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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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- Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020094-0 NCLP,SSIFIi=D Date: Se -7 r7 Item No. Ref No: UP- 062 (CIA) WASHINGTON (UPI) -- THE SENATE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE DECIDED U NAN }~, rts,i v Tnnhv rn 7^a 1*'r,'T )GATE SCRET DISRUPT IVE ACTIVITIES BY THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY IN CHILE. SEN. FRANK CHURCH, D-'IDAHO, ANNOUNCED THE COMMITTEE DECISION 9 4'IING THE STUDY WOULD HELP DETERNIN'E HAT COURSE OF ACTION TO TAKE 'OWARD OFFICIALS WHO MAY HAVE PERJURED THEMSELVES IN 1973 WHEN THEY E ST IFIED THAT THE UNITED STATES HAD NOT INTERVENED IN CHILE AGAINST 1ARXIST PRESIDENT SALVADOR ALLENJDE. CHURCH CHAIRMAN OF THE SUB COMMITTEE 014 MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS, SAID THE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE DECIDED TO PUT ACTnL A nC1'1 ('l 7"ET nnr. nr n:-r, - ,,-- ,-,.,..-,.. _-- N ECONNENDING PERJURY ACT ION AGAINST FORiNEF CIA DIRECTOR RICHARD HELMS ND OTHER HIGH OFFICIALS. HE SAID THE CONIMITTEE WILL DECIDE WHETHER TO REOPEN THE QUESTION OF WHETHER SECRETARY OF STATE; HENRY KISSIN'JGER DECEIVED THE }FOREIGN RELATIONS CON;,iITTEE WHEN HE MINIMIZED T}Z' U.S. ROLE IN CHILE DURING TESTIMONY AT HIS CONFIRi'JATION HEARINGS. UPI 09-17 12:51 PED P- 064 ADD 1 GIA, WASHINGTO } (UP-"vet) PRESIDENT FORD LAST NIGHT ACi;iutJLrU;FD i)-IF,:t A. N~Et.' - CO"FE-fEN c' THE U.S. INTERVENED IN CHILEAN'- POLI.T ICS BETWEEN 1970 AND 19'73, BUT HE, DEJIE:D ANY U.S. ROLE IN THE OVERTHRM? OF ALLENDE. CHURCH SAID THE OBJECT OF T 11C INQUIRY BY THEE FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE WOULD BE: 1, -- TO EXAMINE THE WISDOM OF CIA INTERVENTION IN CHILE. '~-- TO JUDGE WHETHER PERJURY WAS COMMITTED BY HIGH OFFICIALS IN TESTIMONY IN 1973 BEFORE THE SUBCOMINIT'L1;E ON MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS. 73. -- TO EXAMINE THE' NEWS LEAKS WHICH LED TO TIDE DISCLOSURE OF CIA I;JT1E}VE NJT IO NJ BETWEEN 1971,,)-197-3. "I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT THE POLICY WE FOLLO!,,ED IN CHILE WAS WRONG AND WAS AN UNPRINCIPLED ONIE," CHURCH TOLD NEWS EZN AS HE LEFT A TWO-HOUR COMMITTEE SESSION. HE SAID THAT THE POLICY "CANNOT BE SQUARED WITH THE HISTORIC ROLE OF THE UJITED STATES. I REEGRET VERY MUCH THAT IT }{APPENJE D." CHURCH SAID HE HOPED THAT THE: SENATE INQUIRY MIGHT RESULT IN GUII)I;LItaES FOR FUTURE CIA OPERATIONS. BUT HE WARNED THAT TT WOU D BE "EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO EXERCISE EFFECTIVE RESTRAINT" ON THE COVERT OPERATIONS OF THE CIA. THE ISSUE ALSO WAS RAISED AT A }TEARING OF THEE HOUSE INTER-AMERICAN AFFAIRS SUBCOiJ"1ITT EE , WHERE PROIFESSOJZ PAUL SIGMUND OF Pi"RIt1CETON UJiv:R:>ITY DESCRIBED THE CHILEAN INTERVENTION AS A REFLECTION OF AN C? OUTDATED POLICY. "I BELIEVE," HE SAID, "THAT MANY AMERICANS SHARE WITH MEE THE FEELING THAT THE CHILEAN CASE DE,JON.Si'RATES THAT SECRET I JTERVFI;TIONI IN 1'ilr!. POLITICS OF OTI{i?I2 COUN'TRIi S ''1;rilt' I;AY }i1~~F. %~:!ENJ JLI i !i I1'U Iii PERIODS OF HOT OR COLD WAR IS NO 'J Ot}THOOD};D, CODUTE~JPI;ODUCTIVE AND IN Tl,tOONJFLICT WITH OUR IDEALS AS A FREE AND OPEN SOCIETY," 0077 ann.. UPI ply- 17 O 1 : LG PI"i') Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDPO9T00207R001000020094-0 CIA OPERATIONS CENT NEWS ANALYSIS SERVICE Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020094-0 BALTIMORE SUN lT 1^ I 'L__ ~ifv 4 "i.,f~0 k.`7 ff y xyijti -1 Washington (NYT)-'The staff of a Senate Foreign te'a-I tions subcommittee has recom-1 'Mended that contempt of Con- gress charges be placed against Richard M. Helrs, former director of the Central; Intelligence Agency, and three retired Nixon administrations officials beeat'se of their al-I egedly misleading Senate tes-1 timony on Chile last lhi ':!1y reliable congressional; sources said yesterday. They said ti>at, be:-+ es dir. Ilf:lms, a report by the sub- committee staff cited Charles A. Meyer, former assistant se- cretary of state for inter-A- merican affairs; ? Edwin M. I:orry, amhassador to Chile from 197 to 1971, and William C, Br'oe, former director of cla ndmtiae activities for the CIA in Latin America. Mr. llelms, Mr. Meyer and John 3i. Hennessy, former as- sistant secretary of the trea- sury for international affairs, ti:c' report said, might have e:,mrnit'eed perjury in their testnnony betor'e the SUt:c0171- ntittee on t~tttllinaticnai corpo- p t;ions in the spr'irtg of i r g. tier. e of the Men named} in the subcommittee report could ~..