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September 1, 1976
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Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 September 1976 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 01' Hoot Farrar used to work for Foote Well Service in West Texas. Now he works for WellTech. Same difference. At the wellsite, company names and logotypes aren't the most impor- tant thing. People are. Which is why there's a photo of 01' Hoot Farrar in this ad. You see, Hoot works for WellTech which used to be called Foote Well Service. And the customers liked the way he and his buddies got after it. Same people, same equipment - different name. Foote Well Service in West Texas, Mohawk Well Service in South Texas, Chris Well Servicing in Oklahoma, and Lafayette Well Service in Louisiana: they're all WellTech now. Which should make identifying quality people, equipment and service easy, wherever you are. Together they form quite a com- pany: about 500 people like Hoot and approximately 100 well servicing, workover and completion rigs. Quite a company. A company committed to the goal of becoming the finest in the well servicing and workover industry. Foote Well Service or WellTech. Same difference. Corporate Headquarters: 1770 St. James Place. Suite 620, Houston, Texas 77056 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05S00620R000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 The Houston CLUBBED Volume 21 September 1976 Number Nine Preview of the Month of September ............................... 2 Headwaiter's Report .............................................. 5 Anthony Stout Men's Forum, September 21 ........................ 7 22 New Members in September ................................... 8 Business Bulletin ................................................ 12 Pierre Rinfret Men's Forum, October 5 ............................ 14 Antique Map Now on View ...................................... 18 R.S.V.P ........................................................ 19 Nancy Joy's Gourmet Gossip ..................................... 21 September Calendar of Activities .................................. 23 The Almanacker ................................................ 24 Shrimp Shuck ...................................................6 Lobster Feast ................................................... 16 Battelstein's Ladies Luncheon ..................................... 20 Younger Wedding Reception ..................................... 22 Camera a la Carte .................................... 15, 17, 18, 22 Kurt Schroeter, Resident Member ...................... June 18, 1976 Howard W. Eiser, Jr., Resident Member ................ July 21, 1976 Our cover depicts a typical Club-and-stadium scene for the 1976 football sea- son, and honors the University of Houston, playing its fast Southwest Con- ference games this year. Illustrator Richard Harris, a native Texan and Hous- tonian for 15 years, attended the University of Houston. Harris specializes in design, illustration and advertising art. He was art director for a Houston ad- vertising agency 'for three years before forming his own company, Harris & Harris Advertising at 7115 Neff. Searcy Bracewell, President Robert D. Dilworth, Vice President Joseph E. Reid, Director Oral L. Luper, Secretary George L. Risien, Director Robert D. Cresap, Director Charles C. (Pete) Sublett, Jr., Director John H. Duncan, Director Donald E. Warfield, Director Lawrence J. Kelley, Ex Officio Raymond D. Watts, General Manager The Houston Clubber is published monthly for members of The Houston Club who receive it monthly in their homes by paid subscription. Subscription price, $12.00 per year. Single copies, $1.00 each. Advertising, Alice B. Rogers, Advertising rates and information on request from editorial offices, 225-1661, ext. 350. Second class postage paid at Houston, Texas. Official publication of The Houston Club. Address all changes of address, notices and other correspondence to Editor, The Houston Clubber, 811 Rusk Avenue, P.O. Box 52969, Houston, Texas 77052. Carter Rochelle, Editor Alice B. Rogers, Associate Victor Helm, Photographer Editor & Advertising Mgr. Ray Herndon, Art Director Ile Iwlston nian. Chooses two new fra- grances from Halston: crisp 1-12 and sparkling Z-14. 4 oz. cologne, 11.50 4 oz. after shave, 9.50 Lion's Head, Downtown, first floor; Sharpstown, Almeda, Northwest, Pasa- dena, Memorial City and Greenspoint. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05S00620R000601560073-4 PREVIEW OF THE MONTH HOUSTON CLUB TEAM TAKES LAST OF YEAR'S THREE OFFICIAL TIME-OUTS LABOR DAY The staff of The Houston Club will be celebrating Labor Day, September 6, by abstaining from labor for the day. While they enjoy their well-deserved vacation, your Houston Club will be closed. The Club's staff wishes all The Club's members a pleasant holiday week-end. They will be back and ready to greet you on September 7. 'SIKH' OUT THE FLAVOR OF INDIA AT BUFFET SEPTEMBER 11 "Kalik," said Gandhi, "announce that the fast will begin ,' he faltered and only with effort regained his resolve,"... im- mediately." Then he looked at his friend with the saddest eyes imaginable. "A pity. Tonight was to have been my night for Samosas and Murgi Kari." Poor Gandhi. Samosas are those precious lamb-filled pastries seasoned to perfection. And Murgi Kari . . . that's chicken exquisitely prepared by a time-honored recipe in- vented by the Dravidians a thousand ages ago. At the Indian Buffet in the Plantation Room on Septem- ber 11, your Club will be offering you these delicacies and other marvelous goodies, too: endless kinds of condiments, fillet of sole, Bengal-style vegetables, and - something the great Mahatma would never have permitted himself - deli- cious prime ribs of beef. For a mouth-watering detailed run- down of the entire menu, read Nancy Joy's column in this month's Clubber. Briefly meditate on the prospect of ravishing your palate with the familiar and the exotic, skillfully blended by your Club's outstanding chefs. Then call 225-1661 to make reser- vations. Time: 6 to 9:30 PM. Cost: $9.50 per person. PICK A SMASHIN FASHION AT ESTHER WOLF LUNCHEON SPETEMBER 15 The seasons change and with them change ladies' fash- ions. The world's top designers have some new ideas for what they think will make you look your loveliest this Fall. And Esther Wolf has got the embodiment of many of these new ideas right here in Houston. Her store features an unusually wide range of designer lines. Ms. Wolf will be sending many fine examples of the latest Fall designer creations along with her to the, Plantation Room September 15. Why not avail yourselves of a marvelous op- portunity. Play it cool by taking the orderly and relaxed ap- proach to deciding just what new outfits to get into this autumn. It nearly goes without saying that the fashion parade will be preceded by one of the Club's fantastic light luncheons Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05S00620R000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 starting at 12:15 PM. Aperitif aficionados, come slightly earlier. So, say "yes" and come. Call The Club at 225-1661 to make your reservations. Cost: $5.75 per person. SHRIMP SHUCK COMING UP SEPTEMBER 17 AW, SHUCKS, DEAR, LET'S GO There once was a shrimp from the sea, . Who, when asked as to why he should be, Replied, "Seaman or lubber, I'm meant for some Clubber, And that certainly satisfies me!" -An anonymous shrimp shucker it's become the national game. And any game of the national game is cause for making a day of it. Your Houston Club can certainly help you do that. Cocktail service in the Lounge will commence on Satur- day at 4PM, to be followed by a delicious pre-game buffet in the Plantation Room. Then - provided there are enough inter- ested Clubbers - a bus will be available to take game-goers to the Stadium and return them to The Club. Should you dis- cover your throat needs soothing after all the cheering, stay for a drink before heading home. Reservations are a must, so please call The Club to make yours at 225-1661. TRY YOUR HAND AT GOOD COUNTRY RANCH HOUSE BRUNCH SEPTEMBER 26 The quality of the poetry may be questionable, but the quality of The Club's Shrimp Shucks never is. The featured shrimp are enormous and bursting with flavor. Also, the poet has made no reference at all to the avail- ability of tasty chowder, pitchers of ice-cold beer, tangy sauces or any of the other much-loved Shuck traditionals. Nor is there mention of the orchestra on hand to provide music for dancing. To have done justice to The Club's popular monthly Shrimp Shucks, the poet should have set about writing a really fine epic instead of a limerick. The Club's next Shuck, on September 17, begins at 7:30 PM in the