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March 21, 2012
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January 18, 1977
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21: CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 iII. 18 Jan 77 I - ' -0V0 .'MN! nt, t, i1?3 functionaries, front-rai:krrs union and i'.3ctoiies, collective and state (Komsomol] representatives of the creative intellegentsol active farms of the m elon fence, soldiers of the Soviet Army, and numerous prmy pants in the city de- ovation General Secretary of the Cr rt Central greeted with a stoa speech. S entral Committee Leonid Ea~ezhnev who made a The meeting was transmitted b;; the central television network of the USSR. Brezhnev Speech Moscow TASS in English 0922 GMT 18 Jan 77 LD %~?c.:+4dLtC~~-rte ,~s~ CP~'~~ HT "Leonid Brezhnev is Speech in Tula "--TABS headline] .G,c, 77 t-~sli .Cct,~a ~Text7 Tula, January 18 TABS-- f1bxt]ev, the The following is the text of a speech made by general secretary of the CPSII CC, at a celebration e Leonid the presentation of the Gold Star medal to the hero cit of meeting, demoted to y Tula, Dear Comrades, Present in the hall w:re USSR tTIONAL A AIRS POLITICAL SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTS The farther the years of the Great Patriotic Free: us we realise the greatness and significance of the recede lY heroic dl n4o those unforgettable years. Today we are honouring Ttrla, the hero city, whose outstanding exploit earned the highest award of the homeland. As war veteran, it gives me great Pleasure on this share your holiday mood. red-letter day to be with you, to . I wholeheartedly congratulate the citizens of People of all age and professions o Your glorious town, men and women, n the lofty award. The hero cities, whose names are associated for all t events of the war, salute and congratulate time with the most memorable Sevastopol and Odessa. Kiev and 1~Ltrrsk Novoross lbscow, Leningrad and Volgograd, sent their. representatives ly:sk, Kerch and the Brest Fortress you to admit you into their glorious Veterans of ,heroic family. (aPP la ase the formidable years of war, frontline soldiers and workers at the home front, who did everything for the sake of victory, salute and congratulate you, (w/arse All Soviet people today Share your joy and your pride . (app /Dose ) On such remarkable days, one most strongly senses rests on that which was oreatred the link of times, For our gained and defended by Preceding din8 generations. Your city is one of the oldest in arsenal of the the country. For centuries Tula u was ohs shield and skilled oaftemu, Russian state. The character of Russian man-- staunch defender of the homeland, unbendi se worker and future--matured on these ancient lands. Capp/suss) n8 fighter hter for a haPPY Tula is a city with a wealth of rewlutio fighting detachments of the Russian nary and fighting traditions. One of the battles here. proletariat was formed and hardened [paragraph coattruea) do class Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 H 4 U:i iH NATIONAL APPAIRS POLITICAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTS In the years of revolution and civil war the city became an arsenal for the Red Army. The offensive of Denikin'a troops was checked at the approaches to Tula. Lenin wrote at that time: 'Tula is just now of exceptional importance--and generally speaking, even independently of the enemy being close at hand, Tula is of vast importance to the republic'. And today we have every reason to say--working class Tula has always been worthy of this high Leninist appraisal. (app /Ouse )? In the dramatic days of the autumn of 1941, when the Nazi command staked everything on the capture of Moscow, Tula once again became an impregnable fortress, standing in the road of the enemy. The fascists wanted to seize Tula and to advance toward the capital from the south. The target seemed to be easily attainable to them. Ouderyan,s armoured divisions were not confronted by big alignments of Soviet forces at that moment. The people of the city and its environs, however, rose to the defence of Tula together with army units. Even at a time when the enemy almost succeeded in closing the ring the people of Tula did not falter, -d44-net--pan1e- Workers, producing arms and ammunition, miners and steel-makers stood to the last man. Prom the fiery frontlines of 1941 the gallant Tula workers' regiment marched into immortality. (arr/Yu5e ) The communists, the Tula party organization were the soul of the heroic defence. On October 16th, 1941, a meeting of the city party active resolved not to surrender the city to the enemy. It is impossible to read this document without emotion. Tula, the red , the city of glorious armourers, the city of metal workers, the resolution of the active said, will never be in the dirty paws of the man