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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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October 21, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020007-6 C.I.A. Said toHaveAskedFunds for Chile Righ tis is in '73 By SEYMOUR M. HERSH WASHINGTON', Oct. 20-The Central Intelligence Agency sought to finance art extreme right-win; opposition group in Chile six weeks before the over- ,throw of President Saivadore Allende Gossens in September, i1973, highly reliable sources said today. The sources said that the 'first word of the C.I.A.'s at- tempt to become involved with the extremist group became known two weeks ago when a close aide to Secretary of State Kissinger leaked documents in an effort to discredit a former high Nixon Administratio.7 in- telligence official who was known to he privately crincal of Mr. Kissinger's role in The docun7ents. althou n in- ,tended to show that there was a consensus inside the Admin- istration over the clande;tine C'.T A. n~eratinns in Ch, have instead railed new ; about tae extent of t' s- i'( get' United States involvement in the overthrow of Dr. Abend'. '1 he sources said ti?.at rence S. Eagleburger, 'Cr. r ~ s- inger's executive i>s;~tant. leaked three summaries of nro- posa!s for clandestine i I.A. op t a r o s in Chile : : - r , 2 a brief,:g for the CBS or newsma:. Daniel Schorr. ?T -e docume:ts had been ore- i - i=n for n.eeungs in 1970 and 1'x73 of the 40 Committee, the hi?h level irtf?lligence hoard that re- views co-. ert activities for, the United stares Government. '.:"reactionary Croup The l,"73 document, sources sand, showed that as late as July 5. 1173, the C.I.A. recom- mended to the 40 Comm,uee that 5204.000 be provided clan- destir':ely to the National party in Cntle, a conservative group that had urged Chileans to re- ject-,vah Violence if n(!ces- sary-the Allende Administra- tion "il!o~airnate" and ' constitutional." The Nar:ora ]party .sac , n- sidered to represent the sew. cf the orc nertied class in assn. In the ,ear herore c.:c row of Dr. was kr )vn to i sv'- , Icon ti . TO Patti -t , a rr,c[,r, arv ,trot., , i.', n,, :2ct it?: 111% C. . n; iri ri 1. l;:,-r torts in n. i throw the a.l;end~. Government. Since the first published dis- about. All I provided was a closures last month of the C.I.A. general broad statement [ceal- operation; in Chill knowledge- trig w:th mLr. Canes role." able Ford Administration ottt- ' H nrv s rile was only to cials have mainted that the ask me to do a check of the main goal was to enable mod- files." Mr. Eaoleburger said. erase political factors to sur? It v-as me, on nmv own, who give the Allende period. told some pPnple what the files Whether the 40 Corn mi[ tee specifically approved A !r. Schorr has made no proposed funds tton the Natii na party could not he le,-.;: -I public use of the materials hut \V:11 am F. i, u. .. the reportedly supplied by Mr. d,r-ctor, road a -, e n' Eagieburger and in a telephone ;ence subcomrnit'~e earner interview refused to discuss tni.c year that SI-million was. the issue, adding: "I don't authorized in August, 1973, for know what you are talking use in (ht?e. Mr. Colby further about." testified, however, that less I The first word of Mr. Eagle- than $50,000 was actually spent burger's action came indirectly because of the coup d'etat in front State Department officials Chive the next month. who learned that a search had Mr. Eagleburger's intention in been made of the department's briefing Mr. Schorr, the sources special vault containging its 40 said, was to rebuff off-the- Committee documents. record statements made to the In a telephone interview yes- newsman earlier by Ray S. terday, Mr. Eagleburcer ac- (.Lne, the former director of knowledged that Mr. Kissinger tire- Mate Department's R'lreau` had au[nurized file searches of Intelligence. Mr. Cline par- both of the National Security ticiprcted in 40 Committee de Council minutes in the White l,heretions on Chile from 1970 House and of the 40 Committee documents stored in the State to ;9%3 and has recently criti- cired 'Mr. Kissinger's role at Department in an effort "to see those meetings. I whether we could come upwith i he disclosure of the nnu-i something that would indicate mutts took place less titan a whether those [Mr. Cline's] r c e after Mr. Ki !,t(,r, statements were correct.' fourth his spokesman. ii,d As Mr. Eag!courger described n u)i:cly called such ieaks "a it, the file sea , cc 'ce_an short- o:-:race to the Foreign Srr?c IN, alter Mr, K '.singer learned ,ice ' and dangerous to national tll.it Mr. Cline, who retired last security. year, "itad made some state- One of the 1970 doer ntents