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December 22, 2016
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September 27, 2012
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November 24, 1945
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, Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/09/27: CIA-RDP08001297R000800140005-6 a V - ? ? ? No. 1905 UNRESTRICTED La Paz, Bolivia Nov. 24, 1945 Subject; Meeting of the Argentine, Bolivian and Paraguayan Boundary Commissions Supplementing despatch number 1786, November 8, 1945, on the subject cited, I have the honor to report that the Argentine leader of the Mixed Argentine, Chilean, Paraguayan, and. Bolivian Boundary Commission, General Baldomero J. de Biedma, recently granted an interview to a representative of the La Paz newspapter Ultima Bora. The following excerpts from his quoted remarks may be of interest: I, I take satisfaction in saying that the task entuusted to me, as Delegate and President of the commissions for the fixing of the boundaries between Argentlna and Bolivia and Chile and Paraguay, and as arbiter in the fixing of the boundary between Bolivia and Paraguay, is well advanced. With respect to the boundary between my country and Bolivia I likewise take satisfaction in saying that the fixing of the line is practically completed-- thanks to the admirable comprehension of General Prieto. A record has been broken. One year and two months whereas it was calculated that much more time would be required. There remain only questions of a secondary order. For example, the laws approved by both National Congresses indicate points fixed between one mountain and another, and to draw the direct imaginary line between these peaks, with valleys and towns below demands a little more care. General Prieto is a man of value who unfortunately is not known to his own brothers--why, I do not know. P7With respect to my arbitration of the Bolivian-Paraguayan boundary, matters were somewhat serious. And this was due to the fact that diplomats when they are not technicians fail. For example, a single fact. They mention as a boundary ridge the Otuquis on the Rivers Negro and Paraguay. Unfortunately, that could C12 not be complied with as we would have to penetrate some seven kilometers into 1.3 Brazilian territory. 0 11111 Fortunately, all this is being solved thanks to the new Americanist spirit which exists among the delegates. Without exageration--which might provoke the charge of "betrayers of nation" (vende patrias) so,much employed by 0 the politicians, the purport of the awards is bding =immix achieved. I believe tM that in two more years of work the task will be completed . . . General de Biedma told us (the reporter) without boasting that he had decided, as Arbiter, in Asunci6n itself, in favor of Bolivia, because reason so demanded". He then cited the Argentine-Paraguayan boundary question and said-- 'Argentina being a Power, and Paraguay having just emerged from a bloody war, we were guided only by our minds and never by our strength.' My return trip next Friday is due to the fact that I must be in Chile the 15th in order to follow my work as President of my country's Delegation. That demarkation will last some 20 years, because of the intricacy of the Arbigral Award. It was at the beginning of the Centruy when His Britannic Majesty, designated as Arbi ter, commissioned a British Colonel who, as he once said, left the problem to be solved in the future. Since I have obliged the Chilean and Argentine. Delegates to work together and in complete collaboration, effective progress is being made. As in Patagonia we can work only in the Summer, -since already. in March it is 10 degrees below zero For these Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/09/27: CIA-RDP08001297R000800140005-6 Declassified and Approved ForRelease2012/09/27 : CIA-RDPO8001297R000800140005-6 2 For these rude takks I think the military are best , suited, as they, unlike civilians, are not recipients from the State treasury 6f heavy salaries, which make them extend the time. This doen not happen with the military who only receive recognized wages, and thus there is no reason to prolong matter." It is to be presumed that the General's gratuitous references to diplomats, politicians, and civilians, merely reflect the well-known "military mind" and are not intentional propaganda for the regime now in control of Argentina. signed Walter Thurston Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/09/27: CIA-RDP08001297R000800140005-6