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December 22, 2016
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October 5, 2012
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August 18, 1945
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* ? WSW, NEM Aug. 18, 1945 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/05: CIA-RDP08001297R000500160038-1 00. iboc.giis Enclosure no. 1 io deepetoh no. 1974, taiga Aug. 24, 1945, from American Embassy, Moscow. TREATY Between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics And the Polish Republic on the Soviet-Polish State Frontier The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the President of the National Council of the Polish Republic, desiring to settle the problem of the slate frontier between the Soviet Union. and Poland in the spirit of friendship and accord, have decided to cowhide for this purpo.e the present Treaty and have aiopointed their Plenipoten- tiaries: The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Union of Soviet &Xislist Republies?Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov. Vice Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars and People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; The President of the National Council of the Polish Republic?Eduard Osubka-Morawski, President of the Council of Ministers of the Polish Republic. who, having exchanged their tredentials, found in due form and good order, have agreed on the following: ARTICLE 1 In accordance with the decision of the Crimea Conference, to establish the state frontier between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Polish Republic along the "Curzon Line." deviating from the line in Poland's favor in some districts from five to eight kilometers according to the map in scale 1:500.000 annexed hereto, conceding additionally to Poland: al territory situated east of the "Curzon Line" up to the Western Bug River and Solokia River (south of the town of Krylow) with a deviation in Poland's favor of up to thirty kilometers at the maximum; b) part of the territory of the Bjalowiez forest in the sector Niemirow- Jalowka, situated east of the "Curzon Line.- including Niemirow, Gainowka,, fijalowier and Jalowks, with a deviation in Poland's favor of up to seventeen kilometers at the maximum. ARTICLE 2 In accordance with the provisions of Article 1, the state frontier behmen the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Polish Republic passes along the following line: from the point situated approaximately O. kilometers southwest of the source of the San River northeastwards to the source of the San River and then down midstream of the San River up to the point situated south of the inhabited locality Solino. then east of Przemyszl, west of Rawa Russia pp to the SoWhim River, then along the Solokia River and the Western Bug River in .the direction of Niemimw-Jalowka, leaving on the Polish side part of the territory of the Bjalowiez forest mentioned in Article 1, and thence, to the meeting point of the frontiers of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, the Polish Republic and East Prussia. leaving Grodno on the USSR side. The demarcation of the frontier indicated in the present article will be carried out on the spot by a. Mixed Soviet-Polish Commission, whose SOO will be in Warsaw and which will begin its work not later than 13 4ngs gin the date of exchange of nrAifiention instruments. ARTICLE 3 ? Pending final &claim as territorial tiontatiou at the peace settiamoalo part of the Soviet-Polish frontier adjoining doi Baltic Sea will pass ia cool formity with the decision of the Berlin Conference, along the line 14111dildi from the point situated on the eastern shore of Danzig Bay and indicated op the map annexed hereto, eastward