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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020083-2 -1, 191" V J iY 'T T in Fv k- 1g,.ki1.a Panel Gets Report By Laurence Stern Washington Post 5teff \Voter A Senate staff report recommends that a perjury investigation be initi- atcd against former Central Intelli- genie Agency Director Richard M. helms and accuses Secretary of Slate Henry A. Kissinger of having :'de- ceived" the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in sworn testimony. The report, which centers on testi- mony given by high-ranking officials on U.S. covert intervention in C'IlilF s internal political affairs, also recom- mends perjuy and contempt inv'-Sti- gat ions of three other government v; it- ne,ses in the Chile inquiry. Prepared by Jerome Levinson, chief counsel to the Senate Foreign P,cls- tions Subcommittee on Multinational Corporations, the confidential report will he taken up for possible action to. day at an executive session of the Foreign Relations Committee. The committee has the option of endorsing or re;lecting the report iu whole or i,i part. The tat gets of the proposed insesti- gationS are former Assistant Secrctat'y of State for Inter-American Alfalit-s C'h le, F. ;Moyer, former L S h . ilia. liii V, su 1'~i71 re do-h 11 illiam Broe, for'nter chief of Cie CIA's Latin American Division. , n ( - nSS 1 a mt')n- The rep t subnutted to subcotu llec1slon aternoraudtun poor reached the conclusion that I The .>p ri. ._ . -._ ., bar of the house 1 oi'el. n t li ,,,,, en o D ( -J,'.n+ut anti )Cll. t_1)clord 1 l:'?~^ only ('Ommolit oil the Ilal'rlll - whc as the uu:oteu.i all(lel' 'Lo asks that the record o'. ;vhieh the Forty Committee au- J ton disclosure was to qua' Lon thorized clandestine aactivities i~.I.S1eg(`t confirmation bearing ;Oleth(r Colby has used the caul>encd in public session to questicti word "destabilization iu his desig led to destabilize the the secretary- on the "rationale" tot April 22 testimony to a Ifou;e Allende aovccnt. U.S. covert political actions in Chile Such a policy C'IA ov ea sight conuntttee after 1(16:1. Would have been ch'att(.?c: 'ui It father recornnnended that 7'i.- chaired by I(ep Lucien Nedzi (lei, the direction of Kissinger sin; Or be asked to testify gene au+ nn Dlttc'll.) Who also chaired the Forty L~ S. ; oitc toward '-dilly eC'" 1.71's only personal tom Committee meetings at v,'hich ernnicttts which n:ay be elected ct tz.ated meat on the Harrin,tort report. the anti-Allende action nro- not to tofu-h, Was that he wottlcl neitht?r colt- policies to tt,c hh;rants were authorized. of the United States.' firm nor deny its authenticity "'The report was also cribc?l The staff recommendations reflected risiri concern in Congress over major discrepan- cies in the sworn testimony of high State Department wit- nesses and the disclosure of secret teat imone last April 22 by ('iA Director AVilli-,m F. Colby that the a-,enc?y spent S3 m llion in Chile to lull the late S, lvadore Allenct('s candidacy in 1901 and $8 million attempt- ing to block his election and undel?minc his?overnment af- ter 1969. The report tilt's prcuously seerel testil"I,ol by iii: ut er dc-lit erect at an cxecut,v e .,( s sion of his e?arlfirmatior, hero-. in-,' on Sept. 17. 1973. mittinriz- in" the role of the CIA in time 197;; Ali,'ride election. .snore it etas ;.=IVCtI in eXccutivc ~ 1 session. Last Friday Colhv of Assistant Secretary of (Ile commented that the disclosure freasury' for liltel-national Af- of his testimony tlu?ough a rails John M. Hennessy, who conticletttial letter by Harring- as`isted in cootdinatin:r U.S. economic- policy toward the ton to his chairman, sed Allende government that Thomas -Wol-all raised !questions about the ability of )caned hetivily toward with- (?rival of lines of credit ? by government Wi?!iesses to tcs lily on "delicate" matters such international lcndin? . 