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December 22, 2016
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June 5, 2009
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September 12, 1977
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STATUS ~F RE013GANI~AT~OIo1~ 12 September 1977. Work orb implementing the reorganization, discussed in "Notes" X10, 23 August, is continuing. As you know, President Carter charged me and Secretary of Defense Brown with drafting and coordinating an Executive Order that would implement the Presidential Directive of 4 August and update Executive Order 11905. Preparation of the new Executive Order has been under the leadership of John McMahon, Acting D/DCI/IC, representing the. Community,. and Admiral Daniel Murphy, representing the Defense Department. We have reviewed carefully their early draft, and, following several revisions, we are now circulating a revised version to the Community members for coordination. The details of the NIO/DDI merger have been completed. Official announcement only awaits my briefing of the appropriate Committees of . Congress on the reasons for, and objectives of, the merger. As 1 have emphasized before, neither this merger nor the reorganization as a whole will change either of these components' relationship to the Agency. Now that Congress is in session, we will proceed as quickly as possible to clear other aspects of the reorganization through the appropriate Congressional channels. We will also take up such other issues as the location and makeup of the National Intelligence Tasking Center, and consideration of potential nominees to head the Center and other new leadership posts. UNCILASSIFIE7D P~iODUC'T~Q1~I I think it is noteworthy that the reports the DDI's Office of Economic Research has published in the past five months on the world energy situation and the Soviet economic situation have been rzceiving a great deal of public and governmental attention. It is clear to me that they are playing a very useful role, inside the government and out, in both their classified and unclassified versions. This is exactly the kind of stimulus good intelligence ~_-..~::-=?.~._.:~-~...~.~, Approved For Release 2009/06/05 :CIA-RDP05S00620R000601400050-6 ~: Approved For Release 2009/06/05 :CIA-RDP05S00620R000601400050-6 A` ~ ana. processes. While these examples have received more attention because we were able to produce them in an unclassified version, they are only typical of the good work we are producing today in many areas. EEO ACTIVITIES I would like to commend the work of those Agency employees responsible for our EEO activities at the 34th 1Vational Biennial Convention of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. in Denver, Colorado last month. Delta is a minority public service sorority committed to academic excellence and community service. In this first year, of Agency participation, our representatives discussed Agency career opportunities with some 1,Q00 delegates, most of whom were graduate- level professionals, and provided information and exhibits on the work of the Agency. I am dedicated to improving the posture of the Agency in the EEO field, and warn to express my appreciation to all those involved in this tremendously important work. BLIJE;aIRD f ARTICHOKE/1~KSEARCI-I On two previous occasions in this newsletter I have discussed the revelations of past Agency involvement with chemical and biological testing and experimen#ation. In my testimony before the Congress on the MKULTRA case, I assured the American people that we would continue our efforts to uncover the details and persons affected by these programs. Recently, in the course of a routine review of files stored in the Agency Archives, the Office of Security located 14 boxes of material pertaining to BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE, which was the code name for testing programs that preceded MKULTRA. Much of the material in this new find is open literature or was obtained from overt sources, but it does provide additional details on the scope of the programs. The activities conducted under BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE were brought to the attention of both the Rockefeller Commission and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities (the Church Committee) during their investigations. VVe have also uncovered a few hundred documents pertaining to ivIKSEARCH which was the umbrella program that replaced MKULTRA. These documents,. found among old budget materials, verify that MKSEARCH began in 1964 and was terminated in 1972. They do provide some added details on this program, which eve had known very Iittle about. However, we have no reason to believe that the basic files were not destroyed in 1972 as previously reported. Consistent with my belief that we must be open and forthright in this matter, I have informed the appropriate Senate and House committees of this new material. Sanitized versions of the documents will be released under FOIA 2 ;,_. Approved For Release 2009/06/05 :CIA-RDP05S00620R000601400050-6 Approved For Release 2009/06/05 :CIA-RDP05S00620R000601400050-6 T ~ .a. ~ ~~ procedures. While this Pt ,y of disclosure may be painful and e~' arrassing to us all, I feel it is absolutely necessary to rebuild and maintain the image and -credibility of the Central Intelligence Agency. TOURS The dates for running the tours for employees and their families have now been set for 24 September and l ,October. Based on what happens on those two days and the reaction of our CIA families, we will make a final decision on the future of the tour program.- STANS~'IEL.D TURNER Director Approved For Release 2009/06/05 :CIA-RDP05S00620R000601400050-6