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December 21, 2016
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April 14, 2009
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Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05TOO644R000100210002-9 SENATORS -.--STAFFERS BAYH, Birch MILLER, William & Suzanne Betty E S C-r fieWE1 Earl & Jay . CHAFEE-,-John-8r Vi-rg n4a GL n G> n Q ttra , at -u eaT1 JACKSON, Henry J & Ma ry L EAUX,-1?a-tk & M e 11 e M ?E r es REPRESENTATIVES A$ John LONG, Patrick.& Inez AS y , & E BOL-AtD ward-& M y PRICE, Melvin & Garry' B ! Mara Ellen , neth & it C-ha-r-Ye~ ~~ CHAPPELL, Bill & guest WHITTEN, Jamie & Rrbecca. CGS ; ' W Bfianche DERWINSKI, Edward & Patricia YOUNG, Bi 11 & Mari an ZABLOCKI, Clement FOWLER, Wyche &'guest ?.M RY,,_JRobP_r_t-.Av-Deiq s MICHEL,, Robert & Corinne MINETA, Norman & May MURPHY, Morgan Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05TOO644R000100210002-9 STAT Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05TOO644R000100210002-9 Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05TOO644R000100210002-9 Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05T00644R000100210002-9 Sen. Dale Bumpers of Charleston Democrat-Jan. 3, 1975 b. Aug. 12, 1925-Lawyer . Univ. of Arkansas, 1948; Northwestern Univ. Law School LL.B., 1951. MA- RINES, - 1943-46. State Governor since 1973. Charleston Chamber of Commerce, Charleston Industrial Development Corp. Methodist, married, 3 children. Sen. J. Bennett Johnston of Shreveport Democrat-Nov. 14, 1972 b..1 LIIe 10. 'l932--l.a rr Sen. Lawton Chiles of Lakeland Democrat---Jan. 3. 1971 b. April 3, 1930-Lawyer U. of Fla., B.S., 1952; U. of Fla. School of Law,. LL. B., 1955; Army, Artillery Officer during the Korean War; practicing atty., 1955-; Fla. House of Reps., 1958- 66; Fla. Senate, 1966-70; recipient of many awards. Service Awards by Fla. Assn. for Retarded Chil- dren, 1968; Governor's Award for Conservation. 1968; Wildlife Conservation Award, 1968; Presby- terian. married, four chil- dren. LL.B., , 1956, Louisiana State U.; -Army, Judge Ad- vocate General's Corps. 1956-59; State House of Reps.. 1964-68; State Sen., 1968-72; lost 1971 ouber- natorial primary: Chairman, _ Planning Committee for ma- j jor highway linking New Orleans with Shreveport and Mobile; American. La., Shreveport Bar Assn.: American Le- gion. Baptist, married, four children. lh- Sen. Walter (Dee) hluddleston of Elizabethtown Democrat-Jan. 3,1973 K April 15. 1926-Ilu.inr7i:man A.B., 1949, U. of Kentucky; Army, 1944-46; discharged as staff sergeant; state sen- ator, 1966-72; majority leader, 1970-72; Chairman of Elizabethtown Planning and Zoning Commission, 1960-61; one of Jaycees' three outstanding young men of Kentucky, 1960; Rotary, Kentucky Broad- casters Assn.; Democratic State Executive Committee: Assn. of the U.S. Army. Methodist, married, two children. Sen. James A. McClure of Payette Republican-Jan. 3, 1973 b. Dec. 27. 1924--Lawyer Stanford U., B.A., 1947, LL.B., 1950; Harvard, 1948; Army, WWII; prac- ticing atty., 1950-56; State Chm., Idaho Young Demo- crats, 1952-54; Keynoter. Democratic Natl. Conven- tion, 1960; U.S. delegate to 21st UN General Assembly; Bd. of Governors, Col. of the Virgin Islands, 1968. Presbyterian, married, two children. Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05T00644R000100210002-9 I . - .. It Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05TOO644R000100210002-9 John Al. Ashbrook of Johnstown (17th Dist.) Republican-10th term b. Sept. 21, 1922-Journalist Harvard U., B.A., 1952: Ohio State U.. J.D., 1955; Navy, .1946-48; Publisher. Johnstown Independent, 1953-; practicing atty.. 1955-; Young Repub. Chm., 1957-59; Ohio House of Reps., 1956-60. Baptist. married, three children. Dist. resources, pop.