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January 26, 1976
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Pane[ ,5 Approved For Release 2011/08/05: CIA-RDP09TOO207RO01000030028-2 ` e ecre# 'Aamc Lo . By NIC . - . ...1r ~ . 4 t :. H -r; ? ?? _"~?::. Spedal &01%j New YeATimek:..''....i,~.'l~~ i_,i'Y.L.? t WASHINGTON, ... Jan. ' ? 25? -- e- Senator Henry, M: MSackson .s cretly advised the Central telligence Agency,~ia~t973 ?on how t6 protect itself against,an investigation-'by Senator' Frank Church into the -agency `s ,rela- tions` ywith` the International- Telephone and Telegraph Cot, poratlon in Chile, according to the ? final report ofa House committee. ..- ; A , -The report, by. the House 5e lect Committeeon Intelligent randurfl. quotes a C.I.A. ._ memo of- -Felt. that said, "Senator.:` Jackson repeatedly made the -comment that in. his view they C.T A "Oversight: Com'. mittee [of Whicli'he was'then.a member] had the responsibility of protecting the "agency 'in the type off situation .that was in- herent in the Church sulicom- mittee." .,"As it result-of this ! convic tion, Senator Jackson would work with the agency .to see that we got- this. protection,"' the menorandum.said.. ' From. the beginning of sweep-; ing investigations of the intel-. ligence. - community last year,, one paramount' criticism has who novy beads; the Senate Se-' ~ect Committee on Intelligence,! which last .,year conducted--1# subsequent, investigatl(ih into ,i1 intelligence 'agencies.//;; Y, Mr. Jackson was ,the second Senator in two ' days to . ac- knowledge that he had given private advice,, to C.I.A. off!-~ cials worried about how toy answer Congressional questions on operations ip Chile. Late Friday,'. Senator Stuart Symington, Democrat of Mis- souri, said he had advised a former Director of Central ?In: telligenee, _ Richard -l3ela1s, .. on how , to .respond .to questions about the C.LA;'s Chilean, op-.- erations and other matters. , Mr. #-Ielms faced questioning in ,1973 Senate hearings before 's confiz~matioe`as Ambassadof to Irari,-'the position he now. holds.: ' - " .'? ' ?J -_,_ few, ? .+.' ...- . v ! w'..- 1HORROCI(' . r';, ~r i OLAC M been . that Congressional hover- s sights committees were.protec- tive: of the C.I.A.-and-did not attempt to control . truly''he agency's, functiohs- '; The House report has hot' been made pubic, .but this and other portions-were made avail- able 'to' The' New York' Times today';'' e. a Reached. by telephone, Sen- ator Jackson said that- the author of the 'CI:A:.inemor'an- 'du'd . had taken literary. -Ii? ten. a"' .in`descrlbjng his posi- tion He said; 71owever, that he "did recall advising .C.I A,oYfi- 11 'orals.. on -"p"rocedural. `m`atters.' in responding .,to; Senator. Church's mvestigation- "This-was no coverup," he Said. "Nothing like In ahe. spring : of , ,,1973,' :the Multinational' corporation Sub- committee Hof the "Senate' For- eign Relations -.Committee:be- gan_ :an..- investigation'; of the Chilean activttigs. -6f. the . biter- national, Telephone.and:'Tele- graph-: coi-pocation= and ifs-re- Iation's 'with 'the` covertactivi- ties of the 'C.I.A.. jiie spbco ri- mittee Was .headed-. by Mr. Church the Idaho 'Democrat sub-' Until; the multinational committee began -its investiga= tion, the'C.LA. had never.been scrutinized 'by any Congres- sional committees other than the principal oversight subcom-' mittees of'the Senate and House Armed Services and Appropria- tion committees,,.{"r The C.I.A. me orandurn~ pre- sumably, prepared by William V. Broe, chief- of the agency's Western Hemisphere division, who.. w.aa a 'key. figure 'in Chilean bperations. purports to? describe a , meeting with Sena- for Jackson on Feb.. 3,1973:._ The memo skid that Senator Jackson had recommended that should-as a "first'drder of bust ness discuss the problem with the White - House," and sug- gested that 'Mr.` Schlesinger' talk only with President Nixon I or H.,A. Haldeman, his chief. of staff... "Senator Jackson felt - that the ultimate solution to the problem : facing -, the . , agency could be found in getting Sen- ator McClellan, acting on be- I half of Senator Stennis,'to cal! a . session of the. C.I.A. over- sight committe., [Senators' John C. Steams. Democrat of Mississippi, and john L. McClellan, Democrat of Arkansas, :..headed different committees . with some legal ^nthnrity, pver. the. C.LA.] "This committee" the in. continued, "'would then 'look into the' nature and scope of C.LA.'s activities ' in ' Chile in 1970. Once that was; accoon - plished, the oversight cominit- tee 'would handle 'the Foreign: Relations Committee. "Senator Jackson repeatedly, made the.comment that in hiview the C.I.A. oversight--66th-? mittee had the responsibility of protecting- the' kgency in the' type. of situation that was in herent -in the Church subcom= .