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December 22, 2016
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October 3, 2012
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June 30, 1953
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? Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03: CIA-RDP08001297R000800240016-3 - 0 1 - OTHER COUNTRIES June 30, 1953 BRIEFS BOLIVIA ARGENTINE LOAN?On June 27 Bolivian Vice President Hernan Siles Zuazo announced that his Government has asked Argentina for a 15 million dollar loan. It would reportedly be extended on a three-installment basis. Argentina is in a position to furnish the essential goods needed at present by the Bolivian people. (OAX4V Lima, Spanish, June 28, 1953, 0255 CMT?W) PRESIDENT PAZ ESTENSSORO declared in La Paz that the recent plot failed because it did not have the support of the people. Tho President said the Bolivian majority supports the Government of the National Revolution and will smash any counterattack against it. (Lima, Spanish, June 27, 1953, 0255 GMT?W) LABOR DEMAND?The Bolivian Labor Central Organization, heeded by Juan Lechin, will ask for greater labor participation in the Government at a big demonstration to be held June 26 in support of the President. (OAX4V Lima, Spanish, June 26, 1953, 0255 GMT?W) COSTA RICA YUGOSLAV TRADE?Formal talks for the conclusion of a trade agreement between Costa Rica and Yugoslavia were started at Belgrade. The first reports state that Yugoslavia is interested in importing coffee, sugar and other, food items from Costa Rica which could obtain manufactured pro- ducts from Yugoslavia at advantageous prices. (COKG Santiago, Spanish, June 25, 1953, 0300 GMT--E) CARLOS ARAYA BORJES has been appointed Director General of Social Service in Costa Rica. (TIDCR San Jose, Spanish, June 26, 1953, 0300 GMT?W) PRESIDENT OTILIO ULATE arrived in Managua June 27 on a Costa Rican military airplane. He was welcomed at the airfield by President Anastasio Somoza. (HI2T Ciudad Trujillo, June 27, 1953, 1200 GMT-4() Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03: CIA-RDP08001297R000800240016-3 AA PViri 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03: CIA-RDP08001297R000800240016-3 L. 1, - 0 2 - VIIIER COUNTRIES June 30, 1953 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC U.N. DELFGATES NAMED?Joaquin Salazar was appointed Dominican Consul General to New York and substitute delegate to the UnitedNations with the rank of Amhassadpr. effective Aug. 1, 1953. Dr. Oscar Robles Toledano was appointed alternate delegate to the United Nations with the rank of Minis- ter Plenipotentiary, by a presidential decree dated June 24. The decree appointing Dr. Robles Toledano becomes effective July 1. (HI2T Ciudad Trujilloy June 25, 1953, 1200 GMT?E) CONGRESSIONAL LEGISLPTION?In its June 24 session, the Dominican Chamber of Deputies approvei a bill authorizing the Executive branch "to invest in all industries it may consider useful for the agricultural, livestock, and industrial development of the Nation." It also approved a bill abo- lishing as such the "agrarian colonies" established by a 1948 decree. (10II2T Ciudad Trujillo, June 25, 1953, 1200 GMT?E) DR. HUGO JOSE VILLANUEVA SANCHEZ was appointed Civil Governor of Puerto Plata replacing Sr. Augusto Ginebra on June 25. (11I2T Ciudad Trujillo, June'260 1953, 1200 GMT--E) SR. JUAN BAUTISTA CARRION was appointed First Secretary at the Dominican Embassy in Chile on June 25. (H12T Ciudad Trujillo, June 26, 1953, 1200 GMT--E) ECUADOR TRADE WITH GERMANY?A West German,trade.delegation arrived in Quito June. 26 to negOtiate.a trade agreement.. (Hca Quito, June 27, 1953,:-0030 MEXICO DISARMAMENT?The Secretary of the Interior ,of Sinaloa said more than 8,000 new pistols and quantities of steel weapons have been collected in Sinaloa in an intense disarmament campaign by the-Governor of? the State and the Military Commander of the area. (Mexico, D. F. CGV, June 26, 1953, 1450 GMT--E) DR. GUSTAVO PEREZ CHIRIBOGA, the new Ecuadoran Ambassador to Mexico, is scheduled to arrive in Mexico City June 29, according to an announcement made by the Ecuadoran Embassy in Mexico City. (XEWW Mexico, D. F., June 29, 1953, 1355 GMT--E) ............... --A 1 ILLEGAL FISHING?The fishermen of the Vera Cruz area, who regularly fish for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, have complained that foreign-licensed ships, especially North American ships, are taking advantage of the hospi- tality extended on the Mexican coasts and illegally fishing for red snapper. (TGWA Guatemala City /Official", June 26, 1953, 0100 GMT--E) [--- Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/10/03: CIA-RDP08001297R000800240016-3