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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 20, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020058-0 WASHINGTON Sec .retaiy of State Henry A. Kissinger said- Thursday that-'the Central- Intel- 1igence - Agency operated covertly- in Chile- to:, head off "one . govern- .ment," but not to'-.."destroy ' or "subvert" the regime of the late Chilean President Salvador Allende-, ::'Declaring that=Allende, a :Marxist, had "moved - to throttle all. opposition." af- ter he gained: office1n'1972 with: a plurality,- of. only 37%? of the popular vote, Kissinger told they Senate Foreign ' Relations-, Com mittee. that -the -,U.S.. aim j was "to keep in,.being the'. (political) parties that con- tested the election.",, . _ "Our concern-was with the' election of 1976 and not at all about the coup occurred in 1973," that i Kissinger said in ieference? to the military revolt in which Allende died. The question of the CIA role in Chile was.raised by Sen. Frank Church (D- Ida), despite the.objec- tions of chairman J. Ful- bright (D-Ark.) 'that . the issue had no place. In a hearing designed to elicit, Kissinger's views on the progress of U.S.-Soviet de- tente. T h e committee, F u 1- bright noted, agreed Tues--_ j day to conduct;. hearings on the Chilean matter fol- lowing completion of staff documents bearing -on compilation of charges that high officials, includ- ing Kissinger. misled Con- gress on the CIA role in Chile. Church was undeterred. and hissing@r responded guardedly to his questions until Fiibright cut him off.` ' hissinger'c 'other testi- monv included these -That he expects.: an ag reement on .Jewish emigration. from Russia to be concluded "in the near future." It should, he said, "significantly diminish the obstacles''.'. to emigration and ease. the hardship.of p r o spective- emigrants. - He' said.. that attempts-to force #.uh er -concessions: by trade- sanctions would:.' be futile and warned that. "a' renewal of the cold war will hardly. encourage the LOS ANGELES TDIES 20 Sep. 1974 covert CIA operations. House Speaker Carl- Al- , best said it dealt.primarily with CIA activities in Chile, for which expendi- ture of over $8 million was authorized between 1970 and 1973.Th'e?White House 'said-,,-the meeting c o v e,r a d:--:th e.: range of covert CIA. activities. . Later -in the. day, Sens.. Low ll P Wei ke (R e c r - Soviet Union to change its, Conn:), and Howard H. emigration': p o 1 i c i e s, or Baker (R Tenintro- adopt a more benevolent,---, duced, legislation to create attitude toward dissent"- - -That the United States a joint Senate-House tom- deliberately : entered 'the : puttee to -oversee CIA I second phase of the arms operations: limitation talks at Geneva Wednesday without stat- Kissinger told t h e ing a hard position.-He Foreign Relations Com- said he intends to discuss m i t t e e that President the U.S. proposals with -Ford was prepared to Soviet leaders when he vi- work with Congress to sits Moscow next month - develop procedures to in- because S o v-i e t leaders crease the CIA's presently prefer to deal with vital - -tenuous accountability to issues directly at the high-. Congress, but he did not est level. comment directly on the proposal. -That --the effortto Church raised the ques- achieve a,- 10-year agree- tion of Chile after a.pre- m e n t on limitation 'Or' liminary observation that strategic weapons in the a totally pragmatic foreign so-called SALT 2 talks is policy can become "utterly planned weapons deploy- that Chile is not a nuclear ments and" make it pos- power, he asked Kissinger sible to set ceilings on how he could justify a not- weapons that will amake icy of "unfettered inter- future reductions "a real- vention in Chile designed istic objective." to stabilize a government -That he enjoys an "ex- that had been freely elect- tremely constructive'' re- ed~issinhQer began with Secretary l gan a -en- of Defense James R. Schle- eral discussion of covert singer, despite reports to operations of the United the contrary. Their differ- States, observing that he ences, he said. are "in em- could not be specific in phasis . . . but not in pia- public testimony. tosnohv " Kissinger came before the F o r e i g n Relations Committee after a White House meeting at r:'r.ich he and President ',~-nrd briefed congressional lead- ers of both parties on Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020058-0 00702'0_4Z