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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020014-8 V t'i, iill UOT ANT_' It.;~"AVY pint s ;f s which f.rlto;~,cd irrius hl'i'" et I c' CIA's sub; rs,urr in Chile have r .--. 11'0 1:,.1 0 ~-, r . prc:l:i::ecl an offh. , affiralitioii of `diry tricks" of or :cc; ated scnt'e .and , xphc:iniss.:lr. Fort rc:..cted t'. o 'V& t 5 .4,,o not only by ?.CliiiJt/I;?E~`~1%ir all role iii isle,t- e, the Alteri!'le frovcrnment bit}. tilt; 7, 1 l2tli?i.i to tri'~!e future "act.J:i Ia t: ':'`?. eil'x;eiice f, el'l.' No Aio,.ricall. '11resifl ent, 1h, 0 h, c ~ )rnsiy either uc c~~r,(l.ed a } iriiculur operation C 't, ju:; ;Sled such opcretion3 as a whale. To he sure, it as put the su iancci of whet r.Ir. Ford said but his t blic_' stars l,'t of it that was new. It i.e, not surprising that a i', c?;ic'c>nt: v ould support cstalllisiioo presidential pol- icy_ Pot the response of Congress is something e're V o print in this f . a> today excerpts from a his ol;- c,-I ` . e to debate of lest Wednesday, "historical" because it 3;.. ~s the first time that either house of Cot-s has conducted an open debate and openly voted on VJ!i,rtlo.;' the Unit.:';?i States sho'lld en age in s('ercl, fftre r i opt ations in 1 c uCtjme., inttr'llige:lice gathering A It (11t1g t l.lM of the CIA, Harry lirove x u, ale. Ie:,'t?utiy iilr!t `?o?i. "ul,i,c:s ill Vdir. in the prbiic records for any evidence of congress ainal intent or acqUIOS(TI(Cr, to assign the f rcr:ct:ions of fo. (_iral political archon or subversion to the Cil."'The "'searci. can now end. Last `'fcdi esday the Senate considcicd an .,,_~iictlnent 1iy `iclh. James Abori'mc (Ii-S.D.) to end dirt,; tricks completely. l tie amend neat \v"dS sa anlhe(t, 6oto t7. The CIA arid its supporters can now claim--fairiv. we believe---that for the first time the agency h s a cota;resaiolial mandate, if only from one house, for covert operations. No longer can CIA operations be regarded as an unauthorized presidential habit or cnld- w ar carryover. Though only briefly and without hear- irgs or committee recommendations, the Senate did join the ci:::hate and express its jud gnlellt. It was, moreover, a j:ld i;herlt we happen to share. As we have said, given Arm: acing interests and global uncertainties, the. United States sP,.cuid not deny itself the CIA option in aIll rirelltt7an,c'cS. iiili; 110IleCZ C~.e. 5, that itlr. Ahca rczk pccforlrx d a se.r,i?ee by forcing ,- vo!e cii all ; sua fiom whim most let;l:>latol:s have tlr:d,tiorali;, rigid their The was un'ler no illusion I a, hl; ainendnIse would win. But he c :1 to Tnat-_ he Semite a,i , Gt acCoun+.liility for CIA r-.;-nation; aid to ?es`ebli' l_ li'r issue a ~ oils: deserving regular revIewc..If the CIA. Can 110W clFrig a new ina3ii'e;te lot. covet opclatiolls, scurdi is lanai. now lie reedy l:ubtiei,v In justify t , own et ands. Tile furor' over CIA plativity in Chile, N at(r; ,c disclosure the CIA is not immune fr, ei politic 7i! a:?age, the f r in" Cr V IC c(i i~res i011?l t t' ' i do i Ii;i;; i.-ho have protected the Ci:.