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December 22, 2016
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June 4, 2009
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Approved For Release 2009/06/04: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000200470058-6 .Hempstone Limuctor Stansfiel"d Turner has aCCOrnplshedssa a _next, ear's purg III less than a year what the Kremllrt reCtOrke tI) of Operations could well has. been' unable, collapse of some vital U.S. : . ; yers of Cold Wa: to the achieve sin of spy ? c3a' Middle East: the networks. in Europe and the morale of his own agency's top- secret Ditectorate otbperations. In his memo.` DDO-778855, dated T ur IN ]FAIRNESS gas oSbetsaid the thaathi stwo Oct. 7, CIA Deputy Director for immediate ! Operations W m.,W ;wells inform Colby and George Bush s also ed William clandestine services, which handle, deemphasizing the covert operittions such clande8i ne services in favor-of tec countere3 h as espionage, nological intelligence= atherirt . pare militarY yiona eerandations; that political they and ;vices tronic such , as satellites and elec- faced a two sta a pts. reduce g e that will In patt;''ihls. was nti thsA In his ie meirmo ranks by n rly 20'per re ognhio of the advancess Tnrade by- " cent. wiitiih the next45 months. stiencein.this area , VDellt admitted that I .' But it Was also there is no easy way to accomplh thisr? r &Ction bf t~ is ;ater gate rvl son for c overt op pps* conceded-that among the spies to.b and 'ofithe Acllendn Chile l tiott" kicked out into the cold were- number` ofi ~i.rir~di duals,, who have atedufrom e reGen.wg me iit who gradU-sll ;made "a vA ual li3 contribution" ta' `nhvan s wartime e- 4 ,the a ut "Wild of Strate . the agency ,gifd security of -the Services into the CIA had theirfaults United States of`excess,technology also Has its Ii ACCORDING '.TO the mils. memo Wells.' Seto- CIA forced but of the IN SH ORT, what the United Ofwere to bSelec selected on the basis ?their,.eao , . States needs is a balanced ,'intellf- ie` b k'. Yea ,years standing annce capability. It needs satellites rly- valuation boards and a electronic intercepts, historianes. conduct ed ay''the agency's Career' Managei4nt-Staff (CMS) These" and lihysicists; psychologists and soil boards are ctinpgs ?f officers two experts. grades senioi`' those being rated. But the United States also needs ? Udder, ot too tbugh, dedicated clandestine veloped by poiht?system de._ 'es willing and?abl Opera. -the CMS a senioCIA out ii ,r - tle_backalleys rank ' of the e to go world to play agent who has cached supergrede the tier and lived gerous and sometimes dirty alai pot. no Way 0 ha Potential has game fg 'bed on us b y our enemi es. s bility -ta the " g vulnera- Admiral Turner and his coterie of Vie: t he only three black-shoe Navy men ways an officer can.aeculate positive may be right points to wi" in: th2what' ,they're trying to do. ~?ugany negative ones is by havin pr certainl But yre y wrong in th omoted in fil sca , the 'e way., y ears 1976 ofr , r being evaluated y a cut-back about it. as hawiiag' r'.~ e3t> potential" If a cut-is desirable, it ought "in hs havcv p or ` to .be phased over a longer period. 'w L ich arel" Potential," all of And men whoHave given years of fn over 90 ly for ~unlfke any officer brve~hnd honorable- service-tothis the first 198tf't agents got their C0' deserve something more pmk:dins $1{5r,r., sz,:_-- than a twaCPntnni.., ---' th e " icyi11wla 3Crch I (two of them , are tfireaf suits Another 8 class-action. atives will Clandestine oper- ' t eir walking papers< by Junel; ~ next year:. by the end of. warns',th8[if t ~D -77-8855, ition normal attrition} . fate stored into` Ti*ner's planning j should =lag, ;.a ditioti%I . employes" e fired of-4 he in O 1 rati D'rectorate will be 978. , WELLS, A C L Ls n EER CIA officer, or the villain this weakening of. our country's security. Architect of the, cuts was rt'I3 ("Rusty" ) Williams,;a. lomgthrie:{ i # nt tit Consultant-- aid special assistant to:. the, 53-yedr-old r r, William Oh ii Turnerdi t were :urged V David Aaixninj'o the 'Ntil aona Security CouiiCiI, `d. formez Mondale- aide and staf`im r of the Church`, f Connipittee, CIA ,..1 y cut up: the itl;: There is 'bfitottl , so be tv' SOW for- ttti3m_in ant g the senior ranks bf, ganizatioii' to avoid a he ~; lzlri of g uai rea t'tc ie arter ;. s;` rid to rile xo0-ts at the to younger 'for! rectild ate officers of the Di- f v# boos bee 1964 haver bbl o tire at 7O percent ? of ?h. .setv age 5b after five years indicate 4bg n would seem t burned-out Mme a~L#s agetfc :'It' it leids. One CI'A ;< ' rtually irre-- the Halloween Mas; vutc .11M:. "Wed" ,...~. J if smokin g is so?bad t come the federalou, hdw Y tobacco ggrow/nn >> Wverttt~~ ' Subsidizes Approved For Release 2009/06/04: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000200470058-6