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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020008-5 , that _$ - pillion was{ public use of the materials; opposition newspapers and pol- if it could "make By SEYMOUR M. HERSN '- for' reportedly supplied by Mr. ?. iticians. !between victory autho-rized in August, I SpeMa: to The New York T~ w tLi- e in Chile. Mr. o o urtherl Eagleburger and in a telephone l Told of Mr. Eagleburger's IDr. Allende, the WASHINGTON, Oct. 20-.T ifedhowever, - that less interview refused to discuss; efforts to contradict his views,. A second doc tral Intelligence Agency than $50,00 was actua ysentl the issue, adding: "I- don't Mr. Cline said that he was "un-, Sept. 4, 1970, ;nught_to__ uaucan.exttemey~ecause of tZie_coup= e_tet in!know what you are ?talkingiwilling to ;;omment on the' Allende barely w4 _ight_ty fl opposttion`grogRin he next ninth. I about." staff papers prepared for 40;election, reported :hi e six weeks before the over-1 Mr. Eagleburger's intention in The first word of Mr. Eagle- Committee meetings." C.I.A. proposal hrow 6 f - _ P resident Salvad'ore briefing Mr. Schorr, the sources burger's action came indirectly "No one should discuss in-;members of the Allende Gossens_in $eptembe.r,said, was to L buff off- a-!from State Department officials ternal papers of such impor-gress, which, unt 1973;_highlreliahle _soutces i cord statements made to the,who learned that a search had lance," he added. try's Constitutiot laid today. newsman earlier by Ray J. been made of the department's) Mr. Clint, who served with to ratify the elet The sources said that the I Cain the former director ofi special vault containging its 40 the C.I.A. for more than 20! ultimately choose first word of the C.I.A.'s at- fhe State Departmen St Bureau Committee documents. years before becoming the) Wymberly Co tempt to become involved with)) e t en-E. Mr. Cline __ par- In a telephone interv~yes-(head of State Department in-;State Departmen :he extremist group became) loafed in 40 Committee de- terday rEagLeburyer~ ac-!telligeitce, is now executive di-;for 40 Committe known t~ua~ a liberations on Chile rom'1970:knowledged that Mr, Kissutgenrector- of - the Georgetown:mendations, ur; ` cloue aide to Secretarzof Stater 0197 and teas recen criti-i authortz tTe searches singer leaked d ume to s in! --Mr Ki-ssineer'siT atlboth of~the sure of the' docu Hoo t aue uucc ann aw~c~n~ high Nixon Administration in _nd of thg~Q Committee Mr. Cline, in The disco- ce _a tYtgence official whwas ments took place less than adnr?m ~,t tgred the State ~'" thr dcu user..) c.! cribed by Mr. Ea lebu er dealtdepictn commer known to be privately critical week after Mr. Kissin er,2eoartmet an e f to see) rg de icted Mr. C. of Mr_7Cis~inger s Q.t .in Title: through his spokesman, had whether we could om2e with--t State e'et merit s ? hung up on The documents, although in- publicly c h leaks "a!soi=tilmg that would to irate mments o osalsovertones of the tended to show that there was ldisgrace to the Foreign erv-jwhetfier those [Mr-~iide's]to be discussed at 40 s9mmit tion- In the wo a consensus inside the Admin- ice" an an, erous to national statements were correct." a meetings. tik," Mr. Cline i g----- Accor ding to reliable sources,( istration over the clandestine sec-ur ty. As W. Eagleburger described g written such act C.I.A. operations in Chile,,ltave one of the 1970 documents it, the file searches began short.; Mr. Cline, as director of in place. = instead raised questions shown to Mr. Schorr included i ly after Mr. Kissinger learned telligence, could make addition- about. the extent_of the secret the name of a Chilean Govern-(that Mr. Clint, who retired lastial recommendations or com- Spending A tlruteaLStates invoi ement in, I ments on the documents, which ^m A cnMn he overthrow of Dr. Allende: were -to be forwarded to thejrecommended th -The sources said that Law- Undersecretary for Political Af-? s entC in~ anaft z ence S. Eagleburger, Mr. Kiss- PARTIDO fairs, the official who tradi-l Fe __7C re ss, finger's executive assistant, tionally represented State on n nonetheless in (3 LeakecLthre_ summariea_ assistant, the 40 Committee. Lad pals forclandeat n.e ?-LA- The first document, thei a as o sources said, was dated Aug. I July 25, 1973i w operations ttht . CB -d trio a 49NACIONAL The third hr~efins_for th_S television 31, 1970, and dealt with theIbeen forwarded ed ,t yy ma.n__Daniel Schorr. i e C.I.A. recommendations in case porter, then the dQoments_hacLfiean__n_epared Emblem of Chile's National party, a conservative group the pending Chilean presiders-Mary for Politic inr_meetings_inJ9i0_and.