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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 20, 1974
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020062-5 12 0 SEP 13 NEW YORK TIMES Pall area : of Chile's e'crn , IIF' tam WAS y t c, I county the C.I.A. can only of the F r ie , ti make it n - 1iai F n ut Tt fak , _ i p . es cy had 0guns I i::ft t *s i;; a lot of every r , ; rt y ma .,nr up most important--you don't do Popular Uaaity unies;s you're told to (b,' h'.f,F coaliron. , Intelligence Sources Report That Monney' /e; rtribu c l to Help Truck cart power t hp s- i s s r1 \,'as Some WWI support fir, i Did Inc agency s 1 1 Ity to loud newpaper and radi st ti rs axi D rivers to PYC)IOrig rises tt t. the \ .opc 1 e^1t of the Rev- v,as needed it (1,10 t C. ONOAl ry sr-I'moUR M. IIEfTSII X.^.^cie? t o : ht :,,2" Tor>: T'I-y outside the A.On,.r coalition.! if nobody l:,-;ow., at,o~.a At his nt.c. s conference 1\St;r -; ! Idosm of the funds invested WASHINGTON, Sep t. 19 - day ni;ht, }=re:-;dent ford &W-1;for rrol>3rt.nda pnrposes, the i P -"p ofz,sionals who handed to- clamd Ida st iurt for the (:.I.A! Ioff .?l said, wont to EE Aier- The Centr?1 Intet,l ,cxe A" my they in a nuclol( i'-,s n e. InvU1VF'11'!1t in (;11110 and c ,;,il X11.'Q.eM t11~Iti31U;11'x)SltiotllleWS- Secretly futanced tr16t1 l+lu+r ; nt that, many ai, l.'.=.' that i~ had been authorized l:a ~,, ;n Chile. it was ti unions and trade u!!ps in c( , h dcd made a ec im cause theri was an effort be- on y eriouc political force Chile for more than 1 3 m - r t + : C ( in viiaAJi. Crimea glade by the Allende Go'. --roan g the rc'vspaoars and before President elA C,r ,&, C. lo destroy opposition 1 eInvAilon tatlins there," he lende Go::5er1S wa, rt, i ' 1 'it, a t21t l," t - Inf kC m dia,,' b -th the et, 1 _~ t.1, 1Trn rs well ac the ele trp ;:( ! ? As I ,, 1lntCllli'Cnit .0)fr u t? .ll..,.nce e rim's s ' crcC n c r 1 +_ { 1r :1C you (i,ln't maliC li cO ' !- n t th (l ti'UV C ~ 1 h;' Qi?N,.: I - c . - t. a we V. Ie tr)tllg todaye . port. for the niidd?; cos , s, I q-0 q-0 po itt 1 parties." to Start a Coup, -,t']). be all They said that the tr rt ~, ir, ,t,J thsL the N,.,on A t .,,I- I it. f l t, lr,: 'f lmes's sourc:'SI ri ht," the official added. of more that S 7-milii(in author. 1>r ation's roil had not r.:, jagmeeit, less than haI the 'You've got to ilildcrsmc imd bed for c t i f , . . . . t . If CAA n t. t ? r- - "d to P la: 1 - ? 1 - t lcv W e t. ail thlc h;r ciaR-l that he (Allcndel bt iv taxing tivities In Chile w3s t t n dr,r CS Mr. Allende t'e.i.1l+? .t,.lil! in (ho woo In ii t!1e lowdl to yl t',I : a-, ,, 1972 'inc. 137 to pins lu: , 1 1 , tC 1 Lowers noted i,'+t e p 1t itr.d fo; t. t .ri`i i death." + - benefits t~?1u other m ".:,;-. o f qui st fr:,in the t; uc 1 c ..c a+l , Y Mrs? d The official noted Iitat the I for n ri-, C.t-A. fr 1 tir , tici?n n 1 craperi all d Folic} t(o,vartl C'luiF, , uthol-I support for anti?Allcn(l(:, k? in Aut`taF?t, 1573, aim ,,(,h Radio t0', otm Cts1;o,,:; r_- i;ed 1 the 40 Cu l,nyj"halt ers and \:o.