gangsters. We, the Bolsheviks of Tula, reassure the Central Committee of the (B), that all, like one man, will take up arms to fight to the last drop of blood for our homeland, for our beloved city, and will never surrender Tula to the enemy". And the people of Tula honoured their pledge. Capp la,r) aP~p Ius_ 32,000 out of the 40,000 party members took up arms to fight. The communists rallied the people to the construction of defensive fortifications. They did their utmost to maintain an exemplary revolutionary order in the besieged city, to continue the manu- facture of defence production without the slightest break. The sons and daughters of the Leninist Komsomol were fighting the enemy shoulder to shoulder with the communists. And Tula held out. Tula vanquished. (app/ausc It gives me great pleasure to greet the organizers of the defence of This, who are here: The chairman of the city defence committee and first secretary of the regional party committee Vasiliy Gavrilovich Zhavoronkov, the chairman of the regional executive comm- ittee Nikolay Ivanovieh Chmutov, the oommanders of military units Anatoliy Petrovich Oorshkov, Mikhail Trofimovieh Bondarenko and Stepan Fedorovich Zubkov. (app/dune after eacA Warne ) Veterans of the workers' regiment Nikita Pavlovich Zubankov, Alekeey Nikolayevieh Terekhovkin, Vsevolod Sergeyevich Strokov and others are in this hall today.* Here are former soldiers, guerrillas, workers at This factories, those who forged the weapons of victory in the front-line city, under enemy fire. (applause cif-fey earls rlarn -) Please, dear friends, accept the deepest gratitude from all these you were defending d rd sueeeecled in de )tj IN (app lau,se ) Many, very many did not rbturn from the battlefields. They fell for the sake of life, for the sake of the homeland. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 Congress, is being implemented. al advance, charted by the 25th CPSU emented. You, the people of Tula, are also successfully implementing this program. Present-day Tula is a major industrial and cultural centre. Important scientific researches are being conducted here, up-to-date machines, equipment and precision instruments are being developed and manufactured. The workers, technicians and engineers of Tula, the intellectuals of Tula make a weighty contribution to the cause of communist construction. Capp/Ouse) It gave me pleasure to lev,,gn kh, r'i0XOV;dA' you had fulfilled the socialist obligations of the first year of the five-year plan period ahead of schedule and that industry of the city turned out almost 15 million rubles worth of production over and above the plan. And it is important that the increment in industrial production was obtained through a rise in labour efficiency. Among those in the van are the staffs of the "Tulachermet" scientific and production organization, of the "Shtamp" and "Priboya" factories, of the Kosogorskiy metallurgical and other enterprises. They are persiste tl s working on the technical modernization of production, the introduction of ~~~~# sy gee J~am/ raising the efficiency of the entire economics activity.ctrolling quality of production, A splendid impression was made by the staffs of the engineering works I inspected last night. 63 per cent of their production earned the state mark of quality. Of course, -there still is such an indicator as 100 per cent, but even that which has already been achieved is good, is great. U3SR NATION;.' AFFAI;t3 POLITICAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTS 0 P'_c:,se to honour the memory of the fallen heroes. Comrad(,:;, the le.;sons of the last war call us to vigilance. Indeed, fascism was routed. TnBuertethere still are fascist and profascist regimes. Some people still dream of revenge. aggressive forces that are by no means passive. This must not be forgotten. Yesterday I went to Yasnaya Polyana. This is a holy place for every cultured The life, described by Leo Tolsto peran y, receded into the past, but his works are eternnal, , for eternal are the undying movements of the mind and the heart he depicted so brilliantly. There, in Yasnaya Polyana, the great writer pondered much over problems, which are uppermost in our minds, too, problems of war and peace. But all ideas of Leo Tolstoy are in keeping with our epoch. But the message of his great novel, the message that in the final analysis the people, the masses solve the fundamental problems of history, determine the destiny of states and the outcome of wars, this profound message is true today as always.t Recalling the grave years of war, we pay tribute to the fighting people, the victorious people, the people, who in three post-war decades converted their homeland into a mighty, flourishing power. * (app louse ) It is often said: How fast does time fly. Indeed, this is so. Time flows slowly only where nothing happens. Just look what is being done in our country: Everywhere? construction projects, everywhere--work, everywhere--continuous, vigorous advance. The Tenth Five-Year Plan period took a confident start. 