-1Z73 tial elections resulted in a run-'Jack B. Kubisch iL he_40 Committee the ii h- meet official who served as alyear, "had made some state- off involving Dr. Allende. sistant Secretar? ie+telinteiligenc boat~ihat re-conduit for C.I.A. views andments about. his opposition to Three proposals, or options, Inter-American ~iavtscocert_activities or-thealso apparently helped relay a number of activities in Chile for investing money in amounts document repon ~initrd_ S_tatesGovernme3it. (funds to anti-Allende forces. and Henry and Nixon had over- ranging from $350,000 to $900,- C.I.A. proposal: A Reactionary' Group The 1973 document, sources said, showed that as late . as July 5, 1973, the.C.I.A. recom- mended to the 40 Committee that $200,000 be provided clan- destinely to the National party in Chile, a conservative group that had urged Chileans to re- ject-with violence if neces- sary-the Allende Administra- tion as "illegitimate" and "un- constitutional." The Natiora )party was con- Such information traditionally; ruled him and the. State Depart- 000 were reported discussed,ltine financing t has been among the most close- ment. - with the State Department urg- lende political ! ly guarded government secrets. "It is true," Mr. Eagleburger ing limited funds or no funds ing a specific r A number of persons familiar added, "that I have told some at all for covert activities. Mr. that $350,000 b with State Department opera- people who asked about it that Cline, in a handwritten com-Christian Demo tions expressed doubt that Mr. the documents made availablejment, called for major financial other suggestior Eagleburger would have shown demonstrated the opposite of! support for anti-Allende forces be given to the Mr. Schorr such documents what. .Cline said." without the direct or indirect "I guess that I have to say concurrence of the Secretary of that a chec o t t wed State. nn bin n supportthe conten- Mr. Eaglebur er has~enied 'on that Mr Clint registered showmg Mt. Sc orr anocu- any oppost tt ono proposals mentss and insisted at a ad, a -gone o e m- sidered to represent the views ! personally _a ects n to mittee on Chile` "Tie a3TeT. "In of the propertied class in Chile I Mr. Schorr. idid"Ttot act __a files demonst ed and, in the year before the l show an ocumenis; cabTBs, thug nAnnosite." known to have close ties to Patria y Libertad, a reactionary its involvement in military ef- auf A7 provi3ed was al grams had come from either eneral`b-roa3`statenent-TdM Mr. Kissinger or President I forts to overthrow the Allende .Government. ! ing wt 7VIr:-.Clines roTej " Nixon, or both. Mr. Cline also ! Since the first published dis-1 (_ "Henry's role, was only toy confirmed that the C.I.A.'s ac- closures last month of the C.I.A.I ask me to do a check of the, tivities in Chile included' the' i operations in Chile, knowledge-i files, ` Mr. 'Eagleburger said. financial support of strikes by able Ford Administration offi- It was me, on my own, who( shopkeepers and truckers. cials have maimed that the told some people what the files! President Ford and Mr. Kis- main goal was to enable mod-l said." singer, have said that the C.I.A. erate political factors to sur-; Mr. Schorr has made no, funding in Chile was limited to Whether the 40 Co m t?e__specificalLy.__appro d.l,e` imposed funds ,far' ,pa:Iy_-could.._not be learned,, Jutwilliam.E.--co.l , t e C-T.A, director. told a House tn`fe_l!i hence subcommittee Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020008-5 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020008-5 and pol- if it could "make a difference" 1 between victory or defeat for leburger's Dr. Allende, the source said-. his views? A second document, dated was "un-Sept. 4, 1970, the day Dr. on the; Allende barely won the Chilean d for 40 election, reportedly discussed: a C.I.A. proposal for bribing scuss in-;members of the Chilean Con- ,h impor-I gress, which, under that coun- I try's Constitution,, would have -ved with to ratify the election and tflus ing the Wymberly Coerr, then .hei iment in- State Department's coordinator cutive di-; for 40 Committee staff recom- orgetownmendations, urged that no Strategic program involving what -he termed "subornation" be irtiti- cents ated, according to the sourcos. Mr Clin i h h . e, n anot er a{~d- ~e~r d~e~ait.written comment, reportedly depicted Mr. Coerr as being ar-Ement's "hung up" on the emotional proposals overtones of the word suborna- Qmmit-ition. "In the world of realp9li- 1 tik," Mr. Cline is said to have sources, I written such activities do take ,r of in_ orucom- Spending Authorized .ts, which ,T an r~~umittee~uetlly d to the recommended that $350,000-be ;itical Af- spent in an `attempt'ttl-bribe ho tradi- thhe own Tesshich--voted State ononet a ess in c' oTet To-ratify asre ident. en t, the The third's document, dated ted Aug. July 25, 1973; was said to have with the 1 been forwarded to - William J. is in casef porter, then that Under Secre- presiden-tary for Political Affairs, by in a run- Jack B. Kubisch,,then the As- ide. sistant Secretary' for State for options, Inter - Americans.. Affairs. The amounts document reportedly discussed to S9)0,-C.I.A. proposals for clandes- iiscussed,ttine financing of the, ur;--Mende political parties, includ- no funds ing a specific recommendation ities. Mr. that $350,000 be given to the ten com-(Christian Democrats and an= financial other suggestion- that $200,000 de forcesibe given to the National party. Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020008-5