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August 9, 2011
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020104-8 NEW YORK TIMES COVERT U.A. ROLE AGAINST ALLENDE DEFENDED CYf0 RD Asserts Activities in Chile Were `in Best Interesic' of Chileans and U.S. (Multinational Corporations inI aid and international credits. governments, does take certainithe spring of 1973. The allegations against the actions in the intelligence field None of the men named in five Nixon Administration offi- to help implement foreign poi-;the st'hcemmittee report could'cials stern from their testimony icy and protect national secu- be reached immediately for:at highly publicized hearings rity ' Mr. Ford said. [Ques_ comment. into a reported attempt by offi- tiorf 7, Page 22.] In his news conference to-{dials of the International Tele- Ile added that he had been night, President Ford & Telegraph Company to "reliably" informed that "Com-:the Nixon Administration's de-'seek to interfer in Chile's do- rrunist nations spend vastly!cision to intervene clandestine-Imestic politics. more money than we do for the;ly in 1970 in Chile, declaring Mr. Korry and MM'tr. Meyer same kind of purpose." . that the newly elected Marxistiboth testified that the, United The C.I.A. effort in Chile, thelGovernment there made an "ef-States had continued its policy President said, "was made inifort to destroy the oppositio.tlof nonintervention toward Chile By SEYMOUR M. HE:1SI4 this case to help and assist thelmedia and to destroy opposition after Dr. Allende)s elections. It Srecinl to The New Yor: Tines preservation of . oppositions political parties." was that testimon, sources WASHINGTON, Sept. 16-1(newspapers and electronic me-1 Such intervention was needed, said, that led to the' staff r^c- President Ford strongly defend-I dia and to preserve opposition Mr. Ford said, because the Com-iommendation that contempt. and political parties." m;tr,ist nations spend vast-art the case of Mr. Me, ci- ed tonight the clandestine use, of the Central Intelli enc??+' interests "I think this is in the best arnountc, of rno f(y" in similar: possible perjury charges be of the people in Chile'octit considered. Agency to assist anti-Allende and certainly in our best in I The staff report, written by~ The testimony that led to the forces in Chile, but he denied terest," he added. Jerome I. Levinson, chief coun-o'ecommendation that Mr. Helms, that the Unite:! States Govern- Mr. Ford's account of the:sel of the subcommittee, was l)e charged with contempt and( ment had any involvement in type and purpose of the into ,prepared last week at the re-possibly perjury arid Mr. Broe the bloody coup there last year. vention in Chile differed iP. quest of Senator Frank Church,with' contempt was apparently` conference, contended that they William F. Colby, the prescnt Details of Mr. Levinson's resaid. C.I.A. activities were authorized !read of the C.I.A. port, which was distributed tol Mr. Church, in an interview) because "there was an effort Mr. Colby testified ti at sutcnm:nittcemembersovertl,e~last week, said lie had author' being made by the Govcrmnent' S'50,000 was authorized. ?cre provided to Thelized staff rr?v i,?t t1 of Salvauoi Aiicticie to destroy t J Cora l t e J1 1c, se oil" n:es b; a r;c?uwr hi-!t-level intelligence. re ew!oifice. turned over to the i - ::e D - .opposition news media and to - I r panel headed 'by Secretary of l At issue is the discrepancy par tment for possib e prose- destroy opposition political; :state X_is~,al~tcr, to bribe mem-, between the testi::poi v pre-; cutiun, parties." He said this was song',i 1ct; of the Chhilean Parli_trnr,nt~ sensed to the c i cu;nmitteca fti^ Senate Ft;rcign Relations thing all governments did ar,d'': in 1^te. 1970, shortly before thel last year about the clandestineiiComnmittce has scheduled a he defended it in principle. Parliament ratified Mr. Al- role of the C.i.A. in Chile and'Iclosed executive seaiori tcimor- Iarlier, The New York '1'intes lend , election, recent news reports tad icatin" row to discuss, rnr 1-, other The report b;- the staff of that the intelligence aL n yimatters, what to co ,flout P,-)- ..)earned that the staff of a Sen- Senee suoco,limitte report in-' had been authorized to spe.ld', par^ntly misleading ccstiir.ony ate Foreign Relations subcom- 1. olved a different aspect of the more than $8-million frompr d Jed to the Church sub- mittee had recommended tha dispute over Chile--alit ,:ftiorhsi 1970 to 1773 in a covert at committee. charges of contempt of C'oi, t't,,.t hii;h rrnl;itl r ficials o`! te.opt to make it impossible. in an inlcrviec, Senator gross be laced a ,u nst Rich.>rd the Nixon Adniii s`.r:.aton de- for the Chilean Pr--~sident, Sal Clifford P. Case, R publican of placed liberately misl^d the Senate. v,dcr Allende Gossens, to',(New Jersey and a ranking rai- t}clms, former Director of Corf fF sours that, be-, r " ern. nority member of . the commit- tral Intelligence, and three) es +r. ,idly e it r !' ;.': i..u ! , addition, Sources said, fire ,tee, ecclared, "Tnerc!T be a retired s'ixon P:drninisi.ratitn fed Char!c r fur r ri subcorlmittee staff report serious question as to w`.fat the officials on the ground of pus S sista?t S e l L4 r n SLIP o cited Mr. lieuncsscy'c swo`n ,committee ought to do.' leading testimony on the clan-]inter-Americon A airs, Ed'.va,rd,te:;simony that the. Nixon Ad Mr. Case refused to discuss destine activities in Chip. SI. ],Orr_ , .-,tlf t, ;le ,ninistration's economic Banc-`'specifically his personal reac iftonh }9;17 to 197i, ~c 5 iani; tions against Chile were Lased tion to the staf! r )tt. Certain Action;' Cited V, prod, f t r a c nor ut' exc!usively on lower credit' certainly vs Ii ,) ro al) Mr. Ford's stat meets e , clrnde ir e z t~ s f~, the! rating after Dr. Altendc'.s dice- prt.p*..rte action,' } s id 'No C!hile were the first by a bi l :nti 1 lr i^iu ,em e Agency irt Lion. It v,as reported yester rhr tr. ghat, if a gu i t t ght Latin Ar riec day that Secretary of Sate, (pin to a Con ^rc is nul hc,=r- Adnuru sU'at ion official sin