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December 22, 2016
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October 2, 2012
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January 29, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/02 : CIA-RDP08001297R000700110015-9 REPUBLIC differences between citizens Republic. Titles- of bonour day confer or may have eon- r or have rendered eminent. 'sure its peace and wellbeing, iberty and independence, shall DNS OF THE CONSTITUTION not be modified except with le members of both Chambers. for modification is declared, to. which the Executive Power convening of a Revisory :a.tion. In the convening law ;rticles.? whose modification is Ibex's of the Revisory Assembly f. the people of the Provinees, the election of deputies. !I have less than two. repre- ions are necessary for members )1- deputies. of the Assembly shall enjoy .embers of both Chambers of deal with the form of govern- vil, republican, democratic and :onstitution May be made only - in, nor may it ever be sus- .?er or authority, or by: popular PROVISIONS ng the duration of the con- rtion of deputies to the number :c do not affect the constitu- hich ends on August 16, 1942. which the present constitution :Mall be full and effective as blished. . 4 ECUADOR AND PERU 1161 Given and proclaimed in Ciudad Trujillo, District of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, the 10th day of January, 1942. ? The President of the Revisory Assembly, ? JULIO ?ORTEGA FRIER, Representative for the District of Santo Domingo, . [Other signatures.] PROTOCOL of Peace, Friendship and Frontiers between Ecuador and Peru.?Rio de Janeiro, January 29, 1942 [Ratifications' exchanged at Petropolis, March. 31, 1942] (Translation) THE Governments of Peru and Ecuador, desirous of solving the boundary question ori which they have for long been divided, and taking into consideration the offer made to them by the Governments of the. United State's of America, Argentina, Brazil and Chile of friendly services with a view to a prompt and hOnourable solution of the problem, and inspired by the spirit prevailing at the Third Consultative Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the American Republics, have resolved to con- clude a Protocol of Peace, Friendship and Frontiers in the presence of the representatives ?of those four friendly ?govern- ? ments. For this purpose the following Plenipotentiaries:. [Here follow the names] Who, haying exhibited the Full Powers of the respective Parties, ?and having found them in good and due form, agree in subscribing to the following Protocol: ART. 1. The Governments of Peru and Ecuador solemnly ? affirm their definite intention to maintain between the two peoples relations of peace. and friendship, of understanding and goodwill, and to refrain from any act capable of disturbing these relations one with the other. 2. The Government of Peru will withdraw, within a .period of 15 days from the present date, its military forces to. the line defined in Article 8 of the present Protocol. 3. The United States of America, Argentina, Brazil and Chile will co-operate, by means of military observers, in arranging matters of withdrawal and the retirement of troops under ? the terms of the preceding Article. 4'1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2'012/10/02 : CIA-RDP08001297R000700110015-9 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/02 : CIA-RDP08001297R000700110015-9 I QQ-Po-oc.. 1162 ECUADOR AND PERU 4. The Military forces of the two countries shall remain in their new positions until the .final demarcation of the frontier. ? line. ? Until that time; Ecuador. will have only ciyil jurisdiction .- over the zones from which Peru was withdrawn, and which shall remain under the conditions of the demilitarised zone ? set forth in the Act of Talara. . 5. The good offices of the United States, .Argentina, Brazil and Chile shall continue until the final demarcation of the fron- tiers between_ Peru and Ecuador, this Protocol and: its execution remaining under the guaranteeof the four ?countries mentioned at the beginning of this Article, 6. :Ecuador shall enjoy, for her navigation in: the Amazonas and its septentrional tributaries; the same concessions As those ? Brazil. and Colombia plus those agreed in :a. Treaty . ? of Commerce and, Navigation designed to facilitate free naviga- tion in the said rivers. 7. Any doubt or disagreement .which ? may arise over the. ? execution of this Protocol shall be resolved by the Parties ?with the assistance of the representativcs of the United States,'Argen- tina, Brazil and Chile within the, shortest period possible. 8. ? The frontier line shall have the following points: ???? A. In the west: . (1) Mouth of the CapOnes in the Ocean: (2) River Zarumilla and Balsamal Pass to Lajas ; (3) River Puyango or Tumbcs to Cazaderos Pass ; ? (4) CazaderoS ; (5) Pilares Pass and .Alamor Pass up to the River Chira ; (6) Riva Chira, upper:reaches ; (7) Rivers Macara, Calvas and Espindola, upper reaches, as far as the ? source of the last-named in the Nudo de Sabanillas ; (8) From the Nudo de Sabamillas as far as the River Canchis ; .? (9) Entire course of the River Canchis and lower reaches ; (1.0) River Chinchipe, lower reaches, as far as the point in which it receives the River San Francisco B. In the cast:. (1) From the San Francisco Pass; the clivortium aquarum between the givers Zamora and Santiago .as far as the?conflu- ence Of the River Santiago and the Yaupi ; . t4, ? (2) A Con 11 uen River: s Bella Nap(lo41 of t (5) F the 'Rive ) lt as its(( s OlG?cpi : along it. Colomb:_ acce9p: 1 ;,;d spot, 01: may, ho Spot. au! to adjusi ? cations of thl.c.heL. ? presen I I approval In ,sign and .ancic neir i '')r under and in , ?cl%frgtielw,..1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/02 : CIA-RDPO8d01297R000700110015-9 ?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/02 : CIA-RDP08001297R000700110015-9 m tj"!#W207,' ?Titswg.,,r ' 4(41-41r. 'w?cr remain frontier sdiction '. which zone- . Brazil ie fron- ccution ntioned r; 4'4144114.1: (s ?.1 f Mei ? ECUADOR AND PERU 1163 ? .(2) ije up to the mouth of the Bobonaza in the Pastaza. Confluence of Cunamba River and the Pintoyaen in the Tigre River ; ? ? (3) Mouth of Cononaco in the Curaray, lower reaches as far as Bellavista:. (4) A line as far. as the mouth of the Yasuni in the River Napo. -Along the Napo*, lower reaches, as far as the mouth of the Aguarico ; ? (5) From thence,?upper reaches, as far as the confluence of .the River. Lagartococha or Zancudo and the Aguarico ? (6) River Lagartococha or Zancticio, upper. reaches, as far as its source and thence a line which goes to. meet the River . Gilepi ; Mang the Gliepi to, its outlet in the Puturnayo and along the Putumayo up 'to the boundary of Ecuador and Colombia. ? 97 It is agreed that the line described 'above shall be accepted by Peru and Ecuador for fixing, by experts on the spot, of the frontier between the two countries.. The Parties ma however, when roceeding. to trace the frontier on the ot authorise such reci rocal concessions as ma e esira e to ad'ust the said frontie to eo ra 'cal ealities. Such rectifi- cations shall be effected with the collaboration of representatives ..of the United States of America, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. ? The Governments of Peru and Ecuador shall submit the present Protocol to their respective Congresses, the requisite approval- to be obtained within a period no longer than 30 days. In faith whereof the above-mentioned Plenipotentiaries sign and seal, in duplicate, in the Spanish language', at Rio de Janeiro, the 29th day of -January, 1942, the present Protocol, under the auspices of His Excellency the President of Brazil and in the presence of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Brazil and, Chile and the Under Secretary of State .of the United States of America .ALFREDO SOLF Y .MURO. J. TOI3AR DONOSO. E. RUIZ GUINAZU. SUMNER WELLES. ? OSWALD() ARANHA. JUAN B. ROSSETTI. iazonas 's those' - Treaty ? aviga- er the :s with Argen- 2hira ; 'les, as .iillas River s int in. arum nfiu- Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/02 : CIA-RDP08001297R000700110015-9