fiscal year for the activity and aDDroristd the funds mm etoher_ equipments or material 1~ for the activ[ty: quest of the adanlrtiatratlOO. These. U"(5) the terms 'defense articles' and 'de- which could be used to Inflict serious bodily cuts were the largest ever mmt3e by thehave the rue services' mean the Items on tho harm or death. wl ms wammuntt on or committee. They were made In view of Union St Stales es Munitions Ids! pursuant e of ins providing the fiscal restraints imposed by -tho- (22tion 3 rt thee Arms mos Export Control Act ct of other r weapons of wsr for mia Dara^ (22 CFR p aN ""' military operations In Nicaraguragua b by any deficits. We believe that all our,alloca- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300570004-9 July 18, 1985 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - HOUSE lions were fair and have not done seri- ous harm to any important intelli- gence programs, or to the national se- curity interests of the United States. The committee's reductions and the reasons for them are fully explained in the classified annex to the commit- tee's report. That classified annex is available In the offices of the commit- tee for review by any Member of the House. In structuring the amendment before us, the committee wished to es- tablish the principle that spending for intelligence programs should be frozen at the fiscal year 1985 appropriation level, or the authorization level for fiscal year 1986 for the departments or agencies within whose budgets intelli- gence funds are located. Ninety-eight percent of the moneys authorized by this intelligence bill are ponta,ined within the Department of Defense authorization. Nearly all of them are hidden to various authoriza- tion categories for security purposes. They are, in effect, subelements of the Defense budget, even though they are separately authorized by the intelli- gence bill and reviewed by the Intedii- gence Committee. Therefore, these Intelligence pro- grams were among those which were affected by the Aspin freeze amend- ment adopted by the House to the De- fense authorisation bill Now, somne tn- telligence programs-like some De- fense programs within those large au- thorization categories-will experience real growth In fiscal year 1986. An ex- ample would be the stratesk defrme initiative which. despite significant cuts by both House and Senate, still exceeds the fiscal year 1985 approprta Lion level by 80 percent. First, this amendment says that no intelligence program may exceed a level which would have the effect of making the oomblnation of Intelii- gence and na^.nehrigenoe programs exceed the level set by the Aspin amendment. This approach Is, the es- sence, I believe, of the Aspire amend- ment, which was to Ymit the total amount of Defense expenditures to fiscal year 1985. My amendment will ensure the intelligence authorization figures will not result In esoeedIng that fiscal year 1g85 .spending cap. Second. this amendment provides that In the case of cuts to the Defense budget that are, in NLect, unalioc0ed, such as those affecting operations and maintenance, whatever allocable share is eventually determined to apply to intelligence programs will be auto- matically taken from those programs. The amendment ensures, in effect, an automatic adjustment of the relevant spending accounts to take account for those across-the4xm" unallocated cuts that were made to the Defense bill This amendment will not require re- ductions In all intelligence program & It will only require reductions where without them defense categories 'would exceed the Aspin freeze levels or where the intelligence budget's share of defense cuts can be allocated. There will be some real growth In many intelligence programs. That, however, is a function of both the committee's and the administration's belief that these subelemeats of the Defense budget are important and de- serve priority. The committee has not given the administration all that it sought. As I indicated earlier, we have made some significant cuts in many intelli- gence programs, but we believe that the total package of intelligence rec- ommendations, combined with the effect of this amendment, results in an intelligence budget that support essen- tial InteHfgenoe functions at defensible spending levels. I urge the adoption of the amendment. Madam Chairman. I yield to the gentleman from Arisona [Mr. 8rvmhrl. Mr. STUMP. I thank the gentleman for yiekInc Madam Chairman, I rise in support of the committee amendment offered by the gentleman from Indiana. The amendment will make absolute- ly dear on the taco of. the bill that the bill will not break any overall budget ceIIhags ,which may be established by the DOD Authorization Act, in which 96 peroemt of intelligence funds are contained. I emphasize to my colleagues on both aides of the aisle that this amendment does not preempt or over- ride any autherbat ion decisions which have been---or will be-made on other awrthorhetion bIQs. The amendment simply er cures that authorization decisions made in ttdB bill for intelligence prvgramn of the variom Government department and agencies will be fully consistent with decisions on the - overdi budget of these departments and agencies made In other suthorfzation bIBS, such as the DOD AuthartEstion Act. I urge my to support the amendment The CHAIRMAN. The Question is on the amendment offered by the gentle- man from Indiana IMr. Hwacrtroxl. The amendment was agreed to. The CHAIRMAN. iirhder the sale;, the Committee rises. Accordingly the OwwdUee rose; and the -Speaker pro. tesapore iNk- MUnrHA) hs aawwsed the Ms. KAFTVa, Chairman of the 0oa3mit- tee of the Whole House on the State of the Union reported that that Com- mittee;, having had under consider- ation the bill (H.R. 2419) to authorize appropriations for fiscal year 1988 for intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the United States Govern- ment, the Intelligence Community Staff and the Central ZMeMgqooe Agency Ret a ent and Disability System, and for other purposes, pursu- ant to House Resolution 224, she re- ported the bill back to the House with sundry amendments adopted by the Committee of the Whole. The SPEAKER pro tempore. the rule, the previous question dered. amendment? If not, the Chair will put them en Eras. The amendments were agreed to. The bill was ordered to be engrossed and read a third time, was read the third time, and passed. and a motion to reconsider was laid on the table. 11 1150 GENERAL LEAVE Mr. HAMILTON. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that all Members may have 5 legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks on the bill just passed. The SPEAKFB pro tempore. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from Indiana? There was rso objection. EXTENDING AOTRORITit To Eta- ` TABLISH AND ADMII~IISTER FLERIRIM 'AND COMPIiES& WORK SCHSDUL R. F20- 88AL EAiY- EF.S , Mr. ACEMAIAN. Mr. ? SpedLer, I ask. imotrs aolheeott to take from the Speaker's table the Senate bill (S. 14563 to extend eve authe.ity to estab- lbb and sasalnidte r fiexlbie andcom- pressed waft schedules for federal Government employees, ate ask for its knMediaite eocaddde i stun In the l3etiae. The Clerk read the title of the Senolbe bill. - Via SPrARNM pro tempore. Is there e6 lion to the request of the see Uemami troth New Tehrid Therewss no ebiectbn. The 40ett read the 'lle:ssste bill: as folowac 81aw as If echsotsd r fs-aelsss doet Nerve of Bepmesehhlatta ea of Ae 74gt4d testae of Alatrtca is fbaonahs A*Xeld MAL Aft- tion 5 of the idetal payees Flexible mid '1itlck llcheddq AM af it8