Texas Room and costs $9.50 per person. Call 225- 1661 for reservations. Participate and, who knows, you and your party may find yourselves immortalized in a stanza someday. STOUT MEN'S FORUM SEPTEMBER 21: PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION '76 Anthony C. Stout, chairman of the board, The Government Research Corporation, Washington, D.C., will address the Men's Forum on September 21 in the Texas Room. Mr. Stout, whose particulars are laid out in a separate feature in this issue, has chosen to speak on a timely subject of especial interest to everyone: the November Presidential Election. You will want to remain well-informed by hearing Mr. Stout's views based on the hard research data his Corporation has gathered. Please return to The Club the reservation card The Club will have mailed to you in advance of the scheduled date. Or, if you prefer, please phone in your reservation at 225-1661. The sequence of events is lunch at noon sharp, speaker's address, question period and adjournment at 1:30 PM. Male guests are welcome. Cost per person is $5.75. HOUSTON CLUB GAME PLAN FOIL UH/A&M SEPTEMBER 25 The Aggies battle the Cougars on the gridiron for the pigskin September 25. A foreign visitor might puzzle over why an'aggie' might wish to do combat with a large cat atop a cooking utensil for a porcine epidermis. But The Houston Clubber and football fan knows A&M and the University of Houston are meeting head-on at 7:30 PM in Rice Stadium. Football in the U.S. is not just another game anymore - Imagine a big of Texas ranch house in the midst of sturdy shade trees on a day in late Summer. Out back a weathered triangle is swaying peacefully in the breezes of a Sunday after- noon. A figure approaches, and in his hand he carries a metal wand which he uses to set the triangle vibrating its message loud and clear. The sound signals special Sunday country treats - great slabs of juicy meat, bowls of steaming vege- tables, and other hearty pleasers. Sounds, sights and smells such as these weigh rich and heavy in the folk-ways of Texas. Obviously, it is a far cry from such a setting to that of the Plantation Room. But what matters is that the spirit of ranch house style cooking will be present here on Sunday, Septem- ber 26. You'll find barbecued spareribs, roast sirloin of beef, country-fried trout, black eyes, cheese grits and so much more Americana-type fare that you should turn to Nancy joy for the complete list. Maybe because it has been ours from the start, ranch house food holds a special place in the hearts of native and adopted sons of Texas alike. Don't miss it. The brunch runs from 10:30 AM to 2 PM. The cost is $6.50 adults, $4.25 chil- dren. Phone 225-1661 for reservations. RINFRET MEN'S FORUM OCTOBER 5: ECONOMY '77 The very popular Dr. Pierre Rinfret will return to The Houston Club on October 5 to deliver his twelfth Men's Forum address. His last appearance was in November of 1974. He will treat a topic of great interest to many Clubbers: What direction will the economy take in the coming year? A special feature on Dr. Rinfret is contained in this issue for new members who care to become acquainted with his background and for those members who already know the distinguished Doctor but who would like to refresh their memories. Reservations for Dr. Rinfret's talk may be made either by return of reservation cards arriving soon through the mail from The Club or by phone at 225-1661. Whatever method you choose, however, please be advised to take early action to avoid disappointment. Men's Forum protocol prevails: Texas Room, guests per- mitted but men only, luncheon promptly at noon, Dr. Rin- fret's address, question period and adjournment at 1:30 PM. Cost per person $5.75. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 DAVID TAYLOR "I'm making C adillac affordable inHoustori' There may never be a better time to buy a '76 Cadillac than now. Our selection is at its peak. And we're offering very special values on every Cadillac amid our five acres of facilities. Come out soon and discover why Houston's newest Cadillac dealer is destined to become Houston's largest Cadillac dealer. The new direction for Cadillac in Houston is at 9120 South- west Freeway, exit Beechnut- Gessner. 777-7151. Complete sales, service, parts and leasing. It's nice to have a choice... especially when the service isTaylor-made. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 T here was no evidence of summer doldrums during August at The Houston Club. Texas Room Headwaiter James Nolly reported bustling activity in his splendid dominion as members diligently did away with the Club's great luncheon menu features. Among those wielding knife and fork there, said Nolly, were Floyd L. Senter, assistant to the president of National Tank Co.; Thomas W. Rollins, vice president of Pennzoil International; John N. Schuelke; Richard E. Stoll, area manager, Customer Technology, for U. S. Steel Corp.; Harry D. White, account manager for Inger- soll-Rand Co.; James L. Hodges, general manager, Computer Services Dept., for Texaco Inc.; Joseph S. Wilwerding, general manager, Audit and Internal Control, for Shell Oil Co.; Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. Vice President William H. McCullough; Burke Sylvester, division manager for Halliburton Services; Robert E. Moroney, vice president-valuation for Rotan Mosle Inc.; Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co. Senior Vice Presi- dent Richard C. Dixon; W. Rex Parks, vice president of sales for Loffland Bros. Co.; The Dow Chemical Co. Corporate Account Manager Raymond S. Ousterhout; CPA Herbert E. Holm; Pe- troleum International Associates, Inc. President Robert S. Bram- lett; Robert E. Pennington, manager of hydrocarbons purchasing for B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co.; Louis M. Clark, Jr., commer- cial manager, Gulf Atlantic, for Shell Oil Co.; H. Merle Myers, vice president of international operations for Zapata Offshore; At- torney and Oil Operator Harry B. Sims; Harry J. Saenger, senior vice president of Tidelands Signal Corp.; First City National Bank Vice President Robert E. Lain; Jerry M. Armstrong, partner with Arthur Andersen & Co.; Raymond V. Cruce, board chairman and president, Ryder Scott Co.; Energy Consultant Paul E. Hall; Taylor & Associates, Inc. President Earle F. Taylor; and Houston Chronicle Vice President and Editor Everett D. Collier. Some other lunchtime participants in the Texas Room were Walter H. Allen, controller for Robert Mosbacher; Entex, Inc. Senior Vice President Robert P. McCants; Frank A. Cleaver, executive director of United Fund of Houston and Harris County; Herbert F. Poyner, Jr., president of Poyner, Miller & Banta, Inc.; Perry G. Pye, treasurer for Claud B. Hamill, Oil Operator; Inde- pendent Oil Operator A. B. Marshall; Joe Mefford, district man- ager for Terra Resources, Inc.; Investor Gordon S. Nees; Haskins & Sells Manager Herbert E. Noack, Jr.; Investor John M. Win- terbotham; Fred M. Owen, vice president, Legal-Land, for Duval Corp.; Alfred F. DeBellas, vice president-manager of Under- wood, Neuhaus & Co.; Inc.; David W. Cooney, director of P.R. and advertising for Brown & Root, Inc.; James C. Winters, partner with Crain, Winters, Deaton, James & Briggs; Peat, Mar- wick, Mitchell & Co. Partner William C. Suttle; John E. Woolsey, Jr., crude oil representative for Scurlock Oil Co.; Max P. Watson, senior vice president of United Gas Pipe Line Co.; John W. Sheehan, vice president of manufacturing for Shell Oil Co.; Allied Bank of Texas Vice Chairman Bob Darrell Ward; Dillard W. Baker, general attorney for Exxon Co., U.S.A.; Neal O. Wade, Jr., vice president of Pennzoil Company; and Charles S. Matthews, consulting petroleum engineer for Shell Oil Co. M en's Grill Headwaiter Wilburn Smith also reported le- gions of lunchers in his Room. Some of the many Club- bers making tracks for the Men's Grill were Robert M. Johnson, vice president of Rotan Mosle, Inc.; Randall F. Montgomery, president of Hobbs Gas Company, Hobbs, New Mexico; Carl Detering, chairman of the board of The Detering Co. of Houston, Inc.; Gordon E. Harrigan, vice president of marketing for Hous- ton Engineers, Inc.; Bennett W. Burns, owner of Bennett W. Burns Consulting Engineers; Amerada Hess Corp. Vice President James Orba Trotter, Jr.; J. Holland McGuirt, partner with Butler, Binion, Rice, Cook & Knapp; J. Neal Miller, Jr., vice president- Governmental Relations for Gulf Oil Company-U.S.; John C. West, executive vice president of Texas Commerce Bank and Texas Commerce Bancshares; Midhurst Corp. Vice President L. R. Metcalf; A. M. Battelstein, chairman of Battelstein Investment Co.; Robert B. Brower, group manager for Nalco Chemical Co.; Albert E. Jones, assistant manager of sales, Houston district, for United States Steel Corp.; Charles A. Doh, U. S. representative Overseas for Schlumberger, Ltd.; James M. Slator, HI, partner with Slator & Prendergast; Don G. Baker, partner with Arthur Andersen & Co.; Independent Oil Operator Robert W. Davis, Jr.; Emmett D. Fancher, partner with A. H. Gardes & Co.; Joe E. McGinty, general office sales representative for Dowell Division of Dow Chemical Co.; Ernest D. Carlson, sales manager for Rheem Manufacturing Co.; James W. Streit, manager of operations, crude oil department, for Gulf Oil Co.