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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 19, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020070-6 19 SEP 1974 'nor Old CIA, Everybody's Millstone, By Tom Dowling Star-News Staff friar in brief is the-meat of the CIA Chile ario: $11 million was shelled out to cor- ,,t the free Chilean electoral process in der to guarantee the election of an incor- ruptible, democratic government. Accord- 'ing to Gerry Ford, part of the money was spent to insure the survival of a free press and flourishing opposition parties so that Allende could be overthrown and murdered in order to install a regime that would shut down the press and jail the dissenting oppo- sition. Well, that's inflation for you. Why, in the old days we used to be able to destroy a Vietnamese village in order to save it for the PX price of a Zippo,. a box of flints and a can' of lighter fluid__No,_the_dollar just .doesn't stretch that far any more, especial- ly in Chile where a wheelbarrow of pesos doesn't buy a good steak dinner, much less a tidy, old-fashioned Yankee-sponsored l coup. THE CHILEAN ESCAPADE has stirred up a considerable uproar; leaving some commentators to suggest that the CIA be abolished, a Gordian knot proposal with' which I hasten to associate myself. All the same, it is bootless to waste any breath chastising the CIA as the culprit of this shameful affair. There is a maxim in the. philosophy of logic known as Occam's razor' whole with more, entities when fewer will promise that truthful testimony in executive session, however grisly' its moral content may be, will not be taken amiss by a few loud-mouthed con- gressional hot-heads. To give Colby his due, he has a. neat and unarguable point-as far as it goes. The rub is that, on the one hand, there are per- jury laws covering con- gressional testimony; and, on the other, there are increasingly fewer congressmen whose de- sire to hear the truth is strong enough to merit risking their political sur- vival by an advance pledge of blanket support for the truth, however repellent it may be. AS A RESULT, you have a CIA nominally controlled by a president and overseen by a con- gress, all of whose self-in- terest requires that they remain as profoundly ignorant of agency activi- ty as possible. It's the Watergate principle of deniability all over again. do just as well. It is therefore not the va- Of course, Chuck Col- garies of the CIA's operations which are at son doesn't want Howard issue, but those who are ultimately respon- Hunt to tell him what hap- sible for supporting and activating the CIA. pened inside the DNC After all,'the CIA is merely a bureaucratic headquarters. Such infor- Nobody's Patsy. AND SO THE CIA goes ous to anyone, is that its way, in an instrument . Kissinger's successful presidents and con- foreign policy machina- gresses are pleased to tions-to take merely the have at their disposal, as best example-are based long as the honor pre- on his immense gift as a cludes any responsibility liar. The enormous appro- for controlling it. Instead, bation he enjoys among the Congress instituted a presidents and con- gentlemen's agreement to gresses alike resides in this effect: OK, fellows, the facility, the sober we'll ask you what you're integrity, the self-effacing up to, then you fuzz it up wit with which he envel- and lie a little bit and the- ops one whopper after re'll be no hard feelings. What the hell, what we don't know can't hurt us. By and large, it was a serviceable and safe com- pact. But, in these par- lous Watergate times, the good bureaucrat is well advised to cover his tracks with maximum 'prudence. So when they hauled old Colby up to the House for closed CIA hearings, he told the truth, which is said to set men free-from perjury raps among other things. And in telling the truth the whole elaborate gen- tlemen's agreement came apart at the seams. Be- cause, of course, Colby's predecessors and associ- ates had all been expect- ed to lie. Some of them did it with suppleness, others with baldness, but all of them with slavish elan. Their president and their congress thought highly of them for it. instrument wielded by the President and mation only makes Colson his mystical 40 Committee, and overseen by! more liable to a perjury Congressional committees. ? count when he goes be- The CIA Chilean conspiracy is scarcely a fore the grand jury. Of flabbergasting departure from what passes course, no president for normality in American post-war nation- wants to know exactly al security doctrine: right wing coups inwhat CIA projects his Guatemala, Iran, Greece; U-2 flights; Bay predecessor allegedly set of Pigs invasions; secret wars in Laos;' in motion. If the scheme Watergate complicity: the manipulation of goes well, he can't take the National Student Association. These { any public credit for it schemes, whether they backfire or not, are anyway; if, as seems . .. _ _._ ~ _ of more likely, it backfires, fundamentally inimical to the idea ._ human freedom, which makes the CIA an the blame can always be subtly shifted to a prior institution repugnant to the democratic administration . as with spirit that presidents and congressmen administration must necessarily support at least to get the Bay of Of course, Congress reelected. NOT SURPRISINGLY then, the only hoii- doesn't want to hear how est statement to emerge from this whole the CIA actually plans to Chilean fiasco was made by director Wil- spend its appropriations. liam Colby, who questioned the wisdpm-of' After all, no one wants to Lure "delicate" activities since candor in, the Chilean matter had revealed policies so outrageous that Congress had no choice but to expose them. In effect, Colby is saying that to efficiently subvert other democra- cies the president's 40 Committee members must either lie to the Congress, or.exact a see Allende's corpse in the newspaper and have to say to himself: Oh. yeah. I remember now. That's what they wanted that S11 million bucks for. SO NOW THE suave Richard Helms faces the clink for lying so loyally. Kissinger is once again accused of deception. As- sorted other State Depart- ment and CIA minions can look forward to the ruination of their careers, if not convictions for per- jury. With a unanimous tut-tut of horrified aston- ishment the Senate For- eign Relations- Committee will conduct hearings on the Chilean prevarica- tions. Even I am disinclined to accept such an esti- mate of congressional ob- tuseness. The fact, obvi- another. His success abroad is predicated on the fact that foreigners believe him. Indeed, his lies are so credible that, even now that the rules of congressional testimony have been changed on him in midstream, the Congress and the Presi- dent can look us right in the eye without blinking and say: Gosh, he sounded so convincing, I believed him. It looks like Henry, the 40 committee and the CIA pulled the wool right over our eyes. And mugs that we are., we'll buy it, content once more to let those with re- sponsibility shift the blame to others. ?0739 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020070-6