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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 25, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020035-5 and C,.L.`" 1 L Li* ' l Nr:9U Z Vnf. ++-"' Does':Not Wash' _; Editor: his Sept. 18 letter, C.I.A. 'Di-" rector William Colby disclaimed his' use of the word "destabilization" to describe the goals of the C.I.A. actions. in Chile. I indeed attributed the:quota tion to Mr. Colby in my letters 'to Representative Morgan and Senator Fulbright and remain certain- that the transcript I read of Mr. Colby's testi. mony to the House Armed Services Special Subcommittee on Intelligence contained that word. I would suggest that rather- than placing such emphasis on the' exact wording used before the committee, and thus diverting the public debate over the desirability of C.I.A. actiti- ties in Chile, Mr. Colby should instead make public his testimony in,- or-deg to enable public debate to be' based on the best possible available evidence. I also take issue with Mr:-Colby' assertions that the word "destabilize' i was not an accurate description o{ C.I.A. policy and that the covert operations 'in Chile represented a policy "from 1971 on of encouraging. the continued existence of democratje forces looking toward free elections.'" ! That ex post facto rationale fdr clandestine intervention in internat Chilean affairs 'is at variance wilt Mr. Colby's own testimony do_AptiI. 22, 1974, and represents a further at-, tempt to mislead the American people about our Chilean misadventure. As far as the over-all aims of our policy are concerned, I suggest that Mr. Colby once again review his owii testimony, in which he describes our efforts in Chile as a laboratory ex= periment to test the techniques o~ heavy financial investment in dis- crediting and bringing down a govern; ment. It is now becoming clear that R!Ir_ Colby, along with President Ford and Secretary of State Kissinger, is In the process of evolving what amounts to their own White Paper justifying after the fact United States intervea.. tion in Chile, similar to the White Paper issued by the Chilean junta last Oct. 26 justifying the need for its military coup. Rather than admitting I that United States foreign policy was indeed aimed at "destabilizing" th e Allende Government, the executive is unsuccessfully trying to sell the story that the United States acted only to save the principles of. democracy be- inn dismantled by Allende. This story simply does not wash in light of the $350,000 authorized to bribe the Chilean Congress before Allende took office and the $500,000 authorized to aid Allende's opponents in both 1969. and 1970 before Allende ever had the chance to try to eliminate them. MICHAEL J. HARRINGTON U.S. Representative, 6th Dist.,.Mass. Washington, Sept. 20,. 1974 The writer is a member of the House Fore;t,.'n Aff'uns Committee. 25SEP1974 0067G Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020035-5