-U.S.; Ashland Exploration Co. Executive Vice President Joe S. Farmer, Lawrence E. Sim- mons, vice president of Edward Bates & Sons, North America; and Interstate Energy Co. President Russell K. Schulze. A nd in the Eighth Floor Barbershop, Jim Henry and Duke Noel state unequivocally that there is no let up in trim-up there. Just a few of the members availing themselves of Barber- shop services were Ernest L. Brown, Jr., vice president of Rotan Mosle Inc.; R. J. Rice, president of Metallurgical/ Corrosion Management and chief executive officer of Surety Savings Assn.; Gamewell D. Gantt, owner of Gamewell Gantt & Co.; John S. Stoffer, comptroller for Gulf Oil Co.-U.S.; C. C. "Pete" Sublett, Jr., president of Pete Sublett & Co.; First Southwest Co. Senior Vice President Wilbur H. Frederking; Paul N. Cheatham, man- aging partner for Cheatham, Brady & Lafferty; Arthur M. Mouser, manager, gas sales and special representative for Getty Oil Co.; Charles R. Dill, president of Charles Dill & Co.; Sioux Na- tural Gas Corp. President Elliott H. Powers; and Frederick H. Hemphill, freight traffic manager for The Athcison, Topeka and Santa Fe Ry. Co., Dallas, Texas. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 The end of a perfect Shuck and all appears very well indeed. From Paused en route to the Texas Room for an evening of shucking left, Jim Falik, Dick Taylor, Susie Taylor and Frenchy Falik. shrimp are Mrs. Don Sneary, hostess, far right, and guests, from left, Maria Gonzales, Mimi Cadwell, William W. Sanders and Mrs. SHRIMP SHUCK! Sanders. Family portraits are a common sight at the Club's popular Shrimp Shucks. Catherine Dupar is flanked by her father, Houston Club member Dan Dupar, and mother Beatrice. Mrs. John Sinclair 111 introduces Mr. William C. Cobb to the Club's chill bowl filled with plump Gulf shrimp. The Sinclairs hosted the Cobbs at the Club's last Shuck. Mr. Benton Dodge, right, and Mrs. Dodge, third from left, hosted New Clubber Jim Garrity, right, and Mrs. Garrity, left, partake of the some fo their good friends at the Club's July Shuck. From left, Mrs. Club's enjoyable monthly event: the Shrimp Shuck. They shared W. C. Kernahan, Clubber L. W. Frizzell, Mr. Kernahan and Mrs. the pleasures of the evening with Clubber Jim Murphy and Mrs. Frizzell. Murphy. tiff They came, they saw, they conquered their appetite for shrimp. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Trice and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Liles make their way John McKenzie escorted Mrs. McKenzie, left, and sister-in-law, toward the Texas Room to begin the evening's shrimp shucking. Mary Beveridge, to the Club's most recent Shuck. Mr. Trice and Mr. Liles are both Houston Club members. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 STOUT MEN'S FORUM SEPTEMBER 21: ELECTION CAMPAIGN'76 Anthony Carder Stout has ac- cepted an invitation from The Club's Activities Committee to appear be- fore a gathering of the Men's Forum on September 21. He is chairman of the board, The Government Re- search Corporation,Washington,D.C. The topic he has elected to speak on is the current campaign leading up to the November 2 election of the President of the United States. Mr. Stout was among the group of men who founded The Govern- ment Research Corporation in 1969. The Corporation was set up to examine and analyze carefully entire national government policy and ac- tion as it relates to the interests of the business sector. The Government Research Cor- poration gathers and analyzes all relevant and available data on all branches of government. It then com- municates its conclusions on a con- sultation basis by appropriate cate- gory to executives and managers of all types of corporations throughout the country. During this election year, the work of Mr. Stout's organization has focused on the executive branch of government. Clients must have a clear understanding of how the posi- tion of each candidate will bear on their own business planning. To that purpose, Mr. Stout's speech will divulge useful and up-to-the-minute insights on what the election of each candidate would likely mean to the business community. Mr. Stout has been responsible' for the direction of The Government Research Corporation since its begin- ning. At that time he acted as the Cor- poration's vice president. Since then he has advanced to assume the presi- dency and finally chairmanship of the board. Prior to 1969, Mr. Stout practiced law. From 1965 to 1969 he was with the New York City law firm of Milban, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. His formal academic training is outstanding. He spent his undergrad- uate years at Williams College in Massachusetts, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Upon graduation, he entered Harvard Law School, earn- ing his LLB. He then proceeded on to attend the London School of Eco- nomics. The Men's Forum meets at noon sharp in the Texas Room. Seated luncheon is followed immediately by the speaker's talk, which is followed in turn by a question period. The ses- sion adjourns punctually at 1:30 PM. Reservations may be made by reply card received from The Club in the mail or by telephone at 225-1661. As always, men guests are welcome. The cost per person is $5.75. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 , Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr., chairman of the board of Crown Cen- tral Petroleum Corp., becomes a full non-resident member of The Club this month. Mr. Rosenberg receives the transferred non-resi- dent membership of A. J. Morris, who is now a senior non- resident member. The Club's new member, who earned his BA at Hobart College, belongs to the National Petroleum Refiners As- sociation and the American Petroleum Institute. Mr. Rosenberg, whose birthplace is Pittsburgh, and his wife, Eleanor, who is from Charlestown, West Virginia, live in Baltimore and are the parents of two grown sons, Henry, III, and Edward, and a third son, Frank, 17. Michael Van Townsend has his name placed on the roster of The Houston Club this month as he assumes the transferred member- ship of Trieves W. Lopp, now a senior resident member. Mr. Townsend is vice president, Anco/The Anderson Company. This San Antonio native received his formal academic training at the University of Houston. He and his wife, Mary, who is originally from The Windy City, have lived in Houston for the past ten years and presently make their home at 1324 Country Place Circle. The Townsends are the parents of two small children-Meredith, 5, and Michael, 2. Marlyn Welton Milberg joins The Houston Club this month as a full resident member, taking over the transferred membership of W. D. Wegrich. Mr. Milberg is vice president, Gulf Coast area, of Diamond Shamrock Corporation. He attended the University of Minnesota, his home state, taking a BS in chemical engineering, and is also a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Case Western. He and his wife, Jane, born in Starbuck, Minne- sota, live at 1038 Villacourt Drive, Seabrook. They have a grown son, Michael, and another son, Thomas, 17. Lincoln E. Warren is accepted into The Club this month as a full resident member. This University of Texas alumnus with a degree in geology is exploration manager, Houston exploration district, for Gulf Energy & Minerals Co.