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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 28, 1974
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020027-4 NEW YORK TIMES 28 SEP 1974 t'issinger Asked to Clarify Stan Of I.S. on Human Rights in Chile House Subcommittee Chairman Cites of a ItofiBrooklyn, was defeated by 14 Special to The New York TYaes ser, a senior member of the LHouse Foreign Affairs Commit- tee, today called for Secretary of State Kissinger to meet with a -group of House members to i_- darfy the Ford Administra- ly: tion's position of human rights in Chile. Mr. Fraser, chairman of the international organizations and aid i t ee, s t movements subcomm Ambassador Popper's private in a telephone interview that he' efforts to raise the human ti initiated his call for a mee ng? & ter learning of Mr. Kissnger's, rights issues whenever possible! r4portd rebuke of the United. in his talkswith Chilean offi- -States Ambassador in Santiago. cialsa The New York Times report- "I'm not, complaining about ed today that Mr. Kissinger;, the fact that it's being done had become angered on learn- quietly at the ambassadorial. ing that the Ambassador, Da- ,level," Mr. Fraser said. "What; vied H. Popper, had discussed, astonished me was that he was ,-torture nad othe't human rights rebuked by the Secretary for, matters at a meeting on miii- doing it that way." tary aid with Chilean officials. in effect," he said "the Sec- on July 22. ""Tell Popper to cut. rotary of estate has dressed out the political science lec- down the Ambassador raising, tures," the Secretary reportedlyP~_the human tights issue.' scrawled on an official State Mr. Fraser said that StateP Department officials indicated,, p ned that Mr. Kissingerrs re. vote of 291 to 108. buke of Mr. Popper was basil Miss . Holtzman said today not on the substance of the' that she also would continue Ambassador's discussions but4to offer such amendments. on the fact that he chose to "There's a tremendous feeling; bring up human rights issues l among a large number of mem- during a discussion of military bers that this activity has to aid. stop," she-said in a telephone Says He's Astonished conversation. "We have no idea how much money is in the ative Fraser. said that he had) tt`*s+ or. This is an extraordinar- learned a few months ago of! ily important issue if Congress Kissinger would be arranged) within a week or two. "We want that meeting," he said, "in order to get a very, clear statement from the Sec- retary as to whether he's going' to carry out the provisions in the foreign assistance act." Under that act, as approved+ by Congress last year, the Administration's aid grant to Chile was dependent on the ,Administration's assurance that singer "considers it a disgracel!it would request the Chilean to the Foreign Service when Government -to "protect the members of the Foreign Service human rights of all individuals." leak classified information." Mr. Fraser was one of 104 -,marizing the Popper remarks. "I find it outrageous- incred-ible," the Minnesota Democrat said of Mr. Kissinger's action. ,"I'm beginning to wonder how long the Secretary's usefulness to his country will continue." Kissinger's View The State Department spokes- man, Robert Anderson, today refused to discuss the specifics of The Times's dispatch, but he told newsmen that Mr. Xis- Secretary's, Reported Rebuke Envoy on Issue of Torture human rights," Mr. Anderson added. "the Secretary's concern for human rights questions is very well established." Mr. Kissinger has repeatedly told newsmen who cover the In- the interview. he also said that he would join with other liberals in offering amendments to the foreign aid bill and other appropriation legislation that.; would bar all covert activity by' the Central Intelligence A en "W.A similar amendment offeredi Tuesday by Representative Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020027-4 members of the Senate and House who signed a letter sent to Mr. Kissinger last week ob- jecting to continued United States economic and military assistance "to foreign govern- ments which are increasingly Stan Department of his deep' indifferent to internationally concern for human rights stem-i recognized human rights and min,g, he says, from his youthldeal with their own people in in Nazi Germany. But publicly` an increasingly oppressive man- making an issue of such con-iner." terns, he has said, can be, , Mr. Fraser, whose subcom counterproductive. mittee has held more than 20 In Congressional testimony hearings on human rights in! nn Sov' t Jews, Mr. Kissingerlthe last year. has already an- his said that he does not favor'nounced that he will offer) linking that issue to the quesamendments to the pending lion of foreign aid for the So- foreign aid bill to reduce or~ cict union. Similarly, State De-'eliminate military aid to Chile, *sartmen' nt`F4oi? 41n%,*,- AX-?..n..r ., STAT