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December 22, 2016
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August 16, 2011
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November 28, 1981
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is ii_ _ Approved For Release 2011/08/17 :CIA-RDP09S00048R000100020088-5 :11 t'1'1(;LLS: ,~,t !(' Batt ir~tr Nv vearGe~ 28, ! 9~t,' APPOINTttitENT dVITI-i CONTRERAS rl~ ~ l (' (~ ~ 111 ~'~ l ~ l (.'()ll l l('('t1~~~~ SAUL LANUAU ANn .TORN DINGES n the early surnmcr of 1976, Col. Manuel Contreras, head of DINA, Chile's secret police, launched an operation to assassinate exiled Chilean leader Orlando Letelier. It has now been learn d h e t at withir, a few days of setting that plot in motion, Contreras rnacce a secret visit to ~~'ashington, D.C., where he met with officials of the Central Intelligence Agency and also ne,otiated the purchase of illegal ??eapons an?a electronic spying equipment with a firm run by former C_1.A. officers Edwin ?'ilson. and Frank Terpil. Wilson and Terpil gained notoriety after a Federal grand jury accused them of exporting terrorist goods and services to Col. Ytuammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, whose regime is high on the Reagan Administration's enemies list [see >/lurray ~~'aas's article on page 568 8y 1978, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had estahlished that DINA agents killed Letelier on U.S. territory. That evidence, combined with the newly revealed materials showing that t?onner C.I.A. officials cooperated ~jith other DINA covert opera- tions in the United States, ??ould seem tip compromise the Administration's efforts to rehabilitate Chile's military dictatorship as an anti-Communist alh~. The information about DINA's dealings with the ~~'ilson- Terpil firm is based on the accounts of one of those present at the meeting with Contreras in early July 1976, and on sales documents obtained by Federal investigators. This report will examine DIN.A's purchase of weapons and so- phisticated electronic equipment at that meeting in violation of a Congressional ban on such sales to Chile. The new. .information can be placed with startling results into the complex framework of evidence already conrpilcd by the F.B.I. in the five-year-old Letelier case, and it helps explain many previously unresolved questions, especially those regarding the C.I.A.'s behavior. Earlier rvidenc~ of D1NA's operations, supplemented by this new inl?orrnatiun about the three months preceding [.etelier's murder on September 21, 1976, amount1 to a compelling case that the C.I.A. w?as involved in arran~_ing Wilson and Terpil's arras and equipment sales to DINA. Furthermore, involving the agency in the violation of U.S. laws may have made it pussi_ the for DINA to "grtynrail" the C.I.A.. into H?ithholding vnd Jrtlrtt !)irt~;c?s, u It'us/tii{eru,t, D. C., -r?rilcr,~c ~utdu