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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 13, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020113-8 13 S EP 1974 CU-Chile. Lick: Henry Accused By JEFFREY ANTEVIL Washington, Sept. 12 (News Bureau)-The Central Intelligence Agency came under the congressional spot light today with an unprecedented public conference and charges by two Democratic lawmakers that Secretary of, State Kissinger and top State Department officials lied to', Congress about CIA involvement in the overthrow of l Marxist President Salvador Allende of Chile. In separate appearances, Sen. Rep. Michael J. Harrington (D- Mass.) called for a public explan- ation by Kissinger of his testi- mony last year that to the best of his knowledge, "the CIA had nothing to do with the coup" that resulted in Allende's overthrow and death a year ago. Both lawmakers noted that, ac- cording to secret testimony by CIA Director William Colby that recently became public, an $11 million covert operation to "de- stabilize" Allende's regime was approved by the NO Committee," a shadowy interdepartmental group chaired by Kissinger. Harrington c a 11 e d o n the chairmen of the Senate and House committees dealing with foreign policy to "transmit to the Justice Department for per- jury" action the testimony of State Department officials who, he said, had made statements UPI Telephoto "which, if not outright lies, are Daniel Ellsberg at conference at least evasions of the truth." _ on the CIA yesterday. Accusation Indirect rificed democracy in the interest Harrington did not accuse Kis- of stability. singer by name of perjury, but Colby is scheduled to make a he referred to the secretary in rare public appearance tomorrow the preceding paragraph of his before the conference, sponsored letter, calling him "the author by an arm of the privately fi- of the policy toward Chile." He I nanced Fund for Peace. also signled out Deputy Assistant In highlights of today's testi- Secretary Harry Shlaudeman, mony: No. 2 man in the U.S. Embassy ? Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of th in Chile from 1969-1973, whose e Pentagon papers, said an "invisible government," including House testimony last June was the CIA, exercises "sovereign and in conflict with Colby's state- domestic powers" through te 40- anti-Allende activ.S.itiesfudning for committee outside congressional activities. control. The secret Colby testimony In ? Former CIA official Victor April of this year became public j Marchetti, co-author of a con- knowledge when Harrington's troversial new book about the letters, summarizing it for the agency, declared that its osten- sible of two congressional col- sible mission of "saving the leagues, leaked to the press. world for democracy in fact is Hart, in an opening statement nothing more than propping up a two-day conference on the corrupt dictators who couldn't CIA, said there was an "apparent stay in power five days without contradiction" between Kissing- the CIA." er's testimony that he knew of ? Rogers Morris. an official no CIA involvement in the Chi- of the Carnegie Endowment for lean coup and the fact that he International Peace, detailed five "presumably chaired sessions of case studies of CIA involvement the 40 Committee at which the in Latin America, Africa and ongoing Chilean intervention was Asia in the 1960s and charged approved." that the agency "left untouched "It is a little difficult to un- the substantial human misery in derstand how the CIA had 'noth- all five countries and in varying ing' with the overthrow of a gov- degrees added the burden of ernment it had been so actively political repression." . c ddn,g to 'destabilize for three l ? Author David Wise said "the yenis," Mart said. I CIA operates its own air force The conference co-chaired by and, at times, its own army and Hart and Sen. Edward W. Brooke navy" and that it conducts secret R-P,1ass.), broght forth a parade political operations around the of fortnea-government officials globe, including attempted o~er- and iiUtho}s- ~vho-eh god-?tlaxt -t row of 910A1ec?nrnenta-0 in-rrnirlt tie cllA, through its covert ac- the target, national leaders are Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020113-8 0 48o2