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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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October 2, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020052-6 PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER 2 Oct 1974 Secret Activ broad Agrees i 'o Tight Controls By SAUL FRIEDMAN Inquirer Washington Bureau At the meeting, arranged tion to Kissinger are Joseph by kNedzi, Kissinger a n d, Sisco, under secretary of Colt , it was agreed to pro- state for political Affairs; vide\ the Foreign Affairs William Clements, deputy Committee or any subcon1 secretary of Defense; Gen. mittee Morgan designates George Brown, chairman of with all intelligence-gather; the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and ing information "relating -to': Colby. foreign affairs." Nedzi's sub. Although the CIA is sup- committee already received posed to be largely indepen- such information in additions dent, to better supply objec- to other intelligence mate-i live intelligence data, Kis- rial. . . singer has dominated the Forty Committee and the WASHINGTON - Central Tighter Reins ll! __n _ . A ( T .A ? Inte C Director William Colby has given members of Congress private assurances that' the United States has ended' all covert political operations abroad. And an understanding has been reached with the ad- ministration under which key lawmakers are to be notified regularly and in advance of major intelligence-gathering projects as well as clandes- tine operations planned by the super-secret "Forty Com- mittee." At President Ford's urging, Secretary of State Henry. Kis- singer and Colby met sec- retly last Friday on Capitol Hill with Reps. Edward He- bert (D., La.), chairman of tl:e House Armed Services Cr nmittee, Lucien Nedzi (li.', Mich.), chairman of the which oversees and author- subcommittee on intelligence izes covert intelligence oper- operations, and Thomas E. ations, is run by Kissinger, (Doc) Morgan (D., Pa.), who also heads the National chairman of the House For- Security Council. It has only eign Affairs Committee. five members who, in addi- which for agency because of. his dual, The agreement , the first time will give the role as Secretary' of; State Foreign Affairs Committee and the President's National advance information on CIA security chief. And until now, operations, is designed to the committee has ?been ac- give a congressional body, countable to no one except with a foreign policy jurisdic- the President. Lion closer control over CIA But, President Ford, fol- ventures like those in Chile lowing a meeting with con- and Greece. gressional. leaders, approved Nedzi said Kissinger and the idea of closer cooperation: Colby specifically had agreed between Congress and agen=. to provide them the same in., pies involved with intelli telligence information that is gence operations. in the hands of the exclusive The. decision to let mem- Forty Committee. bers of Congress in an deci- According to congressional. sions of the Forty Committee and White House sources,; is part of an administration this policy will have the ef- effort to blunt rising criti- fect of limiting Kissinger's cism of the American role in personal authority to use the the downfall of the elected CIA as an instrument of glo- , government,itr Chile and-the bal power politics. subsequent assassination of The Forty Committee, its president, Salvador Al- lende. Nedzi said he has been,as- sured that the. CIA. and the 00``12 continued Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020052-6 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020052-6 Forty Committee no longer are engaging in covert poiiti cal operations like the one in Chile. And he said- the CIA ad ministration has pledged - to keep members of Congress .informed in advaoce.for the first time on plans for major intelligence operations, which' The understanding, Nedzi said, may afford members the opportunity to give ad- vice and even~belp kill some proposed projects which they feel could daiaage American interests; Tha::House Foreign Affairs Committee includes a number of ? liberals who for the first time..iiill be intelligence-information. Previous :Inquiries by -Nedzi, who ha wrestled with the problem of congressional control of intelligence opera- tions since he:took over his subcommittee`in 1971, have disclosed an increased tend- ency toward ;;White House,, control of the CIA for its own purposes - in ;the Watergate coverup and the harassment- of Pentagon gapers leaker Daniel Ellsberg and in the Chile Affair. WatergateUse In Watergate, the Presi- dent and his top aides sought to use the CIA in the cov- erup. And there was evi dence that Kissinger author- ized a request to the CIA for a psychiatric profile of Ells- berg. In the Chile affair, the Forty Committee, acting on Kissinger's suggestion, au- thorized the use: of S8 million to support opponents of Al- lende. These opponents, spon- sored by the CIA, created the climate that toppled Allende and his government. As a result, the CIA again has come under fire from congressional critics, includ- ing Sen.. Frank Church (D., Idaho), a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Rep. Mi- chael Harrington (D., Mass.), a member of the House Armed Services Com- mittee who leaked Colby's testimony on the Chile opera- tion. The congressional critics, noting that CIA intervention has resulted in a military dictatorship in Chile, again are calling for tighter' con- trols of the agency. Another Culprit- But Nedzi, who at Hawing- ton's request had gotten Col- by's frank testimony,, said that the target. of cis cisn should not be the CIA alone but the Forty Committee.. Nedzi :is concerned that: the Forty Committee, dominated by Kissinger, has became a ?super-intelligence agency,'90 which. unlike the CIA, is not governed by the National Se- curity Act of 1947. .-: Thus, under pressure from congressional critics, and with Nedzi 8n "Aimed'Ser- vices, Committee Chairman Hebert; acting." as.: iintermed .. aries ; the. arrangement was worked out for closer -rela- tions . between -the Foreign: '4,f fairsV ?Committee - and'tho ia- telligence agencies. Their hope, which the CIA-, shares,-is that Kissinger will' . not use the CIA as easily as her has if he knows that con- gressional . outsiders are being kept informed. Whether this new arrange- ment. guarantees that Con- gress will in fact exercise closer dontrol of CIA ven- tares remains to be seen.. 00''`.3 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020052-6