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December 22, 2016
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October 3, 2012
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December 20, 1951
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- Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03 : CIA-RDP08001129474/00800090018-8 . .-,.1 (Classification) 741r.022/12-2051 FOREIGN. SERVICE DESPATCH XR 702..022 FROM : American Embassy, London No. 2773 ? December 20, 1951 DESP. NO. DATE TO : TRE DEPARTMENT OF STATE. WASHINGTON. AIR POUCH- ' PRIORITY 7 For Dept. REF ..--, Use Only SUBJECT: Parliamentary Discussions 'of Falkland Island Dependencies. R E DEC The recent Argentine announcement that an expedition is D C2.4 to be sent to the Falkland Island Dependencies during the Antarctic summer stirred some interest in the United Kingdom, Acim and questions were asked in the House of Commons on Decem- TARA ber 30 1951. The following is the text of the exchange which Two took place between Mr. Eden and his questioners, published 0 DCR in Hansard for December 3rd: NOLI - _ UNII "Mr. Hamilton Kerr asked the Secretary of State for iroFei-O-IrTirA?WEether he is aware that the Argentine Government in defiance of the agreement to abstain from naval demonstrations during the Antarctic summer, proposes to send an air and military expedition to the Falkland Islands; and whether he will lodge a protest. "Mr. Eden: I understand that the Argentine Govern- ment propirEo Send a relief expedition to the Falkland Islands Dependencies early this month. According to m present 'information? the number of ships included in this expedition does not contravene the Tripartite Naval Declarations exchanged between His Majesty's il Government and the Governments of Argentine and Chile. "Mr. Ketrg'Is my right' hon. Friend &Ware that President Tql7n, in February of this year, publicly stated that he had refrained from military occupation of the Falkland Islands, because scientific expeditions would, bit by bit, give him possession? "Mr. Eden: I am dealing with the Falkland Islands DependWEcf;g7- There is no question of any kind of an expedition to the Falkland Islands of which I am aware. As regards the Dependencies, the arrangement is a complicated one, but, if my hone Friend would like to see it, I will have its terms circulated in the Official Report, so that hon. Members can judge for themselveso "Lieut.-Colonellelp..taa asked the Secretary of State ISF-Poigrgrliffairs what representations he has made to the Governments of Chile and Argentina on their occupation I usmi NL F Orri./GIC 0 REPORTER ( SI tUNCLASSIFIED. PREPARATION TIME Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03: CIA-RDP08001297R000800090018-8 Pae _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03: CIA-RDPO8001297R000800090018-8 Desp.'.No 4773 UNOf j End. No From London (Classification) I Desp. No Frone- ocoupation of British territory in the Falkland Islands Dependenciee* , *Mr. Eden; His Majesty's Government have on a number of occasions protested to the Argentine and Chilean Governments against their unwarranted acts of trespass on British Antarctic territory. The texts of these documents are available in the Library. During the summer of this year, there have been no further acts of trespass warranting representations to these Governments.* It will be noted that Mr. Eden suggested that he might ha e the terms of the Tripartite Naval Declarations circulated in the Official Report (Hansard). On December 4th9 the follow- ing item was publis ed in Hansard, with a reference to the previous day's proceedings quoted abovea "Being anxious to avoid any misunderstanding in Antarctica which may affect the friendly relations between the United Kingdom, Argentina and Chile, the Governments of these three countries have informed each other that, in present circumstances, they fore- see no need to send warships south of latitude 60 degrees during the 1951 to 1952 Antarctic season, apart, of course, from movements such as have been customary for a number of years." Comment: Scattered comment in the British press has in general taken the line that, while the Argentine action is admittedly within the letter of the tripartite agreement, it does not conform with the agreement in spirito Approved:C- \ / J K Penfloild Counselor of Embassy cc: Buenos Aires Marvin:6ml ? - David & Marvin Second Secretary of Embassy UNCLASSIFIED. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03: CIA-RDP08001297R000800090018-8