ments about. his AL-)r smtion to si)r,wn to Mr. Schorr in: i;ud,d 'a number of activit:ec in Chile ti;e name of a Chilean Go`,ern and Henry and Nixon had over- mertt ottic:al who served as al ruled hint and the State Depart- n.ent," cc -;duit Inc C LA. hews and "It is true," Mr. Eagleburger a. ,o apparently helped relay added, "that I have told some funds to anti-Allende forces people who asked about it that Such information troptionaliy the documents made available has been argon _ the most close- demonstrated tne- opposite of h guarded government secrets. what Cline said." A number of persons familiar ! "I guess that I have to say with State Department opera- that a guess cncc kof ti,e ,ies showed tions expressed doubt that Mr? noth[n to sicpotrt Fie eliL e r would have snowr7 o:7 2t I' Mr. S,-' such doe an". on ,~,tti suitr^- a had to :o )c tr r,_ t.p- 'L:CLCrie if The JeC'' td ti' of ,n mutee on C, i.e,'' '~~ _P.J. "lt7 sae. - ... fact, tnrsC f' s d> aced. Ea2:enur2i?r Y.as ogled ?.~r. .nr, "r. ;j:.. nrr t.^... Opiin:. . t ,,z In a nter',.cw With The; oersor.au . i > rz 'on to ~' ~' r!c Tr;: e .:bli-lied br.. ',1 ore. i c ant T` r.c gi.ics come e. =r' It. d t;. a of !,-,c ,gar c OC hot:' r. Cline also i e d d confirmed that the C.I,A.'s ac- e en . s p at w e re b e i '. r~ ;, s u , 2 1 OCT 1974 tivities in Chile included the. financial support of strikes by shoo iecpers and truckers. President I ord and %Ir. Kis- singer have said that the C.I.A. fur.dng in Chile 7va-4 limited to opposition-newspapers and pol itici.+ns. Told of ?,Ir. Eagleburger's efforts to contradict his Views, Mr. Cline said that he was "un- willing to omment on the staff papers prepared for 40 Committee ,neetings." "No one should discuss in- ternal papers of such impor- tance." he added. Mr. Cline, who served with the C.I.A. for more than 20 years before becoming the 'head of State Department in- telligence, is row executive di- rector of thf, Georgero-,vn University School of Str,sie,tc Studies. The Three Documents 'Tne three documents riees- cribed by SIr. Lagieburger dealt wit it t:?.> Slate Departnents con's gems on C.I.A. pr:.,po,ais to he di~cussed at 40 comet:t- tee m^et.ngs. Ac.orsitn to reliable scmn:es,: i ( as director c,f in- could make -nddition a! recommendations or cv`v- ments on the documen,s, '.h.c.` were to be forwarded to the Undersecretary for Polio, ,l A,- fairs the ot'i.ial v: .,, :AeCa- tionaliv represented Mate c,: the p0 Committee. The first document, ti?e sources said, was dated Aug. .,._ 31, 1970. and dealt with C.I.A. recommendations t;-, case Ch n 0 ;tal resulted 'n a run- off n':ol\ ,r.g Or. .Allende. 7hr^e onoitO al,. or on,t;cn=, for tnv ng money in an-:our o_, ran rung from $330,000 to S9UJ,- 000 7,:~r., reported discussed, with the Stair: Department urg- ing limited funds or no at all tor cc, r s it 'r. Clne, in a 31 risen n:ent, ca::, d for t., tii!anc;al support for ant,Aiieooc fovea 00558 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020007-6 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020007-6 ja~~ ;c .1. ~~lYL1~.J if it could "make a difference" between victory or der at for Dr. Allende, the source said- A second document, dated Sept. 4, 1970, the day Dr. Allende barely won the Chilean election, reportedly discussed a C.I.A. proposal for bribin, ,members of the Chilean Con- gress, which, under that coun- try's Constitution, would have to ratify the election and thus ultimately choose the President. Wymberly Coerr. then tha State Department's coordinatoe for 40 Committee staff recom- mendations, ureed that no program involving what he termed "subornation" he initi- ated, according to the sources. %ir. Cline, in anotiher hand- written comment, reportedly depicted 'Mr. Coerr being "hung up" on the cototiunal overtones of the word orna- tion. "In the world of realpoli- tik," Mr. Cline is said to have written such activities do take place. Spending Authorized The 40 Committee e'.entua'Iv recommended that 5330,000 be spent in an attempt to bribe the Congress. which 'rued nonetheless in O.tober to ratify Dr. Allende as President. The third document, dated July 25, 1973, was said to have been forwarded to William .1, Porter, then the tinder Secre- tary for Political Affairs, by Jack B. Kubisch, then t`,e As- sistant Secretary for S. to for Inter- American Affairs. The document reportedly di, cussed C.I.A. proposals for etandes- I tine financing of the anti-Al- lende political parties. includ- _:- ing a specitic recommendation that 5350,000 be given to the Christian Democrats and an- ot:-,er suggesuon that 5200,000 be given to the National party. 00559 1 O CT 1974 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020007-6