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August 12, 2011
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/12 : CIA-RDP05TO2051 R000200350023-6 t?.M_qHINGI'ON POST NEW YORK TIMES WALL -.STREET J. 4MHINGPON TIMES USA TODAY 6' to address the U.N. General As-` when he sees President Rea: rized 'zone that divides the , Wtt STAT S. Korean seeks 6-nation reification summit By Don Kirk. USA TODAY South Korea's President Roh The-woo, exploiting the success of the Olympic Games, carried his campaign for "reconcilia- tion" on the Korean Peninsula to the United Nations Tuesday, urging a six-nation summit Roh, the AM Korean leader IN WAS UNGTON :.. U.S. MISSILES DESTRMXED: soviet inspecto watched Tuesday tire. US. Air Force in Tucson, Ariz, cut sembly, called. for "a confer- San at the White House Thurs- countries. ence for peace" that would in- day. The two. also are likely to North Korea has agreed in dude the United States, the So- discuss -the possibility of USS. principle to the idea of a sum. viet Union, China and Japan as contacts, including trade, with mit while denouncing the well as North and South Korea. North Korea. . Olympic Games. Hisgoal: 'Tolayawild foun Roh repeated earlier calls Negotiators for the two dation for durable peace and for a summit with North Kore- sides, however, are stymied on prosperity in northeast Asia". an. leader .Elm 11. Sung and technicalities in opening talks The South Korean leader is ; urged the two Koreas to build a between members of their par- expected to press his proposal,., "city of peace" in the demilita- liaments. termediate range Nuclear Forces Try. Also slated for. the cutting tools a. 56-toot, a8,000ipoundlauncher, CONTRA AID: The Senate passed a nonbiading resolu- tion warning that Nicaraguan failure to comp with a Cen? tral America peace plan could. bring further U.S. aid to the anti-government rebels. Congr cut off aid to the contras, but President Reagan has threatened to call members back after the elections for a vote on releasing a $16.5 million cache of weapons for the rebels. SLUDGE SLAMMED: The Senate voted to ban the dis- assoon as beginning posal Thof sewage sludge in the e House Is expected to concur Atlantic today and President Reagan likely will sign the'bill. BRIEFLY . White House spokesman marlin Fitzwater insisted there's no legal or ethical problem with Nancy. Reagan's secret acceptance of expensive designer clothes - some on loan and some outright SM fom old Mends. He said the disclosure in Time was a cheap political shot." ,.. A federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by Rep. Mike Low", D-Wash, and 109 other Democrats President Reagan of violating the War Powers Act by no formally telling Congress of. US. hostilities In the Persian Gulf. The court said the suit Is futile since the Iran-Iraq, cease-Am ... ABC Now said renewed efforts by Iran, Chile and private dealers to trade arms for U.S. hearlier this year were rebuffed by the tlon. Leading opponent Secretary of State George Shultz Written by Paul Leavitt. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/12 : CIA-RDP05TO2051 R000200350023-6