1 he report desc t it c? ,; birches as the \Corld Bank, 1 n- ter-:\nlericall 1)evolei nlen+: "disinr,enttous" Kiss. n.rers t< ;. timuny that since 1970 we Bank and Expel f-inhport llo'ik. have ;,bso)utely stayed aw'ls' Hennessy, said the Levinson report. ''either perjured hint- him- rum ary coups'" in Chile. Kis elf or seriously misled '?le sin>er. %,,rote Levlnsun, 'must suhcomrn:itce ir: slant, drat h`!~'e l.ttoverr tiut ~per!?.iin:: h pril,i;im e (tcr;tt i s i t - f , ! + i r i : f L1( , S a tit r".O?C ~. of er(.i+n)~; zutinn had to cn'., rrce ii " no- tLe -Alta:ic,c _:c,rcrnmcmt of the coup v, hi:l), it Jaet, lroe, it' hi took I1iaee. r;llll\'11_ n yuvcc'~ i is- miI'g 'r as : In the case of ilelrns, the ce saying: port cited an exchange 1)e?, "The CIA was heavily in- teen the former CIA dire-tor volved in 1964 in the election, and one of his ieaclin senator' _ was in a very minor way iu- rial defender., Stuart Symintl- volved in the 1970 election amid ton d)-Mo.). during an (-Veen America, was quoted in,1he re since then efo vet absolutely tine hearin~ on the helms port as hav'?no testified) tl7,'t nomination as amhassador to there was no U S- policy, toin Our efforts in Chile Were to Iran on Feb. 7, 1973. strengthen the democratic po? tt rv ere in the 1970 Ghii('aI Syminytoil: Did you Im -I Brae' election s : nsv; ers \ . . ; ) ,. ]tote,) parties and Hive them a ny money passed to the oupo? ey er, are 'technically, shy', of basis for winning the election a in 1976, which we expressed ,tents of Allende? perjury," the re?port,',(lilt ~,.w our hope was that Allende ' Helms: No, sir. eluded. thouah they :could be defeated in a free Symington: So that the 'to"intended to convey tee . -in democratic election." ries that you were involved in 1)r("stun of it policy of; no n At the time Kissinger gave that are wrong entirely:' The testimony . - of NatLn iel 'his testimony, the report j Helms: Yes sir .. Davis. U.S. ambassador- t noted. "the Forty Committee But Colb 's testimony, s. rc? ('bile during last year's. anti [tote National Security Coun- ported in the Harrinttton. let- ctl s senior covert action Allende coup, conformed it ' ter, vv as that the .A es- otatt panel) pact ahrar authrn'izcd CI the -overall pattern of 'S pended $500.000 in i06'! +,r I), rtment Witnesses dis eni the expenditure. of . .. $3 mil- fund anti-Allende forces 1t'! b.ln:t and deceiv~ii.g the corn lion for the purpose of do to Curing, the 1970 election `_(+0- initiea and subeornniittcc... 1; hilizin;,, the Allende .ovc.r)t- 000 was iven to op;~?+?~t o;i meat so as to precipitate its party p 1 te. )ect to the true scope of downfall? personnel. After ilne US.government activities de t Sept. 4 popular election in signed to undermine Ill'(, Al 011'..N a mouth before Kis which Allende Won a plurality, Icndc rc_+ime," the i:i on singer testified, the report fur- the account con tinued, $3:i0, e ther noted, the Forty Commit eves-, add No action h v 000 was authorized "to uriha ever, W a s s recum tnC t, c,:c tee-- which he chaired-au- the Chilean Congress" in an thcnizec! the expertdittu'c 01 Sl a gainst Davis, million his amount for afoot) to "overturn" the re- l'issillger and )ley;.r v,Mc million political or this mou ! suits of the popular election in not available for contnient i 17illr.a- an ensuing emiglt'ssional run- h tion. ^ ot ry, reached ill Nev\ nil. r h tifie I i " tt + 'J sa d e \vas g a , r 11 bi f th 1Cassorese ass(-r- TIro staff d 110175 1'; 8S the Colby testimony \.nalJl), a; U`I lluu Ucc ., c~c~ the fn?st time, to the existence si,reading the word that - as recounted by Rep- 1\lichael of a National Security Council jury, ittavv have comtnit.ted pcr I1a?rineto -I f) 00752 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020083-2