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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 30, 1974
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207ROO1000020019-3 U. S. NETS & TORLD RE?r~Lr 30SEP1974 FUROR OVER THE CA AT IT'S ALL ABOUT ATEST POLITICAL STORM to hit the Ford Administration concerns Chile and the Central Intelligence Agency and centers on this question: Should the U. S. secretly give money and other support to the opponents of governments which Washington dislikes or considers dangerous? The events in Chile all took place before Mr. Ford became President. Nev- ertheless, the revelation that the U. S. funneled funds through the CIA to op- ponents of the late Salvador Allende, while he was President of Chile, brought these headaches for the White House: ? Some in Congress are seeking to call Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to testify on whether he told the truth about Chile in confirmation hearings. ? There is growing insistence on Cap- itol Hill that a tighter checkrein be placed on CIA operations. ? Many Americans are learning for the first time of an ultrasecret, top-level Committee that decides when and whether to turn the CIA loose in under- cover operations against foreign govern- ments. This Committee has been opera- ting since 1948-and Mr. Kissinger was its head when the decision was made to move against Allende, a Marxist. Behind the uproar. Roots of the new controversy over the CLA go back to April 22, when the agency's director, William E. Colby, testified before one of the "watchdog" subcommittees in Con- gress that keeps tabs on the CIA. The testimony was in secret. In September, however, details of the Colby testimony were "leaked." From his statement, and from later admissions, this much is clear: The U. S. provided funds from 1970 into 1973 to help opposition news- papers, radio stations and political par- ties in Chile stay alive under Allende. The total provided was relatively small-S million dollars during the Nix- on Administration, 3 million earlier dur- ing Allende's first campaign for the Chilean Presidency, which he lost in 1964. The amount expended is not an issue. The dispute is over the ethics of U. S. secret intervention in domestic affairs of other nations. Mr. Ford, at his news conference on September 16, offered this explanation of the Chile affair: "In a period of time, three or four years ago, there was an effort being made by the Allende Government to destroy opposition news media, both the writing press and the electronic press, and to destroy opposition parties. "And the effort that was made in this case [by the U. S.] was to help and assist the preservation of opposition news- papers and electronic media to preserve opposition political parties." This exchange took place: Question: "Under what international law do we have a right to attempt to destabilize the constitutionally elected Government of another country, and does the Soviet Union have a similar right to try to destabilize the Govern- ment of Canada, for example, or the United States?" The President: "I am not going to pass judgment on whether it is permitted or authorized under international law. It is a recognized fact that historically as well as presently such actions are taken in the best interest of the countries involved." Other Government officials say that, at the time, the Chilean opposition par- ties were in dire straits-and the U. S. had to choose either to let the opposition go down the drain or to help it. The STAT decision was made to help-and it was made by the "40 Committee." The "40 Committee" is so secret that few, knew it existed until the Chilean operations became public. The President's national-security ad- viser-head of the National Security Council-is the chairman. Since 1969, that has been Henry Kissinger. Other members are the CIA Director, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Under Secre- tary of State for Political Affairs. The "40" in the Committee's name comes from the number of the executive order reorganizing the group. It meets whenever there is a crisis. There was a session last summer, about two months before the military coup in Chile. A majority voted against any action to help overthrow Allende, and Mr. Ford said: "Our Government had no involvement in any way whatso- ever in the coup itself." In the future.-. The box on this page lists some of the CIA successes the agency cites against critics who say it should quit undercover work. Says one intelligence official: "If a President says to us, `Let these countries go Communist,' then we would let them go. "But if a President ever said that, chances are good that before very long he would, change his mind and put us back into covert actions." Headquarters for CIA's worldwide activities. CIA'S SPOTTY RECORD-A SAMPLING 01O9 In its undercover operations in foreign lands, the CIA has had both failures and successes. Among conspicuous failures- ? The U. S. U-2 spy plane shot down over Russia which led to cancellation of the Eisenhower-Khrushchev summit conference in Paris. ? The aborted Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, in which U. S.-backed Cubans failed to overthrow Fidel Castro. Among the successes- ? Helping to prevent Communists from taking over Italy in critical national elections after World War II. ? Blocking Communist attempts through labor unions to close French ports to Marshall Plan aid. ? Overthrowing anti-Western Pre- mier Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran and restoring control to the Shah. ? Overthrowing the leftist Govern- ment in Guatemala in 1954, thus pre- venting Moscow from getting its first foothold in the Western Hemisphere. ? Backing leftist-but anti-Corn- munist-labor unions as well as other groups to keep the Soviet Union from getting control of much of the labor movement in Western Europe. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020019-3