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December 22, 2016
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August 5, 2011
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September 19, 1977
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Approved For Release 2011/08/05: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000030046-2 DIY n~r;F~~/L t rtr 1 7? i r;r,,. .~. By John Maclean CMc Ib Trlbudo Piess.servittr ; .' CHICAGO TRIBUNE 19 SEPTEMBER 1977 K hte~t! t t4yr,Hre t, ic,. kidicted , as,,, a ,matter of justice and House said George. Meant', head of the law," Colby bald The Tribune in a tele- AFL-CIO, talked to - C arter about. the' phone interview a1atte . -IM - taken under consideration a recottimen' '"The.'Supreme"~~Court has p;made considerations rank abovieU( he security: eneed to lotion by: Jtistitd Departfrient.lawyers to ` reap you cannot convict -on. perjury u+ , .indict former Central Intelligience Ages- {1 fie '.evidence is very clear," Colby p us `fig the spertaw~ et' director. Richard Helms in connection said " YOU,: look. at Helms' testimony yer Edward.;Bennelt Williams is consid- with testimony before Congress on CIA each question he-was asked has'extenu-~ atinp circumstances araun3 ered a sign that Helms intends to our tt 1~as' ^''Wi1iS HNOTIIN='Pies;denV'Carte learned: 4 ...- . t - r It is `widely thoughtthat Reims faces' Indictment for.- tellirig 1 the Senate': that the CIA' did nothing, to overthrow 'the government:of.:Marxist Salvador Allende :, , in. Chile.,. -' Sources'close to Hems' defense'attor neys said they were told a week ago that an indictment ivae imminent. These sources-said Carter'4has'reviewed:''the` results, of the Justice 3 Depart'ment's: two= ,year inquiry. l'he.Justice Department lawyers. said. more than a, 'month -ago; these-svurces" ,said, tha the evidence-warranted indict anent. ATTY','GEN: Griffin Bell lids" sald'tl'ir, - ,results of the H 1m5:.inquiry are , on ,his desk" and he:wlll mantas a decision'soon; possibly" this ; iiiontb.' :A 'Justice Depairt:rt 'merit, spokesman refused comment when:'. asked if the matter has boen,sent,to the White'HOUse foi aifmnaI decpsiop; }., ,;rt, WIilte ~'~tous .oftIcl`als. declined ' com- mettE on ithe Helms case. However, they 'said standing policy is that decisions on vhether,*or, not lo" pussy particliier" case reside with, then Justice Depart .,- One'.concern taL'hasridelayed a". final decision in Helms' case is whether `a trial` -with'-the_broad -powers of discovery ghat arq a right f; ;thp def ns?--would endangeranationaLsectil tyr -WHILE- JUSTICE.' Demepa tpart indict meats, normally do not'' me," e r. White House' review;'it'wouhl bedifficult4 iif.not iro leLfor:an `atto poss1h rQ,ey, genera} '; alone?'to decide ' whether indit:tactent was worth the: r to the. national fsectuity, ;? ~Angtt~er,,;cocsideratign, according. to foriper lA,. Directoi ,. i iaru .C~lby ; 1': whether, the 1 pv}d M kifga - s Hers, would stared up- Y, ry 71 t r d?.P thiilik,q,l'letins sheuld.;b~ 3f Yl. rr '!HE::WAS asked specifically, 'Did you help Allende' opponents?' ~~l'-Welfi we considered doing fiat,,,' Col:' !by said,-!`There'?were''two opponents :of gJoe And we "made a': specific ideci-. ssgttrag nsl It Now if, .there was a sp;ll;Byer from some ;of the .other thugs, we: may have 'done, that's a different matter. "He. was obviously keeping a secret," Colby added. "But that's what the Presi- dent [former President Nixon] ordered hum to du," .Colby has entered law practice since leaving the CIA early last year IT_ALSO WAS learned that organised'., . Iaaor has urged the White House not to! ,indict Helms. Sources close to the White ` he stands trial:: That cxuld iac3ude d3sclo- sure of sensitive' activities of Helms dur- mg his bmg tenure with the CIA: Approved For Release 2011/08/05: CIA-RDP09T00207RO01000030046-2