\. frolll e l:a-?. CO11zrf: C:l:tl serulin --- 11 tiie;e fat.",)rs h.:`:e up.the issue in a nlnjo< l,~ th-' trnlral )III C':II o,ee: A c-,.p. I l;rlicv( Vei3 Silon .y th., wet ),nl 1).,v< an nation ard I believe the CIA. niid d f('P.SC Irlt;'1}11'rnCd es (iO all Li(r - dc:.te lob in ti 's respect. We have every rln t In (icl -:lid n,u- selics from foreign attack tied ll,,if t 'l;t include,"els'=enc?e la lTc'rh.n in pr,ltcct our sr .ur itv. kith thorc is no ju.tidealioro iu nu. mncual, or r i''icn Itiin( I;,.; .`c,r of a U.S. a, ency v.i:icll I s-IIt1 in assa.-Sinuit'nns, sabota ;(, i'e}ci_ i'al cl-reij itbt:t, or othc-r nl rr..tint ia ano'her country's internal arl~ ins, c,II in the nanle of the ~Arwcicar ;1 to no'h:r:f; rl vr_ than al. r.? o! tt,e I. S. ';o.(rmtt'nt coll,lu(tn~ secret war without either the t?I o` c,l of C')?;L,ress er tile ';tluvvied~- u l a.c, .lt. 1.>eool:. I V:ant, to rciniiul the Senair I' c r "W }T1c e'nt director of the CIA, i'iiiii.;,, Coll -aid a c i,t ii;; Of ,eri`s _;;o i.., v `?: 1 preferred to r.,otsin Cie etOc - (l t`ccc or COYoil it-;-vices, the (i0 'ICi not. fall if it vccre abol .}see:. IIe r so said 1bat there ":ic )1i .C t. t rt, going on any where. in v(-rlet :t this iiinc tlect rectuirc'd itse cf clandestine actirity? Frank Chirrcl, (I)-Idaho': I htiv'c occ ideal to vote for this amendment, but I do so with the expectation that it will not pass. The iittCusioll of the CIA into tlo;` in- ternal politica) left-its of Chile fc,r tiie petpo(I arid in ii- for which this country lists ~tOOci. t tl,nh tIICfac~tthisIrannoesCu:,r-to li ht c'e;nenslralc-s that the co`. ; r. ti.vities of the CIA are presertii- tul- C,Pr no effective r esttaint. I would hope thst it will be- p(=:';t!be to C i. ':?iiS)1, either COntni'iec: or ),, su,,ie ether 1 ,- ~:i .U1';tie Goner .. e-tot'. , over the Tcti'viil tb CIA dii 1u Avoid i` r e, icr- i s mt: it eifcre tc sePh the n O ,' r peeflc,. 4 t:, tii.n , et i. sole?cci this proili,'lii ...`hoot hi' i - tU ouflai covert act:lily ouL'i1'tit. 1 er-ri em s:tur1tiors ;n st'htc~h tilt ec' it'. Of 1J;(. 1- ii Staten, .l fl(. sirr'tVal li of tl, uCf ,1_r,( - of i:~.l!-l ,., ~. ?!? oil!i covc:e ec-Iiv,.j T;i?t Bunt' of those fh,?ior n';, ia'c`- cut in iti Ch;1CMI cap our . i cc ui' i1tG (. I if -- 1,,1" hie:?n r f 1it~ i', jtl ('- ;'inila "wile to vt'hecci:; rho CIA has un(I(:, bi;rn In cav- (ltly of o`i` u1' coi)iltriI (- ::diary to htir tt' ?tit c&a tr lr y to the nrin~"LI.s r,t ;?lte~ ~c,tio!;al p1 tv i ba t e Unit'd SL;' Sett. Ikdrect II. I!i?tint,' , ; ._ 1 Sol 1_:hru c!_11ir_n: l of 11;1"' ''.r.ti1 7 tip,.: o "(or 1t ,' , 11,-:,~0 ., t~ ti;~r_ di?^}lo;1'n'v he c'nintry or 11:e licacl 01 1111' CIA repo), to he _ s,adi,?' '1 to t has. been L -o C' v a!. . . Let lint \vhc'll lllfl'1't r';"1.10:1 i' bt+ri; 111 v'; ileretls Slit `tt, t1' I)c'p'i; ; ri)eli 'x lei SQS an, t i?t,rilli- 1 fi_ Armor) s COln,ui'IC'e ;'tij)Pi'\'IEL'J the ('1:`.. phis s;tuaIion shotlili l)r cul'c"l awl I t;?vc it will b,' carrel I;'d, t 111 the n1Lc1 11 anr1? I (10 not thn) - tfus is 'Ile bill ithr?re it Should be can: iu;ilc,!. In.l 'ill l4 ell tl', 95 per Coot or t!.^ Wul'11 of the CIA 10,:5 to o cir11I11 ?ii ?'i h which, '., nn,, i;ot 1i. nCr: ?,! it loast so'0e (11 tears of 1-1: (I?\, should Iof Ite'.:.tic,ns Cot, w!liitec-, it ic;1i lh:,I 11'11_! ,I'rn'c'Icn llolr.t;_ (A.i..- t?ifi{ shn:i1,1 at lv'ast h'- Cai ill 1't :?P."1ocI the P. ., ii (0 ;ill' 1,-1.1, I' , v . 1,1, .lir_t'i,Ce .A; ent?y. 0() ar4lic a _ a Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020014-8