1976 witnessed the biggest-ever harvest in our history--224 million tons of grain. Increment in industrial production was 4.8 instead of the planned 4.3 per cent. More than 6,000 million roubles worth of industrial production was marketed over and above the plan. The real incomes of the population increased 3.7 per cent during the year. To put it in a nutshell, the tremendous exciting program of economic and Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 use days reports are streaming in from all over the country about the tremendous enthusiasm with which millions upon millions of working resolution of the CPSU Central Committee, the Council of Ministers ofctheiUSSR, the AUCCTU and the YCL [Komsomol] Central Committee "on the all-union socialist emulation for raising the efficient of Y production and improving the quality of work, for --- .ul:..lling ;;:e assignments of the Tenth Five-Year Plan". to worthily meet the 60th anniversary of the Great b Increingd doedgds everywhere. There is no doubt whatsoever that the Tula a Revolution are , all work n people of your city will also approach the anniversary panty organisation, all working successes. (app tausi)of Soviet power with big labour Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 R 6 :7:;"i r,1ATIO1,'Ar. 1{E:?ce?., i :,_^.-... lror'r,1:. t:hgt the th:: vr't;.?orkor:: of the enter hone::,.?y title c, city had beer: awarded to ;t ?., ,, prise called upon. all th:: !:. anlt of Tuln to make rlu].a, r,i,r!,lg ! a. r, , 5uctior, ui .'o ::upf,ort this ir,i ,.i. e ..,ul :heartedl^ompl,r:, cu1L: u.,. ~?;,y a, ,-- e, I hould t y? (ap, /ause) in the fi^ eKi: ar.: i I,., f t:rc new year, It is appropri:..? to recall that a good hial: i:; r i,>'r. ;,? ~i:: !,;,, ~icu]ar]~' plan per-: L; :,ttein tl,T Of E?1'ficiL:ie Ilanned lev?r] of and qu;,l:t?y. For., to he ]. ,_ n;or.;_:?t, ;,;:: quantity n, so to :.u;:!, ~eone on n, ?E;o into hi~?:ur ge:;:," at, new level of oua'-ity, to 1 1 or' tere ebvlou ly in:,decuat,- to a t jrkedl~ improve efficiency. :ysten;;,tic, ever . -day work is needed. A ?. ,.c , of - course, not only to Tula, but to all enterprises ono?:?y, all labour collectives in torn and countryside. all The Tula :;nr'r.t:_? :,~ ~lua~:_ e ,^:hd it n r?e=:owned for his skill, the qualf.ty of his production. r.ct thout r.aso n that ;,e-,kov made the hero of his well-' "Levsha" (''Left-Iiandr") prr?ci?el cno::n stor III. 18 Jan 77 to the fact y a Fula handicraftsmar.. And, Y that Levsi,a ,:ot only Pride Zde his attention w`+at we today; y hay great skill but also takes pride in his art, be, would all the quality of work. He cannot work badly, in o"; his di t `lit' of working man- You certainly rl J / agree with me that the problem of quality in many ways remains a of skill, and professional qualification, and the conscience of every worker our time, too, the -time of fast scientific and technolo problem changes in the nature of labour, On progress and of tremeen ndous On this red-letter day one cannot help saying kind words of those who worthily continue the glorious traditions of working class r?r-=~z attitude to their worker's duty. who set examples of conscientious, Shishkovs, the Ilyins y. The renowned workers' d g the S the best the lyins and the iihonovse joy profound respect in Tula asmon of ofothd best are hero Grishin shin and fitters and Am lea hs best Gennadiy Aleksandrovich gPu shkin. Among Aso team leaders sinterer Ivan I,ikhailovich Borisov, who was a delegate to the 25thCPSUCon are senior grinders Alevtina Stepanovna Serova, member of the Central gress, CPSU, and Aleksandr Ivanovich Chekulayev, deputy Supreme edetov Commission the s sthen of iet the Among them are assemblers' team leader V lentina AleksandrovnaKasimova, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, and many other comrades. In our county l~ y there are hundreds of thousands of such people who by their example illumine the road ahead of us. And this is as it should be. Soviet people, since the Since there lives the party of communists leads the country onward, be men and women with Fier y hearts, boundlessly loyal to our i there always will Glory and honour to them. immortal communist cause. APP l~Se) lapp Th Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 O III, 18 Jan 77 7 USSR NATIONAL AFFAIRS POLITICAL & SOCIAL IEVELOpMN. in keeping with the Leninis'. 