- Dairy and livestock: stone. clay, glass., and concrete products: rubber and mis- cellaneous plastics products; 462,846 i Morgan F. Murphy of Chicago (2d Dist.) Democrat-Jan. 21, 1971 b. April 16.1932-Lawyer Northwestern U., B.S., 1955; DePaul U. School of Law. LL.B., 1962; USMC, 1955-58; Hearing Officer, Local Liquor Control Com., 1969-70. Catholic, married, three children. Dist. resources, pop.- Electrical machinery, com- munication equipment, ra- dio, television, electronic components, fabricated met- als, nonmetal machinery, printing, publishing; higher education 464,792 A Silvio 0. Conte of Pittsfield (1st Dist.) Republican- Jan. 3. 1959 b. Nov. 9, 1921-Lawyer Boston Col., Boston Col. Law School, LL.B.. 1949; practicing atty., 1949-58; Mass. State Senator, 1950- 58. Catholic, married, four children. Dist. resources, pop. Electrical machinery, con- verted paper and paper- board products; nonelec- trical machinery, industry. metalworking machinery: tourism (Berkshires) higher education (U. Mass.); 470: 469,438 Richardson Preyer of Greensboro (6th Dist.) Democrat-Jan. 3, 1969 b. Jan. 11, 1919-Lawyer Princeton U., B.A., 1941; Harvard, LL.B., 1949; Navy, WWII; practicing atty., 1950-56; City Judge, 1953-54; Superior Ct. Judge, 1956-61; U.S. Dist. Judge; 1961-63; Candidate for Gov., 1964; Sr. V.P. Trust Officer, N.C. Natl. Bank, Greensboro, 1964-66. Presbyterian, married, five children. Dist. resources, pop.- Textile mill products, knit- ting mills; household furni- ture. fixtures: tobacco manu- factures; 457,354 Edward J. Derwinski of Flossmoor (4th Dist.) Republican-Jan. 3, 1959 b. Sept. 15, I926-Banker Loyola U., B.S., 1951; Army, WWII; Major, USAR; 111. House of Reps., 1957-58; Savings and Loan Executive. Catholic. . Married, two children. Dist. resources, pop.- Wyche Fowler, Jr. of Atlanta (5th Dist.) Republican-April 6, 1977 b. Oct. 6. 1940-Lawyer Davidson Col. and Emory Univ. Law School, 1969; U.S. Army vet.; first Pres. of the Atlanta City Council, known as "night Mayor" of the city. Youngest member elected to the Atlanta Board of Aldermen. Presbyterian, unmarried. Dist. resources, pop.- Food and kindred products: printing and publishing: motor vehicles; paper, allied products; apparel made from fabrics; textile mill products: 460,589 Electrical machinery, com- 1 munication, radio, televi- t sion, electronic components; I fabricated metal; nonelec- trical machinery, 464,452 Charles Rose of Fayetteville (7th Dist.) Democrat-Jan. 3, 4973 b. Aug. 10, 1939-Lawyer A.B. Davidson College. 1961; LL.B., U. of N.C.. 1964; practicing atty.; Chief District Court Prosecutor for the 12th Judicial Dis- trict, 1967-70. Married, one child. Dist. resources, pop.- Tobacco, textile mill prod- ucts, apparel made from fabrics. lumber and wood products; 467,476 of Great Neck (6th Dist.) Democrat-Jan. 3, 1965 b. Jan. 4,1919-Educator N.Y.U., 1939; Army Air Air Corps, WWII; Head, Marketing Dept., Collegiate Inst., 1945-49; Chm. of Bd., Coordinated Marketing Agency, 1945-64; TV mod- erator, 'producer, "Between the Lines," 1948-60. Jewish, married, two children. Dist. resources, pop.- Electrical machinery, radio., transmitting, signaling, de- tection equipment; food; fabricated metal products: higher education 467,722 Approved For Release 2009/04/14: CIA-RDP05TOO644R000100210002-9