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December 22, 2016
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August 9, 2011
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September 10, 1974
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Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000020126-4 10 S E P 1974 Hill tio investigate CIA Acts in Chile. 13 AV-ainst Allende. B y Jeremiah O'Leary ? sair?Ne"s Staff Wier Sen. Frank Church, chair- man of the Foreign Rela tions subcommittee on mul- tinational corporations, is expected to reopen hearings' on U.S. clandestine opera- tions in Chile following .dis- closure that the .so-called "40 Committee" of the Na- tional Security Council authorized expenditure of millions of dollars against the late Marxist Salvador Allende between 1964 and 1973. But at the same time last April, then-Asst. Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs Charles A. Meyer told the Church subcommit- tee under oath that the United States pursued a policy of nonintervention in Chilean affairs during the Allende period. His succes- sor, Jack B. Kubisch, now ambassador to Greece, and Deputy Asst. Secretary Harry Shlaudeman_ gave similar testimony to House committees. Church is expected by (An official familiar with Capitol Hill sources to con- Meyer's testimony told the fer?with other subcommit- $tar-News the former tee members and staff to decide what to do about dis- crepancies in the testimony given before several com- mittees on Chile by officials of the State Department and the CLA. One Senate source said, "Someone obviously has been lying about the U.S. role in Chile." Several offi- cials indicated Church is virtually certain to order an immediate investigation by the subcommittee staff and follow that up by reopening the hearings. Church could not be reached for com- ment. CIA DIRECTOR William E. Colby testified last April that the "40 Committee," chaired by Henry A. Kiss- inger, who is now secretary of state, authorized expen- diture of nearly $11 million by the CIA to subsidize nev.'s media and politicians against Allende in 1964 and again in the 1970 election. period to bar his ascenden- cy to the presidency. Colby also testified in se- cret session before a House Armed Services Committee that funds were authorized as 13te as the summer of 197., to "destabilize" the re- gime of Allende. assistant secretary attend- ed some meetings of the "49 Committee" but that the: State Department's repre-' sentative was U. Alexis Johnson. This official said Meyer gave "scrupulously honest" answers at the Church subcommittee hear- ings but was not asked questions that would have required replies acknowl- edging what the United States was doing in Chile in the 1970 electoral period. Neither did he volunteer .information which would have brought the matter to light. (The U.S. funds were used to support anti-Allende political parties and the anti-Allende newspaper, El Mercurio. But Meyer was not asked specifically about these enterprises, the offi- cial said. Meyer's state- ment that the United States "bought no votes, funded no candidates and promoted no coups" was literally accu- .rate.) States played any role in the coup d'etat of last Sept. 11 but apparently was not asked about previous covert activities against Allende. However, U.S. sources said yesterday Kissinger pre- sided over every meeting of the "40 Committee" from the moment he became President Nixon's national security adviser in 1969. State Department spokes- man Robert Anderson did not directly answer a ques- tion tion yesterday as to wheth- er Kissinger saw any inconsistency in his role as chairman of the "40 Com- mittee" and as secretary of state in charge of overt for- eign policy. Anderson gave reporters a list of the mem- bership of the "40 Commit- tee" and said that all deci- sions of the committee are unanimous. Further, he said, all "40 Committee" decisions are approved by the President and there is "a regular procedure to convey these decisions" on intelligence activities to the appropriate congressional committees. , KISSINGER'S only, known testimony on inter- vention in Chile was given before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last September during his con- firmation hearings. He's denied that the United ooiZ Approved For Release 2011/08/09: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000020126-4