-U.S. Mr. Warren holds member- ships in the AAPG, the American Association for the Advance- ment of Science and the API. His 30-year career with Gulf having taken him to more than a half-dozen U.S. cities,Texas-born Mr. Warren and his wife, Doris, now have a home at 12218 Broken Arrow Drive. The Warrens have four grown children: Lincoln, Jr., Raymond, Julia and Robert. Wendell Safriet Williams acquires the status of full resident mem- ber in The Club this month through the transferred membership of S. E. White. Mr. Williams is assistant to the vice president, Texaco Inc. He is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association, the Ameri- can Bar Association and the American Association of Petroleum Landmen. Mr. Williams grew up in Kentucky and received his academic training at Kentucky institutions, obtaining an AB from Union College and an LLB from the University of Kentucky. He and his wife, Martha, Houstonians for the past year, live at 5406 Three Oaks Circle with their two children, Cynthia, 17, and Wendell, 15. Neil C. Bland, vice president and general manager of Bland-Cur- ran Cadillac Co., joins The Club this month through the trans- ferred membership of his father, William W. Bland, now a senior resident member. Mr. Bland attended Washington and Lee Uni- versity and the University of Houston, where he was granted a BS in general business administration. He is a past director and officer of the HADA and a member of the Texas and National Automo- bile Dealers Associations. Mr. Bland and wife Judith live at 906 Chimney Rock and are the parents of Janet, 16, Susan, 14, and William, II, 13. William M. Pitcher becomes a full resident member of The Club this month. Mr. Pitcher, who is originally from Tyler, is crude oil representative for the Scurlock Oil Company here in Houston. He undertook his formal academic training at Sam Houston Univer- sity, emerging with his BA. He and his wife, Deanne, who is an alumna of the same institution as her husband, and their four off- spring, Cindy, Cathy, Christy and Connie, ages 13, 10, 6 and 4 re- spectively, all make their home at 1927 Shadow Rock Drive, King- wood. David Mooney Carmichael,, recently appointed chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Welltech, Inc., is welcomed into The Houston Club this month as a full resident member. From Beaumont, Mr. Carmichael earned his BA at the Univer- sity of Texas, and holds advanced degrees from the UT Law and Graduate Business Schools. He is a member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, the API, the State Bar of Texas and the American Bar Association. With his Texas-born wife, Virginia, and childrer,Shannon, 9, and Laurence, 8, Mr. Car- michael makes his home at 3702 Locke Lane. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Gary F. Paradise, who becomes a full resident member in The Club this month through the transferred membership of Lamar Lund, is manager, crude oil sales and trading, for Koch Oil Inter- national Co. From Seneca Falls, New York, Mr. Paradise made the journey south to attend the University of Houston, earning his BBA degree with concentration in production logistics manage- ment. Except for a two-year period, when he carried out company assignments in, among other places, Indonesia, he has been a Houstonian since 1963. Mr. Paradise and his Houston-born wife, Colleen, have two youngsters, Michael 6, and Andrew, 2, and re- side at 12223 Meadowhollow, Stafford. Fritz Douglas Steltjes is welcomed this month onto the rolls of The Houston Club, assuming the transferred membership of Dean H. Maddox. Mr. Stelljes is manager, sales and supply, natural gas liquids, for Tenneco Oil Co. He is a member of the American Pe- troleum Institute. Mr. Stelljes and his wife, Margaret Ann, are both originally from North Carolina, and lived in various south- ern U.S. states before moving to the Houston area six years ago. Their present residence is at 1934 Foxtail Place, Woodlands. The Stelljeses are the parents of four grown children: James, Linda, Douglas and Cathy. Joe R. Colvin joins the ranks of The Houston Club this month as a full resident member. Mr. Colvin is crude oil representative for the Scurlock Oil Company. He received his formal academic training at Baylor University, where he specialized in the study of eco- nomics. Mr. Colvin was born and raised in Houston, and his pro- fessional career has permitted him to continue to reside here for the greater portion of his adult life. He and his wife, Karen, originally from Baytown, five at 9003 Roos. The Colvins are the parents of David, age 7, and Lisa, age 5. Eugene Corbett Matlock joins The Houston Club this month as a full resident member, thus becoming the second Matlock to have done so. His father, the late Percy Matlock, was also a member. Mr. Matlock is president and chief executive officer of Houston Well Screen Co., which he cofounded in 1948. He is presently a member of the American Petroleum Institute and the American Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Mr. Matlock was born in Houston, attended high school here, and went on to study at the University of Houston and the University of Texas. He resides at 1331 Country Place Drive. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Jerry Hoke this month acquires full resident membership in The Club through the transferred membership of David M. Car- michael. Mr. Hoke is personnel manager for Reading & Bates Drilling Co. and is a member of the International Association of Personnel Managers. Originally from Indianapolis, he is an alumnus of Michigan State University, which conferred a BA in industrial psychology upon him, and of Oklahoma University, where he received an MBA in industrial management. He and his wife, Joann, have been Houstonians for the past three years, resid- ing at 1806 Saddlecreek. They are the parents of two sons: Lance, 7, and Chad, 5. Joseph Albert Hafner, Jr., who will be assuming full resident mem- bership in The Club this month as the recipient of the transferred membership of Samuel G. Meason, is vice president - internation- al division of Riviana Foods, Inc. Mr. Hafner is a product of Dart- mouth College and the Amos Tuck School of Business Adminis- tration, where he achieved his MBA in finance and accounting. He and his wife, Inga, a native of Sodertalje, Sweden, have spent por- tions of their lives in Lima and Guatemala before coming to settle in Houston in 1973. They have two young sons, John, 9, and Daniel, 7, and live at 838 Myrtlea. Robert Jerald King becomes a part of The Houston Club this month, assuming full resident membership. Mr. King is a partner in the law firm of Liddell, Sapp, Zivley & Brown. Born in Uvalde, he attended Lamar University, where he later taught; the Univer- sity of Texas, where he earned his JD; and the University of Wis- consin. Mr. King is presently a member of the State Bar of Texas and the Houston Bar Association. He and his wife, Sue, of Beau- mont, are the parents of five year old twins, Charles Harper and Homer Lee, and reside at 12315 Attlee. William J. Conroy enters The Houston Club this month as a full resident member. Mr. Conroy is coordinator of lands - U.S. for Gulf Energy & Minerals Co.-U.S. Born in Beloit, Kansas, he earned both his BA and LLB from the University of Kansas. He has taken membership in the American Association of Petroleum Landmen. Having lived in many of the major oil centers of the United States and fora time in Singapore, he and his wife, Patricia, who also holds her degree from Kansas State, now make their home at 14223 Chadbourne. The Conroys have two grown chil- dren, William and Maureen. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Joseph Newton Tate receives the transferred membership of Joseph B. Parlongo to become a full resident member of The Club this month. Mr. Tate is president and chief executive officer of Harlan Incorporated. Hailing from South Pittsburg, Tennessee, he headed west as far as the Sooner State to attend the University of Oklahoma, earning his BS in business administration. Mr. Tate is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter. He and his wife, Barbara, make their home at 1802 Stoney Brook Drive, Apart- ment 101. John C. Mann, Jr. becomes a full resident member of The Club this month, assuming the transferred membership of P. O. Hull. Mr. Mann is area manager, crude oil, for Union Oil Co. of Cali- fornia. This Fort Worth native earned his formal academic cre- dentials at Abilene Christian University. He is a member of the American Petroleum Institute and the Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Association. With his wife, Betty, who is from Westville, Illi- nois, he makes his home at 5942 Wigton. Rodney Bernard Reilly enters The Houston Club this month as the recipient of the transferred membership of Tom W. Nelson, who becomes a senior resident member. Mr. Reilly is vice presi- dent of General Property and Services, Inc. Born in La Camp, Louisiana and reared in Baytown, he has a BBA from the Univer- sity of Texas and an MBA from the University of Houston. Mr. Reilly is a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and presently serves as a commanding officer in the Reserves. Houstonians for the past quarter century, Mr. Reilly and his wife, Betty, live at 4403 Lavell. They have four grown children: Colleen, Gayle, Glenn, and Peggy. Ben Bonnell McAndrew, III enters The Club this month as a ju- nior resident member. Mr. McAndrew, whose hometown is Fort Worth, is vice president and associate with Russell Reynolds As- sociates, Inc. He is a product of the University of Texas, taking his BA and MBA at that institution. He spent five years in New York following school before returning last year to Texas to take up resi- dence in Houston. Mr. McAndrew and his wife, Elizabeth, who holds advanced degrees in Spanish, maintain their home at 827 Wade Hampton and have two youngsters, Laura, 4, and Robert,1. James Albert King assumes the transferred membership of J. S. Gorczynski to become a full resident member of The Club this month. Mr. King is manager, supply arrangements, for Gulf Oil Co.