to the math of Braunsberg-Gulliet op fly the point where this line meets the frontier fine described in Articloille the present Treaty. ARTICLE 4 The present Treaty is subject to ratification, which 1111111 lake plass at the earliest possible date. The Treaty tomes into farce upon the exchange of ratification instruments, which will take place in Warsaw. Done in Moscow. August 16, 1945, in two copies. each in the Resalan and languages. both texts having equal force. On Authorisation et the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Union of soviet Socialist Republics V. MOLOTOV On Authorisation" el the President of the National Cannel/ of the NAND Republic F. OSURKA-MORAWSKI AGREEMENT Between the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Provisional Government of National Unity of the Polish Republic on Compensation for Damages Caused by German Occupation The Government or the Union fit Soviet Socialist Repuldies and the Pam- isional Polish Government of Minim.' Unity. considering that the invasion by the Getman troops at territories of OM Soviet Union and Poised and the temporary occupation of Poland and of a oceisiderable part a the, territory of the Soviet Union by Orme troops owed tremendous damage 10 the Soviet Union sad the "With Rup4c,destrallea of ? many towns, indult?* enterprises, railways end what, hismehee ofealdettel economy, the elimination of moan caosanoessoas maim roldollea tood strenuous efforts of the Soviet and Polish peoples. guided by the desire to tender mai other every assistance in earryieg oaf the Maks connected :with the altettaaties of the above sieve consomme." of WINN occupation,, have agreed on die foltowing: AIMCLE In C011ierOlity 4th its eiatement rot the Restla Coafereace. the &Met Go"' anima relinquishes in Poland's favor fa claims to Games reperty pee ?ther assets and also to 'shares of Gamma industrial esti crampon eniseprises throughout the territory of Poland, Including that part of the territory of elf- many which passes to Poland. ARTICLE 3 In 4 conmeeticas the declaims of the Berlin Coalmine* on the 111010111kre governing ties a.atIs$4tion of the reparation claims at Poland, the Soviet Gav- e:meat agrees to came& to Poised from its share of the eeposatioas with* are to be delivered tit the Soviet Uaion: a) le:* of ell tigesration deliveries been the leoriet sone et asespadoe la Germany which will ihe effected In the period after the Seetin Coolorilnor; tro of such:esabie and complete industrial 'spited equirmat Mick as established by thk Berlin (Anteroom., mast be received by the Soviet-raise from the westero sodas of occupatino of Germany, delivery of Ms otptifionsot to Poland to be effected ia exchange for other geode front Poland; te?/? of such usable and complete industrial capital equipment which It to be delivered to the Soviet Union from the western zones withali mason or coapensattom is say.lpsy. In its turn the iPalish Govenunent undertakes. beginniag with talk to deliver to the Soviet 'Union manually, throughnot the entire period of the oc- cupation of Gentian oast at a special agreed price: eight itlities toss dining the first year of deli 13 &Rios toss aaasally in the next fear yeas. sad 12 Milian toms in of the subaqua, yeses et Ike anapeabup of 6411101117. MMUS 3 The present Agreement comes into force immediately era .belaii gigged. The present Agreement is done in Moscow, August 16. 