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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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October 1, 1974
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J Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207ROO1000020017-5 -By Laurence Stern counterpart, an Armed. Scrv- would be told before rather Washington PostStn..'f writer ices subcommittee chaired byll than rfter." eecratary of State Henry A. Sen. John Stennis (D i11i: s.) The Michigan Democrat, Kissing:er and Central Intelli- The agreement was greeted who has said that he person- gence Director Wiliam L. with a note of skeptical appre- ally disapproves of the Chi- Colby have concurred in an elation by Rep. Michael Har- lean operations, said the un- unpr' cedented agreement to rington (D-Mass.), the man derstanding with Colby and share CIA secrets on covert who touched off the recent Kissinger covers decisions of political operations abroad Chile controversy with his let- the "Committee of Forty" of ,with members of the House ters demanding further con- the National Security Council. Foreign Affairs Committee. gressional inquiry into U.S. co- Until last year the existence At a closed meeting on Cap!- vert activities against the late of the "Forty Committee" was ;col Hill last Friday the two of- Salvador Allende in Chile.. virtually unknown on Capitol ficials also affirmed that no "It's a positive, though be. Hill even among the members .covert operations comparablellated, start," said Harrington of the CIA oversight commit- hose targeted against the who is petitioning along with tees. ,Allende government in Chile f Reps. Benjamin J. Rosenthal _____ ,,,.,'U, ....,,, n...,eia .E7 V4.0.11 Nedzi's subcommittee n the world. v The assurances stopped t1short, however, of a guarantee `by Kissinger and Colby that the agency would not engage ti"n future operations against 'Incumbent governments or -ther political targets. Until now the CIA has briefed only a subcommittee "bf the House Armed Services ;Committee now headed by step. Lucien Nedzi (D-Mich.) -on secret political operations hearings on the U.S. role in Allende's election, and subse- quent downfall. Nedzi, a prime mover in working out the new agree- ment, said Kissinger and Colby had also provided assur- ances that the congressional subcommittees would be briefed on any pending covert activities before they were un- dertaken. "Nobody said we're going to give you veto power," Nedzi commented "But my also provided the Senate liunderstanding is that we, learned for the first time of the scope of U.S.-financed anti- Allende activities-some $11 million worth-last April 22. The covert programs were in effect in 1964 and again from 1969 to 1973, according to a summary of Colby's testimony before Nedzi cimpiled'by Ha -.J rington from he secret t, ar script. The new greemr.ent hinted at in a Announetanent yesterday by house T'or i Affairs Committee Chaino +n Thomas E. +brgan (D Pat.) that his cone ttee would re- I ceive information about over-1 seas activities of the United States "which affect our for-i eign policy an United States relations with foreign coun- tries - includ ng covert activ- ities." It was unclear whether a corresponding a -rangement is being conside 4 in the Sen- ate, where ipf smation on co- vert action is restricted now to the Senate Imed Services , Committee. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207ROO1000020017-5