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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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October 5, 1974
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020015-7 5 OCT 1474 'ONE L C L OF THE CIA ROBERT SH?RRILL Washington Parade,. the- strange. supplement that 'accompanies Sunday newspapers. into millions of homes- and often-* sounds as if it were written by a government propagandist, -recently-, carried' this-description of William Colby,-:director of the A- practicing Roman Catholic, a pillar in community affairs,:-a:. hard-working (Saturdays until 3- P.M.) civil servant who earns $42,000' a year, a .good and under- .landing father to his four surviving children-a fifth died early this year of epilepsy-a loving and dutiful husband, William Colby. has been.' a professional. in- telligence officer for half his adult years. The: United States is indeed fortunate- in having him.. As- a, lawyer he could be earning three times in civilian? life what he earns in government service. "But it. wouldn't give me the satisfaction," he says, "that I find in this job." Colby wears : no flag pins in his lapel to demonstrate his patriotism. It goes much deeper than that. Neither Colby himself nor his dedication nor his work was seen in quite that way by the participants and spec- tators at the recent Washington Conference on the Central Intelligene_ Agency and Covert Action, sponsored by the Center for National Security Studies and by its parent, the Fund for Peace. Colby was hissed; he was jeered, he was laughed at in an unfriendly way, and he was asked a few questions that might have been embarrassing only if he had been sub- jected to torture sufficient to make him answer candidly. As it was, Colby emerged from the conference in no worse condition than he entered and perhaps even with a couple of- minor credits simply for having come forward to confront a group that-loathed him. The hearing room was packed. It had been widely anticipated that. something interesting might occur, since Colby was surfacing just hours after it had been revealed, via a leaked letter of Rep. Michael Harrington, that the CIA had funneled $11 million into Chile: $3 million to block Salvador Allende's try for the Presidency in 1964 and $8 million between 1970 and 1973 to "destabilize," it rot overthrow, his administration. But the only thing of any real value that occurred at the conference was the demonstration-if such is still needed-that unless a bureaucrat of Colby's steel is threat- ened at least with firing; and preferably with jail, he simply STAT will- not reveal his dirty work-, The panel couldn't lay a glove on Colby. He was much .too smooth... .peared:before eighteen committees on twenty-eight oc- casions this .year