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December 22, 2016
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September 26, 2011
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Approved For Release 2011/09/26: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300610010-7 NARCOTIC DRUGS (Cont'd) Convention for limiting the manufacture and regulating the distribution of narcotic drugs, With protocol of signature.' 2 Done at Geneva )ttly 13, 1931; entered into forceJuly 9, 1933. 48 Stat. 1543; TS 863; 3 Bevans 1; 139 LNTS 301. Protocol amending the agreements, conventions, and protocols on narcotic drugs concluded at The Hague on January 23, 1912, at Geneva on February 11, 1925, and February 19, 1925, and July 13, 1931, at Bangkok on November 27, 1931, and at Geneva June 26, 1936, with annex.' Done at Lake Success, New York, December 11, 1946; protocol entered into force December 11, 1946; for the United States August 12, 1947; Annex entered into force for the United States November 21, 1947. 61 Stat. 2230; 62 Stat. 1796; TIAS 1671, 1859; 4 Bevans 267; 12 UNTS - 179. Protocol bringing under international control drugs outside the scope of the convention of July 13, 1931 (TS 863), for limiting the manufacture and regulating the distribution of narcotic drugs, as amended by the protocol signed on December 11, 1946 (TIAS 1671).' Done at Paris November 19, 1948; entered into force December 1, 1949; for the United States September 11, 1950, 2 UST 1629; TIAS 2308; 44 UNTS 277. Protocol for limiting and regulating the cultivation of the poppy plant, the production of, international and wholesale trade in, and use of opium. 2 Done at New fork June 23, 1953; entered into force March 8, 1963. 14 UST 10; TIAS 5273; 456 UNTS 3. NOTES: ' Replaced by convention of March 30, 1961 (TIAS 6298), as between contracting parties to the later convention. 2 Applicable to all territories except as otherwise indicated. Single convention on narcotic drugs, 1961.1 Done at New York March 30, 1961; entered into force December 13, 1964; for the United States June 24, 1967. 18 UST 1407; TIAS 6298; 520 UNTS 204. NOTES: I Applicable to all territories except as otherwise indicated. Protocol amending the single convention on narcotic drugs, 1961. Done at Geneva March 25, 1972; entered into force August 8, 1975. 26 UST 1439; TIAS 8118. Convention on psychotropic substances. Done at Vienna February 21, 1971; entered into force August 16, 1976; for the United States July 15, 1980. 32 UST 543; TIAS 9725; 1019 UNTS 175. States which are parties: Afghanistan' Algeria Argentina' Australia Barbados Benin Bolivia Botswana Brazil' Bulgaria' Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Rep.' Cameroon Chile China' Colombia Costa Rica Cuba' Cyprus Denmark Dominican Rep. Ecuador Egypt' Ethiopia Finland France' 2 Gabon German Dem. Rep.' Germany, Fed. Rep.' Greece Grenada Guatemala Guyana Hungary' Iceland India' Iraq' Italy Ivory Coast Jordan Korea, Rep. Kuwait Lesotho Libya' Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Mauritius Mexico' Monaco Morocco Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Pakistan Panama Papua New Guinea' Paraguay Peru' Philippines Poland' Portugal Qatar Rwanda Saudi Arabia Senegal Somalia South Africa' Spain Sweden Syrian Arab Rep. Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia' Turkey' Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Rep.' Union of Soviet Socialist Reps.' United Kingdom United States' Uruguay Vatican City Venezuela Yugoslavia' Zaire NOTES: With reservation(s). 2 Applicable throughout the territory of the French Republic (European and overseas departments and territories). S Applicable to Berlin (West). NOTES to Narcotics Chart: With reservation(s). 2 With statement(s). 5 See under country heading in the bilateral section for information concerning acceptance of treaty obligations. 4 Applicable to Norfolk Is. 5 Applicable to all territories. 6 Joint notification with France of transfer of duties and obligations under the convention. 7 Pre 1949 agreements applicable only to Taiwan. 8 The Taiwan authorities have adhered to the 1953 protocol and the 1961 convention. See note under CHINA (Taiwan) in bilateral section. 9 Applicable to Greenland. 10 Applicable to New Hebrides; continued application to Vanuatu not yet determined. 11 Applicable to Overseas Departments and Territories. 12 Applicable to Land Berlin. 13 Applicable to Sikkim. 14 Applicable to Curacao. 15 Applicable to Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. 16 Applicable to Cook Is. (including Niue) and the Tokelau Is. '% Applicable to Namibia. K Applicable to Bermuda, Falkland Is. and dependencies, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, St. Helena, Leeward Is. (Montserrat). 19 Applicable to territories in note 18; also extended to British Virgin Is. 21) Applicable to territories in notes 18 and 19; also extended to Anguilla, Cayman Is. and Turks and Caicos Is. 21 Applicable to territories in notes 18- 20; also extended to the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick ofJersey and the Isle of Man. 22 See Vietnam footnote under AUTOMOTIVE TRAFFIC: convention of September 19, 1949 (3 UST 3008; TIAS 2487; 125 UNTS 22). Approved For Release 2011/09/26: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000300610010-7