'tiun to consult the party and the people on the most important matters of concern. the entire state, the Central Committee recently addressed a letter to collective farmers, workers of state farms, farm-machine operators, scientists, specialists in agriculture, workers in industry that supplies materials and technical equipment for agriculture. to all working people of the Soviet Union. This document characterises the most urgent problems of agriculture and sets forth a concrete programme of its accelerated development. Judging b the ' ' y people s response to the Central Committees letter,. communists, all working people are fully resolved to devote all their energy to the effort to grow a bumper harvest, to ensure a new upsurge of animal husbandry This is rejoicing. This instills confidence that in the anniversary year the workers in agriculture will advance to new frontiers in the development of this vitally important branch of the economy. Comrades. I think there is no need today to dwell on the entire spectrum of domestic problems and tasks. They were clearly formulated at the 25th Congress of the CPSU. They were thoroughly discussed last October at a plenum of the Central Committee. The plenum confirmed again that concern for Soviet man, for his needs and requirements is in the centre of the party's policy. The steady growth of the people's living standards was and remains the pivotal direction of all our plans, both for the immediate future and for the lengthy perspective. (off /auSC-) Here we have many big and complex questions. Not all of them are being solved as swiftly as we would like. You know that the weather conditions during the past five-year-plan period, especially in 1972 and 1975, were extremely unfavourable for agriculture, This could not but affect the population's supply with meat and dairy products. The party j sees these difficulties and is doing maximum of what is possible to overcome them. I want to stress in this connection that the CPSU Central Committee has outlined a number of extensive measures aimed at changing the situation in animal husbandry for the better. These measures are already being implemented. Much more fodder has been stored than last year. Hog and poultry breeding are being developed at an accelebrated pace. The emphasis is being made on improving the reproduction of livestock and on the intensive fattening of animals. Conditions are thereby being created for a noticeable improvement in the population's supply with meat and dairy products. On the whole, comrades, the Tenth Five-Year Plan will signify a major stride forward in the growth of the people's welfare. Suffice it to say that last year alone nearly eleven million people had their housing conditions improved. The average monthly wage of industrial and office workers now exceeds 151 roubles. During the past year the retail goods turnover of state and cooperative trade grew by 4.6 percent. 4he decision to raise the rates and salaries of 31 million workers in education, public health, culture, trade and communal serv ces was adopted recently. This appears to be quite a good new ' pitecabe done, years present- trictly speaking, the word "present" is not quite The raising of wages is a logical result of the growth of the social productivity of labour. ! The dependence here is simple: The more efficient is our work, Tithe bigger are the possibilities of the state. I am convinced that everyone will draw a correct conclusion from this: To live better, to earn more, one must work better. This } s an old but not an aging truth. k 8~p case , Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365ROO0100020001-2 III. 18 Jan 77 8 U---R p .~ R 8 3~R NATIONAL AFFAIRS POLITICAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPHEiv'TS As I was preparing to come here. I made a point how the people of Tula are living and how the town is developing. I was told that new houses with modern conveniences are built in Tula every year, that accommodation in schools and kindergartens was increased and new hospitals and outpatient clinics were opened. I know you will say that this is not too much. You will say that more flats are needed, more schools and kindergartens, more goods in stores. Well,.you are right. Our requirements are outrunning our possibilities. But we are not marking time, we are advancing. Let us compare several figures. Whereas 474 million roubles ware allocated for the development of Tula in the Eighth Five-year Plan and 718 million in the ninth, the Tenth Five-year Plan provides already for 903 million roubles, * 2,280,000 square metres of housing were commissioned during the past ten years. This actually means that a second Tula was built. Wonderful buildings of a theatre, a circus, an art museum, a sports complex, many new schools, kindergartens and nurseries have appeared in the city. 