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December 22, 2016
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May 6, 2009
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August 9, 1979
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Approved For Release 2009/05/06: CIA-RDP05T00644R000300940003-6 0 for ' 1-10 Washington Post Wire WASHINGTON - Intelligent agencies of five foreign governments have conducted systematic campaigns inside the United States to spy on, ha- rass and in some cases plan assassina- tions of their opponents, U.S. intelli- gence and law enforcement officials have disclosed to Senate investigators. A principal target of the campaigns by four of the five countries - Iran, the Philippines, Taiwan and Chile - appears to have been American public opinion. Spies were set loose on critics whose speaking out might have dis- turbed the traditionally close relations between each of the four authoritar- ian regimes and Washington. Methods ranged from the reported sending of "hit teams" from Iran and Chile to the United States to the te- dious business of monitoring and cata- loguing student political discussions here by each of the four countries, according to a secret Senate staff study of foreign intelligence oper- ations inside the United States. Inde- pendent accounts obtained by The Washington Post tend to confirm or expand many of the study's disclo- sures. Each service developed its own spe- cial wrinkles. Preparing to go totall "underground" when Washington es- tablished relations with Peking, Taiwan's National Security Bureau drew up plans to recruit Chinese- Americans to travel to China and sp for Taiwan. Chile hoped to establish Miami branch office of an interna- tional consortium of intelligence agen cies it had helped set up. But the four spy outfits had an im portant common feature. They all ha intelligence liaison agreements wit the Central Intelligence Agency, an they operated with a relatively fret hand here. The report strongly suggests tha e SpJ Eg oa ]Page 14 Approved For Release 2009/05/06: CIA-RDP05T00644R000300940003-6 MRon