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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 12, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020116-5 PHILADFLPHIA, PA. INQUIRER Y - 454,741 S - 819,304 `` 'SEP 12 19 Kisit l nger mus aain what we were doing in Chile The State Department was asked Mon- his role as President Nixon's national se- day about reports that the U. S.. govern- curity adviser. ment clandestinely spent some $11 mil- Yet among the "positions" the State lion to manipulate Chilean politics and Department has opted to stand on is the undermine the government of democrat- testimony before a Senate subcommittee ically-elected - and now dead - Presi- this spring of former Assistant Secretary dent Salvador Allende. Its response: of State Charles A. Meyer: "We were re- ligiously and scrupulously adhering to have been ndde in the pstat the policy of the government of the United States. . . of non-intervention. We Well, that's not good enough. The de- bought no votes, we funded no candi- partment, and particularly Secretary dates, we promoted no coups." Henry Kissinger, have some explaining Another of those positions is one to do. made before a House subcommittee in ? ? . June by Deputy Assistant Secretary of The present controversy broke into State Harry W. Shlaudeman, who testi- the open with publication Sunday in sev- fied that the U. S. government "had-?' eral newspapers of some of the sub- nothing to do with the political destabili- stance of secret testimony last April 22 nation in Chile. by Central Intelligence Agency Director + ? ? Wittianr'.-J?-sr.ed- Ser- All of which presents a fundamental vices subcommittee. Mr. Colby testified, conflict which must be resolved. the reports said, that the U. S. govern- merit had spent $3 million in 1964 ,to op- The House Foreign Affairs Committee pose the candidacy of Mr. Allende an is soon to open hearings on the adminis- avowed Marxist, and an additional $8 tration's military aid requests. Its mem- million between his election in 1970 and bers would do well to demand that the his death in September, 1973, to "de- first consideration be the full, free and, stabilize" the Chilean government. to the greatest possible extent, public testimony Mr. Kissier and That government, of course, finally o rdinates inf the Chilean matter his sub- felfin blood and flames. The expenditures, Mr. Colby is said to It is not the business of the executive have sworn, were authorized by the toa be subverting edemocragyVeor any For Committee, a top-level inter- other internal domestic process, beyond agency panel headed by Mr'. Kissinger our own shores - or to be lying about it and in reality run by him at that time, in to Congress. 1. 0084-4 Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020116-5