'Why you a laud dox ~E y PP ~ Capp lause-) As you see the line of further improving the life of working people is quite evident. Spendings on housing construction, education and public health, on everyday and communal needs are steadily growing. This is true not only of Tula. This is true of the country as a whole. All our deeds and thoughts are directed at perfecting the socialist way of life. Capp i&asc ) Everywhere our great people is absorbed in peaceful creative work, is engaged in an under- taking of tremendous scope and historic importance. And It does not want the threat of war to weigh down on it as heavy burden. The 25th congress instructed the Central Committee undeviatingly to build up efforts in the struggle for lasting peace. And that is what we are doing, acting persistently and consistently. Soviet people ardently approve of the party's foreign policy, They know that this policy safeguards their motherland from war, accords with the interests of all nations, opens up scope for friendship and cooperation among them, services the cause of social progress throughout the planet. At numerous meetings and rallies, in thousands upon thousands of letters to the CPSU Central Committee, to newspapers, to the radio and television they give the Central Committee, Its Political Bureau, and the government their due for their tireless struggle for peace. Capplaus e-) No country has ever offered mankind such a sweeping, concrete and realistic programme of `lessening and then fully eliminating the danger of a new war, as it was done by the Soviet Union. This programe includes such a global measure as the world treaty on the non-use of force in international relations. It encompasses all the main problems connected with the arms race and outlines effective steps towards curbing it. towards disarmament. It is directed at preventing the appearance of new types and new systems of weapons of mass destruction, at complete prohibition of nuclear tests. The Soviet Union has offered the United States to retrain on a mutual basis-from the development of new types of submarines and strategic bombers. All our peace initiatives accord with the common line of fraternal socialist states in the international arena. We struggle together for their implementation. The proposals by the Soviet Dion and its friends are su ort d pp e by dozens of states in the United Rations organization, by the popular masses in all continents. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21: CIA-RDPO5SOO365ROO0100020001-2 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 o nature. inherent in the defensive alliance Ofaso " now cialist~atates---Bulof of the Peaceful ODR, Poland, Romania, the USSR and Czechoslovakia. It was P So tthat Hvnryrp, the in the European conference undertake the obligation ~~efirst every nuclecrpant weapons against each other and not to enlarghenumber t of b members of the ar nwa organisation and NATO. the Warsaw treaty We are firmly convinced that in the long run the lofty ideas of Leninist party and the Soviet state will be implemented, peace upheld by the Capp But this can be achieved only through struggle, precisely through struggle, comrades. Because our constructive proposals often encounter a mute resistance and even open opposition. For instance, when the members of the Warsaw Treaty organisation raised the question of not being the first to use nuclear wee this does pons, NATO's reply was more or less as follows: No, not suit us, we must retain the possibility to threaten the Soviet Union with the use of nuclear weapons.. We hope, however, that those who ultimately determine the policy of states will display a reasonable approach to our proposal. Here is another example. At the talks-on the reduction of armed forces and armaments in central Europe we are told, in effect, the follow less. Such a stand, of course ' You reduce more, while we will reduce cannot advance the negottiations. Felt behind all this is the pressure by the more aggressive forces of imperialism, by the military and military-industrial circles and the "hawks", as they are usually called in the We~litiolat~a bogged down in anti-Sovietism, intelligence agencies, headquarters and various It is precisely on their order that treatises in'which the_.head arbitra it lnatitutes compose thick reports r d III. 18 Jan 77 R 9 USSR NATIONAL AFFAIRS POLITICAL & SOCIAL DHVF1OPMENTS The important proposals set forth at the recent meeting of the Political Committee of the Warsaw Treaty Organisati Consultative n y interpret the Soviet Union's t to strengthen its -dam Policy c and the measures misinformation is circulated throughout e nd as though by command, this taken tel by evision i , the world by news agencies, the Preea, radio and Frankly speaking, this Pots and too , when serious y idle talk has become quite tiresome. And in the West, politicians are asked whether they are.alarraed by the prospect of "Soviet aggression", they answer with a confident "no". Of course, comrades, we are perfect never sacrificed and will never sacrifice rthelsecurity of ourncountry, the s s have our allies. Capp lause_ \ ' tecuri ty of But the allegations that the Soviet