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December 23, 2016
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August 1, 2013
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April 3, 1973
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GOVERNMENT USE ONLY Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 1141 - 7?-5 6\\EI) A`l Ci Alf4 PRESIDENT DISCUSSES ISSUES WITH NEWSMEN COSTA RICA [Interview with President of the Republic Jose Figueres San Jose, La Nacion, Spanish, 9 March 1973, p 6] "We should not harass the foreign investors who come to the country," said the President of the Republic, Doti Jose -Figueres, yesterday, when asked about Mr Robert Vesco. At the press conference held at the premises of the.SEDCA [Sistemas Electronicos de Datos y Ciencias Admimistrativas; Electronic Data and Management Finances Systems] in the Numar Figueres building, he was asked about this matter. Interview Since Vesco had said last Tuesday at a press conference held in -the Costa Rica Hotel that "naturally, I met with? President Figueres. ,It would be foolish to imagine that .1 would come to this. country and not meet with the chief of state," . Figueres wasasked the .details of this interview, The President said that "I met with him (Vesco) several times, but not on Tuesday. "We met to talk of -matters involving. investments in the country." What Was Said He said. that "I have been told that he (Vesco) was irritated last-Tuesday-by something written about him, because the newspapers have published reports unfavorable to him. I believe that he is wrong since whathas been said here consti- tutes reprints from the foreign press, except, obviously, for some editorials which are purely political. - 20 - GOVERNMENT USE ONLY ? wh Br pr Pr Co Tb ad Hoy - Th el/ he el . t h. at ha: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 ? OJT() P VIM' TIC V ()OT V Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01: CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 "I believe, that he is irritated," Figueres added, "by. what somu- deputies'have Said,,but? what they are .sayin is ayainst the y,overnment, and is political." Bringing in Money He then went on to say More generally that "it is not proper to harass the investors, the people who bring money to the country, which creates jobs "It is An error to set ourselves to bother these people. "I have no report of bad investments in Costa Rica." The Jenaro Valverde Case "The attitude- of certain deputies is inevitable," Figueres added. He was asked about the fact that a prominent Liberation Party deputy, attorney Jenaro Valverde, is opposed to Robert Vesco. _ "This is nothing new. The Jenaro Valverde case is 14411 known. It did not happen to me, but came back to me settled. However, this is now. known." ? The Political Cauaign ? Concerning whether he willparticipate, in the .coining electoral campaign to defend his. government in recent- months, .he said that 'lit has been said that r will participate in. the electoral struggle, but for the moment these are nothing more than speculations." . He was asked about the possibility of a more forceful attack upon him? Figueres answered that "the attacks against me could hardly be More forceful. Baseless criticisms do not bother me. "Now if you were to ask me whether I believe 'certain programs to be good or evil, I can tell you to what extent I will defend these programs, which I have launched in the govern- ment." - 21 - GOVERNMENT USE ONLY , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 The Country 'He spoke of "the prosperity which is visible, the high commercial sales. It is plain that there is prosperity in the . country. This is visible." He reiterated that "there is a drop in. unemployment." ? He spoke?of those who earn "between 1,200 and ... 280 colons per month, who are very badly off." This was in, refer- ence to the Mixed Social Assistance Institute, which does very good work. Barahona The President was informed that attorney Oscar Barahona says the opposite about the state of the nation and he indicad that "everyone can say what he wishes. There is no need to pay to say things. Chile He--commented on the results of the elections in Chile.i "It seems to me, distant as we are and based on the published, cable reports, that despite the wave of world propaganda against Allende, he emerged in good Shape from the elections. "The result of this popular consultation in Chile is a warning to America. "I believe that the electoral masses are more responsive now than before. It is curious," he said, "that despite every- thing, thins in Chile are decided by means of eleC.ions." Allende has improved his position. He then said that "the people are becoming aware." Concerning whether there is any relation between what has happened in Chile and Costa Rica, he said that "in our coun- try the popular response to measures favoring the weaker is improving." Deficit , He spoke of the report released by the minister .of finance to the effect that the deficit is only 23 million colons, according to thebalancing.of, the budget. - 22 -- GOVERNMENT USE ONLY Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 nrwromvotrwrn. 11C17 nmT V Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01: CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 Figueres praised the work of Minister Alpizar and said that "the deficit has been reduced. to 23 million colons." The former minister of planning and ambassador to Washington, attorney Marco A. Lopez, who accompanied the President on his visit to the SEDCA, said that "there are various types of deficit: legal, economic, and financial." Income Tax Figueres commented that "it will be necessary to seek a solution to the well-known problem of income tax evasion." Other Matters During the press conference, other subjects were discussed. Concerning school equipment, Figueres said that "I do not know much about these things, which are very costly.' . Concerning the problem of milk, meat, and transportation, he made the following generalization: "These are sensitive sub- jects. The main problem lies in the low income of certain categories of persons. "In the meat sector there is much to be done. A legal requirement that a sufficient percentage to guarantee adequate meat be left in the country ? is justifiable. We are working on this." Concerning the group of meat packers which visited him, he said that "they are rendering a service to the country and will have representation on the National Commission. There will also be a representative of the consumers." Attorney Lopez Aguero spoke to say that "there is a world problem concerning rising prices." He mentioned such cases as the United Slates, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Italy. Figueres gave an incisive answer to a question about financial interests, saying that "they often play the game of the pinch pennies." At the conclusion of the press conference he made two statements on different subjects.. He said that "La Nation has always been anti-liberation- ist and anti-social reform." - 23 - GOVERNMENT USE ONLY Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01 : CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 ? . . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01: CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4 1 And, going :back to the. subject .of Yesco, he said: "Many. of the things published here frighten investors. It is very hard for university circles to understand our environment." 5157 CSO: 4200-W - 24 - GOVERMENT USE ONLY Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/08/01: CIA-RDP09-00956R000105640041-4