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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020081-4 C_ RISTIAN SCIENCE MONITC. Ford defense of CIA in Chfl!s sth-s wetav By Dana Adams Schmidt Staff correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor Washington President Ford's admitssion, at his news conference Tuesday, that the United States engaged in covert, actin sties in Chile, and his defense of them has stirred vigorous debate here. Some deplore the covert activities, feeling that it is improper. for the U.S. to conduct undercover intervention In the affairs of countries with "duly elected" governments. Others deplore the fact that the President admitted these activities, which recall President } i:. rhos, r-r's famous a.Cinis,.ion thst the T .E;. was flying the U-2 spy plane ever the Soviet Union. CIA activity defended And there are those who have seen much of Soviet and other Communist activity in various Parts of the world who ardently defend the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency in Chile and elsewhere as an essential part of U.S. foreign policy and secu- rity. What the President said was that the CIA activities were ju.itifIed be- cause "there was an effort being made by the government of Salvador Allende to destroy opposition news media and to destroy opposition politi- cal parties." He added that the Soviet Union spends a great deal more on it than the U.S. In that connection a book, "KUB," by John Barron, just published by Readers Digest Press, says that "the United States has been able to trace millions of dollars delivered from Moscow to parties in the Western Hemisphere and Western Europe. Mexican security agents observed a KGB officer pass what turned out to be $30,000 to a party representative in the summer of 1968 when young communists were preparing the riots that nearly forced cancellation of the Olympic Games." The author says the Russians main- tain hemispheric headquarters for covert activities in Mexico and that the Cuban DGI intelligence organiza- tion is one of its most widely used Instruments. It was noted among those debating the President's remarks that he ad- dressed himself only to the more positive activities - supporting non- Cominunist newspapers, electronic media, and parties. But CIA director William E. Colby, In testimony delivered before a closed congressional committee meeting, is reported to have admitted t?s,t 18 million was spent in Cuba between 1970 and 1973, and included $350,u( to bribe members of the Chilean Con- gress who were to vote on Salvador Aile i;de's bid for the presidency. Further repercussions In a different repercussion from the disclosure of CIA activities in :'h11e, including expenditures to "dF stabs lize" the Allende regime after Its election, some high-ranking State De- partment officials, as well as fernier C, .. AA- -f-- itle aid Hare being accused of misleading the Sen- ate subcommittee on multinational corporations which was investigating the activities against the Allende regime undertaken by ITT. Mr. Helms; Charles A. Meyer, former Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs; Edward M. Korry, Ambassador to Chile from 1967 to 1973; and \V;illiarri V. Broe, former director of CIA clandestine activities, may even he accused of perjury, because they indicated in sworn testimony that the U.S. was not engaged in undercover activities against the Chilean regime. Ex-CIA official's retort "What hypocrisy!" was the com- ment of one distinguished official who formerly directed CIA activities, when informed of the charges against Mr. Helms and the others. "Do they expect every public offi- cial upon demand to blurt out every- thing he knows about the covert and espionage activities of his govern- ment? Of course they had to deny It. The only person who can make public avowals of such activities is the President, and he has chosen to do so. "For the rest, the congressional oversight committees, the subcom- mittees on intelligency of the Senate and House Armed Services and Ap- propriations committees, are in- formed. .'The roneent of intervention in foreign countries to support of some political parties and newspapers op- posed to the Communists' opposi- tion," this official said, "dates back a quarter century to the beginning of the Marshall 1"tan. It was meant to en,.bie center and partir's to the right and left of center to survive n.gainst enormous expenditures of the opposi- tion. "The Chilean operation was the last in a long series of operations of this kind." 00750 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020081-4