Union is going beyond of what is sufficient for defence, that it is striving for superiority in armaments with the aim of delivering the first strike are abeuid and - totally unfounded. .80 long with prominent representatives of the 'American businessocommunit ago, at the medtiand I ng y, I want to emphasize it again that the Soviet Union always was and continues~to be a convinced o pponent of any such concepts. (applaQs ) I Our efforts are directed precisely at.a oidinf either the first or the second strikes and at avoiding nuclear war in gene as toll a pproach to th vws; Thesoet Ui vinlo s delinnese questions can be formulated from takin a poten t b 0 g Do I ak to violate our j ? sufficient to deter anyone ..Dot a course at reducing them, at lessening milt tary ? ?ontation?-such is our policy. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 U..~-:% :.flilo:..,L A.:,l:iii P 1`7TCAL & Sc!r?A.r, DEVELOP;,:FATS On behaif of :,he party and the entire people I declare that jur'country will neve. embark on the road of aggression, will never raise the sword against other nations. CapPlausc_) It is not we but certain forces in the West that are new and new spirals to the arms race. First of all the nuclear arms race. It is not we but those forces that are the initiators of the swelling of military budget: by throwing hundreds of billions into the bottomless chasm of military preparatio;~:. It is these forces, acting under the false pretext of the "Soviet menace", represent the aggressi:?:: line in the international politics of today. And if this line is left without a rebuff it deserves, the threat of war will grow again. This line is equally dangerous for the peoples in the East and in the West. The Soviet Union will oppose it in every way and expose its dangerous essence. From the experience of recent years we know that the policy of capitalist states can also be determined by those who realise the danger of playing with fire and-are capable of taking into account the realities of the contemporary world. We hope that notwith- standing all the vacillations and proneness to phrasemoniering, that is often dictated by domestic considerations, they will keep in the fore good sense and a sober approach to problems of world politics. For it is precisely due to this that the change in relations between the U.:,. az..: France became possible in its time, that the known treaties with the FRG, the four- sided agreement on West Berlin, important agreements of the Soviet Union with the United States, and with other capitalist countries were concluded and the European Conference on Security and Cooperation was held. In other words, detente was set in motion. CK/9ZRY~40Ki9 N/apRy4zH.~ 1Nc T/ What is-detvaate_aa.relaxation of tension? What meaning do we invest in this term? Detente means first of all the overcoming of the cold war and transition to normal, stable relations among states. Detente means willingness to resolve differences and disputes not by force, not by threats and sabre-rattling, but by peaceful means, at a conference table. Detente means a certain trust and ability to take into consider- ation each other's legitimate interests. Life has shown that the atmosphere of international intercourse can be noticeably changed within a short period of time. Contacts between countries in the political, economic, cultural and other fields have expanded. And what is most important, comrades, t he danger of a new big war has been pushed back. People have drawn an easier breath and began to look into the future with greater hope. That is what.-dete relaxation of tensions means and such are its evident results. Capp l ause ) What can the present-day cold war chieftains oppose to it: A growth of taxes and military spending, a further reduction of allocations on the population's social needs? A building up of means of the mass annihilation of humans? A whipping up of military psychosis and fear of the future? This will not be accepted by the peoples. They, will not accept this. ~dpPlaus e) As we all know, the relaxation of international tension was achieved at the price of tremendous effort. Neither is it easy to preserve the accumulated political capital of detente. But no difficulties and obstacles will force us to retreat. There is no more pressing and vitally important task than that of making peace lasting and in- violable. CITPlausp_j Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 III. 18 Jan 77 R 11 USSR NATIONAL AFFAIRS POLITICAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTS Statesmen who are aware of their responsibility to millions 'of people, of their responsibility for the destinies of nations must consider the will of the peoples for peace. As to the Soviet Union, we will not be found wanting.. We are prepared jointly with the new administration in the United States to accomplish a new major