-lyre. h fo e the ecup, wa,, it t, 'd to by Mr. 1r1rd. been In cubiect of i+ i se de NVilll 1 1 C ) h" 3',i; .;r by the '0 Committee, t , _, () il:-int Ix+ieods Act Yrieti bat? in f"e Ni:con A('rnl listra- ell g (,GiIi81 if "P 1 ~euCo IeL io?w boam e or. , i"nr'j tlon. G .Ce Concern, he said, was -i.r. , ?ct', ?~. u 1 ? rt(II. ~ It'1 f: by .eCrm. c of StCtu lt.l n- i Limit llltl;AVelltioil ~'ruuld serve coninir-nt r,cn told c?f I kriow.'ltd-?e of time 1 u t::.av ..:;- t'eY information. Ing 0I; Chile, stlon?,h? cot (ndc'd - u, a .tu'w ty 1-b +y i'~cl - e+_- rceded that c me ~, At+-,-t with trade unions the Semite } orei l+ i t I ,t, :+S funds inevitably-as one 1 r' ; an1Ct ('ii ai d Stiit f.s. K7nn1r lttt(C?, Secretary of yt fe official put it---"could I.- ce "spit c erce, the aigency tries i'?..''i i,'^cl- a sertec1 that t n as filtered" to the truckers union to S.. F.? ~ i _ 1?.ooto i16 I' eople who be. tiili; E11(:t: agency's iriv.)1',?':: t'i,t thereafter, lice in itS sin,' he said. "In 1-~ official S id "in a l , Van" .;d pews m (f c V, q- true tinrt U it but toe r Iit got . i y to fold. '1ria mu tie;(' nlar.cy C'lt'.?. I;:,' t`; Ai' .ndc S em - : , question is-Cluj we give iL to 1 w?5 tice.i to S^hply subsistence 'i:11iC!i'71\' fir- c-rr!+.S.I?( r A i;ncwing that D would ct f . I p:p .p :~ ;~ `1 C? believed in what f la'!.ic5?'r'(= t '(il'itJ t`~. \1r 1; it?" Von do' . .,ri? ^.r ,;'", cccii ,t is Ciil?cmod aaaeO that it A',:5 rot to understan3____-.._ i Ft 4 C*v ,y NO to maintain cr7- }' AnF. ` on the offl- su,,, iti.~_ that: Go~trn.~1?r h.in w 1 r Toc l field operatives, c(I timse he v dy s ,: I { 1. I1'', t,i irly when l .&:; CY .1,'; , t F in, ii1t;Ci1CC rt p.^lr'i5 si+i:, t e Snug t : Saul luf rash We involved. . err t c to a ware frightening. were the o. 3nt%et?s (;r a na- niriibcr of sources also e rp+ C c i f -110( tend Populartion% dtruck s iihe t i tl T' r that the Central 0t+1 Unity rF tr seil'atlv!s into a [lash d 16 dc-vs in thy` fH~t it 1['' r e C: Iir.y, by using k I e i +ud claim that 0 3 1l972, sr;iuTuciV Ctl ll."'.ItJ Ci: ie'in ]:lack niarket has + 1H.w.n+kr'r' c c^ complaining about pm r (1111 . t Lhlli S f;':1sl .t V and t -o c ` Q the .r,7 M Wn t i FRn 1 i V d. We (per the (fh? hot of a series of i:a Inia ed to have spent on clan, ;- 11'1tr1.5 ., ., faire the t3XeS 50 in a 1 ~? YI?:'slarrit \11 Ji" 11li c .rt5 iietwa n 1,"i70 in-7 Cfi:[ i,c 5?1d. It was a S t h + 1973. rt t , 1 F 1 C 1.i Et t tL l i-t ey." 'r 1,- r nc s C a, I \ , as l+ 1 S-i ~1l, 1: d Was W t"+rP.y?nti f Iar ~..l, '..r r?r., M hi .r-r v!)- .Itl C -.-.111,1 rlonwrl a ta\l c-:th c,,uld hale 1, 1 c? I ... P. t. \i?., it IC) 15 arc u And j)," ! c,Ur,~ he 1 a sE~ e milits!'; cu.,;,. el:.l - c-r ,~11t of the it opk t 1+:. .. al . ,a `lint t(i iefiltl --,at we really w> ere =rporting a civilian paurt of iliig is Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020062-5 the la+-icy 'ert ref Dtr. Alli nr,e S Aid to Publicize Unrest 00729 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020062-5 120_ SEP NEW YORK TIM PS STAT ': t 1C~,'; g JA t co Ic 1}1Ci }he s tir(ctst' i ~ioh _ "Q ~l i" 1 tt h::' )rc~ ~ ~~11::, l}1 inl~In i What h to pnlari/ fu "ner the ci- s Mr. j?,1gen, who to:cb s ro? "a:-r to Ir,