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August 9, 2011
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November 1, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020005-8 REPRINT FROM THE BERKELEY BARB by Steve Long and Arn Passman Watsonville reporter, is this: The members of the covert action team were brought to- An American invasion force of Green Berets gether on a moment's n o t i c e d U.S. Army Rangers,. under the, direction from bases around the world ,f the CIA, stormed the Moneda palace and of several months 973. the coup Sept. Il, 1973. Team members murdered Chilean President Salvador -Allende, were told only that they had a Barb was told by a source who says he talked special mission to accomplish, to a member of the American assault team. and would later be told the. de- tails. All team members spoke Spanish and had received coun- ?The story of direct CIA Complicity in the ter-insurgency training. Accord- overthrow on Sept,.. 11' 1973 of the democra- tng to Pedro S., the invasion force was trained at the secret tically elected Popular Unity government Of base near Ft. Ord, and then Chile means that Chile is the most recent in trarelcd 'tinder Pentagon orders" at least, ten.' such coups by..the - clandestine on a USAF cargo plane to the Panama Canal Zone. In the Canal agency throughout the world since World War . Lone, the team probably II. Nov 1971+ - y-Y The story of direct US mili- tary involvement in the Chilean coup, as told to Barb and to the go, again on a USAF plane. According to a Bay Area professor who says The uniform of the covert ac- he talked to a member. of the American assault tion team was typical U.S. Army group, the American military task force con- ID i patc. without any i" can- D patches. They wore "A fr ican- sisted of 234 Special Forces personnel (Green type" bush hats, and were armed Berets), 14 U.S. Army Rangers, and 34 CIA with 7.62 calibre M-14 automatic rifles. (The Chilean - soldiers who agents. The task force was trained at a super- attacked the Moneda palace were secret-- CIA base near Fort Ord and at Fort armed only with 7.55 calibre wea- Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone, he said. Pons; no units of the Chilean Army had 7.62 calibre rifles.) These disclosures were first made public last weekend in a Watsonville daily newspaper and at a Chilean solidarity Wally in San Fran- cisco. Fred Hirsch of the Emergency Committee to Defend Democracy in Chile, a San Jose group, told 1,000 people of the . CIA-backed invasion plot at the rally outside the Federal Building on Sat., Sept. 21. The story, he said, was reported the day before in the Watsonville Register-Pajaronian in an article, "Did an American kill Allende?" by Bette Brown. In an exclusive interview with Hirsch, Barb learned that the source for the story was a socio- logy professor at a peninsula :college who is known by the seud p onym of Professor Under- wood. Professor Underwood learned the story from a form- er member of the assault task force, a part-time' student who was stationed with the Green Berets at Fort Ord. The part- time student, an Army lieuten- ant, is a naturalized American citizen who was born in Mexico. His parents live in the San Jose area. He is known as Pedro S. When Barb asked Professor Underwood why Pedro S. told him his story, Underwood replied, "He told me because he had to' tell , someone, and I happened to be there. He was just back from Chile, and he said-'You won't be- lieve whero-l've been."' on Moneda palace, according to) Pat Fagen, a specialist in mod- the Pedro S. account, the U.S. rn n American history; lived ,the Chilean attack forces worked in Chile for IS months, until a side by side. The American team month before the coup, and last led a helicopter assault on the visited . Chile with Congressman' (three-story Moneda palace from Michael Harrington's group last the top floor 'down. President fall. She first heard the story Saivadore -Allende's office was on last year. In her judgement, the ,the second floor. One of the mem- story was "entirely plausible."; bers of the American team tossed She added, "It's such a far-out grenades into Allende's office, story, _ and so damning if it's tand then fired inside. He shot true." Allende, who was standing behind Also contacted was Daniel Del- his desk. The murder of Allende Solar, who was a creator of the was apparently accidental, since Rand Corporation's war game.: the team's instructions had been Politica. Del Solar had said the' to capture Allende but not to kill game was used by the U.S. mili- him. tary and that the Chilean coup Similar instructions were giv- was based on it. en to the team of U.S.