advance in relations between our countries. First of all, as we are convinced, it is necessary to complete in the nearest future the drafting of the agreement on limiting strategic armaments on the basis that we had reached in Vladivostok already at the close of 1974. Some politicians in Washington now express regret that this agreement has not been signed to this day. But whatever the regrets, lost time cannot be regained and it is important that practical conclusions be drawn from this. And the question is being asked in the United States as well about possible develop- ments if such conclusions are not made. An influential American newspaper wrote recently that in such an event the Soviet Union and the United States will start the creation of a new generation of nuclear weapons which in practical terms it will be impossible to control. Such a prospect does not suit us. I repeat that time will not wait and the conclusion of the agreement must not be postponed. The Soviet Union. naturally, is prepared to advance further in questions of limiting strategic armaments. But at first it is necessary to consolidate what has already been achieved and to implement the accord reached in Vladivostok, the more so that the interim agreement expires this October. Then we could immediately pass on to talks on more far-reaching measures. Otherwise it may happen that by adding new questions to those that are being currently discussed we will only further complicate and procrastinate the solution of the task in general. The need is ripe to prevent more reliably the proliferation of nuclear weapons, to make more effective the regime of non-proliferation established by the known treaty. We are prepared to conduct businesslike "talks on this matter. ,ADuLd Also ee-n as poss.bk coxe We'wou3.d like to ek~an early agreem nt, on the reduction of armed forces and armaments in central Europe. We have no objections to discussing the related questions at any level and at any venue: in Vienna, in Bonn. in Washington, in Moscow-- anywhere. Cape hose) Standing now in the centre of European politics is the task of fully implementing the accords reached by 35 states a year and a half ago in Helsinki. We regard the final act of the European conference as a code of international obligations aimed at ensuring lasting peace. Of course, all its provisions should be fulfilled and that is our daily concern. The Central Committee attaches much political importance to this work, and many of our ministries and agencies are involved in it. It is quite natural that more has been accomplished by now along some'directions, while along other directions-the necessary measures are being carried out gradually or are only being drafted. Much depends here on the overall state of political relations between states or, as it is said, on the level of the relaxation of tension. By poisoning the international atmosphere the opponents of detente only impede this work. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05SO0365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21: CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 III. 18 Jan 77 R 12 USSR NATIONAL AFFAIRS POLITICAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTS In Western countries individual elements are often taken out of the final act and a big polemic started over them. The purpose of this is obvious: To impede the positive processes started by the European conference. Such people, judging by everything, care little about ensuring lasting peace in Europe. Another thing occupies them. They would like to pressure us, to teach us to live according to rules that are incompatible with socialist democracy, with socialist law and order. I would like to say that this is a futile attempt. (8PP /cruse-) In Helsinki, socialist states and states with a differing social system worked together and achieved big results. This was a serious, businesslike cooperation based on a common interest in success. Now this cooperation should be developed further. We are prepared for this and, as is known, have already made a number of concrete proposals, in particular on some economic problems. We regard as a big and important task the further development of bilateral relations with France, the FRG, Italy, Britzin and other European and non-European states. We have based and will base our relations with them on the principle of peaceful co- existence. This is a Leninist principle, and we sacredly preserve and multiply Lenin's heritage, all of-it . ( P %ause~ We stand for most vigorous measures to liquidate the military hotbed in the Middle East. The bloodshed in Lebanon, that was stopped with such difficulty, has demon- strated once again the dangers that are fraught in a further procrastination of the Middle East conflict. The Middle East needs a lastir~ and just settlement that would not impinge