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December 27, 2016
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July 16, 2013
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August 28, 1984
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-I- , Cia! 9" c,??: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16: CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300004-2 28 Aug 84 A 6 USSR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS UNITED STATES & CANADA BOROVIK: REAGAN JOKE, PLATFORM INSPIRE FEAR LD232247 Moscow Television Service in Russian 1700 GMT 23 Aug 84 [From the Vremya newscast] [Text] Over to Genrikh Borovik, secretary of the Board of the USSR Union of Writers. [Begin Borovik recording] Hello, comrades. Last week an astonished world learned how the President of the United States amuses himself in front of a radio microphone. That amusement, taking into account the power and speed of today's communications, could have cost mankind its life. Judge for yourselves: The President of the United States, announces on the radio that in 5 minutes he will start bombing Russia. It is just as well that these words did not resound immediately around the globe. If they had! The world was horrified by the prank of the master of the White House. But he himself, does he know what he is doing? Yesterday in an interview to a newspaper he only said one thing: It would have been better if I had not said it. He said it was all the fault of journalists: If it were not for them, this story would not have grown to the scale of an international incident. The statement, to put it mildly, is strange, and sounds just like the words "it would be better if nobody knew that an American atom bomb was delivered on Hiroshima" would sound. The President creates the impression that we are dealing with a first-grader who happens to have been naughty, but the overgrown prankster holds in his hands not a tube from which you fire crumpled paper pellets at your neighbors, but the entire nuclear and other might of the United States of America. It has become known today that U.S. congressmen are collecting signatures to a letter to Reagan in which they demand that he should publicly dissociate himself from his provocative statement. The letter says: Your remark, which you obviously wish to wipe off the slate as an insignificant slip of the tongue, inspires fear in the hearts of out allies and, unfortunately, confirms their worst fears. No, it was not a joke, and not a slip of the tongue either; just as the Republican Party platform, adopted in Dallas, where the party convention is taking place, is neither a joke nor a slip of the tongue. It was elaborated by none other than lunatics and those from the extreme right wing. Madam Kirkpatrick, the U.S. representative at the United Nations, made a speech at the convention. She pronounced anathema on our country, raising questions -- What would happen to Europe if the United States left? What would happen to Asia if it fell under the influence of the Soviet Union? What would happen to Central America if it became a Soviet satellite? The energetic madam thought up these questions herself -- so let her look for answers to them. We, without any questions, know very well what happened to Asia when the American forces invaded Vietnam; we know what happened to Chile when the CIA carried out a fascist coup there; we know what took place in Nicaragua when the country was a satellite of the United States. There are no elderly there because the average lifespan is 51, and there were no youths because young people were killed with American submachine guns, as future revolutionaries. We know what has happened in the Near East, where Arab lands are occupied by Israel, and what happened to Beirut, when an American battleship fired directly at it. So let us leave the questions thought up by Madam Kirkpatrick to her -- I almost said, to her conscience -- but I remembered in time that that word is in no way suitable here. The Republican Party platform has been adopted. In it, the President's wild jibe has been developed and translated into a systematic call for an imperialist course in foreign policy. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16: CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300004-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16: CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300004-2 III. 28 Aug 84 A 7 USSR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRs UNITED STATES & CANADA There are demands that the United States should be stronger than anyone else in the worL in military might; there is a proclamation of the United State's right to interfere in the affairs of any regions of the world, and so on. It is now mid-day in Dallas. Ses- sions are still underway in the hall where the convention is being held. That means the.; are singing pop songs; the sweating delegates are playing with balloons, dancing, eating hot dogs, drinking them down with beer, and behaving like schoolchildren on holiday: In other words an ordinary American party convention, the triumph of democracy! It was in such an atmosphere that the platform was adopted -- a program fully in line with the provocative idea contained in the President's jibe, adopted to the enthusiastic roar of a crowd driven to a frenzy by free whiskey, bare-legged showgirls, and chauvinis- tic speeches. The American press says that the convention of the actors was carefully rehearsed, down may be so, but it reminds me most of all of me: I have a professional knowledge of the was staged like a play in which every gesture to the tiniest twitch of the muscles. That some bad and very dangerous show. Believe theater. ZORIN REVIEWS REACTION TO REAGAN OMBING JOKE LD252342 Moscow in English to Nor h America 2200 GMT 25 Aug 84 ["Moscow Viewpoint" by Valentin Zo in] [Text] Although several days have passed since President Reagan made his sinister re- marks about outlawing the Soviet Union and starting to bomb the country, the subject still continues to disturb world pu lic opinion and, as fas as I can tell, American pub- lic opinion as well. Hundreds of commentaries, statements, and speculations have been made about the motives behind Ronald Reagan's so-called joke, a warped one at that. And yet people around the world are still discussing it. I can judge the reaction of Soviet p ople to Reagan's remarks by the large number of letters I have received recently and that are continuing to come in from all over the Soviet Union. None of the people wh have written view the President's tirade as a joke or even a bad joke. Common sense su gests that there are some things that just should not be joked about. For instance, co id Reagan think of attending his daughter's weddin; in a funeral suit, or offer a hearse or the wedding procession? If he did, well, we'd just have to question whether the per on who was President of the United States is capa- ble of sober thinking or whether he i responsible for his own actions. All those who have written me recently agree that P esident Reagan must have felt at ease at that mo- ment outside the official framework o his post and therefore spoke in a way that was characteristic of his views and thoug t process. When Ronald Reagan talks about his de ire for peace, about wanting negotiations with the Soviet Union, about being ready at an time to meet with the leaders of the Soviet Uni0n. that is when he is not the real Reagan but the creation of the current election campaign. Reagan's recorded hostile remark demon trated to the world the real Ronald Reagan with . his type of thinking and his level of ihinking, not the Reagan conceived and designed fc. election publicity purposes. Reagan a a peace champion is an image that has nothing Cc do with the man who has broken all records in speeding up the arms race and developing programs to create more and more illega weapon systems, threatening the existence of civilization. When the organizers of the Republican e ection campaign got their candidate to speak words of peace they made him contradict imself, the Regan who from the platform of the British Parliament declared a crusade agtinst the Soviet Union, the Reagan who dared to threaten to dump the Soviet Union in the garbage heap of history. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16: CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300004-2