-trained Paul Krassner, editor of The Bolivian Rangers who killed Che Realist, said he was planning to Guevara. publish a letter by Del Solar de- Allende's widow re' tailing the Politica. game as the hold of some of the bullets in All the blueprint regime. "It (the Del ende's body. She claimed they Solar letter) was sent to the New. were 7-62 calibre, proving that he had York Times, Washington Post, and not been killed by Chileans, according to Barb's the L.A. Times on September' 7. source. Each of the three American units -- Special Forces, Rangers, and CIA operatives -- a c t e d separately and independently, ac- cording to the Pedro S. story. The 14 Rangers had an advisory role with Chilean Army units, while the 234 Special Forces troops act- ed as an independent unit. Both the Rangers and Special Forces 'soldiers were under direct Amer- ican command. The 34 CIA agents played a liaison and political role. While the Rangers worked direct- ly with Chilean ' Army units en- gaged in Operation Jakarta (the Chilean Army's code name forthe coup), the Special Forces units were engaged in a separate al- though coordinated operation. After the coup, the US team was flown back to Panama, and from there to Fort Ord. Perhaps be- cause of the unplanned murder of Allende, some of the team members were demoted in rank. All were scattered throughout the world. Barb contacted two nationally- known Chilean scholars, Richard and Pat Fagen, for their com-; ments on the plausibility of thel allegations -that the US partici-' pated directly in the coup. Richard Fagen, ? a professor of -political science at Stanford, recently testi fled before the Senate Foreig Relations Committee on U.S. in- volvement in Chile. Fagen agreed that "CIA involve- ment in Chile is pretty well doc- umented." When told of Barb's new information, Fagen admitted that he had known the story for three or four months: "I have heard the outlines of the story, but have never seen 'any docu mentation," he said. He added that he had never heard the l story with as much specificity 00551 continued Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020005-8 1973," said ?Krass Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020005-8 days before the coup.-- gency imittee to Defend Dem,. volvement in Allen de at Del Solar stated that he thought ocracy Chile. Hirsch, a mem- comes in the light oL recent ac- the story of CIA and U.S. mili- ber of the Plumbers Union, has, counts in The New York Times o tary involvement in the coup was been active in the labor movement extensive CIA involvement in "perfectly logical." When asked . for 22 years. Chilean affair. In the. Sept..:20 by Barb if the new allegations The final blow' by the CIA be- issue of the Times, Seymour M. were consistent with the opera fore . the coup was the truckers'. Hersh reported that the CIA had lion of Politicia, he replied,- strike. Chilean poet and Nobel secretely financed striking labor "That would be one of. the op- ? laureate Pablo Neruda wrote that and trade unions in Chile for tions." "the CIA flooded the country with more than 18 months before the Elements of the American. dollars to support the strike by overthrow of Salvadore Allende. military were planning a coup the bosses;" One week before the The CIA authorized ' more than' months before Allende was coup, oil, milk, and bread had $8 million (worth S40 million:on elected in Sept. 1970. At the end run out. The stage was set for the currency black' market) for of 1969, three- Pentagon generals direct military intervention by a clandestine activities in Chi 1 e. -met near Washington with five. joint U.S,. and Chilean operation Most of the money was used- to Chilean generals, including sev- directed and coordinated by the provide. strike benefits and simi= eral members of the current CIA. Operation Unitas - merged lar aid to middy -class wor:ers junta. According to Gabriel, Gar- with Operation Jakarta, the code who oohosed O Linde'.. cia Marquez' article, "The Death name ? given to the coup by the _ .I of Salvador Allende, " published Chilean military. f in the March 1974 Harper's. at this meeting the ? American and Incomplete as received Chilean generals worked out a joint contingency plan for the seizure of power in the event of victory by Allende in the presi- dential elections. On the American side, the Naval Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency were involved, under the direction of,. the CIA and, ultimately, the 40 Committee of the National Se- curity Council. The Chilean coup was to coincide with Operation Unitas, which was the code name for the . joint American a n d Chilean naval maneuvers. that took place each September. The contingency plan was apparently put into operation on Sept. If.' 1973. 1 In the years' before the coup,' American multinational corpora- tions such as the Rockefeller-' dominated Kennecott Copper con- glomerate and ITT did- all they could to crush the Ci.iean peo- ple's movement and bring down ; the Allende government. With the' full cooperatio~h?- of the- CIA and other agencies of the U.S. gov-', ernment, Chile was denied credit by U.S. banks, foreign aid wash cut off, long-term loans were re- fused by the import-Export Bank,' "and other. pressuro4wa:r.brougbt~ to bear by American corporations. CIA operatives bolstered Chile's police and military forc- es. The 1972._. ITT memos re- vealed that in ' 1970. ITT offered the White' House Si million to finance' anti-Allende ? activities. The offer was rejected, apparent-. ly because it was not necessary to accept such risky money. Not only were giant mutination- al corporations involved in sub- verting the Allende government. but the American labor movement was also involved, the AFL-CIO, through the American Institute for. Free Labor Development, headed by George Meany, h a s been implicated in right-wing and anti-communist activities in. ~~ Chile, as well as in Cuba, Gua- temala, Brazil and elsewhere. This is documented in a pamphlet, "An Analysis of our. AFL-CIO Role in Latin Ameri- ca, or, Under the Covers with the, CIA." The author of the pamph- Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020005-8