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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 1, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020038-2 WASHINGTON POST SEP 11 VA ,jack Ar.o8er,aon sort Of uprising--i}o succes 1a' We -also repot ecl on '.'arch -) 71 needed a second transmission, date." 1c %I Was Interr~Jional Telephon a*nl the rta~un i1.: the .3 which male it too heap^~. The ? Edward Ferry, the former j, .t;fed to eliminate Allende.) Arniy aggravated the problem and relegrapli (ITT) 1)e hind th I S b am assador to Chile oiler We wrote that Alld hdb ddi thikl .,-enea per- 1yemanngcer stee, U S #_ort i,: ur.tlermine'.Ie 1 :l I tte(l the U.S. embassy virtually I milted Cuba's Fidel Castro to! v. hick made it not only too Salvador ' !!encle's aovernrnenti I in CHile? Consider these curl- OUs coincidcii,:'e:s: e On March 21, 1972, we re- I)orted that the CIA and ITT liar' ate economic chaos in Chiie,l Korry's reports to ITT often hoping this would cause thi ~+tere more caindid than his re- Chilean army to pull a coup .. ports to the State Dc.pitrtmcnti, The CIA spent $8 million, mo,-tf *While working bar Lind the of it on economic sabotage, t o cones with ITT ag-inst Al- wcaken A1!eude's govi?rnnient. Icnde, Korry spoke to Allende The coup came exactly 18 about a deal to pry off ITT and months atiCc we reported the two copper companies in U.S.- 'CIA-ITT SCHEME. guaranteed Chilean bonds. Un- ?E'.enbc'foreAllendetookof- ilec this plain, the U.S. would lice, we also reported, iTT sei,t have had to make good on the a secret me.:sal;e to Iletu-y K is, bonds and would have wound singer urr iii'; American action up paying ITT a whopping $90 to stop Ailcnde. T'lie Marxist million. But Allende turned leader had goon Chile's election do'.vn the deal, according to by a plurality, not a majority. ]sorry, for "ideological rca Under irte constitution them- more, to > Chilean congr'..: 0 We wrote a series of col woule i? xr the final choice be. utm,s in 'tlarcli 19712, describing tw .n .11i ado and the second how the CIA and ITT had con h hest vote getter. The CIA s spired together to promote ChI passed out $1,0,000 to bribe lc's economic collapse. Kis- riembeis of the Chilean Coll- ginger personally assured us, gress to vote againstAllende. however, that the scheme had ? ITT's links with the CIA I never been carried out. On his were unusually strong.John:ilc- Cone, a former CIA director, had become an ITT director. Among the ITT documents, which we uncovered was art lull[ ins emnassv III aantiago,jneavy OUt too wide for many Chile, into the principal Cuban road,;. canter for support of Latin- Even on highways Chid were American liberation move- wide enough, the trucks had to n:enls." stop for .half an hour every 90 Thr CIA had reliable infor- minutes to cool off the tires. For [nation that the Soviet KGB under a full ]oad at 40 miles an. was using the Cuban )C;I intelli- hour, the tires began to burn up ice-ce. network to piomotecorn- after 9t) minutes. munlsm and undermine delnoc- A horrified Deputy Assistant racy in Latin America. This had Sc(?rctary Joseph Lingerie been reported to the hush-hush vi?a, nod in an internal memo 40 committee, which approved a!)out "the `1 1 IT'f' documents in. our posses- sion show lie described his anti- Allende activities to I'I'T's di- rector of ititeinational rela- the covert CIA activities against ,t}It. Army if we n )arrassn cnt to purchase a truck Allende. which cannot satisfy the. .peci- Mvanwhile, we turned our tied load-carryintt r,:gt)ire?. files over to Sen Frank Church . ,ns ret" . . D-Idaho, whose Senate subcorn- rnittoe scolded both the CIA and Yet despite his warning, the ITT for their bizarre plottings. Army began ordering trucks Rut because U.S. officials lied without fully testing the first undr,roathtothesubcommittee, model. Result: the Ia.:payers are cornmitted to Pa'' mil 'lt - ir it li ":" "le to get lo lion for 551 trucks, arI the c', the bo tom of the affair. We lion f o`t high as would still like to know what goas $2 9'utitlion. r.-,le III played in manipulating 'file Army, in a tv:U-p::t'e de- 'oreignpoIicy. tense e of thegoof-ridden,:-hide', \VA'1V11 ON WASTE--The said the Vietnam expel ieruue in- Ar?'ny i3 buying 551 dump trucks, 'ti(ced automatic transmis- which are too weighty and too dons were cost effective. The ceived a "cool reception from burning up after 90 =_uinutes on the White House and State De- the read. partment." Now we learn that The Army wound up with this h.i`singer, after Itiiin us this, Ineohanical I rankestein be- Oct. 9,1970, report to McCone on approved addit.ionel . CIA ex- c;:. use the brass hats insisted on Chile declaring: "Approachespind:tures to ullderiiine the instining an :ii;!r,-n