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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 21, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020054-4 f ~ee~ for Ref~rr~a Of CIA Controls 21 SE? '1974 other hearings on Chile that the staff of Church's mul- tinational corporations subcommittee demanded per jury and contempt action against some witnesses and the recall of.Kissinger for more testimony on his con- firtnation. Fulbright and the majority of the Foreign Relations Committee this week acted to take charge of this mat- A perceptibly growing ground swell,. reportedly in-- incident after a. staff investigation has been completed. eluding President Ford; is developing to overhaul The intensity with which Church- tried to interrogate e:csting procedures by which the Central Intelligence Kissinger yesterday was interrupted several times by Agency is held accountable to the.legislative branch Fulbright who told his colleague to wait until the inves- for the way it operates.. I tigation is complete. : - This zeal for making the CIA more accountable to CHURCH CALLS the CIA action in Chile "unfettered Congress may be more apparent than substantive but ;:interveation:" He said that in the past influential sena-- recent revelations about the agency's . operations in tors have not wanted to know what CIA was doing but Chile have aroused more interest than any of its activi- said he believed -that- feeling has disappeared in the ties since the Bay of Pigs more than 13 years ago.-. wake of Vietnam and-Chile. It was Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, presid- The New York Times reported that most of the tag officer of the "40- Committee" .at the National: Se--, money authorized for the CIA activities in Chile was curity Council which in turn has the final. word on-all used in 1972. and 1973 to provide strike benefits and CIA cover operations,.. who revealed 'yesterday:, that other means of support for anti-Allende strikers and Ford is ready for some-kind of change in espionage workers. intelligence operations. ? . - The wave of notoriety about the CIA actions against Kissinger told the Senate Forign Relations. Commit- a controversial. but democratically elected. president tee that Ford had told congressional. leaders the such as Allende in a friendly neighbor state brought administration is ready to-work out procedures' Ford into the situation yesterday. When he and Kiss- Congress for accountability of the CIA:: = nger called congressional leaders to the White House Sen.' Stuart Symington,. D-Mo., who-often..sits in ort in the morning for a foreign policy meeting, Ford CIA briefings and hearings as a member; of the Senate: volunteered to try to work out some new and better Armed Services Committee, announced yesterday that Procedure. he hoped the President and Kissinger.will support of-- A veteran CIA agent, contacted separately about the forts in Congress to review existing procedures under-- Chile affair, commented merely, "We can't conduct which CIA operates; vitalize and broaden the over- our business in a goldfish bowl. sight- committees of `the Congress and obtain broader access for members Of Congress to the.product of the CIA so their deliberations may be better informed. "A'QUICK cosmetic fix will not suffice but will lead. the continued erosion of the confidence in and effec- tiveness of the agency," Symington said. . "The Congress and past presidents are to blame, not the personnel of the agency," Symington said.. Sen. Frank Church, D=Idaho, told reporters, "The-so- called watchdog coi:unittee had never really watched - the dog- Sen. J. William Fulbright, D-Ark,, chairman of the' Foreign Relations Committee, and others support- :a,-recurrent proposal to create a joint committee of then Senate and House to oversee all espionage and intelli-:_' genes activities. At present, the overseeing of the CIA- is best described as ad hoc, since only a handful of sen- ior members of the Senate and House Appropriations and Armed Services Committee handle this chore. it is generally conceded that even these legislators get only limited accounts of what the CIA is doing and more often than not it is well after the fact. As Church said, "We don't even have a way of knowing how much money CIA spends, let alone what for." The CIA budg- et is concealed among other departmental budgets. It was the S11 million CIA operation. in Chile against Marxist politician Salvador Allende that set off the current wave of demands for reform. The instrument of disclosure was a letter written by Rep. Michael J_ I-Tarrington, D-Mass., after he had been allowed to scrutinize, but not take notes from, some of the testi- mony of Colby befor the Nedzi subcommittee., This testimony was given long after the CIA operation in Chile allegedly had been terminated. The Colby testimony was at such wide variance from testimony of State Department and CIA officials at 00716 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020054-4