`mittee," the memorandum 'said in It went onto note that."once the oversight. committee ~ear?d. the details provided' oa the. C.I.A.'s involvement,-t!he agthi,' cy would send a brief state-' meet tQ the Church subcom=mittee staff members in re- sponse to the questions. which they 'had previously posed to C.I.A." Indeed.-- the -- memorandum, said,. i Senator - Jackson - even agreed on ate-it of a state- ment the C.I.A. could give, the -_ ugh Su bcoanmitte?..?,L,;._ - Denial an LT T. 3s 'The testimony of n.,. Heim! 5 and 7 February [1973] before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee dear! yestablished that .+C.LA- neither gave nor received from I.T.T. funds for use in Chile in 1970 for support of political parties,": the pro- posed statement read. - -; . -- ? "In " addition, Mr. Helms's testimony brought out the fact that there were no joint action programs established in. the cbntexf of the 1970 political de- velopments in Chile. C.I.A. re- gards. Mr, Helms' testimony on I this topic to be accurate, thus, no further elaboration is planned,"' the memorandum would have said- .. ' - I - - In fact, however, Mr. Helms's testimony- has " been 'sharply contradicted since then by evi-. dence collected_" the.subcom_~_ mittee on multinations and by the Senate Select Committee on intelligence..' The Depaitntent of Justice is investigating whether Mr. Helms committed perjury doing-those hearings.'. :-' ".Mr: Jackson said he did not recall ==a -specific meeting on Feb. 23, but he did recall dis- cussing Mr. Church's investiga- tion with John Maury, then the C.I.A.'s legislative officer on Capitol Hill, and possibly with other officials of the agency. . He. said he told the agenc' men to take."their problem" to the' chairmen of the proper oversight .'committees." =, une chairraan was. Sena-tor Stennis, head of the armed services committee's Central Intelligence subcommittee. But Mr. Stennis had been , shot in -a ...holdup attempt _on . San. 30, so, Mr. Jackson said, he suggested that the C.I.A. talk. to Senator McClellan, head of the defense subcommittee of She Appropria- tions Committee which also has oversight of the C_IjL_~i Church's Role Discussed Mr. Jackson said he believed that= he. later ' told Senator Church about _ the-'.C-LA- ap-: proach Mr:: Church said -iri a telephone ' interview :'that he 'couldn't recall *-.Mr- Jackson discussing 'that withace.:,' I Me. Church' said be believed that he first learned of the matter when the ' investigating committee obtained the same memorandum -described,-in the House report Asked if. he was surprised to learn that another Senator had tried to stymie his investi ga_ lion, he said: "It doesn't sur- prise me. The 'CIA had its friends up here - [oa - Capitol Hill] and they often when to 'their friends.",. ~ .- .~_ y . Whether . Nrr. 'Jack'son- vas the source of the advice; or not, T1ce C.LA- followed a plan very similar to the one described in the memorandum- Mr. Schles- inger went to see Senator Mc Clellan and told him of his con- cern about discussing covert op- erations with the Church com- mittee-A :f +t= - Mr: Schlesinger; Venior intel- ligence officials confirmed, did ,not himself know at that time about C.-A- involvement In an attempted military coup`:'etat tin Chile and was only trying to protect the"political covert op- erations. At first,- several Con- gressional sources confirmed, Mr. McClellan agreed to bold a closed' bearing on the matter t which Mr. Church could be an "OIIIOOI[e!." Mr. McClellan said in a tele- phone interview that he could not recall a spec-ft meetias , M -but that ~e aoa1~ : i zemes?ls t J Mr- Church said be refused to participate in the arrange- ment to sit in -an a bearing of the other committee- _ " I told them our investigation would go ahead without the coopera- tion of CIA:,". he said- ' - Later; Mr. Schlesinger agreed to permit Mr.. Broe to testify before the multinational sub- committee in closed session on 'the narrow question of direct I.T.T.-C.I.A. relationships-; - ? The multinational subcom- mittee investigations and the late. Senate select committee inquiry into the C.I.A. h's re- vealed that the United-States attempttd to man'.pulate in- ternal Chilean policy for more ticularly.: to the Apponents : of Salvador Allende Gossens, a Marxist- doctor-'-who- later-be- came President The C.I.A., however. apparently did not ac:' cept LT.T. money for its opera- tions.' When jt appeared that 'Mr. Allende. would 'become Pre~~ir'- dent in the fall of 1970, Prersi- dent Nixon: ordered a massive covert effort- to keep Mr. Al- lende from power. In the course of this the. C.I.A. transferred three submachine- guns and a quantity of tear gas bombs to a- group plotting to kidnap General Rend Schneider, chief of the Chilean Army staff. Is an related plot General Schneid er was assassinated- I REMEMBER THE NEEDIEST!' Approved For Release 2011/08/05: CIA-RDPO9TOO2O7ROO1000030028-2