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December 22, 2016
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August 16, 2011
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/17 :CIA-RDP09T00207R001000030024-6 j Levitt i`/Iove Pushed ' By EiZ?EN SHA:~IAHAN Special to i..= So:;- y~-< :'tomes ~ WASHINGTON, Nov. 4-T~.o 'Government aDencies announced today actions aifectin~_ the In- ternational Telephone and Tete- ~b aph Corporation, ore of them- favorable to the company and; lone unfavorable. The Overseas Private Invest=~ mend Corporation, a Federali agency, announced- that an ar-' Ibitrator had decided that they '2~ency must pay ail or part. !of the comoanv's S9~-miilionl !insurance claim, based on they ', p~cpropr+.ation of LT_T.'s Chile Telephone Company. The exact ;amount of the award will be !determined later. _The Justice Department ar.- ~nounced that it had as!;ed al Fedetai court to name a true- ~ tee to carry out the divesti-`I ture by LT.T: of Levitt & Sons,!; (Inc. The action was the secordi Hof its kind in less than a week. Bases of Dispute 3 j OPIC said that three arbi-~ trators, selected by the Amen-~ 'can Arbitration Association in conformity with a star.t'~-:'.~ pcovision of OPIC insurance i contrasts. had :'.ecided i., `,~~c-~ of LT.T. in the dispute. ~ i The Chile Telephone Com-~ 'parry was expropriated 'n 171 sand I.T.T. was en~a;ed ;~ s=t-~ .dement dlJCll;Ji0n5 lS''`?l'. il; i Chilean Goy;ernn:nt :~~h~n in-1 form_.u_ior, b'ca-, nt.:~:ic a';ou- : the attempts n.,. LI'. ~ 'n in- fluence the c'ec~in~ i:, Chile. and the Go:era r:~r.t h-~'-~ r.,. the tali;s. ,pay the CIVIC f;^ t'~ ~m~tn ri h1t LT. i n.at' .,.,. .. , . , - P.]ent tD i"l; i!. ~.,__ X81'1 ~., k'~ ~propriation b-r its inter.?entG~al in tn' political a:fairs o ;.. iio;t' 'country. k I Ile;v'?~'eC, OPIC diSal!aS4'2,d~ 'the claim an a different ground: that the ca:npany had fatted to pro:-ide required ir~formatioa to the insurance agency and had failed to protect the insurer'; is terests. Fo7.!rteea otr.er claims by the COmpaI11e3 v4'hoS? propartl2s were e:;propriated u;:dar thzi ~,tarsist Government' of Salve.-i tare Allende Gossens were set- tIed w-itiz the- Ailerde C-ovarn-; meat and five others i`tave been' settled with the presets Gov-' e:..r:ent cF Chiie. Stria; of Controversies The Justice Department's re-' quest that the Disrict Court in' Hartford enforce the LT.T. di-~ vestiture agreement was mereiyii the latest development in a;~ string of controversies foitow-!~ ing s2ttlementof a group of p antiir.~t suits against the com-; -pang. Documents demonstrattng~ attempted political interference fin the case by officials up toj ;and including then-President' i iviYOn have become public over the las two ytars. _ iVlr. ~Vestfall ?ave no re=_son ~ Ifor his rasignatior. aor did the. (company. Howe'~er I.T.T. said that no .replacement for hire' t: Auld be named. ~ btr. Westfall had also been a member of I.T.T.'s senior man- ~agement group the office or the' president, consisting o[ `~Ir. Ge-' *:een, Francis J. Dunleaw, pros-; ' id~nt, aad two other ex?c'rive i vice presidents. itiIr. Geneer,-i ;who will be 6~ in Jaauanr andi 'who ras been chief exacu*_ive' i since 199-sip ed a nett' em- ,ployrnert contract 't'its ;ea; i.hat_- .vauld_..e.Ytend his_ a.ti~ e ~ cull-time service wick I.T.T. ]until January, 1971. Under the. consent 3~ree- ~ients, LT.T. was to be ~~r- jmi?tad to retain control c tr.e haL.fora Ftr.~, Insurance Ca^;_ pa , proaid?d it divested itse'.;j of 'ou- pti?~r con:pan;es a^.3~ Sri, - ~ ?a:t .,[ a ii. :ure5-Gf tI?ay`I'1:%:!tOn Li i; is-l __rr:C2 COn:~,an,% ?%d f ~ . CJ"t11-[ t:'! _? {' ius:ice Da~artm~n` ita, ;o';' t~~ ~?~`._'. ~ ill ~r ..~. -C? ,7:~.''.'. ', ...... ., l ` Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/17 :CIA-RDP09T00207R001000030024-6