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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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Ask Congress "to join him House, including 108 sponsors in a review of the charter of of the AMA's proposal for na- every secret police and intelli-;ing the fertilizer around," he gence activity in government, I said. i Ex- U.S. Envo Tells Of 17 "ff -3* 40 C I --r i 0 & es L attel By Adolfo G. Merino Special to The Washington Post The Nixon administration H a said Washington had l offered Chile "an incredibl Y proposed to underwrite Chi .1 generous economic pack, l in 1970 to enable the former government of Marxist Presi. dent Salvador Allende to com- pensate three nationalized U.S.-based firms, it was ean bonds with "the full faith and credit of the American Treasury, if the Allende re- gime would negotiate a settle- ment with ITT and the two! copper companies." 1 The U.S. offer was disclosed by Edward Korry, former U.S. ambassador to Chile, who said Allende rejected it. Korry also said the United States refused Korry said Allende rejected the offer "for ideological rea- sons," fearing that he would! have lost support for his; Marxist-Socialist government a request from Allende fora ...; ?e p Irom the 1 lli i United States. MA on contribution to his 1970 presidential campaign. Korry made the statement at an Aug. 15 seminar at Georgetown University. UPI obtained a copy of the state. ment in the wake of a disclo. sure that the Central Tntelli- Allende felt, Korry said, "'that if he accepted the deal -j and he told me this himself- there would be no 'Chilean revolution' ." Korry said that during the' gerice Agency secretly funded I tions, the U.S. embassy was efforts to "destabilize" the Al-j approached for contributions lende government. by "high-level fund-raisers" of President Ford, who on iVlon all three candidates. He said clay acknowledged CIA activ ! :~llende's fund-raiser asked for' ity in Chile, has called top S1 million. congressional leaders to the "The U.S. government made' White House today to discuss! no contributions to any of the whether such covert opera-1 candidates," he said. "This was, tions should be abolished. a departure from the policy of Korry indicated that Al.!the Kennedy and Johnson ad- lende, who died in a military; ministrations which, during,' coup last year, received the of- the campaign for the 1964 Chi fer from the Unitd States in ! lean election, provided consid- early 1971 after his govr'rn- erable support for the election ment had nationalized the Chi of President (Edurardo) lean operations of three U.S.- Fredi." based firms, international Tel. 1 Korry said the United eiihone and Telegraph Corp. States had infiltrated the lead- and two copper companies- ership of Chile's Communist Anaconda and Kennecott. i and Socialist parties. "We "To reach an accommoda.'knew exactly what their inten- tion," he said, '-the U.S. of. tions were toward U.S. invest- f^.-d Allende a deal which' meats when they came to could only be described as the' power . .. but we were pre pzc':ag.a we have ever offered try to reach some kind of any government in an eco- aree.-nent with Allende," he nomie relationship." said. 1970 Chilean presidential elec-1 AMF 26-INCH 10-SPEED BIKE IN MODELS FOR BOYS OR GIRLS 86 w 97 Comp.109.99 Front and rear hooded caliper handbrakes with twin lever stem shifters. Reflectors and rat trap pedals. Also at 4 Catalog Show- cases. ? Cycle Flag in 3 colors, comp. 2.29.. ... 1. 19wVComp. 23.99 61 steam vents that delivers instant extra penetrating steam to speed your ironing chore. Stainless steel tanks with self-clean- ing feature. A great buy at savings! 00764 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020089-6