1901, In two copies. each in the Russian pad the IPolidt loagi.bath leitho IMO/ opal alted? Anshaeloslisa el the gams- .1Pgrat neat et Ihe Wen W See* Ss- earetel*/* than illepahllea V. 111140T011 To Agree Voloit 111611414-111101.21 ' - PROTOCOL , on th* Qovernment (410 lalist Tisriblica Mid t40111111 oi let Ihniesto .004111.011 t athrec oh. - emp,0 .:Vaiised by j'?.Au ealt.tww* lotateeertsvidese west, an the imiroblate V?tioe n1111101 of lb. OA Maw sod "NM* SI 400 to P4nd In eaatelliD/ oralh *WO it Pill.SPIN iliFtill1; above 41;Zet. ? Shed llavietsPeekk finanniestan is In estaisting of sit the.. isembers, tem ballb Oak The common will So MOON filei by u IMPOPIPPSOIhre kla OSA 01 In turn urea mulled eiressiant. Doom a. August $4, 1111. thileolfhIn Iwo ooldoe., or* Is Ms 1111111161.1 the Polish languages, both texts being authentic. Cased by Ontlinn Oa anilsorisstina of the Genes- meat of the Union et Soviet Se- rialist Sepal/Iles V. MOLOTOV Oa Amlbeileallem el ibe- I at Pellsb Government ell= Unity offusmt-tionAwinu I Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/05: CIA-RDP08001297R000500160038-1 ? NOSOCW NEWS Ault. no 1945 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/05: CIA-RDP08001297R000500160038-1 DC R. &h.. 74C C. ? .5 , Enolosure no. 2 to despatch no. 1974 dated Aug. 24, 1945, from American Embassy, Moscow. SOVIET-POLISH STATE BOUNDARY According to Treaty of August 16, 1945 NttmE ? ..111 -0 SIAULIAL t TILSIT PILL AU KOENIGSBERG *MAN 41#4, KAUNAS MONO 01:1AUGAVPILS .VILNIUS VILEINA BORiSOY c ?LIDA MINSK, ? BIALYSTOK o iALowi,(4* 4%"' ? GAINowne_ii .BuLowiel ARSAW NIEMIRO LOwlE I cost iT o BREST , ? p ?S ? ea a ; ? RADOM 0 **/ 0 LUBLIN OCZESTOCROwit oKiELGE ? BARANOviC HI 0 Cf) PINSK I 4, 0 KOvEi ? 4WI ? 41411avssala co? annomn SOVIET-ROLISH ? STATE BOUNDARY OVERLAND PRZEmYs2 ?Lvov CZECHOSLOVAKIA ) I or? o DROGOBYCH 4.1.?ar SOVIET-POLISH ? STATE RIVER 110010Altv 'OTHER STAT.( BOUNDARIES ? ,4; 2171467 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/05: CIA-RDP08001297R000500160038-1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/05: CIA-RDPO8001297R000500160038-1 220 23? 241? ZALACZNIK DO ,,ugowy PostigDzy RZECZAPOSPOLITA POLSKA A ZW1AZKI M SOCJALISTYCZNYCH REPliBLIK 11AIAIECKICH 0 ZAMIANIII ODCINKOW TERYTOR1OW PANSTWOWYCH", ZAWA TEl W MOSKWIE DNIA 15 LUTEGO 1951 110KU. IIPILIORCEHHE X ?,1(000BOPY XMAS' 110.11aCK011 PECIIPB.111X0g X C01030M CcOBETCHBX COLOIA.11110TWIECKEIX II PECIIYILIIIIC OB OBMEHB PIACTRAMEI l'OCYAAPOTBEHHLIX TEPPIITOP11 , w, 3AX.110YEHHOMY B HOME IS 4)EBPAist 1961 rOAA. Hopis w &kali 1:1.000.000 sporzadaona na pod. stawle orpginalu map!' w skall 1:500.000 opt"- trzonej podpisenal A. Zawadzki I A. Wyaispfiski ores pleczeciami okragIgmi Ambasadp Polskiej w Moskwie I Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicz- ngch Zwiazku Socjalistpczn Republik Az- dzieckicb /1 Lee, / 0116/6Ckw. 24 \bre: nth -S ??-.1 ^^4,47k ? to. oim. .f/ 4 . ...A,........----,,,, % .. iby ". .. ? ? ? ... s ocr,erosti, ,I , 1 , pin , bigot ? ito ??? .. ,?.... MO ? y?fflOWSII IMak ekrZAIVB v akori Wr , oki oh' 0,40,14 s " " r , fr, ucs 1,Shcikiiwr jisode'no.a.i - Jena- Sztze rzes ' A 911, 0 re ? sap - ? Cp5belt 4'????? Di,how _ - ? +11.? 0 HUI 10 i 3Z1 W , a` 0' / f , i? 0 ---- - .1,6W r ?.."1 ,,. likriew ...?..7;ifiwsz i) ..- ii. ? ..f .? i o' adLo r ' ? ,?'''...1.-,..7?. 141- ... 0 . al a /1P4? ''?' .....4? ? / v? ? 1,,01.40 li ji 25' ttNk?C -/frol 04 i 52.6* ; ri Noe 1 t'$ weiim no Wert ohect? /444. Hqrly o ? 2., OrushoPO ow ubhin lych0 IwC 1W '3 LWOW Kuro..c. lidrek linos Nruk en c '0,?00tOn?yty Itho wee naryn .011./OW 1151P;C5 Oure wont Dor aloe' NdflOW) .S0 e ka naa Ilnik PI .4N ? Ifoinsm.A1 *pocks mordo Odzinek radzieckiego tergtorium, odstapiong w drodze zanflaoy Rae. cappospolitej Polskiet /gamic cope ream A Te ppirropam, u.seulimila 110111)1fitlte 06111ella 1I0J1b. Pecka &luxe. Odzinek polsklego tergtoriuna, od- stapiony w diodze smiting Zwia- skowl Socjalistpcznpch Republik Radzieckicb Y %WOK 110.1bCKOIN repparopun,yery. unennuti e dopsvote odmena CoMaf COBOTCIOIX COlt11111JIIICTH1leCKIIX ' Pecny6mtat Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/05: CIA-RDP08001297R000500160038-1