~'v Si_E~a Y+ aJ be Iram'edia'ely reached for l comment. The staff report, written by Jerome I. Levinson, chief counsel of the subcommittee, was prepared last week at the I request of Senator F rant: Church (D., Idaho), chairman of the subcommittee. Details of 19r.l.evinso!r's re- port, which was distributed to subcoin nittee memo'rrs over; the weekend. v,c:e provided by senator's office. At issue is the diseri t;tt cy hetvleen the testimony pro- sented to the :>ubco!:it :ilra last yeai about the cif tdc+..(ir_. rote of the CIA in Chile and recent news reports indicatie that the a ency had heP,i ?r:aeuized 11 to spend more than `;. mi ,ion from 1970 to lids In a cracri attempt to make it in eo sibie for the Chilean president, Sa- vador Aliende Gosseus, to gov- ern. In addition, sources said, the subcommittee staff report cited Mr. Herne's sv urn testimony that the tiixoin ad- economic sanc- tions against Chile -sere based s1 credit ratirr alien Dr. A liende's election. It it as reported Sunday that Henry A. Kissin:ur, a~ Presi- dent 7Niixon's adviser to- na tional security affairs, had per- ll (-i^, interr,~rtu?y so ; tut 1. a an panel tih t deci ed spent, aft' I)!" All;'! d 's elect ne in US;,~) ?o a te..I'1, to eel elf ;iii' ~ocea; ' i t ' a i d ?i !1 i::t.''r!:.:?! i eriai i cr caIt"7. o07?2 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020094-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000020094-0 '~1?;tiff c/'?! sn't Li`. Lailt'cncl~ Ste! It is ,...?ator.(.. ,.,;f writer \ Srnatc staff report reconlm:`)l._!< tltlit a Ipcrjury ill esii'ration he initi - a "i a;,ainst former Central It!tclli- cncc :\,ency Director Richard d1. Fit!iris and accuses Secretary of S"at" II,^m-y A. Kissinger of havin, t ile- ceivcd- the Senate Foreign Relations Comn'ittee in sworn testimony. The report, which centers on tetiti- nlony ,ivell by hi 11-Tanking officials on U.S. Covert- Intervctllion in C'l!11" S internal political affairs, also rec-ohn- hr,enel3 pc:rjuty and contempt getions of three other government Il(:'".C Iii the Chile inquiry. I ! 1) rid by Jerome Levinson, ( c': cash` I to the Se 1'!t? h'orei'tn 1 cL.- tiun:: ,itl)_trutnhittvc oil alultinat.,nal Cc,''por atinns, the confidential mart w;1,1 he taken up for polsiidc actin to- clay- a I an executive session o!' ti,(' Fo:?e?ien Relations Cormnittee. The curnmi'tce leas the Option of Clh(!C'r.;;n^ or rejectin', the report i;l Nvilole 11 1- in part. 'i'h Ial',cts of the pt'oposed ill\i- gatiotic former A'siseant. 5l'ere; L''; of State fo? Titter-American Ch:'!c< F. ?.Ieycr, former U.S. An, ts::..acr to c: ? :c \\'i11iaii1 B roc. former chief of t.!e CI.'\'s 1,'t is .\rnel?ican 1);vision. Tito i?_c~):,I"stihillit_ied to cob a Ini1t{)Q chaimnutn Sun. Fre.nk Chi;cit (D-1'F i;o) and Sen. Clifford P. C:) ^ n-'a that the record oI ;:;.Sill ^1's :an'ir;ration Rearm ... Iccp:,i?'d ;i.) i)`-11,17c. session to tn.e .rcrciary on the "rationale" tni' U.S. cc:p(dttieal actions ill Chili aft or 1 It 1*.il?the' rec?oIIlrlcnded that Sill ;r'r ill ;;s'.>; a.-cr major discrepan- cies iii Ir u:n 1,r? tintony of Ili- Si;:!t Department wit- ac`t:. c file d eta-- n'c of sc( rc.c?. ! i'w) Ian \pril 22 (_"Ph- '1 ...l .i.c ..?..i a n-n1. S3 to-r. . if It (iu.otes Kissith p;r In the east' of llchas, the cc sgyln'~: ' . port cried all e:rentsPe })e The CI.\ %ta4; lieavil.. in t\\(:en the fei n(-r C1:\ d:1c-tol.; volved in IPh4 in the .lei One tt,~ 1' din, was in a t er?~ n1It10r w ' 1'lal Ci ef('!'!Jci. , ~'~tdart Jymi1''_4- volvcci it! the 197", cleCtiu;) ,.i in^ ! I)-\Io.l (lurin an c) c;'u :\ntcrica. was duntPd in the , rc since then we have abso,utei. ti\e li:t,rin_ on . the ;)c!ro t