-U.S. Born in New Orleans, he earned his BS in chemical engi- neering from Louisiana State University. He makes his home at 810 Loire Lane with wife Melba, who is originally from Pottsville, Texas, and his three girls and one boy: Carolyn, 10; Karen, 9; James, 7; and Sharon, 4. Charlie A. Hudson becomes a junior resident member of The Houston Club this month. Mr. Hudson is land manager for Farm- land International Energy Co. He is a member of the Houston As- sociation of Petroleum Landmen, the Petroleum Landmen Asso- ciation of New Orleans, and the American Association of Petro- leum Landmen. From Madisonville, Kentucky, Mr. Hudson took his BA at the University of Mississippi. With his wife, Peggy, who is an alumna of her husband's alma mater, and his three young boys, Charlie, Jr., 8, Kendall, 5, and Lyle, 3, he makes his home at 5914 Pinewilde. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 CM Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Wa Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 'rl~N SwIf4al BUIN John C. West has been promoted to executive vice president of Texas Com- merce Bank and Texas Commerce Banc- shares. Mr. West, who has been senior vice president and senior trust officer for the bank and multibank organization, is man- ager of the bank's Trust Department. For the past year, since July of 1975, Mr. West has been the senior executive officer in charge of all Texas Commerce Bancshares trust activities. He is a Certified Public Ac- countant and gained five years of experi- ence in public accounting before joining the bank in 1967. Dan T. Neale, president of Olympic Resources, Inc. of Houston, was named to the national board of directors of the Juve- nile Diabetes Foundation. The appoint- ment was made at the Foundation's annual conference, held recently in New York City. Mr. Neale is active in the Foundation's Houston chapter as a member of the board of directors and in fund raising and mem- bership development. The chapter is one of 75 throughout the U.S. and Canada which raise money to support diabetes research. This year the Foundation will fund 34 re- search projects and 10 postdoctoral fellow- ships in the field for a total of over $1 mil- lion. J. W. Smelley, president of First Con- tinental Life & Accident Insurance Com- pany of Houston, has been elected presi- dent of the National Association of Life Companies at its annual meeting in San Francisco. The NALC was organized in 1955 with 43 companies and today its mem- bership includes companies with more than 152,000 home office and field employees and 350,000 stockholders. The companies cover more than 40 million policyholders. Mr. Smelley is the founder of First Conti- nental Life & Accident Insurance Com- pany. He is a graduate of Rice University and is a member of the board of directors of Insurance Guaranty Association of Texas, an association established to assume or re- insure the policies of a member company should they become insolvent. Arnold S. Levitt has been appointed executive vice president of British Steel Cor- poration Inc. Mr. Levitt had been vice presi- dent of finance. Tony L. Gibson has been promoted from senior vice president to group vice president,Foreign Marine Operations,Mid- dle & Far East, Brown & Root, Inc., a sub- sidiary of Halliburton Company. Walter E. Heffler was promoted from vice president to senior vice president, Engineering Oper- ations. Donald H. Harbour was promoted from controller to vice president and con- troller. Mr. Gibson joined Brown & Root in 1961 after receiving, his ( B S Degree in civil engineering from Texas Tech University. He performed engineering assignments in the Middle East until 1966 when he re- turned to Houston in a management posi- tion. In 1972, Mr. Gibson was promoted to vice president, Middle East and Far East Marine Group. He was named senior vice president in 1973. Mr. Heffler has been with Brown & Root since 1950, progressing from mechanical designer to manager of en- gineering services in 1958. He was named vice president, Engineering Operations, in 1970. He holds a BS1degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Hous- ton. Mr. Harbour has been with Brown & Root since 1963 when he was employed as a senior internal auditor. He was promoted to director of purchasing in 1972 and became controller in 1974. He received a B BA de- gree from the University of Mississippi. Ira H. Green has been elected an executive vice president of First City Na- tional Bank and will continue to head the investment division. Mr. Green has been manager of the investment division and a senior vice president of the bank since 1972. John T. Cater has been named presi- dent, chief operating officer and a director of the Bank of the Southwest. He succeeds Robert Stewart, Jr., who now holds the new office of vice chairman of the board. Mr. Stewart has been with the bank since 1945. Mr. Cater is former president of Texas Commerce Bank. A. G. McNeese is Bank of the Southwest's chairman and chief executive officer. H. J. Bickel, formerly vice president and treasurer, has been named vice presi- dent and head of a new Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. staff organization re- sponsible for management information and corporate planning functions. Mr. Bickel was also named a member of the com- pany's investment and operating commit- tees. W. F. Lenoir has been named chair- man of Moncrief-Lenoir Manufacturing Co., replacing Stephen A. Moncrief, who has retired. Mr. Lenoir will continue to serve as president and chief executive offi- cer of the Houston-based metal service cen- ter. Ernest E. Portwood has been named to the newly created position of assistant vice president-sales for Southern Pacific Transportation Company in Houston. Mr. Portwood, a native of Virginia, joined Southern Pacific in 1952 as a telegrapher in Northern California, and in 1963 was made assistant traffic manager at Los Angeles. He transferred to Houston the following year as assistant general traffic manager, and in 1968 was named general traffic manager, the position he held until this latest promo- tion. In his new capacity, Mr. Portwood will have jurisdiction over the Southeastern and Southwestern territories. Chris Gilbert, investment builder, has been elected a director of Heritage Nation- al Bank. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 A lot of them turn to First City National Bank because we pay special attention to the banking needs of busy executives. We know that as you move into .an executive position, your bank- ing needs probably become more sophisticated. At the same time, you're likely to have less time to devote to them. That's why we as- sign a personal banking officer to your account to assist you with the Call Luther Stacy at 658-6206 full range of financial services of- in our Executive Professional fered by First City National Bank. Group. So when you need to talk to your banker, you can talk things over, one executive to another. Regardless of the business you're in, it makes good business sense to take advantage of your position with exclusive banking services designed for executives. 