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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 19, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020068-9 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HONITOR g SEP 1974 and l ewhere th CIA: Chil e e s e By Charles W: Yost New York The consequence of a quarter con- Is it not high time that the United tury of "dirty tricks" by the CIA, that States Government, Congress, and is, the U.S. Government, has been to people drew some operative con- make the agency throughout the- clusions from the repeated and em world a symbol for unscrupulous b.-rassing public- predicaments in intervention in other people's Internal w ,ch the CIA has involved them over affairs and hence often to undermine, the past 15 years? rather than to serve, the objectives of The, most recent debate on the U.S. foreign policy. subject arises from the avowal by the we see how it is almost universally director of the agency that it did believed in Greece that the CIA expend considerable sums in Chile to., Inspired the July 15 coup in Cyprus prevent Allende's accession to power which set in train the subsequent and, after he had. nevertheless ac-; disasters. I believe this is a' mistaken ceded, to weaken or undermine him. judgment,. because upsetting the I have., not had an _,opportunity .to 'status quo was-so obviously counter to examine the' record sufficiently to'; U.S.- Interest. But the. fact it Is judge wheth er, i as. claimed,- other; plausible to suppose that the CIA witnesses -misled congressional com- might have inspired the coup if It had mittees on: this point, 'though there been in the'U.S. interest lends color to certainly is prima'facle evidence that the accusation. they were not wholly candid. I should A New York Times story last week m self however- support the U S quotes a" telegram from the.. U.S. mine whether this superficial 'change has any lasting effect. In referring at a public meeting in Washington last week to proposals that CIA abandon its covert action programs, director William Colby said: "In light of current American policy, it would not have a major impact on our current activities or the current security of the United States." While the triple use of the word "current" is ominous, this statement is mildly reassuring. It is to be hoped that the President and Secretary of State will be persuaded that, in the broader perspective, these "dirty tricks" do more harm than good to the national security and should be phased out. Government's contention that, what- Ambassador in Delhi to the effect that ever the CIA mayor,. may not have the recent ;revelations about CIA- done in Chile-it did not "overthrow" activities In Chile have confirmed the Allende. worst suspicions of the Indians about Allende was overthrown by Chii that agency and caused Indira Gandhi eans. He never at any time had the to wonder whether the Indian Govern- support of the majority of the people. ment may-not be the next target for H?z was overthrown because he and " elimination: This is hardly the image his more radical adherents alienated. ~?ot Its foreign policy and practice the frightened, and ultimately radi- ? ' U.S. Government should wish to-see calized In the opposite sense the widely held around the world. unconverted majority, particularly Supporters of CIA activities of this its most powerful element, the mill- kind think of -themselves as "hard- Lary nosed" realists:=The Bay.of Pigs is It Is necessary to make this point in one instructive example and Gordon ' order to clarify the broad issue - whether admitted CIA activities in Chile, even if they played no substan- tial part in the overthrow of Allende, were in the national-interest of the U.S. I would argue that they were not, American and-:.o ther.. Western spokesmen have for., the past half century been pointing,out that, while the Marxist reyolutions in the Soviet Union and elsewhere were no doubt directed to noble ends, the atrocious means so often employed grossly distorted and even vitiated those ends. ' Yet since the onset of the cold way the U.S. has taken a leafoutof the s little operation at Watergate Liddy is another. The fact- is'the "dirty tricks" con- ducted by agents, of the U.S. Govern- ment very- rarely serve the national interest of the United States, even if one interprets these interests in strictly "cold-war" terms. Ex- perience has shown that they cannot be adequately "controlled" within the - executive branch, because it is so often the controllers, as in the case of the Bay of Pigs and perhaps of Chile, whose perceptions and judgments are at fault. - ted the limitation on the capacity of sorted to means so shabby we dare the U.S.. to determine the structure of not avow them. In the long run this an alien society even by a massive does not pay. injection of armed force. How much' Ignoble means debase and demoral- less likely that America could hope to ize the actors, corrupt and brutalize do so by clandestine operations. The those acted upon and, in so doing, - U.S.' can, no doubt, occasionally con- transform and disintegrate the end tribute to the rise or fail of a particu- Itself. This Is as t,- ue for democrats as lax government or politician, but over for Communists. the longer run indigenous, forces. which it cannot control, will deter- 0073 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020068-9