on the vital rights of any state 42' Israel of course has the right to state independence and secure-,,existence. But the Arab people of Palestine has a similar right. The road to a settlement of the Middle East problem, and we have stated this many times, lies through the Geneva Middle East peace conference. It now appears that all the interested sides are inclined to resume its work. And this implies a still further increase in the importance of cooperation between the co-chairmen of the Geneva conference--the Soviet Union.and the United States. Given mutual desire, they could do much to help the sides in the search for mutually acceptable solutions. Such is our position on a number of major international issues. Such are the intentions with which our country entered the new year, 1977. The Soviet Union will strive for this year to bring better results than the previous one in the cause of strengthening peace and secxrity of the peoples, in the...development of peace- ful cooperation between statfe9P1a'Vee will make our constructive contribution and have the right to expect the same from those to whom we address ourselves. Comrades, I am concluding my speech and I would like to draw your attention again to our immediate tasks. The Second year,of the Tenth Five-Year Plan is beginning. And it is very important,.it is extremely important for all labour collectives, in town and in countryside, to work rhythmically, to their full ability from the very beginning of the year, from these very days of January. It is a matter of honour of every communist, of every working man and woman that the . state plan, its quantitative and qualitative indicators be definitely fulfilled, that the socialist pledges be definitely fulfilled. The party's Central Committee, the Soviet Government are convinced that here in Tula peoples will work only in such a manner. (applause) Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21: CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2 III. 18 Jan 77 R 13 USSR NATIONAL AFFAIRS POLITICAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTS Comrades, for more than ten years now an Order of Lenin adorns the banner of Tula. Now I have been entrusted with the honorary and pleasant mission of attaching to your banner a gold star, this symbol of heroism, staunchness and courage, a symbol of nationwide acknowledgement of the outstanding exploit of Tula's defenders. 61P Permit me on instruction of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR to read out the decree on the awarding of the title of "hero city" to Tula. /iy$e~ t be /ou: Dear friends, I again congratulate you all upon the high and well deserved award. May your wonderful city become still more beautiful. May new victories in labour and communist construction add to its glory. Let happiness, high spirits and welfare be in every Tula family. I wish you big successes, comrades. Ld pp lau5S) Same page, insert at bnd.of second paragraph the following additional paragraphs; The decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium on the awarding to the city of Tula of the honorary title "hero city." This is to award the city of This the honorary title "hero city" with the presentation of the gold star medal for courage and staunchness shown by the defenders of Tula during the heroic defense of the city which was a strategic point on the route of the German fascist forces to Moscow in the Great Patriotic War. (applause] LAnnouncer interrupts: "Leonid Ilich Brezhnev attaches the gold star to Tula's banner." The announcer then names the people standing by the banner to the applause of those present.] Comrades, on this your red letter day, I would like to leave as aiimemento in This to the Central Committee and all of you, the sculpture of the working man by the well- known, famous sculptor Shadr which portrays a worker who is bearing freedom and carry- ing the Leninist banner firmly in his hands. [applause] _r?~. ............... vtaa ?auivnul economy or the u i ror 1y7b was fulfilled and exceeded as regards overall volume of industrial production, as regards the manufacture and delivery u' the majority of types of industrial regards the purchases of production. as g n and raw cotton, and as regards retail trade or turnover and a number of other in cators. - -- -- -y~.Lvn ana accumulation, increased by 5 percent in 1976 er. {ie 1975 figure. The increment in industrial production in 1976 was 4.8 peent as,compared with 4.3 percent as envisaged by the annual plan. The plan for marketing industrial production.was fulfilled by all USSR ministries and ministries ji the union republics. Production worth R6.2 billion Labor productivity in industry "--?.] production. lines was mastered. rose by 3,3 percent as compared with 1975. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/03/21 : CIA-RDP05S00365R000100020001-2