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December 22, 2016
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August 18, 2011
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Approved For Release 2011/08/18: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000701540013-7 19504 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD-SENATE June 16, 19 The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is all re- do want to emphasize the committee's when we look at these vectors over maining time yielded back? Interest In finding a solution which can last three decades, or so, It Is easy to Mr. BROOKE. I yield back the remain- indeed be enacted, so I trust that the that they do not run In our favor. der of my time. Senator and his colleagues and staff will The Korean situation is Mr. McGOVERN. I yield back the re- work energetics part of mainder of my time. A7 with the Foreign Re le- overall conflict between the free coo loons Committee to find a solution be- and the Communist world, a cost The PRESIDING OFFICER. The ques- fore the e conference on H.R. 13888. lion is on agreeing while Willie Schlamm has very an to the e _ . agreed to- ------,c was Senator, so I believe we should expect sense, but within nations themselves. I ' that he will direct his staff to prepare can see this graphically in the pre, Mr. McOOVERN. I move to lay that recommended changes in the bill's pro- configurations of East and West a motion on the table. visions. Falling agreement on such rec- many and North and South Korea. The motion to lay on the table was on?mendatlons, of course, we are pre- used to be visible as well in North a agreed to. pared, as he indicated, to drop the matter South Vietnam before the intenaific AD0iT13NAL "Araxa , avaarrraa in conference, and then the subject would Lion of the Vietnamese conflict,- a co Mr. STEVENSON. Mr. President, sec- have to be taken up on another bill. Hict which was Initially presented to tion 458 of H.R. 6689 amends the For- Mr. STEVENSON. Mr. President, I as another "civil war." eign Gifts and Declarations Act to regu- thank the distinguished Senator for his The arena of the struggle between t late the acceptance of gifts, including assurance, and relying on it, I will not free world and the Communist world travel, food, and lodging, by Members press the matter at this time. It is my 11 Pervasive. Much of the battle is ids, and congressional staff from foreign hope that if not before the conference, logical and Political; sometimes it governments. It applie3 as well to mem- soon after it will be resolved satisfac- fought at the level of unconventlor berg of the executive branch. toray. warfare; sometimes it erupts into co This section was approved by the For- veatlonal conflict, as when South Vit eign Relations Committee without hear- Mr. HATCH. Mr. President, embedded Ham fell to naked aggression; and ov 1ngs. It has not been reviewed by the within the State Department authoriza- it all there looms the prospect of nude Select Committee on Ethics or the Com- ion bill we find a statement of U.S. 8conflict between the superpowers. mittee on Rules. Its purpose is commend- Policy envisioning the withdrawal of U.S. able, but its methods appear ground troops from South Korea within When we look thoughtfully at the crag to conflict 4 to 5 years. My amendment asks that we discover that the trend of historic with rule 43 of the Senate. And, what is development over the last few decal more, its provisions could impose re- the U.S. Senate go on record as favoring, quirements upon the Members which are instead. a policy of maintaining U.S. world has been and the the contraction co ncneom mitant t x the tr difficult, perhaps impossible, to comply ground strength on the territory of our expansion, with, and enforcement impossible, to South Korean ally as long as this may be Communist Power. With the partial t upon the Ethics Committee which would necessary. I believe that it is important ception of Chile and Portugal, the anti be dllflcult to carry out. that a policy decision of this magnitude recent development of the world has be( I had thought to seek the Senate's be openly and freely debated. It is the in the direction of Communist help purpose of my amendment to stimulate Molly. as one country after another ht Support of an effort to strike this provi- such a debate. succumbed to Communist tyranny. Sion from the bill in order to give us President Carter has recently an- viet Power has spread further and fm time to work out a sensible solution. But nounced his intention to withdraw ther around the globe as we have chose I have discussed it with the distinguished American troops from South Korea. My to retreat. I use the word advised13 floor manager and he has agreed to drop amendment would contradict that There Is virtually no instance-not eve the matter in conference with the House Policy. It will no doubt be objected, that in Southeast Asia-where we have bee if by then a satisfactory formulation is defeated militarily when we decidedg not agreed to by the Foreign Relations the policy of a phased Korean with- stand. Rather, we Committee and the Committees on drawal was initiated by the Republican for a continuing Ethics and Rules. Between now and the administration of President Nixon. Even policy have ourselves opt8 of retreat. conference, other Members also would be if that policy was correct initially. in In Europe, Eastern Europe remain afforded an opportunity to be heard on 1977-after the calamitous fall of our firmly under Soviet control, while Cam the subject under this procedure. So. I Southeast Arlan allies and many other monist Parties are making serious hope the distinguished Senator from negative occurrences--such a policy is in some respects unprecedented politic, ics South the Dakota - tries. dis will confirm my undo clearly wrong. inroads in the Western European coon In Africa. that he Is prepared to drop this In my remarks today I would like first other embraces one couand urns as section if before the conference we have to place this Korean decision in a larger tile otr to the interests Marxism. the nd turns Ii not agreed upon an acceptable solution context of the United States' position in rests of fhfree world. D to the problem. the world, and then go on to a more Latin America, Cuba remains as intran. Mr. MCGOVERN. Mr. President, the specific discussion of the problems con- aigent as ever, encouraging terrorise Senator from Illinois states the under- nested with a Korean withdrawal which throughout movements throughout the region, art standing correctly. I agree with him that we do not always seem to consider. evidently succumbing Africa as wale Jamaica t this complicated matter deserves fur- If we are wise, we will not make policy olicy we are e are in danger anger even ourselves the disease, of disease, an ni they attention. Because the House acs- decisions Korea in isolation from our up our vital control ol over the Pana nama proved a bill containing no provision on overall foreign policy. As a matter of fact, Canal. In Asia, we have departed froc this subject, It should be Possible for the we may make that decision without tak- almost all of the Southeast, we seem k Senate to recede in conference If by then ing other factors Into account, but when be intent upon reducing, if not eliminat- we have not worked out a solution ac- the decision Is implemented. It will nec- ing, our presence on Taiwan, our our hold ceptable to the Committees on Ethics essarily have complex ramifications for on bases in volatile Ja and Rules. I assure the Senator that we our position in the world. And a dehbera- Pan is somewhat understand the problems this provision the body like the Senate is in duty to tenuous, weaken n and m m now kedly we our commitment to currently entails for the Members and bound to consider all these factors. a our commitmeont m inst the committee which he chairs, and I am In foreign South Korea. r Andallanthisominoccoursuss agaviet g policy, just as In defense, the confident in giving assurance that the the really crucial matter is not the rela- military ary buildup of ildup which has-In my judg- Senate conferees on this measure will tive positions of adversaries at any ment-placed the United States In a do all they can to develop with him and particular time. It is. rather, the vectors condition of clear military and strategic other Members a satisfactory solution. I of the power relations in the world. And inferiority. In addition. through the de- ?? ""' ti Committee conferees are re s Often the front lines run, not 1 Mr. BROOKE. I move to Te rnnaider e-t.. - -~,- ---pp$10 ac- .3'?e -- . . Approved For Release 2011/08/18: CIA-RDP05CO1629R000701540013-7