1001 Main at McKinney Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 ECONOMIC ANALYST-FORECASTER DR. PIERRE RINFRET TO MAKE TWELFTH FORUM TALK OCTOBER 5 If your business is business, you can- not afford to miss hearing Dr. Pierre Rinfret speak before the Men's Forum October 5 about economic prospects for the com- ing year. During the past three decades, Dr. Rinfret has established himself as one of America's (and the world's) foremost authorities in the field of economic anal- ysis and forecasting. Through his firm, Rin- fret-Boston Associates, Inc., he counsels investment managers and corporate executives of many key business, indus- trial and financial organizations both in this country and abroad. His views and advice on economic subjects and issues have been solicited by two past Presidents of the United States. Montreal-born Dr. Rinfret has also established himself as the Club's most fre- quent -guest speaker. He will be returning to The Houston Club for the twelfth time in 14 years. The reason for so many repeat engagements is three-fold: the relevance of Rinfret's profession to the crucial pro- fessional interests of many Clubbers, Rin- fret's outstanding intellect and expertise, and his well-honed rhetorical powers. Dr. Rinfret was for 16 years asso- ciated with Lionel D. Edie & Co., Inc. rising to become chairman of the board. While many men might have been content with that, Dr. Rinfret ventured out on his own. In 1967 he founded Rinfret-Boston Asso- ciates, Inc. and proceeded on to develop a very successful enterprise. He is no stranger to academia, having held a faculty post at N.Y.U. during a portion of his years with Edie. His own formal academic back- ground is firmly grounded in both the phys- ical and the social sciences. He received his undergraduate degree in electrical en- gineering from the University of Maine. Then he traveled south to attend N.Y.U., earning a BS and an MBA. Finally, thanks to a coveted Fulbright .Scholarship, he crossed the Atlantic to attend the Univer- sity of Dijon, in France, where he received a Ph.D. in political economy. Past results are usually the best predictor of future performance in most areas. Dr. Rinfret's previous 11 appear- ances have been fully attended, so if you wish to protect yourself and any guests (male only, please) against a sold-out Texas Room, make reservations as soon as possible. The Men's Forum convenes at noon sharp. A seated luncheon will be followed immediately by Dr. Rinfret's talk, which in turn will be followed by a question period. At 1:30 punctually, the session is to adjourn. The cost per person is $5.75. Res- ervations may be made either by reply card sent to members in the mail or by telephone at 225-1661. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 CAMERA a la CARTE Wrapping up their Texas Room meals are, from left, I. S. Brockstein, of I. S. Brockstein, Inc., Clubber Carroll Shaddock, of Liddell, Sapp, Zivley & Brown, member Ralph A. Anderson, Jr., of Wilson, Crain, Anderson & Reynolds, and James H. Weidler and Calvin Jones, of Calvin Jones & Co. Texas Room headwaiter James Nolly looks after, from left, Thomas D. Lipsey, A. S. Wonstolen and A. L. Buffinton, all of Babcock and Wilcox. I Brightening the Texas Room with their pretty smiles are Mrs. James Shindler, left, and Mrs. Edward Cummins. Enjoying their company is C. A. Whiteford, Jr., of First City National Bank. Mr. C. J. Kehoe, president, Bankers Investment & Mortgage Corp., treated Ken, Monica and wife Peggy to a meal in his Club's Texas Room this past month. Fallward march in this soft and easy little knit. Appealingly detailed with the look of suede. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Walker Jones Invites You to an OPEN HOUSE in Celebration of the Opening of WALKER JONES MEN'S CLOTHIERS Downtown, Two Shell Plaza 3p.m. to5p.m. Tuesday thru Friday September 7th-10th When their daughter, Theresa, came for a visit from New York City, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Arabit treated her to an unforgettable lobster feast at The Club. The delightful lobster repast over, utter satisfaction is reflected on the faces of this foresome. From the left they are, Mr. Bill Carter, Mrs. Cindy Schwearlyman, Mr. Art Schwearlyman, and Mrs. Lee Carter. THE PREMISE: To Dress for Success THE PRINCIPLE: The Finest Men's Apparel in Large Selection. Presented in a comfort- able atmosphere - enhanced by a dedicated knowledgeable staff offering personal service and attention THE PLACE: VV,PL Ld I I IE ]Ft JON E S representing the most respected men's clothing makers in the business 1801 S. Post Oak Rd. (713) 626-9700 and our new location at Shell II, Downtown JONES Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Taking their ease before lunch in the Men's Grill are, left, ClubberA. E. Magill, Underwood Neuhaus & Co., and Johnny Duncan. This quartet of Men's Grillers is composed of, from left, Roy Woods and Dub Middleton, of Terra Resources, Inc., Bill Brown, of Dowell and Clubber Joe Mefford, also of Terra Resources, Inc. Dick Wilkins, of Smith International, and a Houston Clubber for thirty years, had lunch in the Men's Grill this past month with mem- ber Leo Franques, Sii Servco Co. Members Carroll Phillips, partner-in-charge, and Pat Collins, part- ner, Coopers & Lybrand, pause a moment during lunch to pose for the photographer. Club members Frank Rea, second from left, partner, and Dick Alfeld, second from right, partner-in-charge, Price Waterhouse & Co., Houston, took visitors and Price Waterhouse & Co. partners Watson Moyers, of Oklahoma City, left, and Charlie Gill, of At- lanta, right, to lunch in the Men's Grill. Houston Clubber J. W. Streit, Gulf Oil Co. -U.S., hosted fellow Club members J. O. Trotter, Amerada Hess Corp., and R. M. Wiese, Gulf Oil Co. -U.S., for a Men's Grill lunch. Two members of the Trans Ocean Oil, Inc. team got together for a meal in the Men's Grill. From left, member C. R. Church, land man- ager, and L. C. Stipp, vice president, production. Vernon Dill, Cameron Iron Works, and member Graham Boone, of Boone Advertising, enjoyed lunch together last month in the Men's Grill. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 This duo of smiling gentlemen and Houston Clubbers is made up of E. W. Hanna, left, and Clint White, both of Texasgulf, Inc. Head- waiter Nolly overlooks. It has been called a mira- cle blend and seems to be ... this man-made fabric of polyester and polyure- thane that looks and feels like the finest suede-but will not stretch, wrinkle or water-spot. Here, tai- lored exclusively in our 2- button sport jacket with leather buttons in rich camel color. $195 Stopping by Allen's Landing this past month were Club members Lee W. Stonestreet, Jr., Rucker-Atlas Bradford, left, and Jack D. Isbell, of Isbell Investments. 1etas ; Bogs-Yurntshings, nt8. hots ANTIQUE MAP NOW ON VIEW An antique map of early Houston -a family heirloom-has been loaned to The Houston Club by Mrs. Betty Bingham Bryan, whose late husband, J. P. Bryan, was a member of The Club. "Wood's Map of New Houston, 1869" is now hanging in the Rotunda on the Ninth Floor near the Plantation Room, and Club- bers have the opportunity to compare the 1869 nucleus with today's sprawling metro- polis which is the nation's fifth-ranking city. Mrs. Bryan, who now lives in Angle- ton, brought the antique map to The Club early in August. "It has been in my family for three generations," she said, "and I just wanted a good place for it to hang." The map was originally purchased by her grandparents James P. and Betty Bing- ham, then preserved by her mother, Mary P. Bingham. Mrs. Bryan's roots in Texas go back even further than the 1869 date. Her great- grandfather, Francis Bingham, bought land here before the city of Houston was actual- ly laid out. Mrs. Bryan added that Francis Bingham was the first person to pay taxes in Texas. With more than 80 years as a Hous- ton tradition and with a long history of members prominent in the community, The Houston Club is proud to display this his- torical document. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 On Saturday, July 24, at St. Michael's Catholic Church, at four o'clock in the afternoon, Miss Ellen Jane Johnson be- came the bride of Mr. David Trellis Green. The Reverend Vin- cent Sedita performed the wedding mass. A reception fol- lowed in the Texas Room at The Houston Club. The bride was given in marriage by her father and the matron of honor was Mrs. Suzie Johnston, sister of the bride. Bridesmaids were Mrs. Becky Frazier, Mrs. Mary Yeager, sisters of the bride, and Miss Kathy Keppler. Best man was Michael E. Green, brother of the groom. Groomsmen were Richard Frazier, David Singleton, and Mike Cenitiempo. The bride graduated from St. Agnes Academy and from St. Edwards University. The groom at- tended St. Thomas High School and is a graduate of Texas Tech University. He is a member of Alpha Phi Omega frater- nity. The couple will make their home in Houston. Miss Elizabeth Crawford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Crawford of Houston, was married in a double-ring ceremony on Saturday evening, June 26, to Mr. Michael Con- ner, son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Conner, also of Houston, The wedding mass was celebrated at St. Michael's Catholic Church with The Reverend Vincent Sedita officiating. Mrs. John McConn served as matron of honor and Miss Mary Crawford, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. Mr. Bryan Handley was best man. Mary Rossi and Michael Rossi, cousins of the bride, served as flower girl and ring bearer. The bride is a graduate of The University of Texas, Austin, where Mr. Con- ner is now completing his studies. He is a member of Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity. Miss Kathryn Louise Daily and Mr. Edmund Peter Seg- ner III were married on Saturday, July 10, at theZion Lutheran Church. Pastor Robert M. Louis of Advent Lutheran Church performed the ceremony and Pastor Edwin D. Peterman of Christ the King Lutheran Church gave the sermon. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Daily, Jr. and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Daily, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Teinert, all of Houston. The groom is the son of Doctor and Mrs. Edmund P. Segner, Jr. of Tuscaloosa, Ala- bama, and the grandson of Mr. E. P. Segner of Austin and the late Mrs. Segner and the late Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard Smith of Dallas. The bride was given in marriage by her father and maid of honor was Miss Cynthia Cooper. Best man was John Seg- ner, the groom's brother. The newlyweds are 1976 graduates, both cum laude, of Rice University. They will make their home in Houston following a honeymoon in Gatlinburg, Ten- nessee. The Second Baptist Church of Houston was the setting for the wedding of Miss Amy Adams and Mr. Daniel George Hoffman on Saturday, June 19. Officiating at the candlelight ceremony was Dr. James Riley. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stanley Adams, Jr. of Houston. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Blanch Keeler Adams of Houston and the late Mr. Kenneth S. Adams of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and the late Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Neville of Kansas City, Missouri. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Chris- tian Hoffman of Bellaire, Texas. The bride was given in mar- riage by her father and the matron of honor was Mrs. Thomas S. Smith, sister of the bride. Best man was Don R. Holloway of Houston. The bride and groom are graduates of The Univer- sity of Texas. The bride is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and the groom's fraternity is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. After a wedding trip the couple will reside in Houston. In a candlelight ceremony on Saturday, July 17, in St. Francis Episcopal Church, Miss Bonnie Louise Sandy and Mr. David Max Weekley were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Bruce Eberhardt. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. William Charles Sandy III of Houston and the late Mr. Sandy. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Truett Weekley, also of Houston. The bride was given in mar- riage by her uncle, Mr. Stuart Baker, of Briarcliff Manor, New York, and the father of the groom served as best man. The bride and groom are graduates of Memorial High School and graduates of Trinity University in San Antonio. After a wed- ding trip to Colorado, they will live in Houston. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Mrs. Vera Carrel, a guest, and Mr. John Kimball, manager of the River Oaks Battelstein Store, relax for a bit before the show. STEWS L0' LUNCHEON M g, WINIIISNt The combination of luncheon and fashion show produced the sheer joy reflected on the faces of (from the left) Mrs. Howard Karpe, Mrs. Frank A. Boyd, Mrs. David Shavell, and Mrs. David Micahnick. With glasses held aloft ceremoniously. this foursome may have been toasting Mrs. E. L. Winger, second from left, before her trip to Australia. Her well-wishers are: Mrs. P. F. Matlock, the hostess; Mrs. Mary Standefer and Mrs. C. A. Coskey, Jr. The ladies here were gathered to honor Florence Wallace on her approaching marriage. Clockwise around the table are Mrs. Peter Mason, Mrs. Gus Albers, the honoree, Hostess Mrs. Martin Lewis, Mrs. Joe Wallace, Mrs. Paul Voinis, and Miss Jean Wallace. Sharing aperitifs and pre-show conversation were, clockwise: Mrs. Danny Richardson, Mrs. Reginald Young, standing, Mrs. William Kocurek, Mrs. Earl Hellums, Mrs. O. E. Eichelberger, Mrs. James Nicklos, Mrs. Gene Mitchell, Mrs. Tucker Johnson, and Mrs. Bill Wright. Gathered in expectation of the Battelstein's Ladies' Luncheon are, from the left, Mrs. Don Faust, Mrs. Cecil Bobbitt, Mrs. Tillman O'Brien, Hostess Mrs. Tom Conder, Mrs. H. W. Kilpatrick, and Mrs. John C. Echols. ma- Is if/ The fashion show coincided happily with the birthday of Mrs. C. R. Hoopingarner, holding little nine-month old Heather. Hostess Mrs. Charles Ottinger is going to tickle Heather's nose while Mrs. David Mrs. Sam Olsen, Jr. is accompanied at the show by her daughters, Cindy, a student at Texas A&M (center), and Jan, who is with Ham- merly Woods Townhomes. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Assemble saffron and pepper, seeds of mustard, fennel and cumin, turmeric, gin- ger, tamarind and a mortar and pestle and you have the makings for seasoning the dishes of India. And well be touting all those deli- cious concoctions at an Indian Buffet on Saturday, September 11 in the Plantation Room. Start off with Samosas, those spicy lamb-stuffed pastries seasoned with tur- meric, ginger, chili powder and coriander. The fillet of sole will be baked with a dill topping and there will be Murgi Kari (chicken curry) made with fresh garam masala, yogurt, tomatoes and myriad In- dian seasonings. The curry condiments will be available in abundance and there will be baked bananas as accompaniment. The vegetables will be Bengal-style ... deep fried onions, cucumbers and toma- toes in a batter seasoned with coriander, tur- meric and chili powder. And there will be yogurt-dressed salads and unleavened bread. Add to this the best prime ribs of beef in town, jumbo Gulf shrimp ... the biggest available ... fresh fruit salad and the other Saturday night regulars and you have an evening you won't want to miss. Our In- dian buffets have quite a following so reser- vations are advised at 225-1661. $9.50. Ranch House food will be featured on Sunday, September 26 in the Plantation Room. Barbecued spareribs, country fried trout and creamy chicken shortcake are entrees to help sate hearty appetites. Dip into our delicious black eyes, a green rice salad, cucumber pickles, cole slaw and pickled okra and you'll dream of the cool hill countryside. Jalapeno corn muffins and hot bis- cuits with jelly are other fresh-from-the- oven accompaniments along with old-fash- ioned bread pudding with lemon sauce and Lady Bird's Icebox Strawberry Pie. Roast sirloin of beef aujus, blueberry pancakes, omelets any style, bacon, sau- sage patties, cheese grits, deviled eggs, stuffed celery, assorted fruit juices and fresh fruit bowl, country fried potatoes and mus- tard greens will round out the menu. It's hard to beat that kind of fare at $6.50 adults, $4.25 children. If you are planning special luncheons for fall here are some items you might like to try: Shrimp Shashlik on Rice with Pine Nuts Lamb Noisettes with Mushroom Cap and Mint Sauce Roast Tenderloin of Beef Stuffed with Duxelles and Green Peppercorns H.C. Roast Stuffed Lamb Balloon Fried Mountain Oysters (yes, we have 'em!) Sauteed Milk-fed Veal with Mush- rooms and Artichokes Shrimp Scampi on Green Rice King Crab Meat Tiki in Pineapple Boat Our two party-planners, Robbie Worthington and Rosemary Self, will be happy to give further details about any of the entrees. Just give them a call at 225- 1661. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 A unique occasion in a unique setting, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Younger, right, held their wedding reception in the Houston Room. On hand for this inimitable pose were Well-Wishers Mrs. Bud Olsen and Mr. Bill Williams. What is a wedding reception without some lively toe-tapping music? The Bud and Bob Twins Band did the honors at this happy affair. LI GV WBEW 1JEDDOMS RECErsI! ll 60W This family of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cord ray and Howard Jr. paused During an intermission, Band Leader Bud Hooper, left, exchanged to pose for the photographer. friendly insights with Mr. and Mrs. M. S. "Dude" Parmley. Guests one and all had an enjoyable time. Attesting to the fact are, left to right, Mrs. Helen LeMonde, Dr. John Jerabeck, Ms. Ruby Mitchell, and Mr. William "Bob" LeMonde. Included among the younger set were, left to right, Julie and John Schiebl, Stephen Paine and Kathy Passmore; standing, Paig Jones and Jack Younger. for lunch in the Texas Room. 00 lunch are member C. T. King, Noble Drilling Corp., left, and his CAMERA (S OI C4:IWUE guest Dick Kobdish, Crown Central Petroleum. Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 Dining and dancing nightly (except Sundays) in the Plantation Room. 23 24 25 Pre-Curtain Menu American Indian Day Plantation Room Plantation Room6PM Buffet 6 - 9:30 5 6 9 11 Sunday Brunch Labor Day Ice Capades Indian Buffet Plantation Room Your Houston Club The Summit Plantation Room 10:30 - 2 PM is closed (through 14th) 6 - 9:30 23rd Annual Houston Gem & Mineral Show (through Sept. 12) Shamrock-Hilton 12 13 15 17 18 Sunday Brunch Pre-Curtain Menu Ladies' Luncheon Shrimp Shuck Plantation Room Plantation Room Plantation Room 6 PM Esther Wolf Texas Room 7 PM Buffet 6 - 9:30 10:30-2 PM By reservation only Plantation Room 12:15 Pre-Game Festivities Houston Symphony Rice/Utah Lawrence Foster, conductor Rice Stadium 7:30 Jones Hall 8 PM Oilers/Tampa Bay Astrodome 1 PM 19 Sunday Brunch Plantation Room 10:30-2 PM 20 21 Pre-Curtain Menu Men's Forum Plantation Room 6PM Anthony C. Stout By reservation only Texas Room Noon Houston Symphony Lawrence Foster, conductor Itzhak Perlman, violin Jones Hall 7:30 Exhibition Game Aeros/Pittsburgh 22 Autumn begins By reservation only 4 Plantation Room Buffet 6 - 9:30 American Ballet Theatre (SPA) Jones Hall 8:30 Neil Sedaka (KRBE Host) Music Hall 7 and 10:30 American Ballet Theatre (SPA) Jones Hall 8:30 Alley Theatre "Color Me Gala" American Ballet Theatre (SPA) Jones Hall 8:30 Pre-Game Festivities UH/A&M Rice Stadium 7:30 26 27 29 30 Ranch Style Brunch Pre-Curtain Menu Theta Charity Pre-Curtain Menu Plantation Room Plantation Room 6 PM Antiques Show Plantation Room 6 PM 10:30-2 PM By reservation only Albert Thomas By reservation only Please reserve early (225-1661) for: Convention Center Pre-Game Festivities Rice/Texas October 2 Houston Symphony 10 AM-9PM , Rinfret/Men's Forum October 5 Gold Star (through Oct 3) Houston Ballet , ' Eliahu Inbal conductor . Shrimp Shuck October 8 Mother s Day , "Cinderella" , Jerome Lowenthal, piano Italian Brunch, October 10 Jones Hall 8 PM Plan your Fall Jones Hall 8 PM Neiman-Marcus Ladies Luncheon October 13 (through October 2) , celebrations at Scandanavian Buffet, October 16 The Houston Club Chinese Brunch, October 24 Oilers/Oakland Call 225-1661 Exhibition Game Gen. Brown/Men's Forum, October 28 Astrodome 1 PM for reservations. Aeros/Atlanta German Buffet, October 30 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Houston Symphony Lawrence Foster, conductor Itzhak Perlman, violin Jones Hall 8 PM Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Museum of Fine Arts, 1001 Bissonnet: "Collection of John A. and Aubrey Jones Beck: Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings," continuing. Through September 5, "Kent Bicentennial Portfolio: Spirit of Independence"; through September 12, "The Nar- rative Tradition of Ghanaian Combs." Opening Sep- tember 7, through September 29, "Joan Mir6: a Trib- ute"; September 14 - November 14, "Recent Print Acquisitions"; September 16 - December 5, "The Photographic Book in Germany and France". 526- 1361. alionoc"e Listings are accurate as received, subject to last minute changes. "Sirius', Miller Outdoor Theatre, Hermann Park: A major new electronic work by the leading German composer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, September 18, part of a four-day festival of avant-garde, contemporary jazz and ballet works celebrating the U.S. Bicentennial September 16-19. Four free concerts sponsored by Houston National Bank, the Miller Theatre Advisory Council, the Music Performance Trust Funds and the Houston German Consulate General. "The Houston Series", Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana: First of a series of Seminar Production Lectures. Septem- her 15, 7 PM. Art League of Houston, 1953 Montrose: Exhibition of works by Faculty members. 523-9530. Contemporary Arts Museum, 5216 Montrose: Call temporary number, 652-6527, for current exhibits. Houston Symphony, Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana: Law- rence Foster, conductor, September 13, 14; Septem- ber 19, 20, 21 with Itzhak Perlman, voilin. Eliahu Inbal, conductor, September 27, 28 with Jerome Lowenthal, Piano. At 8 PM except Sunday, Septem- ber 19, at 7:30 PM. Performances subject to contract agreement. Call 224-4240. Neil Sedaka, Music Hall, 810 Bagby: Host, KRBE Radio, a Foley's "Spotlight Event".. September 24, 7 and 10:30 PM. Tickets, Foley's. "Battle of Songs", Music Hall, 810 Bagby: September 10, 8 PM. "Color Me Gala", Alley Theatre, 615 Texas: Annual benefit gala for Alley Theatre, September 25.228-9341. September 3....... Los Angeles ......... 7:35 PM September 4....... Los Angeles ......... 2:05 PM September 5....... Los Angeles ......... 2:05 PM September 8....... Cincinnati ............ 7:35 PM September 9....... Cincinnati .......... 7:35 PM September 18...... San Diego .......... 2:05 PM September 19...... San Diego .......... 2:05 PM September 21 ...... Atlanta ............. 7:35 PM September 22...... Atlanta ............. 7:35 PM October 1 ......... San Francisco ....... 7:35 PM October 2 ......... San Francisco ....... 2:05 PM Concert, Mexican Fiesta, Miller Theatre, Hermann All games played in the Astrodome. Park: Concert honoring Republic of Mexico, Sunday, September 12. 8:30 PM. Alley Theatre, 615 Texas: Summer Cinemafest, Sep- tember 1, "Greed"; September 2,3"Lola Montes" Sep- tember 4, 5 "Cover Girl"; September 3, midnight "Schlock". September 18. Rice vs Utah, Rice Stadium 7:30 PM September 25. UH vs A&M, Rice Stadium7:30 PM September 12.Oilers vs Tampa, Astrodome . 1 PM September 28.Oilers vs Oakland, Astrodome 1 PM HOCKEY Aeros Exhibition Games Houston Museum of Natural Science, 5800 Caroline: Film, "Our Star Spangled Sky", through September 6; "The Archives Project", September 10 through No- vember 21. RICE HOTEL LAUNDRY One of the South's Finest Laundries Now Streamlined to offer Superior Service to Clubs, Hotels, and other Commercial Accounts Specialists in Printed Communication WETMORE & COMPANY HOUSTON, TEXAS Magic Show, Music Hall, 810 Bagby: Benefit show for Foundation of Medical Science. September 2, 8 PM. Theta Charity Antiques Show, Albert Thomas Con- vention Center, West Hall: September 29 through Oc- tober 3. Tickets from Theta members or at the en- trance. American Ballet Theatre, Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana: Company of 75 virtuoso dancers with symphony or- chestra. Brillant ballet stars including Rudolf Nureyev, Gelsey Kirkland, and Ted Kivitt. September 23 - 25 at 8:30 PM, September 25 also at 2:30 PM. Presented by the Society for the Performing Arts. 227-1111. Houston Ballet Foundation, Jones Hall, 615 Louisi- ana: 9th season begins with the Houston premiere of "Cinderella", full-length production of the fairy tale. September 30, October 1 and 2. 8 PM 225-0271. 23rd Annual Houston Gem and Mineral Show, Shamrock Hilton Hotel Exhibit Hall: September 10, 11, 12. Ice Capades, The Summit: Eight performances Sep- tember 9 through September 14. Tickets, Foley's. AIR CONDITIONING PLUMBING - HEATING The Warren Company, Inc. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 24 Hour Service - 223-I 163 INDUSTRIAL - RESIDENTIAL . COMMERCIAL September 21 ....... Pittsburgh .......... 7:30 PM September 30....... Atlanta ............ 7:30 PM Both games played in The Summit. 1977 West Gray 529-8721 Floral Purveyors to Your Houston Club 4s' DONALD E, WART INC Jewelry Salon 1800 St. James Place, Suite 301 San Felipe Green we are interested in purchasing and appraising precious jewels from estates and private owners. Consultations with Bankers and Attorneys are welcome. Monday-Friday 9:00-5:30 626-5240 Saturday by appointment Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05S00620R000601560073-4 How does the energy capital move its energy? Fast City National Bank helps it reach its destination. Some thirty underground pipelines carry Texas Gulf Coast resources to major U.S. cities thousands of miles away. These pipelines move millions of gallons of oil, natural gas, petrochemicals and other liquid products. This area of Texas has become one of the nation's most important oil and gas transmission centers - connecting the products of plants and refineries along the Houston Ship Channel with inland desti- nations as far away as New York City. One-quarter of the nation's major pipeline companies moving natural gas are found in Houston. Together these 14 companies operate more than 122,000 miles of natural gas pipeline. First City National Bank uses its financial strength to help move Texas Gulf Coast resources. We're the founding member of First City Bancorporation. There are now 23 First City Bank Group member banks across Texas with assets of over $4 bil- lion. - First City National Bank is becoming involved with more and more industries every day. Understanding business as well as banking has helped us become... A major financial strength behind Texas industry. FIRST CITY NATIONAL BANK Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4 1 1 I 1 e 1/ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 Texas Commerce Bank ? o LUMIRIDIN will 11 MiLIS-Lel~ It may have occurred 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 tin 1 ? 1 / 1 ? 1 1 0 1? 1 7 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 e 1 p o 1 1 1 1 1 ~ 1 1 1 1 1 1 / . 1 . 1 1 B 1 Trust Department. Lucian Morrison, President Officer Houston (713) 236-444 Approved For Release 2009/07/16: CIA-RDP05SO062OR000601560073-4