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December 27, 2016
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July 16, 2013
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December 19, 1983
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16 : CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300007-9 SFAIRS .4ADA ,at the McFarlane menace. It is common iclear arma- rply curtain- )recedented Lane, what :tive dial- )enefit" to :ion that Lnnocent 7 of much- 1g to portray dgn states and economic framing of to deceive enraged by his policy sequently, a press end of to prove ld, and stat ire now far Genrikh -e it will .1 be, what -mine once imperial- up in Chile, 0th anni- tnam, and we know, been idle, 19 Dec 83 A 7 USSR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS UNITED STATES & CANADA 1983 is going out to the thunder of the guns of the U.S. battleship "New Jersey" trained -irectly on residential areas of Beirut; to the shouting of U.S. soldiers on the small Island of Grenada, which it is occupying; to the roar of Boeings delivering equipment to Tarope for the deployment there of new U.S. nuclear missiles; to the sound of gunfire of 1..S. terrorists trained by the CIA and sent into Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and Angola. '.ashington has, however, achieved a very considerable amount this year in the production :f lies per head of the world's population. Remember how the White House promised that :.S. forces would leave Lebanon 1 month after they went in there? They have been there ::, whole of this year, and every word said was a lie. Remember how Washington asserted 1at the United States had nothing to do with the killing of civilians in Nicaragua? ery word here was a lie. Remember how evasive the White House was when it tried to -rove that the South Korean aircraft which violated our borders was not on a provocative reconnaissance mission? On this occasion there was not a single word of truth. -.2meber how Ronald Reagan said that he had been asked to restore democracy on Grenada, :at he had sent forces there to render harmles the Soviet-Cuban military base and would :sae the forces off the island the day after he rescued the Americans living there? one of these wores was a lie. Remember how the U.S. President spoke of his striv- 71c, to reach an agreement in Geneva at the talks on reduction of nuclear arms in order to station new missiles in Europe? Every word here too was a lie. It has now become 'nown from secret Pentagon papers that the decision to site new missiles in Europe was :en long long ago, and was not dependent on the results of the Geneva talks. 7nday's statement by McFarlane, assistant to the U.S. President on national security, :hat the world has become stronger and more stable thanks to the policy of the United ':ates is, I think, simply not worth commenting on. We will just show you the film you a few days ago, and which was taken a few days ago off the Lebanese coast. The U.S. I:tleship "New Jersey" is firing its guns directly at residential areas in Beirut. Yes, :he world has become significantly stronger, significantly more stable. - talked of the 50th annoversary of the coming to power of Hitler's fascism. This was milt on hatred, fear, and falsehood. The outgoing year has confirmed once again that leaders of the United States are adhering even more to the method of thinking which -proximates to-the one that was demonstrated to the world 50 years ago in Germany. In -iv event, U.S. policy nowadays rests on the very same foundations: hatred, fear and 1sehood. 7.:AGAN LAUNCHES 'PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENCY' :.D181701 Moscow TASS in English 1603 GMT 18 Dec 83 .Text] Moscow December 18 TASS -- By TASS political news analyst Vyacheslav Chernyshev. :onderful idea has suddenly "dawned" on the U.S. President. Speaking in Washington at ceremony of launching another psychological warfare agency, under the pretentious name 1: the National Endowment for Democracy, the White House chief confessed that until re- ',2ntly he assumed that the peoples in other countries "would look at the American system ,rld see that it was the way to go." But the peoples of the world, for some reason, not nly fail to look at the American way of life, but on the contrary, are putting up re- --istance when Yankees try to impose on them their orders. So, as Reagan put, "it nddenlv dawned" on him that the United States was not active enough in selling the Jdvantages" of life in the "model" country of the Western world. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16: CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300007-9 -77,Z7777.77,-,7* - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16: CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300007-9 III. 19 Dec 83 Gen Bernard Rogers, supreme allied co missiles are intended for making a fi claimed that the United States was wo McFarlane stuck to the same "logic" w knowledge that Washington deliberatel ments in Europe into an impasse and m ed economic ties with scale since the times the United States was ogue" with the USSR. the USSR and whi of the cold war. doing all the ti What can one say about the administrat peace the perfidious intervention agai describes as "peace-keeping efforts" t Lebanese and Palestinians or its suppo suffering Namibia? What can one say a as "broadening of democracy" the refin it does not like, the sending of CIA a sabotage abroad under the cover of "pu international public opinion in the sp No matter how hard the Reagan administ the peoples by the tall tales about it Washington's policy of international p in the outgoing year seriously enhance to the United States itself. A 6 USSR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS UNITED STATES & CANADA ander Europe, admitted the other day that the st nuclear strike and starting a war. McFarlane ing for the lessening of the nuclear menace. n assessing U.S.-Soviet relations. It is common led the talks on the limitation of nuclear arma- e impossible their continuation, sharply curtain- ped up anti-Soviet hysteria to an unprecedented However, if one is to believe McFarlane, what e was trying to establish a "constructive dial- on that is seeking to present as a "benefit" to st sovereign Grenada, the administration that e killings by the U.S. military of innocent t for racist terror on the territory of much- out the administration that is seeking to portray d ideological subversion against foreign states ents, experts on military, political and economic lic" exchanges of all sorts, and the framing of rit of rabid militarism? ation might try, it will not be able to deceive "peacefulness". The world public is enraged by racy and terrorism. The results of this policy the war threat to the world and, consequently, MCFARLANE STATEMENT 'NOT WORTH COMMENTING ON' LD172356 Moscow Television Service in Russian 1800 GMT 17 Dec 83 [Fom the Vremya newscast] [Text] McFarlane, assistant to the U.S. President on national security, held a press conference in Washington today for foreign journalists on the subject of the end of the year and results of U.S. foreign policy. During the conference he tried to prove that the Reagan administration's policy has strengthened security in the world, and stat- ed that ove the past year the world has become a safer place and that there are now far fewer reasons for crisis and instability than there were a year ago. Over to Genrikh Borovik; [Borovik] Hello, comrades! The year is drawing to an end, and in 2 weeks more it will be replaced by a new year. It is difficult to say what sort of year 1984 will be, what the immediate future will be like. However, the past has helped people determine once again who's who on our earth. A year ago we spoke on the Vremya newscast about the black jubilees that U.S. imperial- ism could mark in 1983: the 10th anniversary of the CIA-organized fascist coup in Chile, the 15th anniversary of the murder of Martin Luther King by FBI agents, the 20th anni- versary of the beginning of the escalation of the bloody U.S. war against Vietnam, and the 50th anniversary of the coming to power of Hitler's fascism in which, as we know, U.S. monopolies and many others had a hand. This year too Washington has not been idle, and has carried out crimes that will remain in human memory for a long time: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/16: CIA-RDP09-00997R000100300007-9