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August 5, 2011
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January 28, 1976
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Approved For Release 2011/08/05: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000030031-8 IVIWW - YUIzK TIDIES JAMt 7 2 s ,D . D J JACKSU N I-I'`dK I1UC.1.A.RELUR1ED Senator Said to Have Advised' Helms on How to Reply to* Watergate InquiryQuestions Syctt t,'rhe New Yerk ==& WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 Senator Henry M. Jackson ad-i wised Rici:ard. Helms, formert director of central intelligence,; o r, how to respond to Core s-, sional questions on Wait?:gate, at a dinner meeting wiah Sena- tor for Stuart Symington early in! 1973, according to Congression-l This was the second reported I incident to come to light in, which Mr. Jackson was sought: out by C.I.A. or former C.I.A. officials and asked how to deal with Congressional invesai_a- tions. This and several other contacts by Mr. Helms with members of Congress are ex- pected-to come under scrutiny as the Justice Department pres- ses ins investigation into whe- ther Mr. Helms comrnittt!d per- jury in his Capitol hill testimo- ny-Mr. IIelms, Ambasasdor to Iran, returned here from Tehr- an late Sunday. for Congres- sional appearances. He has re- tained Edward Bennett Wit- -a prominent Washington lawyer, to represent him. Senator Jackson confirmed ahat Mr. Helms had been his dinner guest in early 1973, but: said he could not remember] the date. He added that hel believed it was after Mr. Helms had been confirmed as A,:.bas= sador in February. Watergate Involvement Feared Mr. Jackson recalled that, Senator S;?rnington has asked! him to talk to Mr.Hel,ms about] -the C.I.A. Waspects of the Watergate case. Mr. Helms was worried that they [people in, the Nixon Administration) were' ? y n ; to implicate him and 1.f.A. in the Watergate mat- ter," Mr: Jackson said. He said_ that he had invited' Mr. Helms to dinner on a Sur.-I day' evening. and that he ar-1 rived with Mr. Symington. Sen-I ator Jackson said that he never! had discussed C.I.A. onerations, in Chile with Mr. Helms, but that it was his memory M.MMr.) . Symington and Mr. Helms did discuss Chile in his home. He added that he had "just listened to" what Mr. Helms had to say about meetings with H. R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman, then top NNix aides, and had told him "to lay out all the facts" before Senate investigators. Mr. Jac%_ son said that he was unsure] which Congressional investiga-} Von Mr. Helms was anxiousl about, but he said he was sure; the meeting took place after! Mr. Helms had completed hiss Senate confirmation hearings I. in February, 19573. Mr. Symington was unavat-, fable for comment today be-) cause he had undergone an operation at the ational Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Or, may 21. Mr. Helms re- turned from Iran and testified before the Senate Foreign Rela- tions Committee on C.I.A. con- nections with Watergate. The hearing was not closed because Senator Symington pressed for .it to be public, committee sour- ces said. Unusual Aspect Noted What appeared unusual to several Congressional commit- tee aides was why Mr. Jack- son's advice would be sought. He was not a member of the committe at that time. He was, how 'erg a member of a C.I.A. Oversight Committee. Two sets of testimony by Mr. Heins are under study at the Justice Department. One is testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee in Februa. ry 1973 and the other is testi- mony in closed session before a subcommittee that was inves- tigating C.I.A" relations with the International Telephone and Telegraph, Inc. in Chile. Earlier this week, tine New York Times published infonra- tion from a still secret report of the House Select Committee on Intelligence that implied `tr. Jackson?had advised C.I.A. off.; ficials on holy to. protect the) agency from a Senate invest!-; gation of -Chile operations. Hel denied the allegation, but ac-,1 knowledged that he did give] -C.I.A. advice on "procedural"I matters. , - Mr. Helms told members of; the Senate Government Opera-j ticns Committee today that he- believed a Congression ai com- mittee set up to monitcr intel- li=once agencies should be briefed on covert operations b_- fore they were undertaken. He said that in the past s=ee members of Congress had re- sisted being told about such operations "because it could be embarrassing to them political- ly." Meanwhile, the House In- telligence 'Committee voted, 9 to 4, formally to recommend that funds for all intelligence related items be disclosed in the President's annual budget. Funds for the agency are now disguised in this defense de- partment budget. . -l Approved For Release 2011/08/05: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000030031-8