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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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October 17, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020010-2 1 ; .:'CS 19711, 3 ((.i t ti' tt i 4 . i 1l.' ~ly1i..S iJ h U~.A I I 13,_1 t/ Ex-Intelligence Aide Asserts C.I.A. and State Dept. "Neat'. Along' Mill Nixon Plan By SEMI LOUR M. HERSH WASHINGTON, Oct. 16-Ray S. Cline, a former high-level intelligence official in the Nixon Administration, said to- day that he was dubious about the ultimate wisdom of the `Ad- ministration's covert interven- tion against President Salva,lor Allende Gossens of Chile h::t.i that he supported it because, he feared more serious inter- vention by the Soviet Union. I Mr. Cline, who was inter-i viewed by telephone, is the' first high official to permit his name to be used in confirming published reports that the role 3f the Central Intelligenr-e Agency in the effort to oust tl.e Marxist Government included' the direct financing of a nura- her of anti-Allende trade groups and labor unions, including 'Rr istanre Strikes' 1- :Jf t%12 ninnev ",c:a5 in- 1, riled i, ldreia! sups'', r of tilt, ~~r" i 7..ine inert an e he truchrrs in their resistance, strikes against the Ali,'nde: Government," ^,1r. Cline think it was very logical to en able those t?roups to keep ali,?e econnmicaliy so that we could maintain a core of private; entrepreneurs until the 1176 l i e e t on s. Die"-io:ed by C.I.A. Chief The extensive C.I.A. role inll Chile hecanne 1-:nr"w,vn Sera. 9 when lr was reported that the eg"ncv dir, ctnr, William E. Colby, iiad told a Congressional committee tlr?t u8-million ins clandc=tine funds was autho.1" ized fer operations against the Allenr;e Government betwren 1970 and 1973. Dr' Allende died' in a military coup that over- threw his Government in Sep- temher. 1973. Mr. Cline served as director of the State D;:partment's Bu- reau of Inteilinence, and was directly involved in much of the planning and discus~in:is That 'vent on in the 40 Com- mittee, the top-level intelligence board that oversees all covert operations of the intelligence agency. Before ioining the Strtel Department, from which he re- tired last year, Mr. Cline served more than 20 years with th;'. agency, - eventually becoming its deputy director for intelli- gence. His account of the assistance to labor groups flatly contra- dicts ,,both the public and pri- vate descriptions of the C.I.A. role presented by, President Ford ' and Secretary of, State Kissinger. At a televised news confer- ence on Sept_ 16, Mr. Ford said that 'Dr. Allende had been at- tempting to suppress opposi- tion newspapers and politicians. He added that the "effort that was made in this case was to help and assist the preservation of opposition newspapers and electronic media and to pre-; serve, opposition political par ties." Program Termed Broader In the interview, however? Mr. Cline ,,aid the program-i as adproved by the 40 Commit-1 - tee, he noted-was far broader.) "What the C.I.A. was trying; to do," he said, "was to see that at least 50 per cent and proba- bly 60 per cent of the electorate would he disillusioned by the time of the presidential elec tions in 1976" - when, under the Constitution, Dr. Allende could not run again. Despite warnings about the d Allende Government's inten-' tons relayed in the intelligences reports, he said, many high of-i fic ials did not believe that clan- destine operations would ac- complish the "goal in mind"-I to keep a center coalition alive) until 1976. "State and the C.I.A. were dubious but naturally wend along," Mr. Cline said, because the White House-either Nixon and Dr. Kissinger, or both- decided the push the program." "They key role in this whole thing was in the White House," he added, "hut it's impossible to tell whether only one or' both were enthusiastic about it because the orders carne) ti;rough Kissinger and the 40 Committee. It was a National' Security Council decision ands r,nt a decision made by the C.i A. or the State Depart-i rr.ent." t "~?'~ll "the former State Do- parti ne r t of ieiai ade d, "by 1973 they 1'.-ere tot illy lusione.'i v::a? him." ,,Jr. .Clines was alludin", to the prot-'as and strikes in the last months of the Allende Government. "I. decided to speak out he- cause I feel that there's such a superficial understanding as! to why the United States has tried to assist democratic po- litical organizations abroad," Mr. Cline asserted. "I'm pot hapnv about the way I can defend them because I think our strategy was not unreasonable or immoral. It was our duty to preserve insti- tutions which we call ? free" He explained that the ulti- mate goal of the clandestine activities was to enable the center coalition factions of the Christian Democratic party to survive the Allende period. "Aral" he said. "I think the center groups did survive, as thev might not have under a proloneed Allende Comm, ni- regim-." 0058 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020010-2