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December 22, 2016
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August 5, 2011
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November 28, 1976
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/08/05: CIA-RDP09T00207R001000030095-8 t 1~~tGE , Si IM- AY I WS JOv.Tt=iA (idI'1 L`,1I;C=TO>l j 171, 28 I0VEMBER 1976 N U.S.. interference in ChileariJ Fy J;?~ ;; s politics went so.[ar that Dungao' Copy ishC397o~y'1'aeKexs=JouraalCo. ", suggested Frei name a Chriatian; Under direct orders ?rom Presi-. eats ' .Kenaady, . 'chnson . and' :ixcn:-the Unitacl States govern- with multina- ient, in partners! . onsl. corporations and' at times to rC^thel;c'C Lurch, spent' ?mil- ons of d ".12::: br!;^!ng Chilean ificials and noliticai parties. :, I1L:.`.LV.;-IL l?VLILIT-UJ ALa" LULL." charges are "ot g at]. apparent. David Rockefeller, . chairman'.af :critr_inai nature," according to Al-! Chase -Manhattan Bank; to start ?fred L. Hantman, chief of general the Business Group for Latitj l crimes in the Justice Depart--l America and this group. of .key ; ment's criminal division. TT;ese allegations and others by Corry contends that "a deal" ;dward~M. Corry, U.S._ am bassa-4ihand in hand with covert action was made within the Senate coin- _- programs: in Chile durin the dor to Chile from 1967 to_ 1971, are i Kennedy, ? Johnson - and Nixon mittee between Chairman. Frank ? being examined by the Justice De Presidencies. Church, D-Idaho, and Vice Chair-partment for possible perjury and -Tcras. Under. n fraud by high U.S. and corporate;: ;Allende The t;over accepted ed nt of bribes from such uch Salvadore m;thean John alleged Tower, deal, JZItorr. says, officials who appeared before the companies as International Tile-. Church and the 'liberals on the?~i Sena-.e Select Committee on Intel-=. l committee agreed to-give only' a phone . and' 1'eiegr-p.t, . General multi tsL ?ece:.t. :. ; .r~s a_.... ?~ a.._., -, Tire, Cerro' Copper and Anglo- superficial look. at the CIA, national .'corporations . and the Corry s charges were confirmed Lautaro Nitrate Mines to prevent Kennedy assassination if Towcr~ in part ley.: former` top-ranking;': expropriation by the Chilean gov- Kennedy the conservatives did not'push" diplomatic officials : and in State- ernment. The Marxist Allende, for a full probe info the illegal ac-. Department cables, Central Intel- elected in 1970; died an; apparent Lions of Presidents Kcrineay -and ligence -' Agency'' documents, and'.. suicide after his overthrow in 1973. ? ' ? ITT "defrauded the U.S. ov- Johnson. oilier government files''e2amined g by the Sunday News Journal, ernment out of $99 miilion by eel- Church flatly denies this In a series' of interviews at his ' Iecting Insurance-- after paying !_- :"There' was no deal 6r under Briarcliff ,Manor; : N.Y., home? bribes to Allende officials, in di- = standing between myself and Sen. iiorry said he had fold the Justice ,:rect violation of the Overseas Pri- Tower or anyone else to withhold Department' and had testified"?in .ovate ? Investment ? Organization ' information involv:ng Presidents secret before the intelligence-coin-'. insurance . policy ITT collected Kennedy, Johnson or Nixon." mitteethat ~of; from theU:S. government." Church told the Sunday News 1 Under direct orders the late. 0 Even today the military junta : Journal.. "In fact, the covert ac- ? Robert -F; Kennedy;' `tens of irfl running Chile has upper-echelon -Lion report treats extensively -the lions of dollars in CIA and Agency'. civilians accepting bribes from :intervention during the adminisr,.! for:. International'Development ; ? multinationals on a continuing; tritions of ill three prcSidenls." :S?. funds .were funnel' d into Jesuit-basis. led Catholic groiips in'order to - i l The Senate Select Committee Korry disagrees that an effort fight "layicism (sic),'. Protestan= on Intelligence "covered up these was made to get all the facts. tism and Communism; and to as- ;crimes and lied to the American He points out the Church com- sist in : the election of ? President' people in order to protect the mittee issued its report on the Kennedy-supported: candidates in a: memories of-Presidents Kennedy `Kennedy assassination on Nov. 14, Chile."~ t~r.s:;~j. :~?